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If only you knew what was coming the next few days for $DXP = $VELA .. It'S gonna be a glorious next 3 days. Check price now and check it on Monday $GMX move over the new KING is arriving.

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Naw I'm not gonna miss it lol I already been buying a ton and fudding the fuck out of this until my bag is fully filled. What's the big news?

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watch on Saturday .. free money this is gonna go apeshit

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Ah yes, a "DEX" where the team can freeze my funds at any time. fucking kek

made 30 grand flipping this shitcoin past couple months though, ty

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GNS/GMX have the same exact thing. They just don't post it. In fact GNS doesn't even post their tokenomics and isn't doxxed and services regions that are banned they are as sketchy as it gets. You will rope when VELA goes to $10 within 6 months.

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Also would like to point out that GMX has no capped supply and can mint tokens whenever also not doxxed and also services banned regions. Only DYDX and VELA are following the rules. I will trust based DAN to take us to the top you keep trusting anons who will shut down when under scrutiny and regulators come calling. GNS lied about their token supply on CMC/CG as well lol.. Let's also mention DXP has done 5x the performance of GNS since summer and 10x GMX.. and blown out the rest of the field. Superior UI superior team superior everything.

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ha so you're one of those retards who doesn't understand how gns supply works i take it? you genuinely believe 100m gns is the fdv i bet, ay? lol

if you can show me where in the gns/gmx contracts it allows the teams to instantly freeze onchain funds, i'll send you 20k usdc. you won't, cuz it doesn't exist

You're obviously all in on vela and think this is your only chance to make it, i wish you luck sir

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He's right though

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he's not though

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Imagine fading VELA. performance since July of the top 3 perp platforms. the other competition 8+ platforms aren't even in close for comparison so I didn't bother to track them

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In July vela hadn't even announced they were pivoting to perps and were a sub 1mil marketcap shitcoin. An interesting comparison only starts once they've launched the product

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Unironically the next x100

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Jesus in a bear market too fuck

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beast mode engaged

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> pretends to hold at least 250k dxp

Lying ass nigger. You do realize anyone can check on etherscan the top 50 holders right? You do realize no one even holds more than 75k individually? Now this is the part where you claim to spread it out among 10 different wallets or that you sold on the last pump 80% of your bag. Fucking lying rat faggot.

You prolly only hold 2500 tokens but are too embarrassed to look this desperate of a shill for that small chump change. Smelly 3rd world rat you are.

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Nice try poor fag. I put 100k into the IDO and been buying for months on top.. Also your a low iq mongoloid etherscan won't show staked/lp holdings in SSS EAT A FAT DICK POOR FAG I will buy your family and fuck your moms asshole with 10 vela soon enough

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Lmao, fudder exposed while we're pumping. This is the best timeline.

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I love when little peasants try to talk shit and then I have to take a big steamy dump on them. He was so excited to type up how nobody has XYZ coin retard doesn't understand SSS lol.. I really am gonna buy his family and fuck his mom's little asshole nice and good.

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kys lying rat faggot. Anyone can inspect element you smelly third world rat. Your faggot numbers STILL don't add up you lying rat faggot. Ohh so your staking all 250k DXP right.....even though they don't have staking platform yet you faggot liar. All you could possibly do is provide LP so we are to believe you have 200k+ DXP in lap? LMAO KEK check the LP pools you lying rat pajeet nigger faggot.

Staking? LOL Staking what? DXP? Wtf DXP is a useless token at the moment there is no staking.

- All single sided staking rewards on Ethereum were paused on Jan 1, 2023.
- All single sided staking rewards on Metis were paused in Aug 2022.


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Cope & seethe: the post.

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Smelly dirty rat. Shoo Shoo

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Admit it. You held DXP but sold weeks ago and missed out on +80%. Now you're just spreading F-tier fud because you feel bad to see number go up further.

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> Fxg id

KEK another smelly pajeet LITERAL FAGGOT WITH FAG ID defends the liar pretending to hold 250k DXP despite no one holding that much, staking that much or providing that much LP anywhere.....

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I feel bad for him.. He can't fud the price cause it keeps going up so his next best tactic is to try and say I went to the trouble of edit a netswap screenshot of my deposit. I am coming for your mom's asshole whether you like it or not. You also didn't even know that eth scan doesn't pick up sss or lp LOL and there is's 6 figures in both pools still on the site just because the staking ended that just means the rewards aren't paying retard their is a unbond time . once again your mom's asshole isn't safe.

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This. My god that little nigga is upset

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Stupid Indian

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OG fudder here

i sold dxp weeks ago at 1.20 and bought Velodrome at 3 cents

while you niggers sputter around 1 dollar i have doubled my money and got more that $300 in airdrops so far

thanks faggots no regrets lolololololoololol


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> I sold a coin and bought another coin!!!

That's how dumb you sound. Is this even meant to be fud or is it your TED talk?

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seethe some more faggot

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What are seething about? DXP is up like 1400% since july and has outperformed nearly anything in all of crypto in a bear market.. It's also top gainers today page on coingecko and trending on dextools both metis/eth pairings. the supply gets cut in half soon and we will be going at min 10x from here in 3 months or so.. meanwhile your bragging about buying some random shitcoin and making a gain congrats dude!

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it's done fuck all last 2 weeks and today is the sell the news event



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Poorfag here, should I buy DXP or not ?

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Yes, but wait until it dumps and don't be an idiot. First resistance point is around 95c and second is around 80c. So buy around 1.10 to a dollar and if it dips buy more. Then hold.

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Thank you <3

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buy before Saturday or you will be upset you waited.. most don't know the one's who do are buying hence the pump.. huge announcement.

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I want to dca to bag some if I get the chance
DXP and RIDE are the two gems I'm looking to slurp

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Quick redpill on RIDE?

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Hum, please sell so I can buy.

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metaverse based audi backed mobility entertainment project
they basically have vr gaming headset for in-car use.
a little dyor will fill you in better

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you ain't buying shit, you'll cry if sells

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not DEX enough lol

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Why would I want virtual reality game in a car?
Nauseous fever gonna x2 for sure

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I am. Selling my 10M LUNC.

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from one shitcoin to another

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VELA is good but I have eyes on low caps like ORE.

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I feel like shitcoins are my only way to make it someday, as I don't have enough money to invest in serious coins.