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Whittled down to my last ~$500 after my last few trades didn't go my way. Just can't get any momentum. For example I went puts on Tesla pre-earnings call yesterday

>Yes, I know I'm a faggot who should kill myself
>Yes, I have enough money to live until my next paycheck, so consider the whole 500 investable

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Trade these nuts

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best bet is probably call options on coinbase short squeeze in case crypto fomo comes in and normies deposit their tax refunds into shiba inu or whatever the fuck they do

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say you caught the whole 10% pump on tesla today. how much money would you make off puts for $500? idk how that shit works

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Ill look into it, which expiry? next week?
Ok, so get this. After getting torched on BBBY two weeks ago (was up 8k on squeeze day), listened to baggies and held, and lost it all.... I moved onto TSLA, bought a 145 call on Sunday night, dumped it Tuesday cause I thought the earnings call would go bad (scared from before). Pocketed a few hundred bucks.

That thing would've been worth $1500 today. Fuck my life.

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You sound like the born bagholder desu
Just buy all the reddit general coins and join their jerk oof circle

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I'm starting to think I have some nasty karma working against me. Maybe I'll buy a stake in Funko Pops.

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Any ideas on earnings calls tomorrow???
>full degen mode
>just bought some COIN calls for tomorrow
>Have 4 6.5 AAL calls for tomorrow

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>gambling on earnings with options
do you understand iv crush?
>listening to other people to make your own investment decision
>"Any ideas on earnings calls tomorrow???"
you're a retarded gambler not a trader. if you have an edge in the markets you want to take the highest number of trades possible because you will make money over time.
if you want to gamble go to a casino atleast your odds are more favorable, the market is not for gamblers because the people on the other side of your trades are NOT gambling and they're happy to take your donations.

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All fuckin's around aside, I get that. I'm just playing with some money and seeing if anyone had any ideas about a price jump due to an earnings call tomorrow.

I've been doing my DD and diversifying with long term stocks (BTCM, COIN, and L are my mid/long long term holds for this year)... but what's wrong with fishing for a last minute options tip???

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thing is, if its a good tip people aren't giving it away. if its a bad tip you'll hear it endlessly. gambling on earnings with options often loses money even if your direction is correct, because option pricing is elevated around earnings volatility. so basically you have to buy a call/put for a $10 move in the stock, when the market is only pricing in a $5 move. low percentage win strategy

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short squeeze

fuck me the bullrun Reddit retards are still shitting up biz

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...did you not see whales like Cathy Woods piling into TSLA? Did you really think you were smarter than they are?

No offense, bro. But I knew the bottom was in for TSLA when literally everyone was shitting on the stock.

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I'm starting to figure that out.
>Did you really think you were smarter than they are?

Yes, yes I did. I'm still figuring out how earnings reports affect stocks. Net profit margin, EPS, expected growth? I still have a lot to learn but I thought their numbers would dip temporarily due to missing their projected sales.

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Anyways, you're a hundred percent right and this is NOT peak financial behavior... but here's my degen trade. Lol. Wish me look

>bookmark it

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How did I get here

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You only have $500? Maybe trading isn't for you, faggot.

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ORE & TAKE is a good deal to get into atm, the fundamentals and utility are massive

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When you're listening to other people, and shit hits the fan, they move long before they tell you to move. Often, they're long gone. You have to form your own judgement. It will take time, but it's worth it.

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>this would be worth this

Yeah, it's worth that now. Just somebody else owns it. Learn and move on. The money is in the future, it's not in the past, although there are lessons there.

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Just divide it between Ashswap and Utrust and see yourself making it

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Maybe trade 20 minutes for a McDonald’s interview

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Take this faggot and be rich. No everyday that someone gives such good alpha
linktr. ee/ netherlabs

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Trading is quite risky. I'd recommend staking. Buy EGLD and participate in the metabonding to earn mex or utk, just like me

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you are way too poor to be trading options. why do options attract retards like moths to a flame, its fucking ridiculous. go to a fucking casino at least theres a chance you could make money

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What use are these shit tokens?
The other pump hard today, possibly a hype

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Lesson learned, when ever people start shitting on any project, it indicates the bottom is in, invariably, the more the FUD, the more the asset is exposing to more feasibility/investors

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Trading requires a high level of disciple and professionalism, if you lack these, it's better you stick to DeFi staking
Staking is a bit risk-free, I trade, and also have some tokens like ORE-ALBT on polygon for passive income

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trading is for retarded poors
come back when you have enough money to just put away in bitcoin and wait til its green

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You must be kidding for regarding these as shit
Ore is partnered with reputable projects like Allianceblock, Algo, Telos and co.
Take token is a new perpdex you don't want to miss

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OP Here.
I canceled that call and bought a Tesla call. Up $2200 today. GG boys :)

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Staking is not risk free.
Youre a gambler
Trading earnings is incredibly difficult. You either play the run up to earnings and sell before or trade after the results hit. Trying to get in before is gonna wreck you. The risk/reward is usually shit too. Risk 100% to make like 200% and your probability of winning is usually shit since they often end up being flat and burning both calls and puts so over a period of 10 or 100 trades you lose more than you make.

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>betting against Elon
lol you definitely earned this outcome

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>>Staking is a bit risk-free
I didn't say staking is 100% risk-free, but rather a bit risk-free than trading, trading as you know is very risky, but staking is a better option

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>the people on the other side of your trades are NOT gambling

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Just go long on COPE.

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ORE seems to have a very low cap. One token I know that has such cap with good utility.

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Nothing is risk free but I prefer LPing. ORE/ETH pair best for me.

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Just go buy and hold something good. ORE is good.

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nothin personal kid, it's just business