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PepePal on ETH or WPACK on BSC (x10 to it's brother coin on ETH)

You won't buy or just filter but you're loss regardless

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Syntropy - NOIA - working with 15 of the top 50 data centers, increases internet throughput using IPV6. Incredible tech stack, co-founder is connected to every major telecom and it will be listed on Binance in June. DYOR or stay poor

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I think it’s K.E.N.S.H.I rn they just got rid of the tax and it seems undervalued compared to other oracle projects

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im buying PRQ and LINK rn cheap as fuck rn

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Kenshi is the gem of gems
If you bought before the tax removal you're going to make some serious cash

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LINK and KENSHI make up my bags ser. Oracles are where I put my trust

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RLC for me

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shill me kenshi then poojeet

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Tshare if you’re super degenerate

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I did a very superficial amount of research to find altcoins that I believe to have decent technical fundamentals and came upon with; XMR (Monero), ATOM (Cosmos Ecosystem), NEAR (Near Protocol), ERG (Ergo), KDA (Kadena). If anyone wants to reasonably FUD me out of picking up any of these bags, I’d appreciate it.

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Source on June Binance listing?

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I went to University with the CMO, they've already paid for listing and are waiting for their L1 to launch before listing.

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Buy DRB or btfo.
I sold low because it was dipping and now it's mooning, 5x so far. I'm a faggot and I hate myself for not hodling.

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Kinda based desu

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This shit is the only right answer

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Dope Wars Paper

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Low mcap, low supply, high tvl. Limitless potential considering how lucrative powerball and mega millions are.

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oh man here we go. do I already regret buying this? The based Japanese gentleman on the website convinced me. Why is hte total volume like many times the market cap? how does that work?

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Another 10x and I'm at my initial

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POOLs closed

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>lets you borrow/leverage against your LP
>on 5 (five) chains
>low-key partnered with the biggest Solidly forks that will undoubtedly lead the next bull
>has a 540k OP grant that's yet to be used
>staking APR after cross-chain implementation will be huge
>literally uncontested in design other than the inferior protocol it forked from
>it's a microcap to boot

You're literally looking at the next household DeFi protocol like Aave and Compound.

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Bittensor. It’s the Bitcoin of decentralized AI. Best tokenomics. Nakamoto protocol. No exchange listings. No presale. No premine. First halving in 2025.

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Pools open. That’s the point. Decentralization for the people.

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ORE and KENSHI could be the next gamechanger

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Pools open????? Might have to check this out for myself........just incase

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I already have 26 billion kenshi but what the fuck is up with ORE?

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Up 100% in two weeks but more to come. 1-2 billion market cap isn’t out of the question given enough TVL.

We’re about to launch large annual prizes too. Pool soon to start making millionaires just in lossless prizes not to mention token value.

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looks like not much volume? when 10x do you think?

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you’re gonna be fucking rich anon

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can u imagine being a hollywood type... hahahahahaha

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Good picks i must say, you should consider including AI and Data related projects as well, for me i would focus on OCEAN, ALBT, FET and VXV.

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You should think of ORE protocol when considering blockchain interoperability .

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That sounds true, making great strides with bridging the gap between web2 and web3 by simplifying the authentication process is thrilling.

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And XMR ORE DOGE RAIL ain't on this retarded list? jeets still not scared of privacy and identity risk.

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BOBO DOGE UCT GNT. Ain't loss guarding gent.

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I'm not seeing this going anywhere shithole

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picrel, gemmity gem for the next bullrun. i almost made it buying shi(t)b in january the last bullrun, this time I have the same vibes with this. It just pumped a little bit, but I'm following the development since early 2022 and I think the growth potential is still huge. the mcap is extremely low and the project is very underrated, but if it gets the deserved visibility, it's make it material.
I'll just wait and if I miss the bullrun I'll just rope

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Identity management deserves more attention. Web2 identities are connected to its blockchain for cross-chain interoperability.

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why is the token needed and why would someone use this over something like aave?

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i am not shilling it, but since i never see it talked about anymore i was wondering.
does anyone here have a stack of vidt?

i just swingtrade it now and then but my stack grew to over 100k (previous10k before swap 10x the supply) and worth 5k

i dont know much about it it but its a dutch company, i live in the Netherlands and when i bought a house i had this on my mail, which ws the first IRL usecase of crypto i had seen affect me.

i was just wondering if anyone has a stack and could explain to me why they like it

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dyor, expecially on the shitcoin lending platform

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JASMY: Trading Volume - 60 million
Market Cap - 25 Million

Someone explain to me how this works?

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Kenshi Very good oracle project very bullish wow

EVEREST have many good tokenomic of block chain that go wow

DIST/discreet are very good privacys project on BSC network., make private transfer wow

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SBB-B.ST will increase 300% within the next 365 days.

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CLEARLY, You don't own any bit or you wouldn't be here asking this retarded question right now.

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LINK >> cheap as fuck.
I'm adding some ORE as a web3 token too.

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Focus on the new narrative. AI tokens (FET) and privacy-focused tokens (XMR, RAIL, and SCRT).

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gtfo, nigger. dyor.

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lmao bearish asf. idiota is a stale prehistoric garbage fire

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Wow pajeets have invaded biz dont fall for scams ppl go to cmc and look for kenshi just to find out its pajeet street shitter scam on bsc literally on no exchanges

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The whitepaper doesn't even make any sense. How are they going to use a blockchain to reduce the number of jumps a packet does?

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holoride anon
you're definitely missing out on the next big metaverse gem bringing metaverse to cars powered by audi and other top brands

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>Verification not required.

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Interesting. How much for a suicide bag?

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not sure how they're gonna pull that off, metaverse and cars, both doesn't seem to have much in common

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Surge and Fathom Finance EZ

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Fuck off smaug

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easy, virtual reality gaming in cars
no more boring road travels

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your coin still has zero TVL. it is dead.

Buy NOIA or KENSHI if you want to actually make it this bull run.

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The make it coins for the year

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The native tokens of the WolfyStreetBets platform - WOLFY and WPACK

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"Make it" bag you mean?
it still very cheap

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Sylo and dypius be popping soon. Mostly in tel and vra here.

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so, you cant answer the question

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gimme a number, nigger.

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Web3 projects like LINK & ORE, they are my favorite blue-chip tokens.

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I'll go for the AI and privacy protocol narrative. It looks like we don't have vehicles looking in that direction. They all focused on shitcoins.

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egggs https://opensea.io/collection/eggs-regular-and-freerange
>"100 dozens of the finest brown and white eggs, buy yours now before supply chain runs out!" fucking kek
These will pump.

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ChainLegion NFTs

chainlegion . com

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KENSHI is clearly the runner of the month

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GPT Inu on Eth is silently about to blow the fuck up in the next week. Screenshot this.

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XPR / PROTON gonna explode
esp since they are already working with regulators and have old banking heads high up in the company. Mix that with all the FTX and CEX collapses & regulation is 1000% coming.

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No doubt, I love that song bro