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> btc outflow
> bear
Anon, i....

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it is, because its michael saylor

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Hello, just here to ruin your thread with pic related

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What happened in February-ish 2022 to cause such a spike in addresses with large amounts?

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Russian's loading up their bags to escape Ruble

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moving it off an exchange is bullish dumbass

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Do kwon/LFG buyed btc, just to sell 1-2 mo later because of Luna depegging

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Retard you dont understand what that graph shows.

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why bear?

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bc Winnie da Pooh

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forgot the bear and the honeypot

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sounds like a bunch of bologna

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>using coinbase

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also moving it off coinbase, that means into a wallet, i dont understand how is this bearish

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Lot of newfags not understanding why this is bearish.

Allow me to explain, it's a clear as day bearish signal. As we approach tax season whales have large incentives to move BTC between exchanges. This whale is likely engaging in a form of tax loss harvesting wherein he moves btc from coinbase to a middle man wallet and then go a 2nd non KYC exchange and dumps it.

This enables the whale to right off the bitcoin and claim it stolen while in the eyes of the irs he has no gains to be taxed. Meanwhile he's dumped btc on the spot market the entire time.

Clear as day this is a sell signal I just went 20x short

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Can't tell if schizo or 200 iq

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>write it as stolen
sirs IRS, my coin got stolen every financial year

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>1082 btc out of circulation

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"tax right off"
It's a 200 iq take from a clear schizo.
Or just some retard copy and pasting a top comment from reddit.

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thanks for alpha play intel
i only got into crypto june last year and still learning - i just sold my main bag which was a meme coin micro-cap that had an initial run but is slowly bleeding out - i have been researching and is it true that meme coins only run during bull season and we are heading into a bear ?
Do you think its true that coins with utility will replace meme coins next bull run? & when do you think the next bull run will be?

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