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hold the cheese

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We appreciate your patience and understanding and look forward to releasing CCIP in 2023 in a state that meets the functional and security demands of the growing cross-chain economy.

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Chainshitters just can’t stop losing

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>Various alpha partners, including Synthetix and others, have been involved in the initial prototyping and testing of CCIP. The protocol will have a phased launch process extending into 2023, including a series of ongoing quality assurance procedures such as penetration testing, soak testing, and multiple internal and external audits. These procedures help ensure the production version of CCIP meets the unique and complex demands of the cross-chain economy, which in 2022 saw more than 100B in funds transferred across bridges and over 2.5B in bridge hacks.

>We know many have been eagerly anticipating the launch of CCIP. Security is our number one priority for CCIP, as it is for every Chainlink launch. We appreciate your patience and understanding and look forward to releasing CCIP in 2023 in a state that meets the functional and security demands of the growing cross-chain economy.
just two more blog posts

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>For example, we’ve already seen these shifts towards market data vs. other types of data with DeFi, along with the need to occasionally reprioritize key features that have grown in demand and therefore merit greater attention (e.g. CCIP), which will also mean the slowdown of features that decrease in demand (e.g. trusted hardware).
curious about what time means
is this them saying they're abandoning sgx for their own tee solution?

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Riddle me this:
What crypto pumps the least and dumps the most?

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>payments can be made in other assets

Is it unironically over bros

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not like this bros....

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God damn I love Sergey. He's the real deal.

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So CCIP and network monetisation this year as well as build rewards. Comfy, staked and Patiently waiting.
They’re building an entire new ecosystem that makes every thing else look like the half assed scams that they are.

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Unlocking new ways for LINK to be market bought kek.

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tl;dr its over

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Why the fuck would they even post this? They literally have nothing to say, do they?

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Literally read the next sentence lmfao. Token is now needed even more

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It was a fund raising scam for a shit token project that launched with very unfortunate timing (just as authorities started prosecuting securities fraud), so they need to spend the next 10 years pretending to build something (theranos style) that can't be built before they ultimately walk away. Bag holders are just along for the ride.

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>To minimize friction in collecting fees, payments can be made in LINK, or in certain cases, in other assets, including native tokens, at a higher rate compared to LINK payments. Payments in other assets can then be converted into LINK, resulting in a total increase in LINK consumption.

>To minimize friction in collecting fees, payments can be made in LINK, or in certain cases, in other assets, including native tokens, at a higher rate compared to LINK payments. Payments in other assets can then be converted into LINK, resulting in a total increase in LINK consumption.

>To minimize friction in collecting fees, payments can be made in LINK, or in certain cases, in other assets, including native tokens, at a higher rate compared to LINK payments. Payments in other assets can then be converted into LINK, resulting in a total increase in LINK consumption.

>To minimize friction in collecting fees, payments can be made in LINK, or in certain cases, in other assets, including native tokens, at a higher rate compared to LINK payments. Payments in other assets can then be converted into LINK, resulting in a total increase in LINK consumption.

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my question is when/where the conversion to link happens

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Sure, you just need to find someone willing to pay to use the service. Good luck with that.

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So they either have to market buy LINK, or they have to pay even more in another token, that then gets used to auto-market buy LINK.
Guys we're actually going to be rich.

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yes, they finally listened and are making the token needed

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Based perpetual revenue model. We’re gonna be so fucking rich and people will still moan about it

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Lmao you guys really thought schwab would make you chuds rich

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lol stfu, that link gets sold straight back onto the market. this shit is a ponzi

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I think they actually mean that the excess payment in other assets might be used to buy LINK and burn/stake it? Like the normal price is sold off but the excess is used to increase LINK consumption

ultra bullish if true

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It goes to stakers as rewards numbnuts

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Did you forget about staking anon?
You might wanna check how much link is locked up for a single eth/usd price feed on v0.1

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Holy shit we are gonna be so rich.

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Not only lays out in concrete terms how LINK is not only needed, but will power all fee payments even if they're not made in LINK, but also addresses the "What happened to mixicles, etc" fudder.
After taking out the Bulgs it looks like Serg is destroying all the popular fud talking points, too. Battle mode.

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Now lets see him refute the main fud....THE PRICE! LMAO

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One LINK will be $140,000 (in today's dollars) by 2027. I'm going to make sure that I lift a lot of weights and read a lot of books between now and then.

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So what kind of revenue are we thinking to reach? Say 5% of revenue share from top protocols like aave and GMX that make around around 1M per day, that’s 50k. Then the middle sized projects (but a lot more of them) probably all combined another 50k. Then small projects doing build tokens. Then next bullrun this all 10x as retail enters the space and fees skyrocket. Could see chainlink earning 1M in per day by 2025 + 5% of all small projects via build tokens.

