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How do Europeans and brits work their whole life for 35k a year? In the hopes to maybe one day make 40k?

How the fuck is this a good salary? How do they not revolt? Do they not have rich people to show what they're all missing?

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The irony of an american parasite talking about revolution and labor rights. My dude you are among some of the moat enthusiastic bootlickers and cock suckers. America is the home of slavery all americans worship slavery and bootstrapping. A bunch of scabs, class traitors, soldiers, bootlickers and proud slaves. May you rot in hell 4chan parasite

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but like... how are you so poor? What did your grandparents do, farm olives?? How is everyone over there so fucked to the point of no hope ?

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>Median weekly earnings of the nation's 118.8 million full-time wage and salary workers were
$1,085 in the fourth quarter of 2022 (not seasonally adjusted), the U.S. Bureau of Labor
Statistics reported today.
>Average income in western europe is $50k
So mutts and europeans make the same on average now keep seething.

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America bigger, poor people are spread out and put in their own confinement states , bring numbers like that down and skew the actual view of wealth in the U.S.

I guess maybe its the same for Europe?

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>Mutt doesn't know how statistics work
Every single time, why are mutts always so low iq on the internet?

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35k is considered a good salary retard

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not in US

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White guilt. Intelligence agencies, the police state, the (((media))), and just plain old kike jews keep the population in a perpetual state of fear and guilt.

This anon is clearly hate-fueled, but there is a grain of truth here. We built our own prison enthusiastically.

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But in germany AFTER TAX thats really good lol
But tax is like 40% not even considering 19% VAR and various other taxes

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Because the cost of living is way lower and a fuckload of free social/health benefits just for being alive lmao.
I got braces entirely for free. I go to my dentist to check and clean my teeth every 3-4 months for free. I broke my arm downhill mountainbiking and I got it fixed for free. Basically can go live life without any fear of risking/failure since a whatever injury won't take a penny out of my pocket.

Uni is also almost entirely free as opposed to the huge student loans in the US. Public transport during high school and uni as well free, and subsidized laughably cheap quality cooked meals every single day. Went to uni and not only was in zero debt but I also part time worked so I was actually in nothing but profit after uni. Absolutely nothing to pay off, bought me a car and continued on working after uni I repeat with ZERO debt of any kind ever. And I don't even use my car that much except for weekend trips since almost everything I need is a mere walk away from me, while in the US you're effectively dead without a car.
Basically close to no things to worry about in day to day basis since I was a kid and my parents are lower middle class working people.

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so youre saying everything is "free" so its ok to be poor and have nothing?

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>Europeans and brits
Brits are european retard

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Name of the country?

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How am I poor? How do I have nothing? Again I have zero debt, my own car, an apartment, full fridge of actual non processed non high fructose corn syrup food everyday, the only thing I need is a wife and kids at this point really. Would move to a house obviously when I get a family.

And once I have a son he will be able to go out playing with the boys not in fear that he will bankrupt the entire family if he breaks an arm or having to wait for dad to drive him since he can't go anywhere without a car. Basically a free man. Life is good.

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Austria. Most of what I said goes for the majority of EU countries, the university/debt/car part especially.

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seethe harder europoor

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Social programs, which, on one hand allow everyone to exist comfortably, even if they have nothing, on the other hand prevent any social mobility, by destroying any disposable income successful people may have, resulting in most big business being owned by some old families, as opposed to the us where the richest people change every decade or two, and all became rich within their own lifetime.

Additionally, they keep people busy. free un-intensive, stretched out college, so that young people spend their active years not doing anything active or rebelling, and certainly not complaining about social programs.

Together, those factors combine to a society where people have an incentive structure built to get them to do nothing. It doesn't happen overnight, but gradually, Europe is actively in decline by every social or economic metric, and social programs make sure people don't really notice.

The average italian lost 90k in net worth over the last few decades, but if the bus, healthcare etc is free, and the aggressive youth is high in free college pods, no one will realise or complain. Much like frogs don't realise they're getting boiled if the heat is turned up slowly

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Shit is only "free" in europe because everything is forcibly taxed to the max. Only breeds mediocrity and working poor, yuropoors are not a meme. Public health care is an absolute joke too you're forced to pay for it but if you want actual good health care (because public is garbage and overloaded on people going to the doctor for basic shit) you'll have to go and pay a second time out of pocket. People not getting put into debt over medical bills is literally the only thing europe has over america in that regard.

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>People not getting put into debt over medical bills is literally the only thing europe has over america in that regard.

And that's why our statist media will trumpet this point to the end of time while ignoring everything else that's shittier

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Don't forget that they have to pay for their "free" healthcare every month no matter what even if they have no money. There was a germoid here yesterday crying about his medical debt, he's been unemployed for a year but the government still bills you for insurance you can't pay for

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100 % a lie you low iq mutt, they pay your healthcare in germany if you are unemployment.

