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Keep your memes out or at least give some insights with them.

This feels different boys. Other crashes always had something that sparked them. They were overreaction to something.
This is just fatigue, hype dying down. I don't know what needs to happen for this to turn back around.
I honestly think 5k is possible before 2018.


Also possibe TA meymeys forming

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I mean have you missed this whole week Anon? Cnbc, Conbase, Bcash. Did you catch any of that at all?

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monaco is king no doubt about it

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>I don't know what needs to happen for this to turn back around.
It's already happening though.

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This is the current top15 coins btw

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this is just a long overdue correction
only this time ther's a lot more inexperience people in the game so this "simple" correction could actually turn into a complete crash

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bull trap

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hurr durr it feels different , stfu , it can go to 5k usd tonight and i promise you it will still be 50K Usd at some stage in 2018. At ease.

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Correction that has turned into panic selling by the newbies. Might be forming a descending triangle but I'm terrible at meme lines.

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It's nearly Christmas.
Many people might sell.

Furthermore there was a lot of shit with coinbase and others like >>5346098 told you.

I don't own any Bitcoin by the way.
I just lack belive in it.
But if you do understand the projekt and belive in it you should hold.
If you don't understand the projekt or don't belive in it why did you invest in it?

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Bcore is dying. You shouldn't have opened a champaign for $50 fees.

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>Keep the memes Out - He is using TA's

So you even know what resistance and support levels are?

Despite all that shit, the crypto market Haus has gone gone up 300-400% in a single month and everybody goes crazy about a 30% correction...

Just sell everything you boomerfag

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~12.8k is such critical resistance, uptrend line meets the current descending triangle support. Sell everything if we fall below, back to 8k.

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>Other crashes always had something that sparked them.

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>I honestly think 5k is possible before 2018.
Try inevitable.
Bitcoin blew its wad, even newsanchors mention how slow it is and how the fees are raping everybody

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Bcash and Christmas cashening.
This is the trigger.

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That’s a bingo

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Bull trap.

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we reached peak normie, now its over

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I remember when I sold 7 BTC when it crashed from $5000 to $3000 this summer. One of the worst mistakes of my life. Learned a hard lesson there. Not selling again, boyz.

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bull trap

think about what time it is and where we are at. this isn't over

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What I see apart from the charts
>big ass mining factories are still running
>governments are actively selling their confiscated drug money
>big ass companies and investors get more interested in the coins
>more people in general are interested in the coins (more meetups, friends know about it)
>devs still deving

The important thing is to keep a cool head.
Because for some it is a crash because they like to gamble. For some its a new opportunity.

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Literally everyone is talking about BZC right now faggot.

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i have missed a whole week anon. what have i missed? sum it up for me

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Dead cat bounce

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buy xlm at $.21 y/n

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Yeah exactly.

Also, just because it's crashing now doesn't mean everyone that have invested for the past months and years won't just instantly leave.
When, not if, WHEN it goes up again. People will start rallying again in minutes.

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Every single coin except XRP is down. I would be worried if it was just BTC crashing, but this is just a correction across the whole crypto market.

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30% drop is nothing newfags

we used to drop 70% and still not sell

if you believe in crypto , you shouldn't be worried at all. and if you don't, what the fuck are you doing here

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What is basic understanding of the crypto market?

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The miners have no incentive to stop right now.
What you must ask yourself is why someone who understands BTC and has been riding it for three or more years would want to remain backing it up after the last ATH.
Most of the BTC old guard is disgusted with what it is becoming and already recognizes superior alternatives, why they would keep backing something like this when they could simply leave and let newbies murder each other until things get better?
Do you honestly think that those people don't have the patience to just wait six months?

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Bunch of fucking pansies freaking out about nothing. Buttcoin goes from 10k to 20k in a matter of days and nobody bats an eye... it goes from 20k to 13.5k in a matter of days and everbody panics

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Especially after a 300% bull run in a month, i mean come on...

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It's the opposite of hype. Adopters have been coming in droves since Nov high of 7k. I'm one of them. I've watched my investment nearly triple. Why would anyone else who did the same lose interest?

I'm holding regardless. This market has always been volatile. I wish I had some place to hold while btc plummeted though.

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> the flippening meme
> coinbase insider trading and being shady overall
> insider trading allegations hitting news
> Charlie Lee sells his LTC stash
> Roger bashing Bitcoin on CNBC

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Cheap bitcoin means lots of bitcoin with each buy can't wait to get rich

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>The miners have no incentive to stop right now.

they do, electricity kills them.
And every % drop in value is another % chance they will stop until it gets "better"

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of that 300% a 30% drop is a whole 100% tho.
that's what people mean by volatility...

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So you are still up 200%? Bitcoin is volatile since it excists. If you are no ready for corrections, then you srly stop buying crypto and go back into government bonds

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thx :----)

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This will be solved when we create a dyson sphere for the purpose of mining BTC.
At least solved for a few years.

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>tfw I got into Bitcoin yesterday
Oh well. Shold I keep my BTC or should I convert them into another coin?

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I fear people are underestimating this. I see some smart people saying we are in a bear market now. Roger Ver will go down in history as the guy who fucked it up for everyone.