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2-5% of this entire list combined

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Any idea what kind of revenue bridges make?

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what do you expect from a premined shitcoin scam?

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i've already give you my answer

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Lure them in with free subsidize and hit them when they are the most desperate. Sergey is actually a drug dealer. Its a luring strategy of oracle addicts. Projects will be so depended that they either have to use link or shutdown their projects. Meth/Oracle addict economics 3.0

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subtle nod to biz linkies with the Seneca quote. we are being molded into better versions of ourselves, into better men.

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I can't wait to see projects get mad at the fees and decide to spin up their own oracle, at which point they will learn what COMP and the rest of them learned already.

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I’m gonna end up walking the Earth like Cain in Kung-Fu

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dude are you the same guy that was swearing we're going to 130k earlier?
let's work on 50, 100, 1000, and 81000 first, ok?

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>4 more years until your real life can begin.. Trust the plan marines
>link will be 8366388899999985544 gorillion dollars just trust me bro!

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Nobody cares just go buy ada or something if you think its a scam

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It’s written very nicely. Proud of you Sergey

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You can get fit and well read, or you can jerk off to german women getting blacked. The years will pass either way, all that will change is what sort of man you become.

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I like the videos where the white guys fuck the black chicks

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Is this conversion into link mandatory? This image makes it seem like the conversion is optional.

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all payments are in LINK, so yes.

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The image states that payments can also be made in other assets, which can then be converted into link. I was wondering if this conversion was optional or not. The image makes it very ambiguous.

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The conversion is not optional. All backend payments are made in LINK, which has been known for years and years. The only difference is now that people can pay at the front with a different token, as long as they pay a premium.

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if it ever goes back to 40 i'm selling most of it

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This was posted at $30.

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Did thomas still have a foreskin at that point?

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Great, do you want a medal?

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I don’t really care. The old world is gone. The only thing I care about is if holding link will keep us from having to get perpetually jabbed with the vaccine passport shit.

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>19,000+ SmartCon 2022 attendees (in-person and virtual).
Are these clowns serious?

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It’s not ambiguous at all lmao. You’re either retarded or trying to be disingenuous.

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He's both, anon. Both at the same time

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most of the seats were empty and the livestream had like 500 viewers at the peak kek

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This. I just wonder when Sergey will start charging.

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Link Marines are literal cückolds for Sergey Nazarov

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Can you post this but with the Bulgarian Chad in a prison jumpsuit lol

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And we live rent free in your limited space. Kek

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Wild that this wasn't even a huge announcement and it has already caused near catastrophic psychic collapse in the fudders.
I fear for them.

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>One of my favorite quotes from Seneca
Stopped reading right fucking there

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>Serg is destroying all the popular fud talking points
yes but the slowness of actually deploying still stands and looks like it only got worse
we might have to wait for next cycle or 2029 to see singularity price increases
its gonna be a rough time as the methhead chads are gonna mock us relentlessly

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kek this, I was sitting next to empty chairs much of smartcon, the media tables were completely EMPTY outside of 1 slob on his laptop

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Straight up lie, We all know you dont leave your house, fucking loser.

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My fear is that "can be" differs from "will be" (converted into LINK tokens), like a ton. Sergey always weighs his words.

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Why am I not rich already?

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How about I post something I got from SmartCon that only attendees got, and we'll do it for 100 LINK. Deal?

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Holy shit were gonna be so rich. Best part is I’m getting paid to hold from staking.

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probably totaling all the video views even those that weren't live
someone was calling them out on SCRF for massively exaggerating the TVE they claimed also

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matching url ending and post number
what does it mean???

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Or just post it you larping fag wad.

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Mostly because of /biz/ fudders and demoralizationposting.
This market trades 100% on sentiment.

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and they still dont get that they fuck themselves over as they all hold it
but totally worth it to stop 5 normies from buying in

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>29 days ago
eric wall tongues my anus

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unironically we are blessed to have him

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>can't stop losing
>have only won, ever
??? what are your paychecks like?

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I don't care if it's Eric Wall or not
it took 21 days for someone from chainlink to respond

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Eric is still really hurt from getting bullied by Linkies on Twitter. He comes to every Link thread here to seethe.

>> No.53350153

Pretty crazy they responded at all given that they never reply to comments on other social media like twitter for example. communication is strictly one way. Given the nature of Eric's previous post e.g. the character assassination of one Ari Juels, the excel file fraudulent mathematics, and this post which seems to come from the same document in part, I think he would get taken seriously if he upped the character assassination ante and took notes from the Zeus Capital Report i.e. how to signal and profit through narrative 101. Bill Gates used a cool book Eric might be interested in called Using Statistics to Lie or something like that. Could be a great source of inspiration for your next FUD post?

