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Wagiebros...not like this...

20 years of service to Google and laid off via email...

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We're like a family!
Hey, Paul!

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Oh no, anyway

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work from home techie faggots that have been collecting six figure salaries doing nothing the last 3 years are literally going to get fucked hard. And they deserve it because they are worthless leeches that should be purged

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This fucking pussy didn’t go back to the workplace to exit on his own terms?

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Either you're a glowbot or /biz/ is schizophrenic and bipolar

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Found the seething work from homer. You clearly know that you are worthless, lower than a pajeet working in inda for 50 cents a day. Every work from home termite should be fired immediately if not exterminated. The arrogance and sense of entitlement you faggots have is pathetic. You are literally worthless now.

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>I didn't get the opportunity to say goodbye to my friends and coworkers in person
Just go there retard.
Take a shit in the toilet and don't flush as a parting gift.

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Should of pretended to be transgender and included crazy pronouns.. chances are they would of kept ya

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This basado

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He's a multi millionaire so I don't feel so bad for him

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>if not exterminated
There's nowhere else on the internet you can find this kind of passion and extremism over someone's white collar wagie job

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>doing nothing
We do more on average than actual employees in offices manage to get done. Look at the stats.

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software engineers not needed

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Shoulda fired him via google alert.

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>can't say goodbye in person

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If you assume your employee is anything but pure evil and that he will fuck you over at first opportunity you are retarded.

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That's why the nu Internet is fucking faggoty as shit.

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Mate, you are going to get fucked alongside them.

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my ex-boss was a real greedy retarded moron and got his company into restructuring due to high debts, current one is ok

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Thank you for your cervix.

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good b8 m8.
shouve added a statement on them facing the wall and divvying up their wealth and I wouldve given you another (you)

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did moot get fired yet?

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Can you believe Google made me travel all the way to the head office just to tell me something they easily could have handled privately over email? Why after 20 years, would they make me have to face my friends and co-workers in person while I was breaking down over this news!

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Guy on Microsoft main campus, RedWest A bldg, hanged himself in the 1st floor kitchen today

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Jesus christ is this real? You a microsoft fag?

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unless he dumped his equity the moment it vested his net worth should $10m or better at this point. why doesn't he just fuck off to the bahamas

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This desu and anyone getting mad at this is just another overpaid tech kalemale angry he’s going to have to learn a trade

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Cope faggot you don’t do shit that’s why your masters are realizing how much fat they can cut and still remain productive.

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boomer scum

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I literally would not be able to get my time sensitive work done if I had to go into the office. People who benefit from WFH because it allowed them to consume their coworkers jobs are a silent group because we don’t have time to browse the internet.

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>says he's leading a critical project
>gets laid off
seems like it wasn't actually that critical Chris.

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i worked in an office once (fedgov job), the kitchen is the last place I'd hang myself. it smelled like india

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>worked at google since 2003
>still doesn't have enough saved to retire
unbelievable. nigger cattle in the truest sense.

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>work at the same place, with the same people, for 20 years
>doesn't have personal contact with any of them

Imagine being this pathetic. It was probably their coworkers who asked for him to be fired by e-mail.

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He should be rich from stock options alone, probably a mega juice severance pay tol

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he's super rich, all these stupid fucks are who are complaining on twitter, they have no right to complain they're the 1%.

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yeah these faggots are posting their sob stories on reddit already. i hope a nigger shoves a pistol up his ass and pulls the trigger.

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Nobody needs cloud computing anymore because people finally realized if you're smarter you can do more with less resources

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Bro, his acting is so fucking cringe but it's so fucking good.
The card scene is pure autistic.

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>/biz/ is schizophrenic and bipolar
>Being angry and calling faggots faggots is now some weird snow flake mental illness.

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Tech is a trade, stay poor brokie

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>passion and extremism
Kill yourself you fucking pussy.
It's called locker room talk you fucking puss.

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Fucking kek

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WFH parasite

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Nobody's talking about wagies in a fucking locker room you stupid fucking autist larper

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Yeah and your trade is going through the rough part of the cycle. Sucks to suck.