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Anon...you missed it...its....over......

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it's immature as a currency yet it's already a dinosaur as a payment system.

i have no idea if bitcoin has a future at all. i don't like what it became one bit. i was a serious enthusiast back when it was $10 i tried to get into mining, but that's long gone, now mining is all centralized and consumes impossible resources even running a full client is inconvenient as fuck almost prohibitive i stopped two years ago.

now transaction fees are impossible. $30? $50? wtf?

really i came to loath the entire thing. as an investment vehicle it makes no sense if you don't believe in it anymore. all there is that remains is the volatility but i'm not an idiotic gambler to get excited about that.

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>People with the largest wallets are HODLing and keeps mining/buying
>Poorfags with $1000 or less invested are selling and freaking out


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Just buy LINK, anon, you can't go wrong with it.

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Trumps new tax plan, that’s what the fuck happened. Spooking whales and people with bots. Easy money train is over, lot of big hands are trying to cash out before Jan 1.

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Nobody who is longer in the crypto world than several months knows where this will end. You have to be a fucking boomer.

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Question: What does a Correction mean and how does it work? Could somebody spoonfeed me, please?

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Feels exactly the same than all the dips of 2017. It went from 6k to 20k without a single major correction. We have floor around 13k. Don't worry.

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dead bull trap bounce

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The audacity of you fags and you're e shekels!

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>I honestly think 5k is possible before 2018.
>absolutely no real reasoning behind retarded claims
>serious discussion
here's a serious discussion:
why are you being such a gigantic faggot?

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>panic selling
Or just tons of big players dropping their stock at the downtrend to buy in again at the bottom, multiplying their shares.

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>Futures and ETFs come to BTC
>Large stakeholders can now sell off their bitcoin and short it during their dump on another platform
Gees what happens guys? Why our volatile coin dipping after always rising?

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I was thinking about buying IOTA, what's the pros of LINK?

Well this sucks.

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Trying so hard to get in on BTC right now while it's cheap. It keeps saying I need to upload my ID even though I already did it, is this not an automatic process or something?

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This is good practice for the epic 2018 dips. Imagine when it corrects from $80k to $50k.. that will be fun

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Nope, they'll check your ID manually if it's not photoshopped or expired.

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The technical part with bitcoin has no future. The blockchain tech is obsolete and nearly every other blockchain is better, cheaper and faster.

But this is not the point. BTC is about the word of mouth and the reputation. Until the mindset chanes BTC will always stay on top. Everyone who starts and gets into crypto, will and has to start with BTC. Until the fundamentals in the mindset and entry points chanes, btc will stay on top.

Wait for January, February - the sickest crypto bull run will start

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Fucking short memory faggots.

Panic sell your shit so I can accumulate you weak handed pussies.

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Literally before Futures started (not announced), it went from 8k to 16k in a month

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It is smart contracts done right.

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I'm an oldfag trading pro and I think it's over, at least for a while

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How can anyone take anything you say seriously when you blame Ver for what exactly? The entire crypto crash? Trying to save bitcoin? Bitcoin Cash is bitcoin you stupid fuck.

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>oldfag trading pro

Stop larping around with your 100$ portfolio. Internet is a great invention.

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everybody selling now is just retarded. smart was selling yesterday if you felt it. you missed selling. if you sell low now you are a brainlet. the correction was good and expected.

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Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner.

Been so long since a red 24 hour print, everyone loses their minds. Thanks for dem cheap pickins' boys.

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you are more of a larping retard than anything else.

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people want out of this meme.

Bitcoin is too early. I am bearish on it for a few years.

Roger vers criticisms of bitcoin core/ btc were all correct and he has brought all the issues to the public and the forefront. No one want to buy this shit anymore.

Roger wanted this to result in the flippening, but what he doesn't realize is no one is a looney ancap like him and actually wants to use decentralized money to buy coffee, and so his plan will fail too, as all crypto will get fucked for the next while,

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I can fap to this.

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Its basically a sudden downward spike in a market because the price ran up in a prolonged bull run for too long unchecked. (aka going up 100% in less then a month) It returns to a more accurate form of its market value. The market then again dictates whether it truly should have that value or if it was indeed overvalued.

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it was bound to happen all bubles burst if this was the burst or we get a dead cat bounce (usually happens) and then it goes to sleep i don't know. that's the problem always... hindsight is 20/20 but the future is foggy as fuck. believers think they see clearly and sometimes get it right but they just took a gamble and won as far as i'm concerned.

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That's true, but how about putting all btc into another coin?

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Are you in the crypto market for like 2 days?

We had double the amounts of unconfirmed tnx too. And BTC isn't the future anyway.

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i did that long ago. not holding any BTC even though I missed out some bullruns. only problem is that this shitty dinosaur coin is taking everything down all the time thanks to lacking USD pairings of most coins.

i hope it is only a matter of time until that changes.

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while u accumulate something at a loss and to see big numbers maybe one day sometime i'll be buying and selling to make real money

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there is one more thing most people don't realize.
futures contracts are a huge downward pressure on the price. it's the reason you can buy pms for the absolutely depressed price today. when you get 300 pieces of paper claiming ownership of every ounce of gold it appears there is a lot more supply than real gold. same goes for cryptos obviously they are just a speculative commodity at this point.

so with futures contracts catching up i can totally see btc returning to sub $1000 after a while.

