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>salary: competitive

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>entry level position
>5 years experience required

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>No Pussy
>No Work

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>Is a team player and highly self-driven

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>aid bills aren’t money but the value of military assets
>they’re laundering money!

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>must be able to work in high pressure environment

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>You have a positive, can-do-attitude

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>Ask for promotion
>Director says ok, you can start with the tasks now but only will get new contract and salary increase when we get another person to substitute you.
>He is also mentoring me
>Another teammate quits
>Doing work of 5 people and 4 different jobs 14 hours a day
Pls kill me

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>salary: competitive

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>other duties as required

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Forklift driver
>$16 an hour

That's my local going rate (Pittsburgh area). Though one company will give an extra $1.25 for night shift.

Saw a pol thread about dudes making $30 an hour driving a forklift so I looked it up.

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>having a job

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>exciting environment

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>salary: $70k to $140k DOE

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They always list some bullshit.about needing so much experience or having skills and attributes which will benefit the position.

In my experience nepotism and charisma is rewarded. No experience but knew the hiring manager from a previous company. No skills or irrelevant experience but knows how to make a LinkedIn or do up their resume to appeal to them.

It must be my que to leave :)

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>Where are all of the workers?
>We need immigration

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Literally my team lead back when he interviewed me. He turned out OK, I bet he read out from a list that HR wrote him.

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>why do you want to work here?

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>"How much do you expect to be compensated?"
>"Competitively." <|:^)

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The whole "don't discuss your salary" thing is such a uniquely American version of Jewry. It literally only benefits the owner of the company to depress wages and keep more for himself.

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wagies get really insecure when they meet someone who makes more money than them. it's considered distasteful or offensive to discuss salary, even in private conversations with friends. truly bizarre.

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I always discuss my salary with new hires on the same level and if they got low-balled i tell them to either discuss it after their probation is over if they wanna stay, or to get a new job. I got caught doing this and my boss flipped his shit and threaten to fire me. They can't fire you over discussing wages with coworkers. Its a part of worker rights that most people don't know about in the USA, and kike managers and bosses take advantage of discipline employees illegally

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pussy is only for alphas chud, that is their only duty, to reproduce with the best female specimens, that is their 'contribution'
you on the other hand have been assigned to resource gathering so get going and do the needful

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also funny story, i'm an accountant who worked in public accounting for a while. i had to help audit payroll expense for company that did clinical trial services for big pharma companies like pfizer. obviously this required us to have access to employee pay rates. the controller absolutely REFUSED to give us clear cut access to pay rates. our request was fulfilled with a password protected file for our manager's eyes only, with everything redacted and anonymized except for employee ID and salary. meanwhile we regularly received and reviewed confidential patient information with names, addresses, date of birth, social security, uncensored medical records, etc.

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That's because it would reveal the absolute ponzi that goes behind the screens with fucking karens who studied nutrition and make 400k yearly

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AKA doesn't need to be micromanaged can just be trusted to do shit which is the best.

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Quit, that is the carrot on a string behavior and manipulative. The harder you work the more the goal posts will be moved so you keep doing everyone else's job. It's a trap. Take what you've learned doing 4 different jobs to ask for a LOT more $ elsewhere because you obviously know your shit, unlike every other pretender they interview.

>T - Speaks from experience.

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it was a privately held company owned by a PE firm. i suspect that everyone outside of the sales team, executive leadership, and very senior leadership was being fucked up the ass. the PE firm later sold the company and everyone i remember working with at the client site ended up getting fired or jumping ship. many such cases!

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> experiance with: lists every programming language ever invented

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If AI reduces those jobs then no need to bring in more 3rd world workers.

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I can't deal with getting older, I'm about to be 28 and I feel an insane FOMO about being young and partying, to the point I'm thinking on taking a job that makes much less than I do now but leaves me more free time to do fun shit, what the fuck do I do? My job makes me travel all the time cucking me out of my free time

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I felt the same at your age, and Im only 29 about to turn 30. My advice anon is to quit thinking like a faggot and just do it and not worry what others think about you.

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>company culture

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You live at the mercy of your boomer parents. The second they wish to withhold their mercy from you, you will be pushing carts at walmart and still not get any pussy.

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> inclusive workspace

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This is where you say "no, i'm getting paid for this job I'm doing or I walk"

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As if they won’t spend money later to replenish our own inventories. Also he never said it was money laundering retard.

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Luckily I work in sales and prospective employers are pretty transparent when it comes to salary expectations.