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Be fucking straight with me, did I miss the bottom?
I had all my savings set aside to buy in at 12k

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can't be straight with faggots

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Same boat anon I was 15k. Literally had 15k USD on Coinbase to become a whole coiner at a moments notice. Then another 50k to sprinkle into alts

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Nobody knows. This pump might be over now and we slowly slide back to old prices or lower. There is no fundamental reason behind last weeks price action, its likely just whales and Sam the mega jew manipulating longs and shorts ot make money in a crab market.

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>There is no fundamental reason behind

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>if I did it buy the absolute bottom, the perfect number I dreamt of, then I am forever sidelined and will die poor and alone
That's rough

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>There is no fundamental reason behind last weeks price action
it blows my fucking mind how stupid people here are

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What is the reason then anime fag

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So what's the reason then.

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Bottom was end of last year. Dca at least Anon.

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Stop spamming this shit faggot
You never give any reason for why it went up
You too, tell the reason or kys.

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i'm totally getting that bull statue meaning. but the little girl's meaning is premature. i do know however that if BTC is as decentralized as people say, and there are country's out there that to this day still believe in state banking's possibility, then 20k isn't even a bottom third of its '''''final resting value'''''.

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I was waiting for £8k this is a fake bull rn Christmas has just gone money has been spent it will dip again soon and we will b in a recession

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Short squeeze + thin order books. This just affirms your point though. Don’t celebrate any of the bottom callers to actually give a rational response it’s literally just “the bottom is in because it just is ok”

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anon you know tax season just started monday?

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yes bulbasour faggot. you did indeed miss the generational bottom. it would be best if you bought above 30k and sold on the retracement to 25k. then you can donate your gains to the state of israel. shalom.

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it's not, wait for wednesday fomc and google earnings report

everything will dump, while dxy pumps

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