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>Other crashes always had something that sparked them
no they didn't, check late may crash. This is just an overdue correction after 2 months of continuous gains. We might see another tumble to 10k or at worst 7k, but crypto isn't dying or whatever. By this time next year, we will be essentially at the same levels, if not greater.

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What do you recommend getting into? And is it worth getting into altcoins now?

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>unlimited supply

I see you clearly understood the concept of bitcoin.

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Basically everyone who rode this ride now want to cash out (they've waited a while), and now it will come to a complete stop waiting for the next group of people to come on (some old, mostly new investors)

Anybody buying now still think the dream is alive but in reality its dead for a while

also, have you heard of coincidences?


>Roger vers criticisms of bitcoin core/ btc were all correct and he has brought all the issues to the public and the forefront. No one want to buy this shit anymore.

First BCH on coinbase
Huge downspike trend
Transaction clog on bitcoin piling up

and now the Tax for US coming Jan 1

GG normies, this is a bear market now

Sub 10k bitcoin tomorrow

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it also kinda undoes the limited supply problem. you can create an unlimited number of legal claims to every satoshi.

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i can tell you didn't read my post or didn't bother to comprehend it.

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I just cashed out because I thought everyone else was going to. Anyone else?

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>But the futures market won't affect the price of Buttcoin

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yup, I impulsively bought the dip last night with 50% of my fiat and then realized what I Was doing was irrational and sold at a quick 1% loss lol

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Just tipping on 12.8k right now

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>no they didn't, check late may crash
This. Literally happened out of nowhere and freaked me out as a newfag. As a result I hodled and cried and then felt lucky when it had climbed back up to my buy-in price, so I sold. Then everything mooned a few days later.

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did u not fucking know what goes up fast come down even faster..

>> No.5347447

Haha it's normies and emotionally unstable people who panic and leave.
We smarter people KNOW bitcoin will rebound because nothing major has happend

>> No.5347453

>5k is possible before 2018
It better not because then I'm going to get in trouble.

>> No.5347489

guess we going back to 8k

>> No.5347493

It won't be, don't let the anon scare you. Expect prices to hover around 10k+ before we go up steadily again.

>> No.5347499

it is rebounding alright to about half the ath as usual.

>> No.5347514

Excatly this. This crash or correction isn't even based on any bad news, like MT GOX 2.0 or China banning Vitalik - but a lot of newfags are here right now and this is their first correction.

>> No.5347522

>But the futures market won't affect the price of Buttcoin
who the fuck ever said that?
and did he or did he not had lobotomy before?

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Serious discussion is just a codeword for FUD. It went this low before the last spike. :)

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there's one and only one thing that matters:
will the 10k support hold or not
and literally nobody on this entire board can know

but do please post retarded /pol/-tier conspiracy theories, they're always fun to read

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MFW highest owned BTC price is $1400

>> No.5347687

look at bitcoins history tho... we have no reason to expect it behave differently long term. buying above 50% of ath is sub-optimal. i kept to this rule so far i see no reason to deviate.

>> No.5347702

Ouch, -20% btc now, soon sub-13k. Bad for the market

>> No.5347719

>will the 10k support hold or not
it should (sans futures contracts picking up) based on established precedents.

>> No.5347722

program ? u go die in normie haven


not giving you the whole "program" u gota earn it

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it's the us tax plan
most xchanges are located in the US and you should know - even as a foreigner -
that nobody is beyond reach for the IRS

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Makes literally no sense to cash our right now. You will get fucked hard.

>> No.5347875

Hot tip: be sure to sell at the bottom.

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Big banks are manipulating the markets by an direct order from the CIA.

Fucking Assange should've kept his damn mouth shut fucking twat

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How do i avoid that ugly transaction fee?

>> No.5347945

12170 the normies aint playing now

>> No.5347948

I really wished that people would stop with the "normie panic sell" meme. That is not what greatly influences price. What influences price is THE WHALES. They pumped the shit out of the coin this year, and now they fleece the sheep who buy in at ATH. Whether they hodl or panic sell doesn't matter.
A million normies can put in maybe 1 billion IN A UNORGANIZED MANNER.
A couple whales with billions to play with literally can set prices IN AN ORGANIZED, GOAL DRIVEN MANNER.

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then why did total transaction volumen drop with the price you nigger? it's just exhaustion not selling out.

>> No.5348115

It is ok, we are back to $12600. TO THE MOON!

>> No.5348125

I had a theory that thhis crash would be worse than the normies. Those in this for years know that a 50%+ correction could happen and likely would happen.

The Coinbase normies who just got in don't know this. They'll see the price dropping as it is now and panic sell even worse than the people who have been in the game for years.

Thoughts? Are we looking at sub 10k?

>> No.5348169

Whales simple stop their bots... duh...
Tetherpump.exe is also silent.

>> No.5348205


If you are worried, watch this. I think it is pretty much spot on.

