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We saw some cities and even countries adopt crypto payment last year; I suspect they aren't as retarded as the rest of us; they saw a future in crypto and took the risk; this is why the market is booming, if you have a better reason to this pump speak up.

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What do you expect?
Many will start FOMOing
Buying the top and selling the bottom, hahahaha

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Anon people have realized the utility of crypto desu. The adoption is getting better and we should all embrace that fact if you ask me.

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Lmao that's the worst part which can't be helped at all.

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I think you are talking about a city in Switzerland. That was amazing.

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I saw the news of Lugano adopting crypto as stated in the Lugano plan B

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That's right anon. NAD one of the big four in Australia is going to develop a stablecoin on Ethereum very soon

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Last year was really agog such news with Portugal granted virtual asset provider license to Utrust through its central bank

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That's good news right I heard them having a rebrand soon, when is that happening?

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What other cities have adopted crypto anon? The city of Lugano is doing it via Polygon. Who else?

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Crypto is a fucking scam I have lost all my money and you guys say pump and shit.

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Shit coin are the trending coins now. Buy and get rekt

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That's right as xMoney they will be offering fiat payments too by joining hands with Twispay.
Web3 payments complete at one place!

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Why should I buy shitcoins when they are good web3 coins like ORE, LINK & co.?

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The best utility that I've seen so far is using it as a crypto payment which was one of the reasons Satoshi invented bitcoin

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There will also be increased in cashback tiers from this rebranding

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Just like most other crypto havens, you can live with only crypto and forever fuck fiat

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Your Place, a merchant in Dubai is accepting crypto payments and I'm gonna make use of it very soon

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Using the lightning network payments with BTC is cheaper and faster. Just need a web3 Payment processor and we are good to go.

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It's a trap you moron

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Nonsense crypto and fiat will work parallel to each other. And xMoney will set an example soon.
>fucking fool

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The bear market is still very alive

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How you could lose everything?

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This is just a temporary pump we haven't seen the bottom yet. Better to hold onto what ever we have.
This year possibly in Q4 or early next year we can see the bullrun.
Till then generate some passive income by staking or metastaking like I do.
>wake up rajesh

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Lmao, El Salvador is not a city, but rather a country. as far as I know, Lugano was the only city to accept cryptocurrency payments this year.

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Anon LuganoPlanB is the 1st step we have long way to go. Let's just embrace the adoption desu. Thanks to web3 we now have control over our funds.

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Have they started already?

I heard that a web3 crypto payment gateway will soon take of that.

But I'm confused now, better I check it. Anyways I'm sure other countries and cities will follow suit.

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You dicks said the bull is not back since 16K now BTC is back to 23K, keep dreaming, you had the perfect chance to buy the dip and you missed it so fuck it
I will rather stick to Web3 payment platforms, It's trending too

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Just wait for it, soon BTC is going back to 10K

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I do make payments with crypto, that's why I go in the first place, yes this is the one and only true utility

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I sold at 16K

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You must be freaking rich

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Are you trying to feel rich? I got a fucking Tesla from Nikola Brussels and I paid with crypto

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It's bullish as more real estate companies are diving into crypto, I see that Kensington is also accepting crypto payment, and even Fortera

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MultiversX would have been a better choice with its low transaction fees and possibility of earning other tokens from metabonding

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You are never gonna make it

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Staking is the best passive income in the crypto space as long as the token has utility,
Paying with crypto charges lower fees, I guess that's why most merchants are choosing it over the likes of Paypal

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Do people still use Paypal, I had boycotted them last year since they made this stupid policy of removing $2500 for bitching on them, We need web3payment, enough of this centralized shit

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I'm aware that Coincorner is one of getaways that help El Salvador to receive crypto payments

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Is it possible to pay taxes using crypto in burgerland? maybe with one of those crypto exchange debit cards?