By the way are you the Uber Eats driver or is that the other guy?

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Conversion is optional. If you want to go through another middleman token you can, but just using the native token is fine as well. If you want to go through LINK, the usual price neutral buying and selling occurs (node operators have to pay bills denominated in dollars).

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Checked. Did he report this to the internet police?
lmao remember when Vitalik was all AAHHGGG GET THESE DAMN RETARD FROGS OFF MY FEED lol it was just like the bible and Vitalik was the Pharoah

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To my understanding, and correct me if I'm wrong because I just skimmed through the blog but all these crypto coin scams have similar mechanics, the LINK token insulates the oracles from sybil attack but for convenience you can pay for oracle services in other tokens like stable coins but there is a premium involved to convert to LINK. LINK payments directly are cheaper and easier. Node side the nodes take the LINK and sell only what they need to pay expenses and keep the rest for staking and speculation hodling and engaging in defi (does a node or the entity operating the node engage in insideher trading for doing this idk lol?)

>> No.53350316

How does the build tokens interact within this system? 5% float is a lot a whole lot more than my village so there's that and there is the inbound tokens most likely stables but it is definitely user dependent and now you have all these defi peasants showing up to pay the piper with whatever random shit is in their pockets laugh out loud can I pay in umm let's see here I have a few bits of string, a few staples, umm some chicken bones for playing knuckles, a hyperinflation penny, and some lint. how much oracle service can i has today sers?

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vitalik didn't mean that oracles need their own token, he just meant that they need a token. a real world implementation of an oracle without yet another token can be seen on bsc where they cut out link and replaced it with bnb to simplify the whole system. this was possible by chainlink distributing the code they've built over the years funded by token selling under the mit license, which makes it usable by for profit competitors. those get free updates as well, since the code stays open.

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That's nonsense. At one point i couldn't get a seat at the media tables and had to sit next to some anon who kept peering at my notes. You just made that up

>> No.53350414

I heard that the code will not always be public and BNB is an insolvent scam. That's why they refuse to use PoX because CZ is insolvent. Can't wait for this whole house of cards to coom crashing down hard so I can piss on the ashes and laugh then go back to waging. Crypto gave me hope then dashed it so I really want to see those VCs and crypto scammers hang for their crimes against NEETs.

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why bother if you're media you just get it wrong anyways why even try its an embarrassment to me to you and your parents you absolute fuckup

>> No.53350435

Right, and if oracle services become expensive you realise people will stop using chainlink, don't you? This leaves room for competing cheaper oracles to provide their services.

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>I heard that the code will not always be public
here is a quote from chain.link which clarifies their intent:
>Chainlink is open-source technology that is collectively developed by a large community of developers, researchers, and users who share the goal of building Chainlink into a public good for the benefit of the entire blockchain ecosystem.
if you will, their tokens are a form of "i donated" badges. you helped them give away more work, your reward is a thank you token

>> No.53350496

Just like how everyone stopped using ETH because gas fees went through the roof right?
Or how BTC mining became expensive so everyone just gave up!
bearish assessment for ETH and BTC I guess you are right.
Oracle feeds are expensive so as a defi peasant I will choose the cheap chinese shit oracles then get hacked and go bankrupt. meanwhile my competitor, another defi peasant, used chainlink brand oracles paid handsomely for the service and reputation i.e. the white way of doing business and the thing was a resounding success! XD

>> No.53350508

ERC 677 tokens are ethereum tokens and ethereum tokens generally go to zero but chainshit has not. why is that?
did you know that transfer and call cannot happen without the token?

>> No.53350524

exactly. luckily for them, all code that chainlink developed over the years is and remains open for copying, giving them a head start. it's a curious business decision, but they are selflessly using their donators money to further the growth of their competition

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Seneca again. Honestly the most bearish thing about link for me is the fucking tween girl philosophy Sergey seems to have stopped at despite being a philosophy major.

>> No.53350558

pretty cool how chainlink have this massive lead on everyone else so much so that even when the code is open for everyone to see no one can understand it to build things with never mind about forking le code. wait wait next thing we know the ether maxies will spam le blockchain again HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

>> No.53350568

>Oracle feeds are expensive so as a defi peasant I will choose the cheap chinese shit oracles then get hacked and go bankrupt.
This doesn't happen nearly as often as you think.

>> No.53350585

Binance oracles will absolutely destroy Chainlink when it rolls out.

