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>it’s le NEXO Bulgarians
>it’s le people who lost their stacks on Bancor
>it’s the discord trannies
>it’s Thomas
Chainshitters, not even once

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based thread OP
now watch the baggies rage

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hey dumb curry nigger, I'm doxxing you right now.

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Oh man can you imagine OPs raging hard on. He replaced porn... With this!?

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Oh no a brown incel neckbeard in Kentucky is going to doxx me!

What am I going to do????

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curry nigger already shaking and I havent even started

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I find myself wondering what it must be like to be you guys; to have saved up a sizeable stack of Link and then, thinking yourself a savvy investor/businessman, lodging most of it on Bancor and Celsius, all the while dreaming of this rich lifestyle you would one day soon attain.
I try to imagine the crippling grief and the dreadful feeling of loss when you realised it was all turning to shit. Oh god that must have been horrific. Like having a child taken from you. All your hopes and dreams gone, just like that. Of course, it actually took a while as there was this brief hope you might get it all back, but it wasn't to be.
I only pray you didn't buy a lot of Linkpool too, did you? To lock in that 'guaranteed share of all node earnings'? Holy mother of mercy, but that was not to be either, was it?
Your pain must be indescribable. I only hope I can offer a few words of consolation: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

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you’re brown and you post on /r9k/ stop acting tough you little angry chud

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>curry nigger already shaking and I havent even started

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Link Marines = хoмoceкcyaлиcти

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all the doxxed anons happen to be from europe and america, all of sudden its now the curry. How fast the narrative change?

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Link Marines are projecting as usual

Most Link bagholders are from Uttar Pradesh

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you will see when I present the evidence.
this fudder is a REALLY pathetic creature.

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>the evidence
Yeah the same “evidence” you posted yesterday, you dumb cuckøld lol

Copying file names from old pol threads hahahahahaha

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i don't know what kind of autism powers this recent dunk on flannel shitcoin, but i'm glad for it
t b h i wonder how much chainlink hate we would see normally if the mods weren't paid to delete threads negative about chainlink
(try misspelling "chainlink" to a common pejorative word for it and see how the filter reacts)

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cuck lmao

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you should be, when I drop the bomb the curry nigger will kill himself LMAO

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and as quickly as kek arrived, he departs

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digits say that the low iq linknigger is a raging, impotent incel

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beg me not to post it, last chance currycuck.

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btw u dont happen to be E.S the admin from the chainlink community, are you?

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I have an insider at Nexo Bulgaria, all their programmers smoke weed at work

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You’ve already been outed as a brown incel who posts on /r9k/

Stop…you’re just embarrassing yourself you dumb linkcuck

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>beg me not to post it, last chance currycuck.

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>currycuck getting nervous

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>>currycuck getting nervous

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here enjoy the read currynigger.

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Why are Chainshitters so pathetic hahaha

You literally changed the name of the filename to prove your point and made schizo collage

Nice “hacking skills” bro LOL

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thats the best you could come up with currynigger?
you dun goofed

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well thats interesting, now i know indian have 0- blood

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You know occams razor in this situation anon?
Nobody would give a shit to defend or disprove it. Other than you for some reason. Meaning… it’s obviously true

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LOL look at this linknigger brainlet

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its 100% him. same posting style, always iphone filenames (phone tards are lazy and always use the same images with their posts).
now all you gotta do is just call this little nigger lover out whenever you see him and watch him squirm.

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>let me Google reverse image this meme to find those damn Bulgarian FUDDERS

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>thats the best damage control he can come up with

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But you really Google reversed that pic

You’re not a hacker lmao

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little brown currynigger is shitting himself right now.
>currynigger newfag doesnt know how the archives work
LMAO the lolcow that keeps on giving.

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I don't get it, how does this screencap prove anything? filenames are retained if you download them from 4chinz, it could literally be anyone

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low iq loser kek

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>doesnt know how the imagehash works
this damage control wont work newfriend

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>ignores the blatantly identical writing styles

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huh? no really, they do retain the names, have you ever heard of 4chan X?
everyone has the same blatantly identical typing format, it's part of the 4chinz culture bro
not even memeing

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>dat halfassed damage control

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are you ok anon?

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so no retorts? a bit disappointing desu
stop smashing the capslock anon, it makes you look deranged

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>198 rage posts by xECAOBJi
>on the verge of shooting up a school

I think this linknigger is broken and needs put down for everyone's safety at this point

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keep seething currynigger, wheres the damage control?

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Sad state of affairs.

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