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That's sounds rekt fags guess you have been fucking some rekt pussy as Web3payment platform has over 20k merchants using it as at this moment.It also has its trademark registered in the US and will most likely enter the US market this year go get useful.

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Go get some sense and you won't make it posting some shitty quotes here,when Web3payment servicev combines several blockchain networks into one,
when you pay, every transaction on your HoldHQ app or debit card you get reverse staking rewards of 1% cashback don't be a rekt dick anon

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The best option is to ditch PayPal and pay with crypto, there are several good payment options you can choose from like Xmoney, Bitpay, Binance

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Good for you, buy the high sell the low

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Because you retard keep buying high doesn't make crypto a scam, more merchant keeps accepting it as payment which means adoption is spreading faster

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Wtf are you saying, go get your ass spank or die poor posting some rekt quotes here, as Web3payment gateway is a digital payment blockchain platform that combines features of traditional online payment systems and blockchain technology.

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Definitely, I'll fucking go for the best and enjoy a juicy Cashback for a every goddamn transaction.

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YLA provide liquidy in the index and hedge against impermanent loss by earning on both stablecoins... That's why crypto is spreading like fire

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The sooner poorfags discover web3payment gateway the sooner they'll earn from Maiar Dex's onchain staking, metastaking, and metabonding. IMO, this is still the best passive income in crypto rn.

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It's fucking tiring to get frauded by PayPal. It should be banned.

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However, I'm still getting richer by staking TORN in a ppTORN vault that gives an auto-compounded return as high as 61% APY.

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Oh newfag guess you just have been holding the wrong shit, since the bear market began, I have discovered ways to save more even while spending. I began paying with crypto fully last year, and I have saved a lot of money due to the low transaction fee, and I even earn cashback through Web3payments gateway

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The token burn and buyback plan of web3payment platform is already in place. This will definitely see its flexible utility through to a new ATH in no time.

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Dullards will remain losers for life for holding onto shitholes when payments with crypto are fast as the transactions happen on-chain plus the fee is 1% fixed, and even have option to get cashbacks on all transactions.

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But this is good news Origin suit of product is revolutionizing how people shop and conduct businesses.

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All users are checked with KYC and AML in a user friendly manner and in compliance with regulations.

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But it's thrilling to see the web3payment allign with the Metaverse and opening possibilities to purchase goods/services in both the real and virtual world.

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There is more to Utrust than just a payment platform. Can't wait to see how it unfolds it's utilities as the bull is about to start

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It's high time we focus on privacy projects to avoid wailings from bitches

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It's the world’s first crypto payment solution to offer instant transactions, buyer protection and crypto-to-cash settlements that trannies are getting horny for.

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That's a huge bargain but I would buy more YLA as It guarantees a much better returns.

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Yea and the advantages to get some juicy shit and hold while waiting for the bearish season,as I stake it and get cashback making payments

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ID management projects has lots of potentials to make web3 more secured, and I'm sure Ore is positioned to make web3 easier to access.

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You can say that again, staking ORE-ALBT on polygon has saved from during this bear market

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Go get useful dickhead GSD just lunch it governance token you can earn in GOLD too

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Denm that the main reason I don't deal with crypto, I prefer using fiat instead of crypto

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Only faggots prefer to use fiat over crypto especially when there are many good secured payment gateways.

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doing the tax works for this sounds like a nightmare

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Staking is just a passive means of income. How sustainable is this? I feel safer with the ones with lower and sustainable APYs. Maiar DEX and TraderJoe are my best platform for staking.

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It depends on the projects and the rewards that come with it, my position on ORE-ALBT has been awesome, secured and the worth the investment

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crypto exchanges are unironically harder to use than paypal. they have the strictest kyc policies

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It started with El Salvador. Now other countries like Brazil and Switzerland are now part of the trend. The space is becoming interesting af.