>> No.53350586

Because everyone wised up and started using Chainlink price feed oracles you dumbass.

>> No.53350596

happens enough basically every defi protocol worth their salt uses chainlink brand link oracles not off brand chink shit. sometimes you can't compromise on quality. nothing beats good old fashioned chainlink brand link oracle tokens ahh the good old days

>> No.53350606

Don't call me a dumbass, you bagholding cuck.

>> No.53350615

dumbarse hahahahaha

>> No.53350640

>/biz/ fudders and demoralizing posts
Thomas is so powerful he is making sure Link, the most useful token ever to exist which all cryptocurrency and eventually the entire financial market will depend upon, will not moon.
All it takes is a fudder to shut down everything.

>> No.53350647

And why is that?

>> No.53350649

Just like BSC killed Ethereum
Seething chink hands wrote this reply. You missed the boat chump, sorry. Maybe there will be another revolutionary project in the next few years. Stick around and look for it

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this. BNB cannot compete with a bunch of long haired trannies dancing around 90% of the time in fur suits and most erc tokens go down -90% hahahaha and the chinks cannot even compete with a few hair brained ether lefties YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS UP

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>CCIP cancelled

holy fucking kek, stinkies keep losing

>> No.53350804

based cancel it burn it all down and piss on the ashes this is so based to see

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wow a blog post, fat piece of fuck couldn't even turn on his zoom camera to read his slides aloud this year
well guess? not reading

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average LINKer vs detractor

>> No.53351111

chainlink lookin real juicy

>> No.53351187

They never said which 2022 of eternal recurrence they meant.

>> No.53351229

>version 0.01

>> No.53351402

CZ went from challenging Chainlink to bending the knee in very short order. What do you think inspired the sudden pivot?

>> No.53351574

When did he bend the knee?

>> No.53351592

A week or two after he started hyping “Binance oracle” he suddenly stfu about it while releasing a clearly pandering tweet about how vital Chainlink was. Not the sort of thing you just do on a whim

>> No.53351634

The question is it’s optional for the node operator to convert to link, not the customer.

>> No.53351647

I missed that tweet. Interesting.

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Funny how besides CCIP there is nothing in train for 2023 yet still there is a verbose disclaimer at the end about how timelines are predictions only. Either 2023 is yet another building block year as opposed to a milestone one or Sergey is so burned from the New Year address he can't speak freely.

Decent article but I'm so void of hope at this stage I am intentionally managing expectations. Nothing so far has made me feel good about not selling at any point in 2021.

inb4 thomas chronic masturbation bulgarian illuminati pajeet

>> No.53351800

he's still working on the oracles you retard.

>> No.53351843

expansion of services includes ccip and other things like low latency oracles and DECO was mentioned too. CCIP is going to be big though, its the biggest thing since price feeds which birthed defi. Imagine another crazy run fueled by chainlink, except this time it's not subsidized?

Not saying we're gonna destroy all expectations but things are looking better this year than previous.

>> No.53351895

Hard to say "I hope so" because I'm completely dead inside by now, but I do hope you're right.

>> No.53351936

I heard sergey was Frankie Muniz’s stunt double in Malcom in the Middle.

>> No.53351944

Yep, can relate pretty well. I'm glad Sergey's talking more explicitly about using LINK to actually pay for Chainlink's services... that's not something I really expected. I don't know what that says about how low expectations are at this point.

>> No.53352024

LINKBTC looks like fucking shit too. We lost that (roughly) 34k sats level last week. Lowest level since August and kind of a no-man's land here until 24k. I do hope CCIP can push us into a first attempt at breaking through that $9.50 sell wall.

>> No.53352050

>September 2019 will be fireworks for Chainlink
>The Chainlink Network in 2023
I should probably go back to school and finish my degree.

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File: 7 KB, 751x88, smartcon cci icc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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this was a real insider. CCIP dropped literally the next week

>> No.53352196

HAHAHAHAHAAH the delusion is insane. Im guaranteeing no CCIP this year, and even if they did release a shit beta before the beta version, theres no chance in hell anyone pays in Link. Gonna be another great year

>> No.53352214

Smartest man in the thread.

Linkies should hold cuckold seminars and charge thousands to show other potential cucks how to be master cucks. Its a niche market but there has to he some money there, which you guys need after losing massively on le infographic scam.

>> No.53352233

>babby sets new years resolution to lift
>by jan 27th hes already telling himself “ill get back to it tmrw”
>2025 rolls around, “this is our year”
>misses another bullrun
>I I I wanted this, more time to accumu—ACK!!!!!!

