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Dead project
Rebrand can't save it

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you love to see it

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nooooo fudders told me this was supposed to go to 0.6 noooooo

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Same fag

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you love to see it

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Lmao I knew I had to buy a bag when the jeets were fudding 24/7

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>nooooo fudders told me this was supposed to go to 0.6 noooooo
I fell for the fud and sold.

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u luv 2 c it

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bought 1500 at 77c, LETS GO

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There was a fudder a few days ago fudding this project and the price was crumbling down. I really thought we were being rugged and I panic jumped out.

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If you're reading this you are a bad person. You like to make people suffer and fail and that's because you are a terrible bad person and Karma will fuck your ass very hard, trust me.

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I fudded this coin for weeks but I loaded up so let's ride boys.

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Dxp is absolutely kino

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Some volatility is expected for small caps. The good news is that it goes both ways... it pretty much happens in waves. That being said, if you don't like it, scale down your position.

It'll always remain a high risk high reward game.

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cex's begging to list them for free lol.. they shattered arb ama attendance by 20x the normal amount. I am gonna buy so much coke and whores if binance comes this team doesn't miss

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>I fudded this coin for weeks but I loaded up so let's ride boys.

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this just gave me a chubby

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Someone just removed 22k from the LP and now the dump is in full swing. I've seen others removing a bit at a time ($1-3k) but not that much.

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removing their bag from LP means they except more pumping

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removing their bag from LP means they expect more pumping

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So they removed their bag to dump the price so they can buy or pool back in? I don't understand LP stuff cause I've never done it.

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Google for 'impermanent loss'

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because of impermanent loss: https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/impermanent-loss-explained

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I wanted to buy a big bag of this but I was torn between this and VELO. I thought VELO was a slightly safer option and it's doing well so no regrets, but I've always kept an eye on this. It's gonna be an absolute monster.

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Oh, so the greater the price change compared to when the liquidity was provided, the greater the potential loss. So the person withdrawing wasn't seeing enough gains from transaction fees to offset the price changes.

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makes sense, thanks

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Ah actually, it seems related to this

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where the fuck do you buy it?

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Just realised today was the biggest one day pump ever, I'm feeling boooolish velabros

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Fudder must be seething right now

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You love to see it lmao

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$3 on Monday 100% lock.

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Everyone remember to set your slippage to 0.1 when you buy, there is a really aggressive sandwich bot

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of course there is
it's the devs bot

can't wait for the dump

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forgot to change your vpn fren

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Lmao I fucking knew it the second I saw the OP>>53448160

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>pumps suddenly
>it's accepted
>people are still buying
literally what

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You are the guy that was fudding these days. I know you. I recognize the way you speak.

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Been on DXP for months now. Bought the dip to 25 cents during FTX fud. My avg buys are between 44 cents and 75 cents but I think IM selling soon.

These fucks increased the fucking circ supply to 10M overnight!

This is now a $20M marketcap "small" gem at a measly $1.88 price point. No way can this thing 2x much less 5-10x from here. Not anytime soon anyways.

Fucking greedy Vela dev team.

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post proof faggot.right, you dont have any

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He's resorting to false info since the circ supply is less than 10m kek

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But anon, that was the plan all along. Why are you trying to frame this as fud?

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I never said it was fud. I said I was selling here because there is no more room for rapid growth thanks to the printing of 3M+ tokens overnight.

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I see then. Good luck!

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middle of the night for you lmao, dirty jeet

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meanwhile we’re rapidly approaching $2 and this anon has no bag! kek!

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1MM in daily volume soon bros, is this a new record? also wen $3 ?

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literally nothing wrong with this?

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why you asking then faggot? of course there's everything wrong with this RAJ

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Your fud makes no sense anon

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no one gets this mad at a random shitcoin.. you obviously hold some competitor or some shit like that

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Trending on Coingecko

Fudders in disarray!

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It's trending everywhere. $3 by Monday!

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So let me this right, it has a $17m marketcap (based on 10m token supply here: https://arbiscan.io/token/0x088cd8f5eF3652623c22D48b1605DCfE860Cd704)), has moderately high token inflation (pic related) & no one knows whether the platform will do well since its not even launched yet? Even if it does take off, wouldn't this just be a repeat of dydx's slow price bleed as tokens are continually minted to incentivise usage etc?

