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what should my last words be?

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Your mom's box.

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No words only deuces

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Iggerfaggot then do a 360 and walk away

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Yo boss its been real...NAAAAAAWWWWWWTTTT

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What a princess

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>These are not my last words

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>Go back Monday

"Oh wait you were serious?"

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Why even bother talking at all?

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"Thanks, you too."

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>Nice pepe
>What's your job and give the deets

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hmmmm n

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how do you know youre getting fired?

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HR accidentally copied me on the email to my boss

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They did it on purpose. Maybe they don't want you to be totally fucked, so they give you a notice in advance.

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>I will hurt you for this. I don't know how yet, but give me time. A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you'll know the debt is paid.

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that's a good one. hey colorado - you see that? california and canada you're next.
"It's been fun, and this journey doesn't end here. We may cross paths again someday. Peace."

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wow sorry anon

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Let me get this straight(What)
You want to-(what)
I asked do you want to fire me?(what)
Now I tell what's going to happen(what)
I'm going to go into my office(what)
I'm going to sit down on my desk(what)
And I expect a new contract with a 10 dollar pay raise in front of me
Because anon said so

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A 360 degree turn means OP would do a full turn be facing his boss again

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Biz goddess
This op
They did it to give you gods gift of taking a shit in a bag and throwing it on your bosses car

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Check your math, son

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Go back

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Lurk more faggot

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Learn geometry retard.

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You’re too smart for this place

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I worked at a phone call center for an electricity provider and right before ghosting my workplace and never coming back I randomly gave 60€ to be applied in the next electricity bill to the last customer I had on the phone.

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Strangely admirable way to quit a job
No American would ever do that
We’re more likely to burn the building down
Europeans are weird

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>'Goodbye, and I'll leave a note of my wallet address with you, just in case all your system passwords suddenly change.'
got ourselves A Navigator here

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> " Either those curtains go or I do. ”

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What are you a mathematician?

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peepeepoopoo pepperoni kekkeroni gas all niggers spics kikes trannies and jannies

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>HR accidentally copied me on the email
tell them you are suing for emotional distress - unless you get reinstated, a years severance or hr roastie gets immediately fired too. You going down anyway, may as well take as many as you can with you.

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I often try to be the better man and not resort to petty vengeful behaviour..and then I regret not fucking the people over later.

Commit arson.

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No retard you can still walk away after pulling a 360 spin.

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Not how it work’s genius
A 360 would mean you walk towards them

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'walk away' ≠ walk towards

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Just pack up your shit, sign the paper and leave without even saying goodbye.
Then as you walk out the building and cross that door into the world, the rest of your life starts as you never look back at that soul crushing job again.

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That was a quick and pleasant severance package negotiation. For the employer.

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Why even fucking bother? It's not like things are going to improve anyway. Just leave them behind and move on. There's nothing to gain except a possible law suit from damaged property if you start chimping.

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Nigger! Nigger should have been fpbp.
You’ve ruined it.

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Grab as much network related info you can then DDoS them after you get canned

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Its better to be polite about things, you never know how they might work out. I sent a very nice goodbye email to my team when I got fired which made me look good and makes my boss look like a faggot. 2 weeks later and they have a job listing open for his position. /biz/ is too childish and short-sighted for this kind of thing though. Only retards and women get spiteful.

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"sneeds feed and seed formerly chucks"

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Newfag, you must lurk

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Excellent bait. Anyone who doesn’t realize that everyone has heard the 360 meme and counter-baits it with what this anon posted is, unironically, a new fag.

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If he is baiting, then he isn't really a newfag, now is he, you retard?

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“I quit”

They can’t fire you if you quit first

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"fuck bitches, buy bit. keep it sleazy". Say this exactly.

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I've seen a major HR fuckup before.
Some woman states away claimed that a coworker called her a bitch, said that her ma manager didn't do enough besides send the guy home for the day, wants everyone at her location investigated, she doesn't feel safe at work, etc. It was all very emotional, poorly punctuated and capitalized in a lot of places.
HR tried forwarding it to someone else in the department and then apparently accidentally tagged EVERYBODY who works in one sector of a fortune 500 company. It was like 4500 people across The US who got a copy of her original complaint.
Major fuck up, someone in HR was probabky fired that day and id imagine a settlement was paid out.
Idk "thank you for the opportunity"? Idk where you work.

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Fuck jannies.

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If you are getting fired tomorrow, why are you going to work today?

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you cant do that on purpose.
if you KNOW you are geting fired, you waltz in 1st thing and slap written complaints of harrassment, raycissm, sexism, froggism - whatever else the fuck you can dream up, any-fucking thing that will make their life Hell - on the relevant desk before anyone has had a chance to say a word to you. The chances of them then firing you immediately after that are around nada. You just won yourself a paid vacation for the next year or so. Never give the wagies a chance to retaliate first.

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>everyone that replied
Come on anon read.