Funny you tell me to stay poor when you’re the one on the verge of losing your income lmao

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>be work in tech
>new CFO
>says "you will hate me in a few months" to everyone
>says restructuring a thousand times
Im fucked arent I

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>My wife is easily influenced and I can convince her to sell the house
>roastie Wife
>easily influenced

His wife will be sucking the cocks of men who were not fired. THeres no bigger turn off to a modern woman than a guy making 600k getting canned and now may not even be able to make as much as she does. Not to mention the overpaid faggot will have to sell his 3 million dollar mansion. Just a matter of time before she serves him divorce papers

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Working in government is the way to go, your job is virtually immune to economic downturns. Sure you get paid 25% less but the work-life balance gives you the time to manage your own investments almost as well as a daytrading NEET. Can easily make up the difference from capital gains. Less stress AND most importantly you hone a skill to turn money into more money, which is more valuable than any job.

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I hate to see anyone get fired, honestly. Even spoiled and overpaid tech trannies.
But these are the sorts of posts I've been waiting to see for months.

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>$3m mansion
how are you posting in /biz/ if you don't understand area differentials lmao jfc please touch grass and talk to at least 1 woman today

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Government workers are even more detestable than techies. At least techies do some kind of work. Government leeches are completely useless in every way. They collect bloated salaries and tons of nepotism. My neigborhood had a dozen government workers and they didn't do shit. Just stayed at home all day took vacations all the time. Not to mention they are cult like government worshipers state slaves and low IQ

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Kek, this

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3 million dollar cuckshed. There fixed it for you. Hope this whiney tech faggot gets the rest of his net worth stolen in divorce court

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Checked and based and truthpilled. Aerospace chads will inherit the post-technigger economic dystopia. WAGMI

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If you read the post, you see he didn’t complain about money.

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i'm more disturbed by the fact that a 38 year old married father of two is unable to make basic life/marriage decisions without immediately blogposting his life story and consulting the guidance of anonymous basednigger retards on reddit, half of whom are probably underage.

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it's like 4 mandatory months + 2 weeks per year or some shit like that. that plus whatever stock he has left.

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Redditors like this one are the definition of the "good times create weak men" meme. along with every single work from home cuck.

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so out of touch with reality wtf

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I want this more than anything but it's not gonna happen. Too much of our economy is make believe, the powers that be won't let it fail

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Profits are real anon. And work from home fags eat into those profits. Plus Artificial intelligence will make most code monkeys and techie people obsolete anyways. Might as well start canning them now with recession as an excuse

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It might be going through a rough part and yet it's still outperforming anything you've ever pursued.

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Seethe and dilate

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He forgot critical means "my boss's boss is on his ass about it", not "this is actually important".

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Layoffs triggered a Friday morning pump on the stock, looks like they're making up some of that '22 ground. Who's next for layoffs?

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They can't even get into the parking lot, all their access cards are deactivated.

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20 years of stock options, if he was even half sane he is rich af.

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I have not see a single one of these layoffs where there wasn't at least one massive red flag that indicates that said person wasn't just a warm body in a seat.

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I currently work for a tech company that serves international hotel and hospital rooms and I WFH

>Starting is 20 an hour no matter what state
>differential adds an extra 5 bucks an hour
>4 weeks of PTO and 1 holiday of my choosing

>Hello thank you for calling ________. Can you please hold while I bring up your case number?

Take 10 minutes to pleasure myself. Stay salty lmao

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I hate pronouners as much as the next guy, but at least he could code Python (allegedly), as opposed to the bloat we saw when Musk was cleaning house.

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>Hello thank you for calling ________. Can you please hold while I bring up your case number?

found the currynigger

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Every job should be WFH.

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This. At the very least he should have $300-500k in savings even with being a nigger-cattle

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Tick tock homecels

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>wife is an NPC
She'll ditch him once her friends convince her he's now a soiy filled loser and forever jobless (ie never making $600k again)

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They live in tranny tech valley, $3m in 2021 bought a 3bd2ba cuckshed

>> No.53365258

You're a retard. I WFH and office workers got laid off, not me.

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white dutch man. Grew up with computers and used that for a comp sci degree. I still have to work my way up but mashallah tech i comfy.

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I feel this way but for valet parkers and real-estate agents

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I do home repairs and I can't even tell you how many $500k to $1mill houses I worked in with some faggot that owns it who just sits at home and clicks buttons on a computer.

The reckoning for these people is here.