What am I missing here?

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picrel >>53443964

Unlike GMX (hacker anon devs who rugged in the past and can easily rug GMX at any moment) and GNS (anon team other than seb), VELA is backed by guys with deep connections and everyone is doxxed. They have market makers like water. Can easily see these guys get on Binance and hit $80M mcap easily.

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Sorry but that doesn't answer my question. I'm not too concerned whether a projects team is doxxed or not, as long as the code works & is audited. The whole point of defi is to trust code not people, isn't it?

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>deep connections
>They have market makers like water.
holy shit I'm foooooooooomoooooing..... but seriously... enjoy your pump while it last... this shit will bleed like a motherfucker when people realize is just smoke and mirrors

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WRONG these platforms arent standalone shitcoins once you've finished the code thats it. These are platforms whose sole purposes are to attract active daily users.

You can't get that much less maintain that if there is no trust in the team. You are crazy if you think people will stake/leverage their hard earned money in a shady platform regardless if the code passed the necessary audits.

You also don't seem to understand how valuable connections are in this industry. Again all these perp platforms are fighting for the same userbase. They make profits based on more users.

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kys pajeet go capture your measly 0.65x from holding GNS and GMX. Smelly pajeet.

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tell me NOW when is the launch happening, im not going to their shitter or fedagram to check

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End of february

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Idk, I haven't seen gns/gmx have much trouble in the connection/partnership department, They seem to announce a new partnership every other day.

And i guess we'll agree to disagree on trust. You can choose to trust people and I'll stick with code. Looking again through the vela documentation, it appears like the team can freeze protocol funds at any time (yikes lol). So yea, guess I'd prefer not having to trust a team of people I've never met to fuck me SBF style. Again, that seems like the whole point of this defi thing..

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I prepared and had bags on both metis and eth. thanks for the money. I have been close to dumping all of it for days, but arbitrum/everything is pumping rn and this will go somewhat higher I think.
Ofc I am not married to my bags though, I am not retarded. Product is garbage imo but I don't really know, can't believe I have been holding this for ~4 month

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Proof of that money freezing stuff you said?

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>Looking again through the vela documentation, it appears like the team can freeze protocol funds at any time (yikes lol).

Ahh yes your quick breeze of the docs landed you there by happenstance..right...

KYS lying faggot fudding rat. Youare the faggot fudder that posts that screenshot of the freezing funds doc. You aren't fooling anyone you nigger rat.

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Says it at the bottom of this page: https://vela-exchange.gitbook.io/vela-knowledge-base/architecture-and-infrastructure/infrastructure-overview

No idea what you're babbling about, sounds like a few other people have picked up on it then. Do most people not even read the documentation of the project they're investing in lol? Sounds like I hit a nerve with this one..

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any of yall converting dxp for vela

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Yeah it worked. They also provided some Eth for gas on the arbitrum side

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what happens if we dont convert dxp? is there a decoupling that will happen with dxp and vela?

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everyone point and laugh at this retard

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what the fuck is even vela? i think you're mistaking it with the actual greatest token BIT that's giving you control over the largest community owned treasury, to be able to fund projects on BitDao's ecosystem

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VELA means CANDLE in spanish.

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Portal is staying for a very long time so no reason to convert yet unless you want to use all features

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>fudder creates thread
>coin violently pumps
>thread is now euphoric and still up nearly 24 hours later

You can't make this shit up

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Also #5 on Dextools

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Consolidation time this goes $3+ this weekend easily

>> No.53456347

don't care, I'm up 300% on this coin

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90% certain, would you say?

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It's at $2 now and announcements incoming

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based, boughted

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I sold it because they look like complete amatours and their product is destined to fall. They can't even make their product crash-free so they did pic rel.
I am flabbergasted that it's pumping so much but I guess microcaps bussin and sussin is norm

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Brown hands wrote this. If anything their team has been insanely impressive and organized. Massive growth and upside this makes me even more bullish low tier jeet fud . Thanks buying 10k

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This is not as big of a deal as you make it out to be because many platforms have the same disclaimer. Some word it differently but it's all the same.

Also, do you really think they will use this left and right to jew you over? Of course not as it'll instantly ruin their rep.

>> No.53456924

Yeah maybe not but they CAN just pull FTX move and fuck all the investors/stakers if their profit is threatened. This should be handled by the code itself.
Also show me another project with similar disclaimer.