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So why was he lying? And thanks for admitting it's not free and you have to pay for it aka same shit as America lmao. I get health insurance through work for my whole family that costs 2 hours wages a week.

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none of that is "free" in spain, not even dental care

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a week. thats like 4.5k a month. a europeon or angloid would rape their grandmothers for a chance at those riches

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as a neet i get 12k per year freeeeeeeeeee
somehow all the wagies i know have less savings than me
i actually have to limit my savings so i don't get my neetbux revoked while they are struggling to afford their dinosaur drinkers lmao

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The health coverage thing is overblown here. If you're poor you're on Medicaid/ACA. If you're old it's Medicare. Anyone working any normal job has cheap health insurance. There are few falling through the cracks there and of those even fewer who actually hit a debilitating medical bill. And then those people tend to just say they won't pay... lol.

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>The irony of an american parasite talking about revolution and labor rights
Make sense why are they not poor as Euros now

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The strangest thing to me is the inability for statists/collectivists/state authoritarians to realize the irony when they call any other person a "parasite" or "sheep" or whatever else...

My man you are delusional. You are fed, clothed, ordered from a state hand. You are the peak of parasitic behavior.

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Really? You don't get free braces till you're 18?

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This is $52k pre tax, same as the average in western europe you fucking mutt get your facts straight before you post your low iq "opinion".

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you guys live on credit lol, the only reason why this meme exists is because doctors, IT, etc. can make a lot more, your median salary is like 35k so that's 50% of people earning that or less with less social benefits every EU country has. Your system breeds working poor way more than ours

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Europe is better If you are poor, you are not fucked that bad because education and healthcare is cheaper. But If you want to make a lot of money and get rich then US is better for that.

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It's two sides of the same coin trying to keep everyone ignorant.

Germany's health care laws are pretty weird (some might say by design), it's absolutely possible to get fucked by them, but it mostly happens to people starting out with self employment because by law you are forced to pay a percentage of your income for it, so that can put you in bad situations if ur income fluctuated or they deem you didn't report things correctly. Government paying for health care usually only happens in most of europe if you sign up and get approved for gibs (which means doing whatever they tell you in regards to jobs). Places like japan are the ones with no strings attached public health care.

>he thinks I'm american

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>be mutt
>works 80 hours per week
>earns 80k per year

>be european
>works 40 hours per week
>earns 40K


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It's 40% if you work at McDonald's.
Any income that's not shit tier places you in the highest tax bracket.

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Nobody works 80 hours per week

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your mom does

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yes yes mutto

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this poor is rather salty OP

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>but like... how are you so poor? What did your grandparents do, farm olives?? How is everyone over there so fucked to the point of no hope ?

I don't get it either OP. What are people from Europe even planning on doing if they "make it"? Finally get their goat proper healthcare? Sit neck deep in a bog? Dig a pit and fill it with moss? Melt down used whippet cannisters and turn them into plows so they can rebuild their society? (after they're done finding all those old world war mine fields of course). Most can't even read this post I bet, probably couldn't afford their internet license. Its probably just one guy who bought it and hes checking and running back and forth from the fields to tell his friends in whatever made up language they use what we're talking about and they're getting all mad because americans have better pasta.

>Noo da' zoomer americnaos not usa'a da pasta correctly oh' imma 'so angry
>OUUGHHh goobo gabbu! Meebu, Swobu! wort wort wort! When I make it I'll start a pasta-farma and farm 'da pasta like my mimi always a wanted ta' so we'ed be'a poor'a forev'a,

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I don't get why americans still believe the public health care is bad meme. All the studies show that in western/northern europe healthcare is as good or better than in USA.

But yeah OP basically we agree to wage with high taxes until retirement (either old age or because of sickness) and in exchange the government takes care of us our whole lives. Exchanging work for total safety. But we do have more holidays.

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>Exchanging work for "total safety"

Sounds like slavery with better dressings

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Welcome to real life kiddo. In order to get something you have to sacrifice something.

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>he thinks the richest families change in the U.S.

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I would rather handle those choices myself, not outsource my decision making to a large, corrupt state bureaucracy

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> free social/health benefits just for being alive lmao

Its not free anon. Its why the median salary in the UK is 40k rather than the 54k in the US.

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Actual true BASIC public health care isn't a bad thing to have at all, an advanced society should strive for it, but imo it should mostly be for actually critical health situations really, else it like all things gets misused by people going to the doc (who is btw now actively incentivized by the governemnt who pays no questions asked to schedule a fuckton of appointments with his patients too, instead of getting things done fast and well) many times over nothing because well "it's free" and "I might have something better make sure".