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>by an direct order
>the CIA

>> No.5348247

i just don't understand what you are implying. it makes no mathematical or financial sense.

>> No.5348311

I liked it at 18k, I fucking love it at 12k.

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286,000 unconfirmed transactions and rising.

This is a new ATH. This is the big one boys, this is the crash we warned you about. 24 hours+ for your trades to confirm to the blockchain, where will the price be then? Enjoy as everyone runs for the exits while watching the price crash in slow motion.

t. guy who has lived through 3 bubbles and can't believe you couldn't spot this one

>> No.5348349

Then why didn't you sell at 20k you fuckwit

>> No.5348411

There is a paper describing how whales are the major movers of markets, which is logical if you think about it. See also power laws/Pareto principle. All this TA faggotry and "adoption" and "muh normies"... watch the whales (if you can).
Don't feel like looking it up however, DYOR.

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trap cat bounce

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the entire pump from 5k was a pump and dump. this will dump all the way to 2k. you've been FUCKED by a very tiny chinese cock and you don't even know it.

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you haven't read any books on the psychology of trading have you?

>> No.5348452

>This feels different boys. Other crashes always had something that sparked them. They were overreaction to something.
>This is just fatigue, hype dying down.

I don't even invest in crypto and I can name 3 different events which have contributed to this. Are you sure you know what you're doing?

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intredasting uau such inside wizdumb
blease tel us mor!!

>> No.5348553

pearls to the swines...

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anon bliz gib deeb noledge I am want to increez maney

>> No.5348691

bad tax news
panic sellers

its a reason

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>> No.5348818

1. You still made money, stop being a sore winner
2. Don't sell everything at once, sell it slowly over time

t. I used to play the market in eve online

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290,000+ unconfirmed transactions now, the stampede is increasing

We're at 11k now, is that good or bad?

>> No.5348871

Haha the price is going to 11 now

>> No.5348896

I think it's being intentionally crashed.

who are the whales in btc? who could buy enough to cause this.. banks.

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go to bed hillary

>> No.5348967

I bought in with 0.1 BTC today.

Spread it like this:
30% XMR
20% XRP
20% XVG
15% REQ
15% FUN

Opinions? My philosophy was high risk with high rewards.

>> No.5348978


$12k bounceback in 3... 2... 1...

>> No.5348984

This is manipulation which leads into weak handed panic selling. Just look at the big red volume sell offs. Dumb money is getting played once again.

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>> No.5349006

Got in yesterday.
Already lost 100 dollar

>> No.5349008

It can barely hold on 12k, they've bought themselves a little more time but it's still going down

>> No.5349031


>> No.5349057

i lost over 100k

>> No.5349074

Nope, $11600.

>> No.5349108


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Hi guys, brainlet-poster here, will BTC recover or should I panic sell with the normies? Thanks in advance.

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That's the same reasoning i use to bareback filipino hookers. If you're not on margin you're not in the gaaaaame. If she's not crying you're in the wrong hole. TO THE MOON!!

>> No.5349136

This. This really is the bull trap. So many people are calling it the bull trap that it will become that. I know I’ve already setup the sell orders for 60% of my portfolio.

>> No.5349154


>> No.5349172

Haha holy fuck I just watched it go down $500 in a second

>> No.5349234

What? Buy the dip?

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coinfags i bet you wish you had fiat right now

>> No.5349243

Im looking at this as an opourtunity to buy. the question is, btc ltc or eth?

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whAAAAAAts this?

>> No.5349258

Reddit just banned me for saying that it is crashing, so typical

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I am listening to classical music and drinking wine.
I literally got an erection right now, I wonder if BCH can hit $1000 and BTC $10000 before the day is over.

>> No.5349300

Full blown denial in there
Who cares,do another account or something like that

>> No.5349305

>even as a foreigner
What the fuck are you saying lmao foreigners can't taxed by us bullshit idc where the exchange is

>> No.5349320

Humans react more to loss than to gainz it's just natural

>> No.5349329

All 3

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Absolute tears

God I fucking hate Bitcoin

>> No.5349360

>opened my stocks account in 2008
>2 days before the financial crisis and the slaughters of exchanges
>opened my first crypto account 4 days ago
>this happens
Why must everything I try fall into ruins? But at least I won't try to beat the marked this time.

>> No.5349376

dead bull bouncing

>> No.5349399

this, buy BCH

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> tfw you didn't sell at 19k
> .. or 18k
> or 17k
> or 16k
> or 15k
> or 14k
> or 13k
> or 12k....

>> No.5349415

You did this.

>> No.5349424


Why didn't you cash out yet?
You are only down 30% bro.
You still have lots of cash

Did you sell anything?

>> No.5349445

Are you worried?

>> No.5349449
File: 70 KB, 640x460, ha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5349482

If I close my account and kill myself, will you all be saved from a life under the bridge?

>> No.5349500
File: 235 KB, 1510x2002, 1509845315242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5349501

what exchange is that?

>> No.5349504
File: 113 KB, 500x528, how many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5349509


Because I don't trust USDT and I keep everything on an exchange. I just buy and hold and get just'd every few months. Always come out of it higher but it's getting tiresome.