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any price predictions? I have a small bag but im gettin insane fomo

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Your a moron get out of the thread we know you own a competitor coin and you are a seething tranny because vela is taking over and going up daily. Dan and Travis are well known in the industry and aren't remotely shady meanwhile gmx and gns are literally bucketshop scams if you only you knew who was running those noob.

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>please trust us, we won't scam you
>can actually scam you
Yeah no thanks. This is against the whole idea of crypto. I held this token and sold due to this and minting event.

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Your fud is so low tier. They didn't mint anything other than the new token everyone is swapping too. Your not even trying with this horrible fud anyone who bothered to research the coin knows your a faggot tranny who is trying to derail the thread . How hard will you dilate when it's $3 in a day or so?

>> No.53457189

You really are feeling threatened aren't you? Maybe it will pump but at some point they will have security issue and users funds will be "lost". Thanks for playing.

>> No.53457275

Why would they write this gay ass shit after the ftx disaster. It's like a McDonald's wage saying they spit in rude customers food while you are at their house eating the wagie's food. It's self sabotage.

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Small caps are an important part of your portfolio either way. Even average market caps like Allianceblock. Other than that diversifying is key, anon.

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is it gonna dump now?

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>is it gonna dump now?

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lmao, its funny cause thats me

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DXP is trading for 10 cents cheaper than VELA. Considering the bridge/portal is free right now, there is some real arbitrage possibility.

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Just did. Was quite smooth.

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Pumping again

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How high will this go?

>> No.53463619

$10 by March

>> No.53464667

Pumping still... wth

>> No.53464953

Lmao there was a guy bragging about selling at $1 yesterday. He missed out on a cool 150%

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>crashing on 5min chart


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bought at 10c sold at 1.70, this shit is probably a scam.. ~70% of the tokens are locked under the teams control. holders are going to get diluted by rewards and vela isnt providing any innovation its just another gmx fork. sorry these are just facts but that doesnt mean it cant go up more since scams seem to do pretty well if they are heavily marketed like vela is. dont marry this bag, goodluck

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> Calls it a scam despite being the only token among GMX and GNS that is doxxed and PROVEN industry connected team....
> Trusts his hard earned money in a literal SCAMMER dev behind GMX....
> Trusts his hard earned money on an anon named "seb" who fucked up GNS months ago, albeit fixed the issue but still can fuck it to hell at any moment with ZERO consequences or accountability.

kys GMX/GNS bagholding idiot. This thing will 10x and capture ALL of GMX and GNS's userbase. Your products are inferior and LITERAL SCAMCOINS BUILT BY SCAMMERS!

The guy behind GMX is a LITERAL HACKER WHO HACKED MANGO FINANCE. You trust that Faggot? LMAO.

I'm in the private beta. When I test the platform I will decide to go all-in for a guaranteed 100x by next bullrun. You retards can enjoy getting rugged in GMX or insider hacked in GNS

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never held gns or gmx, never used gmx or gns, never will because im not a retarded faggot, nice cope

>> No.53466052

Finally a intelligent post on these Nigerian basket weaving forums >>53466034
Brown hands typed this

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Oh you will regret so hard not buying this in a few month

> perpetual dex
>doxxed team
>fiat off/onramp

Dont hate us for being richer and richer. Stay poor, your sincerely Yehudi

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You need to look at VELA Token now, not DXP

>> No.53468238

Kek, that's more reason why you should prioritise personal research anon. Through that I hold a decent stash and also went in on alts like SENATE and RIDE for future gains

>> No.53469303

Will look at those, thanks anon

>> No.53469498

not sure if you're new here, but you might be talking to a jeet or a bot. The comments always follow that format. On topic comment, then a mention of some shitty scam project(s) in caps.

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$10 is fud.

>> No.53470776

When should I migrate to VELA?

>> No.53470841

Single stake starts in a week and shout out crypto royalty for getting me in this early that fucker doesn't miss

>> No.53470974

Might as well do it now. The portal is free to convert and there is more volume in VELA than in DXP. The only hassle is that you need to get some aETH to Arbitrum.

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What else is he on?

>> No.53473041

Just follow his Twitter he post stuff all the time that's how I came across this. Also $3 waiting room boys