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Corruption is actually pretty low in western/northern europe. Your dream capitalist system can also get corrupt. And as i said, in real world for majority of people it's better if the public sector makes those decicions. That's why the countries with highest living standards in the world that are not some bullshit city states are in europe. Sorry your fantasy doesn't work in reality.

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I'm actually just graduating as a doctor and critical health situations rarely happen suddenly. They are results of many smaller changes in health. Yeah there will always be lazy scumbags who abuse the system, it's not perfect, but it's still better than private health care that has it's own loopholes.

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Sounds like a good trade off not having to go in six figure debt just to put your kid in a decent university.

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Corruption is never low. Corruption is built into any large organization. The state in particular enjoys lots of money, from lots of people, with little oversight, little accountability and falsifiability. They have no competitors to keep them honest, like a free market economy. This makes them uniquely dangerous.

You aren't aware of all of the corruption going on there anon. Not only do they take their cut from your contribution, they make sure their "business associates" get contracts for made up work, they stifle others, they spend ever last dollar and insist on more even when they could have gone under budget. There's a reason why "budget cuts" never happen in government, only eternal, excessive, corrupt growth at cost of your own personal life growth.

The state performs best a lightweight referee of the society and economy, not its micromanager. At that point it just becomes the nation's largest gang. You aren't going to be made aware of it because the entities asked to "make you aware of it" are in the exact same bed sooooo... tough shit.

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>t. seething europoor

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>Corruption is actually pretty low in western/northern europe.

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American health care is owned by Big Pharma, trial lawyers and the AMA. It's a terrible example of a free market health care system.

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Yeah this is what the corporate overlords tell people in burgerland but if it was actually true then european states would have become horrible places to live in a long time ago already. When in reality they have the highest living standards in the world. So clearly the state can clear itself of some of the corruption despite not having competitors other than other countries. The free market cleans itself theory is bullshit, monopolies that stiffle competition happen all the time in free markets.

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Ah i see, not a real free market.

>> No.53431551


This is so rich dude. Your state + state affiliated/sponsored media put out a Corruption Power Rankings and told you they're #1?

Monopolies happen when the state and a megacompany intersect. They use regulatory walls to stifle competition, you can't do anything otherwise. Get your shit straight. Our largest corporations here are state buddies and even put out ads asking for more regulation, no joke. Facebook ran a long ad campaign asking for more internet regulation a year or so ago.

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>When in reality they have the highest living standards in the world
lmao delusional europoor

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The thing is, just like with health care, public university is a meme compared to private.

He was making a point about nepotism and big government ruling europe without people even realizing it, which is very accurate really.

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>It's the companies and corporations that are all smaller and have to compete with each other that are the corrupt and overpowered ones
>not this singular megaentity that controls and directs all of them and controls and directs me and has no competitors and takes in 20x the revenue as the richest company in the country and doesn't have to ask me for my business they can take what they want and shoot/jail me if I don't comply

Curious strain of thought from our European friends here

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>The government has no corruption. I know because the government told me so.
And this fucking retard claims to be a doctor.

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How do you find the empirical evidence provided by living quality studies "rich"? Utopias aren't real and a truly free market is just another utopia.

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You're the retard yourself, i never said that it has no corruption. Just relatively little.

>> No.53431643


I have never, ever uttered the words "truly free market." You have now invented a strawman in order to continue an argument with me. I said the ideal state was very limited and more of a lightweight referee, not a national micromanager of everything. Something more in line with how the original US government operated.

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In Venezuela everyone makes over 100k a year.

>> No.53431734

In my opinion in modern world the wellfare model of northern europe is the best as proven by the living quality. Thanks to all the modern technology around us we simply don't need the risk that small government creates for it's citizens. We have the tech to maintain a bigger, safer government which creates less true pain for it's citizens. Not "blah i have to go to work again today pain" but "i lost fucking everything and nobody will help me" pain.

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>35k is considered a good salary

maybe if you live in the scottish highlands or a northeastern dump like grimsby or sunderland or something. 35k is chicken feedd if you live in london.

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Goymedia sedates them.

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Poor people get free money and free health in the USA, retard.

>> No.53431774


The "welfare model" is literally just chattel slavery. It produces nothing. It's a regressive feedback loop. You encourage progressively more and more people to jump on the fund and less and less workers and work. In a democracy, it's especially poisonous, as you can quite literally BUY VOTES with other people's money. This is what has been transpiring for decades, and this is why unemployment/welfare rates climb by the year.

The original intention was a "safety net", not a plantation of 50% of the population doing nothing, living mediocre meaningless non productive lives under the umbrella of a rich, corrupt megabureaucracy that flays and robs the rest.