>> No.5349523

>Looking for TA patterns in 5min chart

>> No.5349525

have a nice christmas bro

>> No.5349529

Please, let this be real.
Please, let this man have a wife and adopted black child.

>> No.5349545


What's the next step of your master plan?

>> No.5349552

This is big money shorting felllas. They wanna feel like they got in early. Move over to.the next coins, xmr and so on

>> No.5349600

Time to bust out 9k memes again

>> No.5349614
File: 851 KB, 216x175, 1492961227986.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's going under 10k

>> No.5349617
File: 105 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171222-142036.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same thing I do everytine. Hold and wait.

>> No.5349619
File: 120 KB, 1366x768, noretreat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can run but you can't hide.

>> No.5349633

its a response to BCH's shady entry onto the mainstream, its made the whole market seem questionable, plus christmas/end of the year pulls. It might fall to $5-6k before rebounding after xmas/new years eve.

>> No.5349636

Happens to me every fucking time. I bought yesterday.

>> No.5349657
File: 93 KB, 600x900, 1512892339485.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5349690


>> No.5349715


Thanks I will


It's real I started with 10k in March

>> No.5349723

>made thread 2 hours ago
>everybody calling me an idiot
>this is just a normal correction
>fell 3k in the meantime

Yeah we are going back to tripple digits boys, was nice knowing you

>> No.5349725
File: 46 KB, 1012x667, 10k HAHAHA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uh... guys? Is my chart broken? I was told we'd be going to the moon

>> No.5349743


>> No.5349756

>bitcoin stuck on exchange
>cant change transaction fee for a quick withdraw
>no hope of getting it out in 10 hours

>> No.5349757
File: 200 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171222-151952.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like this lol, I'm holding even if I have nothing much to hold.
Normies don't realise that if they sell now they'll just fuck the prices even more. I hope they get scared until we don't have the technology to use crypto in our every day life.

>> No.5349766

Be me, own 10 BCH, want to sell yesterday at $2,500, you fucks talked me in to holding, held.
Seriously fuck you guys.

>> No.5349769

If you listened to reddit and bought then you are an idiot, NEVER TRUST A NORMIE

>> No.5349785


>> No.5349792


>> No.5349808

Just broke the $11K barrier.

Just ignore me, brah, I am a filthy nocoiner who only made 100% this year through ebay scams.
I am actually jealous of the people that made 1000% this year, so this crash is like a xmas consolation gift to make me feel better.

>> No.5349816

Bubble pop, expect a 90% retracement (2K or so)

if this is something real and actually become useful (the chances it is BTC are probably very small) then it bases out, finds a new investor class, and becomes stable. Probably takes a year or so at minimum

or it goes to 0, not out of the question

>> No.5349830

i have no where to hide, I’m going down with the ship.

>> No.5349834

It's already at 11 going to 10

>> No.5349891

What a load of shit. Screenshot this so you can see the how wrong you are in a year

>> No.5349898

such is the nature of the beast

>> No.5349902

>ebay scams

Pray tell

>> No.5349931


>> No.5349951
File: 248 KB, 897x629, 10365484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What does a Correction mean and how does it work?
It can mean two things. On the short term, minute/hours if a stock price goes outwith a set range (bollinger & stochastic graphs charting it) within that period, the price will re-adjust, with an increase or, accordingly, decrease.

Technical Analysis shows this in real time and it's useful for swing trading, in time periods of ten minutes. If the charts show a stock being overbought, then the price is likely to drop in the future. The same applies to an oversell (panic sell).

With the Pump & Dump, 40% increases a day and volatility, it happens with cryptos a lot.

>> No.5349984

whats the best place to see the price atm?

>> No.5349989

Oil went from 120 to 20

that was the worlds most important commodity, theres a million cases just look when anything goes parabolic

keep holding or buy more if you think i'm wrong

>> No.5349992

Next week we are back at 15k plus. This right now is the biggest flaw of a human. Emotional driven by his actions. Have a nice christmas and see you with the green wojacks

>> No.5350027


>> No.5350041

>Next week we are back at 15k plus.
or not you have no way of knowing the minds of millions of humans tomorrow.

>> No.5350043

Just buy a shit ton of TCGs from sellers that ship without tracking and then ask for a refund.
You will eventually have your account closed, but I profited $30K before that happened and ebay shit is overpriced anyway, so nothing of value was lost.

>> No.5350062

I bought a bit of gold and weebshit from play-asia, feels good. Holding now 80% of my 2012 BTC poorfag investment

>> No.5350085

I've rarely seen a thought process more retarded than this wow

>> No.5350091


It's hard that even that one person is individual, couple thousand is a lemmings pack. Conspiracy is easy and stupid excuse when humans are acting humanly.

>> No.5350104

G-guys, somebody sold 745 BTC on Bitfinex 30 min ago...

>> No.5350107


>> No.5350147

this bubble is gone.
every normal person won't go within lightyear of cryptocurrency now
we are looking at a $4000 bottom at best

>> No.5350186

wait until the panic is over, all cryptos will rise again for obvious fucking reasons

Right now it's just Bitcoin people panicing and trying to get rid of it

>> No.5350187

Thinks normal person would have any real purchasing power. Look who started this sell off and look who is rebuying the dip. You will never learn it.