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Jelly retard

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>critical project

some useless shit google deemed not worthy

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seethe harder

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You people are fucking mind broken. Yeah there's a bit of fat that's being trimmed but in general the modern age demands a ton of computer based jobs and it makes practical sense to do them from home. Most of us are MORE productive at home and in an office. There's just a reality that wherever you're doing it you're never actually doing 8 hours of work a day. Stay mad you uneducated faggots. You're the same stupid retards that have shit up all the threads over the years saying university as a scam and then throwing a tantrum when you realize those people live comfier lives than you. Stay fucking mad. Posted from my side laptop from my wfh job.

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Good. Fuck bugmen.

>> No.53365858

>specialized position
>not easily transferable

So it was a made up position with a bloated salary that doesn't exist anymore now that the bubble is bursting?

>> No.53365883

>t. bugman

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A fucking Slav or pajeet is doing his 600k job for 30k. WTF were BigHomo even thinking
His 200k roastie is the next one to get axed, 35yo get the fuck outta here
That faggot moving next door to cuckservative Ben Garrisson boomers in Texas is the cherry on the cake

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almost all these people have already been replaced by a.i.
my company has been comparing a.i. code to 6 figure human code for the past month and the a.i. code is almost always better, to say nothing of the incredible time savings

>> No.53366034

Your company must be fucking retarded. Can the fake AI code entire projects and release them? Can it even do anything outside of coding a single function or small file? No, because you're a troll.

>> No.53366296

it's not a question of the a.i. totally replacing humans, it's a question of 1 senior team lead with a.i. accomplishing the same thing as 1 senior team lead with 4 direct reports.

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Based and truthpilled. The only ppl being kicked out are those only hired to stop them working for competitors

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Cope and seethe.

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>I was fired by email and couldn't say goodbye to my coworkers
Maybe you should have gone to work?

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i feel for people who recently started, but dudes like this, i mean they've been at google for 20 years, this guy is a legitimate multi-millionaire for sure, and we're talking like 5-10 million i bet. the nerve to fucking post a sob story is ridiculous. they fired you over email because youre not special, you got in at the right time, you probably were doing fuck all 20 years later, and the gravy train finally came to end. be grateful. the dude will probably find a new job in a couple months BEFORE THE SEVERANCE PAY EVEN RUNS OUT if he even wants one

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Just got a job in a museum lads. A good one too. Lied my way in KEK

>> No.53366630

Most people here don't have jobs, no need to g et annoyed at them

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as a work from home techie i hope this is true.The world is off balance

>> No.53366676

>work from home techie faggots that have been collecting six figure salaries doing nothing the last 3 years are literally going to get fucked hard. And they deserve it because they are worthless leeches that should be purged

This, mostly. If they've been getting over 60k/year and they're single and they haven't been reinvesting that money & spending it on the community or on service projects, they're just tools who helped engineer systems which either are or might literally be destroying humanity.

Especially if they were programmers who weren't mindful about what they were working on...

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Hahahahahahahaha hahahahaha fuck you Google you fucking tards hahahahahahahaha hahahahaha kekekekekekekekekekekek

>> No.53366799

Once you get to the point of having enough to retire young, most people still don't pull the trigger because their job gives them an easy routine for a ludicrous amount of money.
"1 more year" is a real thing people struggle with.

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Based. Computers and their enablers have been making life worse for 20 years now. It's time to stop.

>> No.53366872


$3,000,000 mortgage @ 2.8%

Fuck me. This dude is going to go bankrupt and end up on the streets when his wife inevitably leaves with the kids.

>> No.53366885

Based, for those that actually slack. Zero hate for those that actually deliver good results from home though.
It's about 10% doing ~half the work at my job. I'm fucking underpaid.
>t. Aerospace chud

>> No.53366926

Agreed, though I'd mostly attribute it to cheap credit and the money printer (TM)
It allows these tech companies to gorge themselves on debt as they go for broke, hell-bent on running the world.
Now they're left doing damage control once they realize a "product manager" doesn't actually produce 600k of value from their couch.

>> No.53367009

This. Having 20 years of Google experience means:
1. He's likely not just in the 1%, but in the 0.1% in terms of wealth, and
2. he can get a job at just about any other company on the planet, if he so chooses
Anyone who isn't a social reject can empathize with him not being able to say goodbye to most of his peers, but he'll be fine.
Depends on your role. If you're more on the operations side, you'll be fine as long as you focus on reducing costs. If you're more on the development side of things, I'd update your resume.

