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They are going fucking crazy today kek. Way more unhinged than usual


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>Thomas the Chud

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>pear shaped faggot has a board full of cucks that feed him their lunchmoney


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i can't even joke with them any more. up until now i thought it was like schoolyard jostling where it was all good natured. but they are seriously sick, it's just sad.

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Just doxxed another one, spread the word far and wide.
a curry nigger half jew that also talks about black dicks on /pol/ is fudding Chainlink here 24/7.
If you see a FUD post with iphone filename its him or the Pollackmutt.

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kek, very nice

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>calls other people mentally ill
>believes there is a global Bulgarian conspiracy to suppress their rank 25 shitcoin
Chainlinkers are the epitome of projecting cückolds

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>i'm pear shaped tooo!!
>just stop ok!
t. low t linkcuck

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there he is, the curry nigger from >>53355716
now watch this brown manlet seethe and damage control LMAO

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You LITERALLY changed the filenames

Brown neckbeards trying to be hackers is next level cringe hahahahaha

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lmao that was too good

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Everyone who cares about Chainlink desperately needs something better to do with their time. Baggies and fudders are just hanging out in this shithole losing money and time all day every day.

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this is your existence. CHAINLINK CHAINLINK CHAINLINK CHAINLINK 24/7 non stop on your phone


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Waiting for the spic to post more “hacking” skillz

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this, they could be accumulating FRIN for the next bullrun instead they choose to whine about a stale coin, baggies and fudders alike

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look at this raging, no life loser spending all day monitoring the posts that hurt it's feelings

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He probably lives in some shithole london suburb and his parents almost certainly are freshies from pakistan or curryland and got bullied at school. Now he scrounges benefits, thought he was smart buying link in 2021 at the top and got fucked kek.

Either way he definitely hasnt got a job

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no filenames were changed currynigger and anyone can go to the archives and check everything for themselves.
try harder at your pathetic damage control.

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clicking on View Same takes seconds

I'm off to lunch, now switch to mobile data again to change IPs and reply back and then post 50 more Chainlink posts and threads in the next 10 minutes, chop chop

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>i'll be here i'll day crying about people making fun of me
t. low t linknigger

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little currynigger has nothing else in his life. he will damage control hard for the next 18 hours or so.
probably wont even sleep tonight.

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so who's next?

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The faces of those whose parents failed to raise.

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Honestly i feel pity for these freaks. They are hyperactive right now. The sad part is they definitely feel shame for being exposed, but its also part of why they relentlessly spam all day and spend the time they aren’t spamming making pics.
They are neets with nothing, likely get dinner cooked for them by mummy still and have no responsibility.

All this exposure over them gives them part of what they want. (You)s. They are just addicted to people noticing them at all as they are invisible in society. They try all day every day to get reaponses even if it is negative. Even if they feel deep shame over being exposed now they cant help themselves.
They are also obvious to how others view them, and think using their own rhetoric will convince others when in reality anyone defending it is obviously associated with it. Any casual observer can see that. These fud fags are tone death. Im sure some are in a discord together and it is the only social interaction they have in life.

Its a sad, pathetic and pitiful existence. Their parents must be absolutely ashamed of them, but likely think they are beyond help now. Unfortunately while they dont get a chance to expose their mental illness in public they do online.

It has completely removed any facade about the fud now, and it is just boring and pitiful knowing the fud is just an avenue for some mentally sick weirdos to get attention. It isnt about LINK at all.

It’s clear lately they all talk to themselves as moat have given up on this board, but after this exposure i dont think they’ll be getting much of what they crave anymore (yous) after this initial humiliation. Anons are just going to remember it and lose interest.

In response these fags Will probably get even more desperate and spammy and even larp as normal holders responding to their attempts for attention. I can see it now. Absolutely pity.

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Can't imagine being such an unhinged loser and typing all that garbage kek

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>currynigger in full damage control mode

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Most impressive

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kek thanks for this

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you have no room to call anyone low t you guys are fucking pathetic.
I've never seen a more sad bunch of lunatics and I've been coming to this site since 2007.
Get a fucking life, anon.

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>i've wasted 15 years out of my 57 years of pathetic existence on this site


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You're here forever. I also spend my time here wisely while actually doing other things with my life.
You spend your entire day spamming low iq fud about some shitcoin.
It's beyond tragic. I think you should get help immediately. You're going to kill yourself.

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>says the currynigger lolcow fudding here 24/7

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ok genetic dead end
didn't read KEK

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You read every word, anon. I am sorry your life is so shit. I really am. Good luck.

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Kek the cuck is SEETHING

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I see your drivel and I laugh knowing that your genes die with you KEK

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you just know he lost half his stack on bancor, it's alright, nastyslob will dump more to pay him to shitpost on twitter all day

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Honestly I liked it more when we thought they were paid fudders. Now they just seem very sad and I’m dismayed at the state of humanity seeing their posts.

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Such is life as a /pol chud. They will never get laid or have frens irl so best they can do is get reactions by fudding

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every chainlink thread has the same 5 bagholders spamming the same exact shit. it’s genuinely pathetic and i’m glad you subhumans are being scammed by that russhit retard

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This but unironically.

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God bless the anon who did this. It is first instance of autistic digging on this board in a long time.

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they are trying to berry Complete Knowledge before anons get anymore bread crumbs https://twitter.com/AriJuels/status/1615019710931681280

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my sides are gone