>> No.5350199

>If she's not crying you're in the wrong hole.

>> No.5350201

of course (something went wrong) with coinbase as im trying to buy these dips...

>> No.5350207

>normies take loans to buy Bitcoin
>don't worry Anon, it's magic - everyone will earn money
Thanks Captain McShill.
I guess everything above 5k is pure bubble. Not worth it.
Once the mainstream media starts talking about it, it must be time for normies to fill the bottom layer of the pyramid so the top can get out with a large profit.

>> No.5350226


>> No.5350244
File: 281 KB, 988x1044, 1412944593679.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5350273
File: 828 KB, 3000x2119, 1424235134286.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Realistically, how long do you think it would take for it to return to near 20k levels?

>> No.5350312

bitcoin is going to zero or close to it

classic bubble

it doesnt help that bitcoin is already old and out of date by crypto standards

>its crypto gold!
why because it was first and its hard to fucking use?

what a joke

if you dont sell for 10s of thousands a coin you are a sucker

>> No.5350343


>> No.5350344

In space there is no up nor down, son.

>> No.5350361


you were warned by me

>> No.5350366

so you want to claim that satoshi is a BCH supporter and is purging the market with fire - so everyone is terrified of investing in crypto, terrified of crypto itself, too afraid to use it for anything because of the insane volatility?
or are they removing the normie tumor now and just praying the concept of crypto isn't dead and they can build a stable market with BCH from the ashes over the course of the next year?

>> No.5350381

at least 1 year

>> No.5350387





>> No.5350397
File: 2.91 MB, 1280x720, 1512927320628.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> tfw you're the only one at Christmas dinner with your life savings still invested in crypto

>> No.5350418

this is the bear trap if you cash out now you'll never make it

>> No.5350426

was this selloff sparked by the LTC guy selling out btw? he saw a 9,000% gain and knew to take it?

>> No.5350457


>> No.5350583

Why you would not take out your initial investment once it quadrupled is beyond me.

>> No.5350611

That, BCH and coinbase fiasco, the "pineapple charity fund" which received 5078 btc cashed out right before the crash.

We are only plankton in this sea

>> No.5350613

it was caused by a few different things that happened close to each other. coinbase confirmed insider trading, tax bill, charlie lee selling off all his coins near the top, christmas time where normies cash out to buy gifts, and operation crab-16.

>> No.5350635

could take years (more likely) could be months or even weeks tho maybe it's indeed a small correction and the ride is not over maybe people went crazy and the bubble pops at much higher. who knows. maybe it goes back to $19k soon before popping for good and stay buried for years to come. maybe it's over.

i think it will go back under $10k and then till february bounce back somewhere above $18k and then it will be downhill for good. but that's just applying past patterns i have no way of knowing. all i can decide if i want to bet any money on this or not. i have not decided yet. i want to see below $10k first.

>> No.5350641
File: 109 KB, 320x180, 1465968225097.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.5350715


Thanks for the answer.

I guess my money will have to wait for a long time before the price catches back up again.

>> No.5350727

Boom, I was down 48.7% when I woke up and it's saying I'm only down 46.5% now.

I'm going to go watch some St Jude infomercials and maybe a Sarah McLachlan sad dog one to help me feel again. Have fun guys.


>> No.5350731

nice, yeah the only one that really made "the news" was LTC guy selling out (i dont blame him)

good luck bros

>> No.5350785

This crash is becuase of Btrash and Ver+pals. It is a conspiracy and they sold humanity out to the globalists. tehy can all burn in hell for doing this.
I have not actually lost anything during this btw as my money was in some good alts but ffs. These people have literally sold a great chance to escape the banksters and globalists hold over us for the sake of a few shekels and some 'power' fuck them right in their man pussies. I will kill each and every one of them if i ever see them irl and get the chance. They are officially the worst of humanity to me now. Even worse than the globalists, they chose this path. The rewards must have been pretty fuckign sweet but still, fuck them. Every member of humanity should view these people as the enemy now. they need a lynching.

>> No.5350828
File: 98 KB, 640x800, 1511245942768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no, look at this.
-rumors (pretty much incontravertibly true) that satoshi themselves were moving huge amounts of bitcoin around
-litecoin is definitely friendly with the satoshi group (that selloff was clearly a signal to the true believers, his sale was personally motivated by insider trading due to ins with satoshi)
-the most likely main satoshi is Craig Wright, he is a deep supporter of BCH

I'm guessing that the true believers led by satoshi are purging the market of the jew and their speculator slaves and are going to rebuild the market and ecosystem based on BCH if the scorched earth isn't so deep that the crypto dream dies.

>> No.5350837

The question you should be asking right now is will it stop at $1k or is it going to fall all the way to $1. As soon as the crowd realizes there's no inherent value in their magic internet money, the fall will be unstoppable.

>> No.5350847
File: 19 KB, 1044x427, this is totally a grea time to buy - said nobody whose ever invested before.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Or maybe the fact that that it was in an obvious mania bubble that anyone who lived through a bubble could plainly see. Jesus christ every normie on the street was now a 'saavy crypto investor' what other signs do you need? That's exactly how it was during the housing and dot come bubbles too.

