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Chainshitters are literally spreading fake news to counter the “FUDDERS”

They literally copy pasted the file names from /pol/ threads LMAOOOOOO

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fuck off phoneposter

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Whats bunch of salty and cringe bagholders…no wonder they spend their time making their schizophrenic garbage collages to prove their point

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the amount of seethe that has been created by this whole Thomas thing shows how absolutely bang on the money it is.
lmao you faggots got absolutely fucking rekt
total fucking LOSERS hahahaahahahah

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You literally got debunked in real time sweetie

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>no YOU'RE a tranny shill
>no YOU'RE a tranny fud poster
no normal or sane person gives a shit
stop shitting up the board and killing threads

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Checked and predicted, what a based post

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LINK to 1k EOY

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It’s amazing to see how much they increased their spamming after the whole Thomas reveal.

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it's inevitable

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They are fudding the fud? Crypto is a fucking joke. Lol.
>let's all lose money and accuse each other of masturbating to dickgirls for not holding the same magic tokens!

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What the fuck are you even saying and showing?

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Dumb Chainshitters were making collages with pepes posted on here and on /pol/ claiming it was the same poster. It was just a chainshitter rembranding the filename.

Imagine being so insecure about your piece of shit investment you have to counter the FUDDERS with bullshit hahaha

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Bro youre fucking mentally ill? We literally just talk tech with chainlink and you fucking thomas the chud who can't keep his hands of his cock continously spams fud. What the actual fuck.

I understand genuine rebuttal and discussion of link's downsides but holy fuck you polchuds come in with the most autistic bullshit ever

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Except the writing styles are so distinct and repetitive you can tell even without the hahes.

Nice try you mentally ill loser. You were one of the people exposed. Fucking kek at your life

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That shit coulda been by fudders to derail the whole Thomas situation. If it was really Thomas and chuds, you can gaurantee theyll try as much as they can to derail picrel.

Also notice how bulgarians are coming back. Clearly someones trying to remove the attention to thomas

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You're losing your shit because someone posted Pepes from another board on here?

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hes freaking out because we found him.
so we got him and now he bitches and moans and goes full damage control.
lets call out and bully that little curry nigger in this thread too.

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currynigger retard really thought he would be fully anonymous here KEK


but lets not forget the other mentally ill kidults that post along with him here.

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holy shit lmao

I did notice that at least one of the notorious 50pbtid fudder schizos kept posting phone screencaps of /biz/ threads.

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the currynigger is currently going around all the LINK threads posting from his iphone trying to deboonk it. what a fucking retard LMAO
you can really tell hes shitting himself right now.