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Discreet was designed to bring together every meaningful innovation since the inception of blockchain into a single powerful platform, with a focus on true privacy, speed and scalability. Discreet aims to address the shortcomings of previous privacy coins, and ensure long-term privacy for its users. The project combines state-of-the-art privacy technology that allows users to create fully confidential contracts directly on the Discreet blockchain, with programmability and a novel consensus..

quick rundown:
>utxo based on-chain private contracts
>63 ring size vs. monero 16
>aleph (aurem) confidential proof of stake (84k tx/s achieved on 16 nodes in 4 continents)
>supports transparent tx
>approval for listing on Bittrex
source: https://twitter.com/FrederikMarkor/status/1532998936188837888 (embed) (embed)
>rumors of top 5 exchanges (kraken, binance incubator)
>presale open for a couple of weeks more

for the uninitiated:
(presale still ongoing)


>testnet is LIVE



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>why is the presale on BSC if its a layer-1
the bsc stuff works as a ledger to keep track of whats owed on mainnet once its launched

>when listing on CEX
along with mainnet, confirmed for Bittrex

scandinavian, no stinky jeets

>why is it superior
SCRT is DRM-tier privacy.

>what consensus
confidential proof of stake (anonymized staking) with hotseat comittee

>price target when it hits CEX
undecided. mainnet set to launch 2023, testnet = online

>why am I seeing "jeets", "curry" etc.
ERC20 tokens gets shilled on /biz/ every single fucking day, this is a layer-1, the network is live. they're seething you're not throwing your ETH/BNB at their rugpulls.

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Kraken won't touch this trash

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That's a man

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this already rugged

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ew is she just eating raw batter?

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how do u store dist?

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>enter thread
>save images
>post this
>close thread
I don’t know and I don’t care what scam you’re pushing

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How many coins on release? 90M or 20M? Also, what are the price predictions, considering the presale price of 50c per BDIS. SUI stack and make it stack?

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They'll keep the IDO going until all 90 million dist shitcoins have been "sold" then they'll run off with the money

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based /disg/ revivor

current estimates are 25 mil

what a waste of quads, the preseed will end in Q2 numbskull

their wallet?

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Checked and avoided

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>red ID
jeetcreet fags bfto'd

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Obligatory: Seraphis will be implemented before mainnet launch (as per their development update posted a few days ago). Their modus operandi is to support various tx types, so Seraphis will be used for bridges/swaps where multi-sig is required, I think they worked with Sarang on the Triptych paper to address the multi-sig issue, because it's active right now, and I looked over "Discreet Core" (their C++ cryptolib) and it's a modified one of the initial PoC that was published.

The reason I'm bullish and decided to bunch a dump of BNB into this is because it's so fucking rare to see a team actually work towards something useful. I think you have a point that 86k tx/s is not gonna mean automatic adoption, but when Discript comes out, with their grants they have talked about, then it's very obviously likely to attract ADA developers that got treated as exit liquidity by IOHK.

If AZERO (which Aurem, their confidential proof of stake protocol) is anything to go off of, fees will be really slow because hotseat comittee + inexpensive hardware to validate blocks = cheap fees while still being manageable for validator node operators.

I'm in, I don't care if it goes nowhere, I'm happy to hear they got the CEX listing, we need more privacy coins regardless, and for once I'm happy in 6 years of browsing /biz/ that there's a coin that's not poopoo. I'm in the testnet group right now, and it's filled with (non-team) developers trying to build shit, so that's a good sign. An earlier thread I read had an API setup that was public-facing and there's talks of independent web/mobile wallets.

Community is good, discussion about a project is good, especially if it can catch the eyeballs of other developers for that ecosystem. Once IOHK goes the way of Enron, that's gonna be... exciting. I will post this every thread out of spite for the anon that wrote it.

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Ive been interested in this for a while, what does it look like in regards to listings though? Is Binance coming?

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i bought this shit like 2 years ago and never touched it. do i have to migrate?

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>2 years ago
thats impossible, but if you bought in july just migrate to their transfer token on the website, its literally in the top on the front page

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from 0.1 to 0.5 per $Dist. Buying it now you would just become exit liquidity to those who bought before aug 2021

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Check the stats lol 30 people bought in at 0.5 before there was any code, now there's a testnet and a majority bought at 0.5

Nice try at due diligence, bro.

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The TG is just @discreet now I dont even think that works anymore, is this an old copy pasta of previous /disg/'s?

t. 50k DIST CHAD.

