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What is /biz/'s 5-year plan?

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Yotsuba, you little shit, you will never be a Chiyo-chan.

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Get rich enough off crypto to quit my job or kill myself

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In no particular order
>Max on OSRS
>Lose 50lbs
>Finish reading Moby Dick
>Get a job

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Not very ambitious for 5 years tbqhwyf

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This. Either I make it or I kill myself. I will not wageslave for 40 years. I'd rather die.

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I don't have one. I focus on two week intervals and adjust as needed.

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Buy as much RLC as possible because of the AI pump that's coming

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>5 years to max
you mean 200m in all skills, right?

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Destruction of Mecca

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cross my fingers I get wealthy with crypto again

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Set up an indian beef smuggling ring.

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4% profit every month

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Rule 34

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Keep improving my skills as a trader and investor and grow my net worth.
Avoid big ticket money traps and slow bleed outs by only living on 35% of my net income.
Not falling for the housing Jew.
Not falling for the marriage Jew.
I will only date women 23 years old and under.

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>Get married (2024 date)
>Have a son (thanks IVF gender selection)
>Double NW from 500k->1Mil in stocks/401k.
>Sell house in Metro and buy 10+ acres and house w/ pool.

Fringe goals
>275 Clean and Jerk/225 Snatch
>lower caffeine to 200mg per day

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IVF supposedly fucks up their genes and predisposes them to diabetes or other health defects especially related to insulin sensitivity

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unironically this, let my hamachi finance bags farm more tokens while I work to keep putting in more money, in 2 or 3 years I will have enough for my retirement (according to my calculations ofc)

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Build a €1 million balance to make €1k a day and hire expensive escorts which I treat as if I was Patrick Bateman

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DCA into etf that x2 x3 flip every market crash bull ect also buy property and dca btc and alts

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drink some coffee in the morning.

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To whore out my twin daughters on OnlyFans when they turn 18.

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Save and invest in divvies baby.

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Married, house, at least one kid, combined income of wife and I of at least 350k. Seems doable.

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>year one git gud
>year two grind like a soulless demon
>year three learn to juggle the impossible
>year four establish first and last name bases on the regular
>year five do it all again sorta but with more money

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My XMR stack

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5 year plans are for normies on fixed income aka salary. they live with many fixed assumptions. I prefer a 2-3 year plan because life and opportunities happen quickly.
>t. self-made

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take the no caffeine pill anon, its a performance decreasing substance it only brings you back to baseline

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>get EE degree
>hit 170 at 8% bodyfat (170 at 20% bodyfat now)
>turn 70k in crypto to 7 mil or more
>be capable of retiring but won’t
>potentially have a kid but don’t get trapped by a psycho gf/wife
>sell my home and move out of Florida or at least out of south Florida

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get as buff and lean as possible.
go on sick hiking trips.
travel with gf.
make a shitload more money.
buy a sick house.
level up psychologically.
play and dominate d4 when it comes out.

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>buy modest home with cash in a rural area
>stop working and get on welfare/food stamps/medicaid/etc
>hunt, fish, small-scale farming, cook meth, moonshining, under-the-table gunsmithing
Fuck kikes

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Making a list of blockchain interoperability without mentioning ORE and LINK is bias AF.