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Anyone thought of becoming a host in Japan or south korea? Is it basically male prostitution?

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>twink chaincuck baggie
like pottery

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you forgot to post cockcage(31).jpg while calling everyone seething cucks as well anon
you're getting sloppy
maybe don't do this while you're on ambien

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bags are indeed heavy for twink

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would it work if youre a med though?
i feel like jap women prefer more aryan looking

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chaintwinks assemble

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Meds would work here too.
Just don't be a nigger and you should be good.
Your issue is gonna be the visa. All the work/student visas will be automatically revoked if you get caught doing "night work", so you have to keep it on the down low. Also if you want serious profits you'll probably need to fuck old ladies.

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AFAIK most Japanese host clubs won't hire foreigners.

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