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Welcome to the SNS-1 general, the first SNS on the ICP. The first true web3 DAO in history.

Only on the Internet Computer can DAOs control 100% on-chain hosted dapps. Proposed improvements can only be made upon the approval of token holders. SNS-1 is the first and only DAO that can natively hold BTC (more in the future).

Total Supply: >9 999 (deflationary)
Market Cap: ~$2m
Treasury: ~$620k
Sui/Make It Stacks: 1/10 SNS-1

>Current Token Utility
0.00001 SNS-1 is burned per transaction
0.1 SNS-1 is burned per rejected DAO proposal

>Active Proposals
Motion to build the Encrypted Bounty System
Remaining Voting Period: 3 days 23 hours
Accept Votes: 11%
Reject Votes: 5.5%
Potentially the most divisive proposal thus far. This proposal motions to design an optional randomised encryption system for developers that wish to create proposals without revealing the full code to be stolen, and revealing half of the code to show proof that the work is complete. The encryption is randomised, making it impossible for developers to intentionally release and get paid for half-finished work. The encrypted half of the proposal is revealed when payment is released to the developers, and a second voting period follows where the DAO can audit the full code and choose whether to implement it or not. This proposal has received a lot of criticism from community members who wish for developers to trust to be paid by the DAO, whilst another section of the community believes a trust-less framework such as this is fundamental to the DAO.

>Latest Bread
Anons working on a frontend
A group is in talks with a team of devs to start work on the stablecoin protocol




>DSCVR Portal

>Taggr Realm

>SNS-1 OC group


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It's quiet, sneed bros. Too quiet.

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bump for shellback holders

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OMG SNS-1 SISTERS! We're going to make it! ^~^ Enjoy the quiet before the storm cuties! I know of a lot of midwits that are waiting for the 30th of January to buy in... (they're so dull like ughhhh... They're expecting... well "hoping" for a dump even though there is hardly any tokens being unlocked on the 30th -,-) SNS-1 = 1000 PEES eoy nyaaa nyaa! WGMI SISTERS!!! Convert your PEES AND GO ALL IN! ^~^ nfa ;p

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thanks for the bread sneedbro. good to know things are moving behind the scenes.

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this is the stupidest project that you scamming telegram retards have gotten into, in the history of /biz/. PregnantButt, Bingus and Haircomb are all blue chips compared to this nonsense.

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Got 1 sns during the sale on the NNS and sold it for a 100x. Thanks for the money chumps.

>Do not buy this trash at this point. Keep your icp's safe and sound.

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none of what you said makes sense.

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>native DAO project from Dfinity
>finite supply with burn mechanism
>war chest for projo development
>is retarded
Right. I’m sure ICP is a scam as well.
Inb4 $.03 faggotposting.

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>//< OMGGG you're making me blush!!! TE EHEE ^~^ What is my little ESL friend doing on an ENGLISH board? I get so flustered when you guys come here hehe. But it's cute you trying to FUD something your little brain couldn't possibly understand. Why don't you now go and be a good boy for mommy and STFU?! And maybe I'll spank your little dicklet? Mwah! Good boy mommy is so proud of you <3

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>ICP is a scam as well
Dfinity promised decentralized dynamic front-ends and delivered KYC network participation and -99% price action. What a fucking joke. Now you're trying to sell a leveraged bet on top of that, where even the shills themselves best advertisement is to say "we should have a vote that someone should build a DEX" lmao.
This isn't 2017 any more, the retards are all broke now.

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imagine fudding a 2M microcap ICP shitcoin

dfinity gave us a blank canvas with this and community members are trying their hardest to build. tokenomics are godtier, total supply is decreasing by the hour, yet some gigasperg has to spread fud.

t. holding 10 sneeds and never selling

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kek we got a kadenian onboard now

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I concede that I sneed. But do I sneed because I concede or was I sneezing even before I was conceding?

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just bought one for 33.82 pees
what can i do with that

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Teehee ^~^ how did you know I hold Kadena? You are a smart boy! Extra doggy treats for you Mwah!
You can suck on mommy's clit like the good boy you are <33

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wash engine bay,
change oil+filter
change interior filter
change air filter
check that is the timing belt changed when
and altenator belt+tensioner when
and sparkplugs when
tires when
wipers when
check engine codes

gas motors are quite an workout compared to electric ones..

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>the retards are all broke by now

not yet

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Why aren't ICP whales pumping it unironically?

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I'm genuinely curious when we're going to get some actual volume. Unlocks finish eom but even then I'm not sure.

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because its a worthless test token?
whales could easily afford to buy all the sns and have total control of it, but no one wants it
if u didnt sell the pump to 200, you are a fucking idiot

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>Worthless tokens didn't go into hundreds of millions market cap in the past

Shut up, jew. Go long APT

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look all im saying is that on icp, once the next thing comes out, all the volume goes there.
there isnt enough volume to make big bets on stuff like this outside of the initial pump, which was to 200
sns is going to crab for weeks and then dump when people move onto sns2 or w/e the fuck its called

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Botted by ESL subhumans who can’t speak English properly.

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kek someone reading this just dumped 10 sneedlers

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So astonishing value of ~$1500 got sold, and you ran here to post about it? Sheesh

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Sadly true

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>Don’t tell everyone it’s dumping reee
The ESL has been exposed

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>Uses term "ESL" in 90% of his posts


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could be true but electric cars are not economical. The first cars were actually electric cars at the turn of the 20th century, in fact there were many companies such as Baker Motor Vehicles and Detroit Electric. Free market chose gas cars as they are more economical to build and maintain. Electric cars were actually preferred because they were quite (would not scare horses), clean and could be operated by women (before the electric starter motor it took a great deal of physical effort to start a gas car).