The US has plenty of this, but Europe has it worse. The past 30 years have been a truly lost era for economic growth in Europe. Your nations continue to stagnate, lag, and get surpassed even by some Asian stars. You continue to squeeze the same corporate dinosaurs for more and more while failing to innovate and build the new business giants, like we have in tech. It's going to get a lot more tangibly backwards as time goes on.

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The new brown and black Europeans will revitalize stagnant old Europe.

>> No.53431799

why do you need more money?

>> No.53431815

>if it weren't for regulations there would be no monopolies
I wonder who's behind this post

>> No.53431821

Angry brit spotted. Many such cases innit m8

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Two more weeks am i right? Sure, you believe the theories the corporate overlords have been telling burgers since the 80s while i continue to enjoy the ever rising living quality. Btw, there hasn't been some mass exodus of working people compared to america since the 80's like your prophets keep telling you that will happen.

>> No.53431857


Friendly reminder that kikes are extremely overrepresented among the ranks of socialists and communists. This is the endgame, where there is no competition, no options, and they have absolute power, control, and wealth.

When has the issue ever been "too small a government?" Never. All of the worst atrocities, societies, are become some major state actor is fucking it up.


This makes it even more horrible a reality lmfao

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>Two more weeks


>Sure, you believe the theories the corporate overlords have been telling burgers since the 80s while i continue to enjoy the ever rising living quality

I make $130k per year to work from home in my jammies and retire early by age 50. You keep believing in that rising living quality lmfao.

>> No.53431915

Wow you beat the system, congrats. 99% of people don't and USA is still a shithole compared to northern europe.

>> No.53431937

>When has the issue ever been "too small a government?" Never.
Kek you are so dense. That's exactly the issue in american health care and education.

>> No.53431974


It's not rare at all for people to work from home or make more than $80k/year here. In fact if most people weren't so consoomeristic this would be reality.

And it could be for you too if you could manage to break the conditioning! But it won't happen. As I said, the unholy marriage of welfare states + democracy is extremely toxic for a nation's prospects. You have a feedback loop of progressively more people voting for other people's money. The most loyal group of voters in any country: welfare queens. Of course they'll always vote for the free bags of cash. An absurd perversion of democratic purity.

>> No.53431976

>deflects his own ignorance to avoid explaining said statistics
Europoors are hopeless

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>health care and education

You mean the most far and away state regulated and subsidized industries in this country? Shut the fuck up you absolutely clueless window licking monkey.

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I love how obsessed mutts are.
Superiority truly breeda jealousy.

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Why is biz filled with libs, all of a sudden?
>>Mutt doesn't know how statistics work
>Every single time, why are mutts always so low iq on the internet?
Eat shit faggot, you are in fact the retard: >>53430124 is comparing median to average which is retarded(us average is $70k)

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let me guess. you also think trickle-down economics works?

>> No.53432045

muh western europe average.

western europe average is like $2k euros a month pre tax

>> No.53432047

>the most far and away state regulated and subsidized industries in this country
That's the military industry. You are being dense again.

I'd rather live in a country where i can go anywhere and it's nice rather than living nicely in a gated community.

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Brexit means brexit mate

>> No.53432298

>I'd rather live in a country where i can go anywhere and it's nice rather than living nicely in a gated community.
If you're on 4chan you know why America has these issues, and it has nothing to do with a socialist vs capitalist system.

>> No.53432386

I make 9k a year and still get taxed 11%
You're welcome

>> No.53432423

Ok europoor here let me give my 2 cents.

America is better for high performers and people who like independence. However its politically much more divided than here in Europoorland. Im quite bearish on Europe thats why im actually leaving. Fuck high taxes and im still young. Europe is only good if you already made it or you are a low performer. However im still grateful to be born here and not some corrupt dystopia like India/China, Eastern Europe or South America. I mean it always depends, there is no perfect country.

Thanks for reading my blog post.

>> No.53432485

There are not hopes of freedom and self-reliance in Europe so we don’t care that much about how much we earn, as long as we can live and pay for a vacation once in a while. Meanwhile in the US there are real opportunities to make it, to become financially free, and there are a lot more things that you can do (with money) to have fun; so of course an American would be miserable if they earned a shit salary.
In Europe you need all kinds of permits, licenses, etc... constantly surveiled by cops and treated like a child.

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i dont know op, here we make more but most will go to medical bills and housing.

>> No.53432504

America vs. Europe? In most American states, you can shoot guns off your back porch. In Europe, most people don't even have a back porch.

