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who makes atleast $100+k/year, a doctor, a software engineer or a Lawyer you havent made it

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Isnt that exactly the kind of girl you don't want to marry if you want a family? You'd want someone to raise kids and keep the house, getting money is your role.

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Why would you want to marry a career woman? Ngmi

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imagine having to spend $3-10k/month on a homebody who sits on her ass all day with zero work ethic, cant cook, clean, doesnt know child psychology how to to raise kids, etc and all you get is mediocre sex being a simp funding her luxury lifestyle

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>oh no, 30 minutes of doing the dishes and vacuuming every day

>my life is literally over

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>just marry a doctor or lawyer with a superiority complex

enjoy divorce

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>marrying a woman who wages

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>reeeeeee women, marriage and success oh no no no
itt losers who will never make it
You aren't wrong OP.

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> Marrying a waste
That isn't the argument. The argument here is housewife > wagewife
If she can't cook or clean she's just a wagewife who makes no money.

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marry a wife who has talents and can prepare home
They exist

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The alternative is a workaholic that refuses to have kids until she's registrar and then shits out one retardo before fucking the hospital admin and divorces your ass, taking at least 50% of everything with her.

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>career woman
hope you enjoy being fucked
the only kind of woman you want to marry is the type of woman to put you first

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