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ESL btfo’d.

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>Rent-free resident fud tranny, yet posts again from a new IP

Get a load of this fag kek

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>yet posts
Here the ESL tries to communicate.
We need UN translators to figure out what he’s saying.

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>Everyone that I don't like is an ESL

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Oh yeah?

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indian scan beware anons

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also curious. especially considering there are confirmed presale OGs, whales in SNS-1.

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Checkmate ;) Do you wanna suck mommys tits for checking my dubs anon? Hmmmm?

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Um... is this real? What site is this from? SNSUSD? SO IT'S HAPPENING???

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watching my estrogen intake

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Yes. There's lots of talks behind the scenes

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delete this

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Don’t ruin low price sir.

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If there is SNS/SNSUSD pair, why is BTC paired with USD and not SNSUSD either?

Otherwise, if SNS-based dex comes to fruition, then sky is the limit sirs

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I boughted two more

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delete this. please.

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can't be bothered with this until I see proof there is competent devs working on things that will make the token holders money. right now looks like a bunch of nobodies fantasizing about what could be. got my 1 sns from the sale still locked but that's it. learned long ago not to buy shit based on promises alone.

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t. Warren Buffett

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Join the discord if you want to join the discussions and see proof. Representatives from most teams building on ICP joined and are discussing ways forward. Afaik devs of one of the biggest ICP dapp are seriously interested in building for sns-1

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Is it literally wrong that I'm always accessing this forum?

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Hell yeah, anon. Neglect the rumors, buy the news.

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yeah I already poked in for a bit and checked it out. still stand by this
>right now looks like a bunch of nobodies fantasizing about what could be
who are the representatives and what have they worked on in the past to prove they know know how to develop? who's this dev from the biggest app? what app is it and what's their name?

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>tell me everything I’m completely useless

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if you can't answer some simple questions for new investors not clued into everything noone is going to buy your shitty pipedream

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>never takes risks only buys in when everything is proven and everyone else has bought in
>can only afford 1sns for $4 at the presale


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you ever heard of opportunity cost you dumb kike? why buy this when there is actual apps being developed by devs with a proven track record.

>> No.53443562

don’t get mad at me homeboy

I’m simply stating that risks can be taken sometimes, you gotta make that decision based on your own instincts. Sure proven stuff can get you good profits when bear turns to bull but unproven stuff that turns out good can go kablooey

I mean no illwill, just sharing giving my thoughts on your mindset

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don’t care really I got mine airdropped but I know what the sns is going to be

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>who are the representatives
Pretty much every dapp is represented except Finterest and ICL

>what have they worked on in the past to prove they know know how to develop
Check the working ICP dapps. Also many bootcamp graduates joined

>what app is it and what's their name
Can't tell you since nothing is official yet

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Sns one is crap. Icypee token is shitting on icl and infinity swap. First project to have an orderbook ai he is cute and responds to requests and has a faucet for coin. Wtf does sns do? Nothing.

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brown hands typed this

>> No.53443764

Send my greetings to gujarat province ser.

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>makes sns pairs instead of sns-1
whos this retard behind it?

>> No.53443951

>Inbred retard has never seen filler content.

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esl schizo

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ESL on a new sock puppet

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Lol what a fag

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Yo get a life homie like for real g.

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sns chads.. it's ogre

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What’s funny is that all the devs are western euro lmao

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So lazy socialists? I'd prefer Chad jeets over lazy vaxxed cucks desu. Guess I'm switching to matic and avax.

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Always longing. Never satisfied.

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Just don’t use a keyboard after them unless you want excrement on your fingertips

>> No.53447669

It's true westoids keyboard stay clean, but the chairs have poo on them from their dildos

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why are we pumping my basterds you guys said it was a scam wtf i still need to get paid

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>Chad jeets
Are chad jeets actually real?

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t. euro chad

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Nothing has changed, sns is a huge scam and no one wants to work on it because it was botted by jeets and has garbage tokenomics

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Jeets swim in rivers of shit and drink piss and eurocucks have to show Vax pass to buy groceries. Seems self evident to me.

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Got whitelisted for entrepot and I'm dropping a small collection pfp collection.
What would be the best strategy to get some traction? Airdrop "big" twitter ICP user? I'm not planning on building a community or anything like that.
I'm thinking of airdroping/whitelisting a few Monkey and SNS holders too.

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Whitelist SNS stalkers only anon. The real chads.

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>> No.53450355

That’s weird cause I saw devs in a voice chat on the community discord today.

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Take meds

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Hello. Please buy SNS-1. Thank you. Good bye.

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Sneeds are pumping bigly

Huge news are coming soon

Pack your bags (now)

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If an SNS-1 shits in the woods does a bear even hear it?

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The guys running Entrepot are Monkey whales, so that might work. Give 'em some skin in the game and maybe they'll shill your project a bit because it'd benefit them. SNS-1 holder is a good option too, bound to hit a lot of Dfinity devs/staff. Also, would create for a "decentralized" distribution, which is important. I'm seeing project with great artist of 0 royalties succeeding, so fall into one of those categories too. You might not even want to airdrop and just do an affordable mint/sell like monkeys

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Aye nigga u kno im finna just rite click yo shit and save it homie.

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im gonna sneeed

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Snib snib

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We pumping SNEED RACERS???

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