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you only make a few thousand more
it's a small price to pay for not getting shot or having fresh 0% corn syrup produce available

>> No.53432527

I do agree that for strictly earning money USA can be better, but you should honestly live elsewhere than in western/northern europe and see if you can stomach the drop of living quality and safety around you after being used to europe all your life.

>> No.53432561

Your political leaders are working tirelessly to remedy this.

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>> No.53432730

I would dream 35K a year.
I earn 15K a year after taxes and that average here.

>> No.53432747


median wage in western europe is probably around 35k

>> No.53432779

It's a flat % of your salary before tax anon, nothing more and if you provide that you get access to socialized health care.
It can be anywhere around 10-15% in Europe.
In UK poor people I think only pay 2.4% for their public health system.

You in US pay out of pocket but it can be a better deal for petty things, say you're a high income person, after tax you can expend 100k, you get appendicitis you pay once 20-25k so 2-2.5%, you could get cancer and get in debt instead or less serious treatments that require purchase of medication and spend 40% of your income for years... consider that even insulin is like 100x more expensive in US.

>> No.53432785

Bitch I'm Swedish and I make more than that. It's nothing exceptional

>> No.53432826


You see unlike you yanks, us europeans don't constantly feel the need to larp as a 150K+/yr WFH gigachad. We know you're probably earning 50K/yr and full of shit.

>> No.53432991

Elon musk, Mark Zuccerberg, Bill Gates, Steve jobs all became rich in their lifetime. In Europe virtually all are from old rich families

The rich families like the Walton's change slower, and that's a problem, but at least there's some real social mobility from upper middle class to richest man on earth within your lifetime, which simply is not a thing in Europe these days

>> No.53433045

Wow, so the only way to be a trickle down economics believing mutt is to unironically be stupid enough to believe blatant lies?

>> No.53433385

Sounds like a slave dependent on mommy government. Enjoy your "safety" peasant. I'll enjoy my freedom with risk.

>> No.53433595

I'm an Eastern European lawyer and I barely make 20k USD/year, I'm still very young and don't even have a full title yet

it's quite puzzling to me how americans earn so much (or atleast scream so much here about this)
I guess a part of this "lost money" for me was in education, which I got completely free and subsidized (free law school + programs which basically pay your whole stay in another EU country for +1year)

I wish I could compare this life to one living in america, it definitely would be even more demanding

From my perspective the free public healthcare is a complete bullshit. It's basically a ponzi scheme, a hole with no end to which every person has to pay in my country (pooland). The quality of it is low and you have to wait literally 5 years to get a visit at your doctor. The same goes with social security - a hole with no end, when you retire you are basically left alone anyway because the pension is a dogshit amount.

I've actually thought about moving to the US but my knowledge is in continental and EU law, are there any fellow lawyers who maybe gave it a try? Been doing Delaware corporations recently. I wish someone else shared a story.

>> No.53434038

>he believes the Forbes list

>> No.53434159


Most European countries still have kings. They're born to serve. Ambitious people don't stick around in the same place for 1000+ years.

>> No.53434176

>my dude
You talk like a faggot.

>> No.53434185

>Most European countries still have kings

>> No.53434189

in my country in central europe the low-low middle class is 12-15k a year.

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I don't think I've seen such an audible seethe in text form before.

>> No.53434270


It's true. They'll swear up and down that the monarchy has no power, but every act of Parliament must be given royal assent to be valid. All legal power is derived from the crown, it's in their Constitutions.

It's the only life they know, and they'd be uncomfortable with it gone.

>> No.53434305

He's a retard but there are still many Europen monarchies, especially among the microstates.
>The current monarchies in Europe are Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and Vatican City.

>> No.53434475


>He's completely correct, but still retarded.

Care to explain your logic? Hell, if anything the list only bolsters the argument in favor of having a monarch. That list contains almost all the "good" countries. (Where you can actually make 35k like the OP was asking about). The ones that don't have kings are on average far worse off.

Even if the crown doesn't exercise its power, it doesn't mean it can't, and it doesn't mean those citizens aren't actually subjects.

They like being subjected. They work, earn what they're allowed and are content with it. Anyone who doesn't feel this way leaves.

>> No.53434536

Pro tip for unemployed brits:
Look at HO level civil service jobs. Literal retards and mongs could do these roles (avoid managerial positions).
35k starting salary. Can quiet quit from day 1.

