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If only you could hold two altcoins for the next bull run. What would be your two altcoins in your portfolio?
I start:


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Obvious pajeet post.

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>obvious pajeet post

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whomst is this saemon daemon?

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Built for sloppy toppy

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one of the few girls who i was jacking off to as a teenager and i'm still jacking off to in my thirties

sofia rose is evergreen

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pre belly surgery or post? this alone will decide your king status...

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>belly surgery

what the fuck, when did that happen

had to look it up, i'd never seen her post-surgery

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pierce is based until you hear him speak

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I fucked this chick in Chicago and it was the best pussy I've ever had in my life

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sad state of affairs

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was there tequila?

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I regret not going through with it, now I think she retired

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Tell us the story

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What'sup with their partnership with Telos?

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>Honk, honk. Milk truck arrive.
Them's some mighty big boobies.

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It's not too late, you can still make a move

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congrats she looks like future miss universe. so long as it actually a man

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It's a fucking great deal
The Telos team has introduced a new feature that may interest developers, by offering a free cloud wallet service through ORE ID, which is compatible with EVM. This is an additional option for developers to consider in their workflows.

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I didn't know this was a pornstar when I made my comment she just has that look like she loves sucking cock. Physiogomy wins again I suppose.

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posting in a jeet thread

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Fuck I love fat bitches

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same anon... same...

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>Cut off her big belly

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kek I just looked on her IG for the first time in years and she posted some guy she loves. It's over!

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ma blox are doin a lil sum

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We almost match.

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I got this after Telos started using their shit to onboard newbies.