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What happens to UAE after fossil fuels become worthless in 4 years?

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You're aware that fossile fuel is still necessary to produce plastic and polymers, right ? BTW they could use their wealth to build enough fusion reactors to desalt sea water for cheap and use it to transform the desert into an oasis.

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bro they could continuously lose 60b every year for the next 60 years and there's no problems for them

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They have to buy Mercedes instead of Bentleys.

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Oil is so incredibly useful, it will always be valuable. Simply burning it as fuel is a shit way to use it.

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What make desalting sea water so expensive or not worth doing it now?

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Yes, every industry uses it in one way or another. Look at fertilizer supplyers, they're fucked if they can't get gaz (which is a byproduct of oil refinery).

To be fair they already have a few desalting plants, but they use fossile fuel and aren't very "clean" obviously. Fusion could make the process 10x more efficient. Same for hydrogen production and tons of other applications.

What's interesting with fusion, is that contrary to fusion, it's possible to downsize the infrastructure a lot. So in theory, you could have portable -and safe- fusion reactors like in fallout. Imagine the possibilities, they're almost endless. We're still far from it of course.

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It's actually kinda cheap now, but not as cheap as ground water so we have to turn everything into desert before we switch.

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This is most likely an overblown "achievement", just like this dork and her black hole.

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