>> No.53434578

Stats on income are always before tax, unless I'm missing your point?
And this really is the main reason. Middle class euros making 35-40k aren't living like an American on that salary. Euros living in cities often don't even have to own cars, so that already cuts off an average of $500 a month on transport costs. They don't have to pay insurance premiums, and they can often go to free or highly subsidized colleges for a full bachelor's degree. Their expenses are more predictable, so they don't have to incur sudden huge debts that can spiral. Americans have random issues with their health or their car, and suddenly they're down hundreds or potentially over a thousand dollars. For Euros a lot of that instability is just not there. Even on housing side, a lot of Euro cities have statutes managing how your rent can be increased so you don't spontaneously have your cost of living shoot up. Europe still has its issues, look at the protests over gas and heating costs, but they're often wondering why Americans tolerate how expensive it can be to live here. And ultimately it makes American competitiveness suffer. A country like Germany can still manage a lot of manufacturing industry even with its unions and state programs because the state programs actually make the cost of living cheaper. Middle class Americans demand relatively large salaries because they feel like they need them to handle all the random expenses. So America's economy has this big rent seeking aspect, a bunch of industries that make their scratch by preying on the precarity of the middle class. It's expensive and unnecessary, other countries just clamp down on it to stay competitive. America has managed to eek by because of its post-war dominance, but that has been increasingly challenged and now America is facing economic competition again, so it's large Middle class income is stagnating while all those parasitic industries are eating it alive.

>> No.53434967

The worst of the worst lawyers in the US make 65k, immediately change your priorities, get into the USA at all cost make it in under 10yrs

>> No.53435157

We all have tall poppy syndrome and low self esteem. We think American = bad . Europoors are overprotected children who are not allowed to go outside and play the real game.

>> No.53435202

Because we don't risk bankruptcy everytime we catch a cold.

>> No.53435264

Swiss reporting in

Our salaries are higher than yours. Our life expectancy is a decade higher. People are not obese. There is societal trust. Americans receive high salaries then get taxed in even more brazen and disgusting ways than any European ever could but it's under the guise of "business" to pay $5000/year for health insurance so you love it because it raises the GDP. The average net worth in Spain and France is higher in the US despite the salaries being $20k/year. It's an illusion.

>> No.53435320
File: 25 KB, 473x500, b81.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And yet your only invention was the cuckoo clock

>> No.53435349

Imagine having holidays during your first year working at a company. Or having a paid leave before and after having a child.

>> No.53435692


Lmao dumb corpo boot licker mutts.

>> No.53435704

>We all have tall poppy syndrome and low self esteem.
Canada says hello

>> No.53435750

Swiss salaries are literally twice as high as the European average, with taxes being twice as low.
Switzerland has the same economic model as the USA (non centralised, consumer based economy with low taxes and competition between the different cantons/states), and it has way fewer niggers so it performs unsurprisingly well.
Switzerland is an outlier in Europe, not the norm

>> No.53435816

im making double that in a third world asian country. reconsider. your. life. choices

>> No.53435852

Your population is more aged and less fertile because you have less children and value family less than us. Your country is full of immoral dying degenerates. Those average networth figures are due to inflated real estate prices and have nothing to do with the average Europoors actual purchasing power.

>> No.53435914

It is like that in USA and Canada too, trust fund.

>> No.53435929

>What did your grandparents do, farm olives??
Mine got divorced and sold the house, wouldnt matter as my family was huge and all of them wanted the money.
I think I will do what I do best to make money.

>> No.53435950

Fat American so ass mad at the UK.
Typical mutt.

>> No.53435972

>Sounds like slavery with better dressings
Unless you own the banks you're still a slave, a better paid slave but a slave none the less.

>> No.53435991

>Actual true BASIC public health care isn't a bad thing to have at all, an advanced society should strive for it, but imo it should mostly be for actually critical health situations really, else it like all things gets misused by people
What about dental and vision?

>> No.53436014
File: 234 KB, 574x1048, 0b22d1c61e3c5510385f535c4791f232-imagepng.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bomb the middle east since 1979.
>Cries when those people bomb your town out.
The irony.
Yiff in hell you fucking euro homosexuals, I hope they make a move on Canada and the US next.

>> No.53436218

>44 countries in Europe
>12 monarchies in Europe
I hope you guys are baiting or something

>> No.53436236

bc they poisoned by the food supply which encourages sluggishness and intellectual impotence. maybe they should try eating organic whole foods and filtered water.