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Love working in Finnish company in Finland because it’s so hard to fire people and if they do manage, get like 400 days 60% salary
Full wfh traveling in Asia
Tbh if I got fired, it would be kind of relaxing because my expenses are so little anyway
Many large companies overhired during covid and now people are being laid off, the headcount is still way higher than pre-covid

>> No.53367031

University is a scam.
>t. be me
>graduate from best computer science/programming university in region with a bachelors degree
>get a masters degree
>look at junior level job ads
>LMAO they require 2-3 years of experience and interviews are 4-5 rounds of HR roastie dumbfuckery for random ass companies
>you get shit salary

If I was smart, I'd make my own company until now instead of going to jew college. You can learn everything from courses/books. You can find college lectures on the internet.

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>google for 20 years
>not some unfireable executive by now
How is this possible? Dont they just take some special ed kids from MIT dump them in some worthless project and make them work on it for a year and half then tell them to go away? Who the fuck is making big decisions other then the jeet CEO?

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>> No.53367075

How is this possible?

He was probably a deprecated developer who got managing position where he would tell younger and smarter developers what to do and be paid a exorbitant amount of money to do so.

During a recession those are fired together with the diversity hires.

>> No.53367196

How is he seething? Sounds like you’re the one sweating his inevitable termination by your FAGMAN overlords.

>> No.53367282

lmao checked, seems like some kind of subtle humblebragging, but desu if i was in a stressful situation i'd come here to shitpost to blow off steam probably

>> No.53367383

Nokia bro? I don't live in Finland tho

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>> No.53367744


i agree, an indian dude who was at google for 20 years still being a software engineer means he was too dumb or lazy for any kind of leadership position. it is why they laid him off, he probably contributes nothing or very little

>> No.53367945

Should I feel bad about using ublock origin? Does this deprive Google of badly needed revenue?

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>600k salary
Fuck this jew
How am i supposed to feed bad for this fucker?

>> No.53367983


Not a vibe zoomer shoo shoo gains goblin

>> No.53368005

Holy KEK

>> No.53368018

What job. I have a comp sci degree and despise coding a bloo bloo

>> No.53368035

Google employees got 16 weeks + 2 weeks for every year they worked there, he got a full year salary, which at 20 years experience, was probably well over 200k

>> No.53368074

Worked at a fortune 500 before learning this harsh lesson. It's certainly true, though.

>> No.53368093

Here's the house this "poor guy" was hoping to buy in Texas apparently. https://www.redfin.com/TX/Roanoke/2-Lake-Forest-Ct-76262/home/33000660?600390594

>> No.53368172

I got laid off from google as well.
It honestly was pretty random, some really tenured folks, people with really good reviews, and some who were unironically kinda important all got dumped, nobody really knows the criteria
Dunno what I'm gonna do now.

>> No.53368193

Apparently they don't get credit for things they do and google is very biased with their performance evaluations.

>> No.53368201

Or google+, but then again he probably wouldn't have seen it.

>> No.53368206

god dammit lost on the first reply

>> No.53368217

Believe it or not, but normalfags actually like their jobs and feel like what they're doing "matters".

>> No.53368222

It's common to lay off very experienced and good people who the company just thinks are too expensive as well as the low performers. Sorry to hear about the layoff bro. You'll definitely find something else lucrative as long as you're actually smart.

>> No.53368227

I’m irreplaceable, nobody knows how to do my job.

>> No.53368256

>i agree, an indian dude who was at google for 20 years still being a software engineer means he was too dumb or lazy for any kind of leadership position. it is why they laid him off, he probably contributes nothing or very little
Not true if you're actually good and get to principal level or technical fellow. Most managers are completely useless relative to those guys. However, companies also lay people off just because they're too expensive, not necessarily bad at their jobs.

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i see the snake bit its handlers.. surely they knew it was a snake? hahahahaha..