>> No.5350885

so what about stellar? monero? neo?

what about the ones like vechain, wabi and walton which are being adapted?

is it possible at all that some of the solid projects might recover despite a bitcoin crash?

>> No.5350935

Yes. Grab a razor blade.

>> No.5350950

Also, how are the BTC futures faring?

>> No.5350983
File: 29 KB, 776x659, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


this has literally never happened before and we have no way to give guess

now please someone post the ultimate meme with the media attention, new paradigm, despair, the good stuff come on, meme the fuck out of this guys, reason has left /biz/ a long ass fucking time ago if it were ever here in the first place

>> No.5350994


>> No.5351007

what about this hash-graph i keep hearing about lately? any coin implementing it instead of block-chain?

>> No.5351076

Everyone is talking about BTC getting JUSTED but what about alt coins? It does feel like they all are tied to BTC.

>> No.5351084

no way they don't go for sub 10K, at least to blow out any stops

>> No.5351112

They're all the same pyramid scheme dumdum

>> No.5351139

>Bought 35K XVG at 0.11

Am I fucked? For how long do I hodl?

Down 20% today but still 500% up for the month

>> No.5351163

Can i buy yet or will it lower?

>> No.5351206

>It does feel like they all are tied to BTC.
because they are all tied to bitcoin for now. but when bitcoin falls eventually a new king will take it's place. they won't all die just adjust to a new reality.

>> No.5351211


If anyone knew that they'd be a zillionaire by now.

>> No.5351221

alts can only moon when btc goes sideways. our alts will continue to fall with btc in the coming days.

>> No.5351254

soooo... buy discount tron or nah?

>> No.5351262


>> No.5351292

cus yolo
either im gonna be FUCKIGN rich or FUCKING poor

>> No.5351302

from what movie is this scene where this pic is taken from?

>> No.5351321

Can we call this the bubble getting burst or is that more when it hits sub 5k levels?

>> No.5351330


>5% gain


>> No.5351359
File: 78 KB, 736x507, 1513361705106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Btrash is centralised. It is NOT escaping the banksters and globalists. It has sold out to them!
You are fucking mental. Also, Satoshi hasn't moved shit, that is block 9's btc which were used fucking years ago before he died or went anonymous. He sure as hell is not craig. If it is any of the original devs it is Nick Szabo. Most likely Satoshi is dead and his keys with him. Btrash was designed to get hold of his btc, the whole thing is corrupted, centralised and stinks!
You are either brainwashed and clueless or a paid shill. So either lurk more and stop going on plebbit or fuck off and die.
You are probably one of Vers army of paid shills and bots with your stupid fucking girl pic.

>> No.5351366



That is from Goodfellas. You really have not seen it?

>> No.5351371


>> No.5351392
File: 244 KB, 875x568, denial.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5351404
File: 93 KB, 450x800, 20170610213254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you is not buying XRP and XEM right now i do not know what the fuck you is doing

>> No.5351432

Sure ppl are sellinh for christmas. Its when you dont look at charts and need some peace

>> No.5351465

the bull trap already occured

>> No.5351487

smart move. but the actual phase we are in, is the first sell of, which is behind your picture.

>> No.5351496

>Bitcoin goes parabolic for months and my alts get JUST'D

>Finally have a few good days for my alts

>Bitcoin then crashes and brings all my alts down with it

>Repeat step 1

I want off Mr Shekelsteins wild ride

>> No.5351504
File: 36 KB, 937x549, fuuuuu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If this doesn't turn green soon we go 10k

>> No.5351519

based on that graph tho it's quiet worth it to buy into the starting mania phase and sell at the bull trap.
i wonder if someone could prove this mathematically and statistically that it applies to every bubble.

>> No.5351551

it ur faul anon

dont come to india retar you are warned ok?

>> No.5351587
File: 35 KB, 625x626, 1385908649581.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>literally says bull trap
>it has a stamp on it with what it is
>he goes right for it
incurable I swear

>> No.5351610

nah mate but thanks for not being a cunt. Might watch it tonight and get hammered while my folio burns up

>> No.5351617

buying a shit load of ARK desu

>> No.5351619


TA is just a mere plastic tool in this whole grand machine.

Normies bying at 15k - 20k and at about 30-50% loss now is all the TA you need.

When the last fucker jumps off this train we go back to 10k (BCC that is) BTC is fucked after this.

What do you think normies will buy back?
Something that just fucked them over 50% in 2 days or that new shiny CASH COIN that you actually an fucking use to buy shit with.

>> No.5351641
File: 26 KB, 223x822, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wew, I hope some actual BUSINESS threads are made on /biz/ one day

>> No.5351646

>bought in mostly in november at 8-9k

>bought again at 15k thinking it was the dip

as long as we go above 15k again in a month or two I'm ok this is just pretty spooky guys

>> No.5351673

i'm saying it's the worst that can happen if you sell after the peak any time. worst case you sell into the bull trap (which is a point where people actually looking to buy btw, and also the bull trap is the entire section up to the second peak). and that can still worth it.