>> No.53436274
File: 952 KB, 1534x828, 1555358685651.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

WW2 devastated my and many others families wealth. It's a literal reset of your heritage to have your house bombed to shit and/or looted and then looted again as they even destroy your furniture for firewood. All my grandparents were obviously traumatized by the war in one way or another and never rebuilt what their parents once had thus there is no real inheritance either since they donated a lot of their money to charity since they experienced real suffering and hunger and one even had to eat maggots to stay alive during the hunger winter.
Beside that, cost of living is a lot lower in European countries but it differs per country so don't treat Europe as if it's all the same, that's like pretending Rural Alabama has the same salaries and COL as San Francisco.. Many people are also placated by the good social services countries offer and seem content with what bread and circus is offered as well as material trinkets they can afford. Americans don't have it as good as they think they have it except for the lucky few that earn 6 figures and over in areas where the COL isn't too high but they are still fucked by shit social services and infrastructure and roaming packs of junkies and niggers which we don't have in most of Europe.
How much do you pay for your cellphone plan? I pay €10 per month for unlimited calls, texts and several gig's of data that I never burn through. You most likely pay 5 times that for less and shit coverage. I recently had a neuro-surgery which also meant I needed an MRI, several photos and visits to all kinds of specialists and had several treatments and medicine. I paid €385 besides my normal €135 monthly health insurance. I currently live in a rent controlled house (bought a homestead though so I'm moving) and I pay approx €700 a month for it. My car insurance is about €100 a month. My groceries are about €100 per week for two people. I made €3600 net this month.

Thanks for reading my effort post/blog.

>> No.53436290

Why do europoors always deflect and go "muh americans"? You sound like spics whenever somebody asks why they're violent and poor shitholes

>> No.53436912

By not having 100k hospital bills

>> No.53437110

For me it's the opposite as a yuropoor, I never knew USposter weren't joking about seeing 40k to 50k as below average until I saw normalfags on youtube dissing those numbers.
30k is pretty good where I'm from, I've got plenty of contacts who earn sub 20k and live normal lives, up until the coof/war it didn't take too much money to pay the bills.

>> No.53437135

I thought Europeans were the moat enthusiasts lmao

>> No.53437171

35k£ in the UK isnt the same as $35k you fucking retard, mutts really cant comprehend differences in cost of living

>> No.53437390

Free healthcare helps a lot, I don't agree with it personally because it's just another way for the Jew to steal directly from the nation but it's something you don't really need to worry about financially. We also get paid sick leave by law and 27-32 days fully paid holiday and most people work within a shorter distance of their workplace so can use public transport rather than driving.

>> No.53437723


I would hope that families who have been in the same place for centuries would have built up more wealth than a nation comprised mostly of people who arrived here in the last 150 years.

>> No.53438056

>talking about revolution and labor rights
No one here is a leftist commie fag. We are small business and capital owners

>> No.53438384

>by 2050
they already look like this though

>> No.53438449

>How do they not revolt?
and we do it? we are not doing well either, the global economy is getting screwed and I don't see anyone doing anything
the most I see is someone complaining because memecoins like vinu are still around and growing more than they should

>> No.53438477


I hope this is after taxes

>> No.53438564
File: 52 KB, 680x596, 1672605046377560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I barely fucking get £20k despite working full time. Minimum wage is absolute hell, the only saving grace is still living at home so I am a ferocious saver despite this. The joke is that I get £10/hr in retail to babysit fucking retards getting 5x that amount

>> No.53438566

bombing them isnt the problem, letting them in is.
fuck sweden.

>> No.53438587
File: 711 KB, 1203x3392, 1674602577442056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Today I will remind them

>> No.53438718

There are strings attached here though.
The premium goes up as your income increases up to a certain point.

>> No.53438740

>How do Europeans and brits

>> No.53438774

>The average American will look like a toddler by 2050
I don't know, man

>> No.53438787

you mean the depressed suicidal alt right neo nazis that post here all day? i have never seen a nice and rich person. non rich people are way easier to like than the rich freaks

>> No.53438812

I make six figure in a bedroom within a fancy gated community with private restaurants and pools I can visit during the work day.

>> No.53438908

>I make 6 figure(s) in a bedroom
how many cocks you suck buddy boy

>> No.53438930
File: 47 KB, 640x482, 1021E992-44DA-4685-A649-EA4F0BDB1802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.53438994

Interesting analysis, but I am still surprised by the euro attitude that “America is surely in decline now”. I really can’t come up with any realistic scenario in which the EU economy overtakes the US. The only major economic advantage is a better educated population, but has this really produced anything worth mentioning? Innovation is already so stifled by the low-risk social democracy and regulations. Euro Manufacturing is losing it’s competitive advantage rapidly as QA is no longer strongly driven by education and skilled labor, but rather automation, infrastructure, supply chains, and energy costs. Speaking of energy, you lost a large, cheap source of that recently and it is going to hurt your manufacturing and cost of living. Your demographics are terrible even with immigrants, and exploiting this to save you from more economic pain will just Americanize you. The EU is extremely weak as a political body so when people talk of the 500 million pop supereconomy I can’t help but laugh. I know us Americans embody a sick culture, but don’t delude yourself that “muh culture” makes Europe superior, your industry will probably just be tourism in the future for Americans and Chinese to visit cool historical sites.