>> No.53368314

thanks bro, yeah I never got a 'bad' performance review, met expectations over and over
my manager and skip didn't even know about this till this morning, they both thought I was doing fine
I literally worked on a really boring but stable and profitable small slice away from the glamorous shit, dunno why they gave so much attention to our team and stuff
I can definitely find something but it's a question of finding the right environment, my immediate team and manager were super chill

>> No.53368364

imagine working at google for 20 years and not already being rich and retired

are normies really this bad with money? how is this guy not already worth 8 figures

>> No.53368388

Didn't they only fire the slackers and low-performers?

>> No.53368415

>friends and Co-workers
Choose one.....and choose wisely

>> No.53368435

You mean autism. High functioning autism and health insurance exploits for the misuse of attention medication? Dude, no. It's over. Those guys are out. And they'll likely let the academics of it's study suffer the career into a nuclear sub tech appeal.

>> No.53368485

He dumped his equity the same day it vested anon and had himself a nice vacation somewhere, or maybe paid for his wedding.

>> No.53368501

>And they'll likely let the academics of it's study suffer the career into a nuclear sub tech appeal.
Is this a bot? This word salad makes no sense.

>> No.53368512

In 2004, googles split adjust price was 2.40
1000 share the, after all splits is almost 40k share now.
Unless he is totally.retarded he is rich af

>> No.53368536

He will have to change his name now his parents fucked up naming him that

>> No.53368557

I'm not in big tech and not even from the States but what I learned from mass lay-offs:
Most big companies don't really know who would be safe to let go, there seems to be a huge part of random selection and probably kind of a social component meaning how hard would it be for the person to get a new job.
Consequence from that is sometimes that the companies learn they fucked up in some areas like at twatter where they asked some to come back.
Happens all the time as I experienced. So I'd say the chances are not bad that some of those guys could get back in and probably even with a raise.

>> No.53368572

This and we wonder why we have no doctors or lawyers or politicians

>> No.53368579


Is google only firing white guys?

>> No.53368580

Cope and seethe harder. I have an amazing skill set and will always be in demand making mid 6 figures working 2 hours a day. That’s just how it is on this bitch of an Earth, there is winners and there is losers. Sorry that you are a loser. (Not sorry)

>> No.53368595

If you work at Google you work at Google. You're not going to have time to do/think much else. I'd guess he's still easily a millionaire though.

>> No.53368605

Doesn't appear so >>53367033 but I'm interested in the statistic, nonetheless. Would make sense given their trajectory since 2016.

>> No.53368612

recession is about to begin

>> No.53368660

Yeah way less value produced then the blokes sitting in an office pressing buttons on a computer

>> No.53368719

the axe scene is one of the most convincing fits of rage ive ever seen performed on screen

>> No.53368986

Senior engineer is a terminal level at most of these companies. Also management is a massive cocksucker position, I pity anyone who thinks you have to move into it.

did you just have a stroke? That makes no sense and you sound salty lmao

>> No.53369341

I own 7 shares of GOOGL and made about $35 today from news of the layoff. I'm sure a lot of other people in the 99% made some money too in the form of shareholder value.

He should be honored to redistribute some of his wealth to people like me.

>> No.53369411

Maybe all of these people should go make a Google competitor that doesn't suck (lets you search for real images and download them) and is not fucking evil.

>> No.53370013

How does one blow away 4 million dollars? Fucking fascinates me. I just bought a house and at 130k a year. I have enough money every paycheck that I don't know what to spend it on. These people are making 200k to 300k a year. How the fuck are these people not retired?

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thanks for the all the service, woke wagie, but you're still just a number along with everyone else.

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On one hand there's macroeconomic factors forcing these companies to fire people, but on the other hand a smaller part of profits has to go towards employees. So besides obvious vaporware like META, is this bullish or bearish for these tech companies' stock prices?

>> No.53371577

I work for a company which was created by all the people who got laid off from their previous company.

Protip, it's shit here. They were fired for a reason.

>> No.53371593

based. the assholes enabled and forced their faggot cuck views on everybody via the programs and felt like the are about to be the new mars aristocracy. the more jump infront of a subway the better

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>Cope and seethe harder. I have an amazing skill set and will always be in demand making mid 6 figures working 2 hours a day. That’s just how it is on this bitch of an Earth, there is winners and there is losers. Sorry that you are a loser. (Not sorry)

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In demand? A fucking AI can do what you can do. Only faster and it only costs the electricity not wasting air, like you.