>> No.5351687

>reddit spacing
but at least you have a solid point there redditor.

>> No.5351716

stop scaring me

>> No.5351730


BCC will not recover for months.

>> No.5351748


>> No.5351765

it's not a technical analysis graph you niggerd it's about the psychology of bubbles and the psychology of mass hysteria and greed these things are timeless tulips of gold or bitcoins all the same.

>> No.5351791
File: 443 KB, 708x1583, 1513664307295.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5351814

i'm not obsessed i'm looking at it mathematically.
if you can gain steadily even 20-30% on every bubble you see let alone a 100% you are a fucking investment god.

>> No.5351836

wouldnt be surprised if this is the big one
>rumors of coinbase losing its banking
>russian regulation
>g20 apparently gonna tackle blockchain
>gop tax plan
>korean exchanges going bankrupt

theres going to be no way to actually realize those gains if you cant turn to fiat

>> No.5351847
File: 199 KB, 740x696, 1512255675516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nobody is buying trash. It is shit and you are a shill for the ver globalist cock sucking cunts.
Yeah yeah, so scared. Fuck off. Nobody is buying your propaganda fear tactics into fud buying btrash. Ver is the enemy now, he has lost and his army of paid shills can't save him. He ios a dead man walking.

>> No.5351871

I've had 10k just waiting for this correction, this is a christmas gift

>> No.5351907
File: 41 KB, 550x512, 1508082223900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nobody is buying trash. It is shit and you are a shill for the ver globalist cock sucking cunts.
Yeah yeah, so scared. Fuck off. Nobody is buying your propaganda fear tactics into fud buying btrash. Ver is the enemy now, he has lost and his army of paid shills can't save him. He is a dead man walking.

>> No.5351910

>t. mr denial

>> No.5351931

I feel like this is a bulltrap because I wanna buy

>> No.5351986
File: 9 KB, 320x240, 1504182305247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw convinced my gf to buy in at $17k for $1k
I'm glad my gf makes bank or she'd be mad at me :v)
She's lost a whopping $300

>> No.5352010
File: 26 KB, 592x685, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>being this late
it's already on the way up dude COME ON

>> No.5352040

i lost my shirt! maxed out all my credit cards to buy this shit coin, yesterday!

>> No.5352041

huh guess the first one did post...
over wjhnat? That the entire system has been taken over by globalists and Ver is a traitor?
I don't have any money in Btrash or BTC and never will except for my alts satoshi value. My alts aren't even down during this. Btrash is the enemy though. Ver and his buddies are corrupt and you and your shill buddies cant do shit to hide it. We are not plebbit, go fuck yourself, we aren't buying hat you are selling!

>> No.5352098
File: 63 KB, 520x638, 1489680085165.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>going into debt for an investment

>> No.5352099

This is the best Christmas ever. I thought you guys were supposed to be smarter than the rest of the "normies"? So why the fuck aren't you shorting like I do?

Oh wait, you kiddies never seen a share in your young lives, you don't know the different strategies.

>> No.5352115

Guys what if we start a #BitcoinGate andget the normies fired up over kikes in crypto. Gaymergoys got enough normies rustled to become /pol/acks

>> No.5352158
File: 37 KB, 608x336, nnn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is what real investors do all the time, and is not actually bad.
Gambling with debt is just stupid, though :^) !

>> No.5352191

well i don't know about any of that. but i will check out what he has to say now. you made me curious.

>> No.5352204


>> No.5352221


The whole banking world works on this principal.
When they lose they get bailed by cuck tax payers.

When a private person does the same he gets BUTT PLUGGED

>> No.5352234

every investment is a bit of a gamble unless you got floated by gov contracts.

>> No.5352295

Roulette is gambling, pal, poker is skill.

>> No.5352363
File: 84 KB, 953x419, jCNyCKn.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5352420

poker is still gambling unless you cheat.

>> No.5352566

check out teh 'conspiracy' surrounding bcash trying to get into satoshis wallets and more importantly the one surrounding the mining empire of jhin or whatever his chink partners name is. The russian shills he bought, his mining buddies he got to stop mining btc, the millions of transactions they sent to clog the system. They are trying to kill btc for sure and btrash is centralised and corporate. It is the system we were trying to escape. Ver and his buddies really have sold us out and any shill being paid is complicit and should be ashamed of themselves.
I had to turn off that stupid plebbit /btc feed on my blockfolio because all it was was btc fud. I don't really give a shit about which is better but I know organised conspiracies when I see them. Now the shills are all over this board. They can burn.

>> No.5352567

You are dumb, please continue here in /biz/ and buy lots of LINK and IOTA.

>> No.5352622

buy raiblocks, its instant. no mining. and no transaction fee.

>> No.5352642

because it wouldn't work. jews are one of the protected minorities you aren't allowed to criticize.

>> No.5352672
File: 115 KB, 480x360, 1506890132240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ENRON was criminally negligent and was shut down. BTC is going nowhere and BTC is the criminally negligent one and a sellout to the globalists!
Fun gif but a false equivalency. The decentralised blockchain will never die no matter how hard the globalists try to shill their Bcash, IOTA, XRP centralised 'solutions'.