>> No.53439193

you have the whole latin america as example for what happens when capitalists get to roam free. i would rather be "poor" than deal with that

>> No.53439207

It's not any different than in america, a lot of the opinions from europeans u'll read are strongly influenced by whatever european msm feeds it's citizen and there's just a certain innate but unfounded arrogance? that's deeply ingrained in europe. The anti-american narrative has been dialed back now though since you have a dem president and it's now mostly about evil russia and debates on how many tanks and weapons to send ukraine this week, fighting the good fight and all. I think you're spot on with your take on europe going full tourism but not much else.

>> No.53439560

Muh it’s FREE!
It’s not free to fucking retard. Someone pays somewhere dumbass.

>> No.53439650

hows the prices of meds there? say you have some rare disease that requires some super expensive medication. in a eu country you wont have to pay the full price but what about us? is it a pay millions or die situation?

>> No.53439680

>implying I go to the doctor

>> No.53440812
File: 128 KB, 900x729, 1656883644909.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.53440987
File: 95 KB, 800x732, 1600899625957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>All the studies show that in western/northern europe healthcare is as good or better than in USA
very easy to say when you have exponentially fewer fat, (unironic) söy-goyslopping automatons jacking up demand for medical services. Health demographics, particularly on diet (primary contributor of leading causes of death in the US), are hardly comparable. The problems with the US healthcare system (or should I say public health?) go deeper than a public/private dichotomy. You would need government mandated concentration camps to whip the fats into shape; a clamp down on all toxic additives in the food supply; redefinition of the nutritional guidelines; recalibration of food supply; dismantling of the medical industrial complex through anti-trust enforcement; and all of this, to be only marginally effective until a period of a decade at least for behavior to shift... ASSUMING public unrest, resulting from the inevitable sòy lecithin withdrawals, does not foment a bloody revolution in the name of gluttonous self destruction.

At its heart, its a meta-problem of society wide mental illness. Public health would never have gotten to this point without the complicity of the engorged masses. Nihilism personified? People just don't give enough of a fuck to not become a product of the system; to BECOME the product, by conSOOMing the product. Whatever the fuck kind of "capitalism" we have here in the states - this is the end game.

"God forbid you take away my freedom to kill myself by CONSOOMING product."

>> No.53441044
File: 2.97 MB, 4032x3024, 20230125_134313.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because outside of London and other bigfag cities that amount of money will get you a comfortable living. Until this last year when inflation went crazy anyway, but everywhere had that issue.
>earn 40k+, gf a couple grand less
>have our own (nice 4 bed) house, cars all paid for
>currently on our first overseas holiday of the year, second one is already booked and paid for
£35,000 is not the same as $35,000
>only do 37 hours a week

>> No.53441091

And that tax pays for itself when you actually need to start using the systems and can phone an ambulance and get a hospital stay without any insurance bullshit or bill at the end of it all.

>> No.53441234

Its not like US media is any different when it talks about Europe.
And you even get US lawyers and hyper Christian groups actively fighting and funding all sorts of pro life cases to keep vegetables on life support going. I'm not aware of any European groups doing the same.

>> No.53441658

Relativity is relative. Also fuck niggers.

>> No.53442013

Americans are always talking about how europe must have low innovation because of the high taxes and wellfare but is it actually true? Is USA actually producing more new big companies with legs that can stand the test of time? Has it been doing that since the 80's when american social democracy was dismantled?

>> No.53442580

>rich people having the chance to become richer is more important than providing social programs to stop poor people from starving

amerimutts, everyone.

>> No.53443590


when it is not him who pays, it is free for him you inbred.

>> No.53443620

I live in post commie Slovakia. I can net in about 3k as a coder. The average person in my country makes a little above 10k, mostly barely enough for them to pay bills and some shitty mortgage

>> No.53443982

>Get shitty free health care kept shambling along by the mass importation of third worlders when you're young and don't need it
>By the time you're old and need it, the New Europeans have issued a fatwa proscribing the provision of free healthcare to dhimmi

>> No.53445997

Anon, you know it's kinda true. Europe never got past their royals. Most people still live like subservient peasants.

>> No.53446007

That's why crypto would always carry the day.. with wise investments in projects like xpress or coti or even being early enough in bnb and eth, and with a bit of luck, you might never need to work again... ever.

>> No.53446783

Minimum annual leave in the UK is something like 18-20 days, plus bank holidays (9).

>> No.53448193

They spend Saturdays in school so they get an extra propaganda telling them how much smarter and well-off they are compared to Americans.

>> No.53448216

extra day*

>> No.53448296

>Corruption in western europe
What a way to invalidate your entire point

>> No.53448301

Europe is in severe decline, like Japan.

Their economy still hasn't recovered from 2008 and probably never will.