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Wow checked, I figured this coin was a scam by how much the shill it here

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this coin not scam we have binance list soon remember and amazon partner ship announcement on twitter

this coin amazing with good road map just pick up more!

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You need the spoonfeed for newfags.

>Defeats credit card networks

>Solved seed phrases for instore purchases

>This solves slow transactions and glowies tracking txs

>Partnered with Chainlink

>Then immediately proceeded to announce something better lol
https://twitter.com/discreet/status/1608650421312315392 (embed)
https://twitter.com/FrederikMarkor/status/1608725738919972865 (embed)

"Zerolink's decentralized oracles would allow real-life stocks to be mimicked synthetically, and provide a market for users to trade on their value using @discreet's programmability for confidential order books, creating a fully decentralized brokerage with no closing bell"

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let get bump 4biz

i see lot of paid fud in here from monero trashing gold privates coins but no reason why

wonder why that is ,, this coin hidden jem and people try hide it from you

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zero layer oracles great integration just wow for ability to data in block chains

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wow bump! dist need good discussion,, coin gem of token for privacys

this thing will moonie moon in Q3 2024 when launch

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Who hurt you?

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good post DIST team

keep bump fourm for organic tho remember try not to reply all and follow TG instruction

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constant pajeet spam, no thanks dude filtered

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Scam. Probably the same group that’s been spamming that ken shit oracle garbage

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i dont get if DIST bros we have good privacys token

every where people call us scam,, we arent scam right? even >>53423569 call us scam coin

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nah, this has an active track record of development through the bear market, has stayed relatively quiet.


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i trust these hands

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No I think he means you guys are that scam that was called out for being a blatant scam and disappeared. Now you are back after a “relaunch” that no one’s buying.

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this coin is not scam,, it just have temporary relaunch due to no code upgrades

getting tired of all paid fudders in DIST fourm

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there never was a relaunch the fuck are you smoking, there is however an active L1 testnet and not just an ERC20 p&d shitcoin

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Oh pajeet why lie? Your fat leader fredrik even tweeted about it the relaunch and rebrand after being called a scam. Yeah you went from being the BSC PnD coin to now the BSC layer one scam protocol.

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ignore paid FUDDER 4business and financial they just salty they can not buy our good privacys project

this coin very good

>> No.53429099

dont worry im going to ask monero to stop sending paid fud into discreet fourm


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it very hard DIST bros

lot of people like >>53424873 call discreet a scam

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Its all so tiring bros. There never was a relaunch, rebrand just means they change their colors you dense fuck lmfao, the absolute room temperature IQ of fudders.
Just read the website, read the twitter, make up your mind, i reserve the right to gloat in a year when Kraken lists

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good ID switch , but not organic enough and too obvious remember your TG instructions

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This guy made me seriously consider buying kek

>> No.53429271

top kek! great wojack postings 4channel community love pepe fort and wojack

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>>53429287 dont get it dist team

every one think we are scam or not buy good privacys coin

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we need to have a moonie moon alert meeting in TG when everyone get off work in few hour to talk about why 4channels not like this coin

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Aight fucc it, whats a suistack?

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suci is 30.000 DBIS which you redeem later for DIST in Q3 2024 when project launch very good deal

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forgot to mention that price of DBIS is worth about 3,75 INR right now., which make it fantastic steal

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Also Americans can't participate in ICO scams. Why else do you think the presale has been going for 2 years?

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get out paid fudder this token is legitimately good project

we have listing coming on wazrix exchange very soon- how about that alpha fren?

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good post very organic save form page 7 DIST community manager

now let get more organic discussion in here we need help

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15k assuming it goes to $40 EOY

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good pepe post fren top kek

4channel love pepe frog

but you know that is FUD dist token is moonie moon to 150 EOY with wazrix listing

>> No.53430342

also good ID switch but make it more organic next time from >>53429813 you make too obvious and 4channel know it

check your instructions need be quick rapid so it feel organic in here

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Yep, smells like curry in here. Discreet rhymes with pajeet.

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I see you in every thread do you have a life?

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Scam coin. Where the mods, another BSC premine shitcoin

>> No.53430838

Discreet pajeets come into RLC thread, shit it up adverting a literal shitcoin that isn’t out until 2024.


lmao even what the fuck is up with then street shitters

>> No.53430920

Currynigger do you?

>> No.53430996

discreet pajeets, they should just change their name