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Or maybe they don't want to spend heavy on fees in the name of supporting crypto payments?
In as much as I'm a fan of crypto payments, there's still a long road ahead before it gets fully adopted.
paid for a can of coke one time via the sylo wallet using BTC
baby steps

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Self-custody is the preferred option as it ensures the safety of your funds.
On the other hand, using a CEX may put your funds at risk, despite the inconvenience of KYC requirements,

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top keks and many pepe frogs! have you fellow frens heard of DIST token? It very good privacys coin in BSC network!

it very good., you know they going FOMO in bullish market

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This rebranding is coming at the right time IMO. Lots of projects are doing the same. Provided they pull this through before the peak of the bull run then they next few years will be a good run for them but this is just my two cents.

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Apple fu?

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I agree, self-custody is the best way to ensure the safety of your funds. Centralized exchanges can be vulnerable to hacking and other security breaches, so it's always wise to take control of your own assets. The added inconvenience of KYC requirements is a small price to pay for the added security of self-custody.

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yeah, i feel like i missed it lol

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I understand your point about the cost of fees for supporting crypto payments. However, I believe that as more businesses and individuals begin to adopt crypto payments, the cost of fees will decrease. The fact that you were able to use BTC to purchase a can of Coke is a step in the right direction, and it shows that crypto payments are becoming more mainstream. While there may be a long road ahead for full adoption, I think that every small step forward is worth it in the long run.

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This thread is like jeets shilling bitcoin pretty fucking crazy might kill myself later

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Despite paying the price, your funds are still not safe, but with self custody, you are in full custody of your crypto assets, remember;
Not your keys, Not your funds

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Yup. Better buy your KENSHI now or cope when they’re integrated into APTOS next week.

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im just worried about sending my id to potentially russian hackers or something. unlike paypal theres no regulated somewhat reputable company behind the crypto exchanges. once you send your id to them they can do anything with it and you can never get it deleted.
paypal doesn't require photos of both sides of your id and you holding it while taking a photo of yourself or "liveliness" tests and copies of your utility bills before they let you use it

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right, adoption doesn't just magically happen one day, one step at a time and it grows bigger

in which country did you do this?
I'm planning to open a cafe and I'm considering accepting crypto for payment.

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Not buying
Fuck yourself

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crypto is the future
cry harder

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can you imagine how ecstatic the el salvadorians are going to be in the next bull run?
pump and shit

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I was in NZ then, the wallet had this partnership with centrapay and coca-cola, that made it possible

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depends on if bitcoin goes back above ath

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don't see any other country making it a legal tender tho, at least not anytime soon

btc for a can of coke, based

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I completely agree, it all comes down to the specific projects and the potential returns. ORE-ALBT has definitely been a solid choice for me as well. The security and return on investment has been fucking great.

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Not all of them bought it on ATH

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Privacy is soon becoming the top priority in crypto and y'all have to embrace it

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"Crypto is the future and privacy project is the sustainable tool. Watch out for more adoptions into the space.

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No shit will pump

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How does that shit works?

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>>53405282 eggs will pump unrelentlessly

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Yea, especially those privacy project with relayers and zk-snarks, these have great potentials and transparency.

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i hope so but not gonna hold my breath

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To EY are going to regret this

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Privacy gems are not going anywhere. ROSE and QRDO are good blue chips to accumulate but if you want good long-term plays, UTK, NAKA, and TEL are good ones to accumulate.

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Exactly, adoption is a gradual process that takes time and effort. It's important to keep pushing forward and not give up.

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Pls pump the bubble more, so it crashes harder.

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Hate to break it to you, but as this thread indicated, we're not in a bull market. We're in a bubble:

This is only the calm before the storm. The entire global economy is gonna crash. Bearchads can't stop winning.

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In a thread full of jeetposts, this one is the jeetest.

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Well, you have a choice, but if self custody, security and safety of your funds are your priority, you are fucking left with no option than to adopt it as the way forward

>> No.53409756

But I will rather consider SCRT, RAIL, and ZCASH to be among my best investments due to their continuous upgrades and implementation of new technological advancements.

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