>> No.53352253

WOW sick writeup dude!!! Ill be sure to check out the new whitepaper. Also have you seen any new INFOGRAPHICS!???

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And TWO WEEKS LATER they said they need more penetration and soak testing so no ccip till next year to be released VERY SLOWLY in small phases

>> No.53352310

what sort of degree?

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How has nobody checked these?

>> No.53352348


>2021 - fake TVL stats
>2022 - fake TVE stats
>2023 - fake smartcon attendance

The Cuckolds of crypto. Has such a nice ring to it

>> No.53352391

Look, thomas the cuck is here with his autistic laughing gif of nicholas cage. How is that chronic masturbation thing going on ?

>> No.53353947

>Insulting an anonymous poster instead of addressing the statement
its over

>> No.53354046

Par for the course in these threads for years. How can they address anything price or demand related anyway? No chance.

>> No.53354205

>deflecting instead of answering the question
How IS that chronic masturbation thing going Tommy?

>> No.53354997
File: 680 KB, 3356x1134, 1653243791945.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not that hard, trust me lol

>> No.53355084
File: 209 KB, 1539x521, 1650636035659.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine still trying to peddle that horseshit lol

>it took 21 days for someone from chainlink to respond
He kept asking about this even before he posted that "analysis", and got replied to every single time.

>> No.53355089
File: 152 KB, 2041x553, 1658849770719.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I don't care if it's Eric Wall or not
You should.
He has a monetary interest in badmouthing Chainlink.

>> No.53355741
File: 1.65 MB, 1810x912, womeninblockchaintrannies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>same slides
>same infographics

Nothing ever changes. Too much trust not enough truth in this ponzi scam. Imagine sending $50k to a wallet controlled by a russian who promises to send you it back + 5% interest and some shitcoins which don't even have products yet, all while preaching le cryptographic truth and muh truth > trust. It's no different than what SBF did who was a major keynote at smartCON. What also funny is every glosses over the fact that TRON was the top sponsor. Any other project and everyone would be calling this project for what it really is. The sad part is the team actually had something going until they started hiring trannies and ex-middle managers of linkedin and the like to be vp and know nothing of how tokenomics and crypto works.

>> No.53355777
File: 40 KB, 736x735, 1673703041500897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.53355780

kys frognigger

>> No.53355801
File: 134 KB, 876x527, 755254-GVB4_orig (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.53355805

you're already dead, cuckboi lol

>> No.53355836
File: 100 KB, 731x437, 1669656741529996.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TVE (Total Value Extracted) is a fucking dumb metric since only a fraction of that value is actually extracted from each transaction to the Chainlink network. This can easily be gamed as well since this calculation should really be called Total Transaction Volume or if you want to keep TVE Total Value countEd. Didn't this term get made out of thin air by the APU3 as a marketing gimmick?

>> No.53355853
File: 280 KB, 860x650, just-fuck-my-shit-up-pepe-hd-png.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

check em.

Fucking kek anon. This is why i come to these threads and think Chainlink might have a chance.

>> No.53355866

kek and check

>> No.53355883
File: 79 KB, 972x542, 1671604634032.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The E does't stand for Extraced, it stands for Enabled.
Enabled value includes all transactions etc. that are at risk of being exploited when using inferior oracles etc.
Like the $570 million Binance lost in that bridge hack (see pic).

It's an extremely relevant metric for an oracle network.

>> No.53355895

>same slides
>trust instead of truth
>Russian ceo
>SBF at smartcon

Pajeets throwing the whole fud script at this thread lmao

>> No.53355907

>complains about "same slides" fud
>he literally reposts the same tiring screencaps from 2020
can you see the irony?

>> No.53355918

I'm not complaining about the same slides.

>> No.53355975
File: 31 KB, 1219x468, growth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh so you do admit they keep recycling the same slides from 2018?
so it's not even "fud script" according to you, huh
thanks for conceding I guess
also you've been told a million times, stop reposting the worthless marketing cumulative stats that amount to nothing, why don't you use the actual ch-
>pic rel
oh wait, nevermind

>> No.53356031

>they keep recycling the same slides from 2018
They literally don't.

>stop reposting the worthless marketing cumulative stats
Where did I post a cumulative stat?

>> No.53356070

Honestly, seeing even projects like ALBT use LINK's oracle solutions is a big part of why I bought it in the first place. Probably one of the most decent oracles, but these dumbfags don't understand.

>> No.53356105

loser lol

>> No.53356210
File: 36 KB, 1487x335, 1670533397938.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice cherrypicking.

>> No.53356225
File: 28 KB, 1222x475, muhpolygon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

polygon vrf2 is literally the definition of cherry picking

>> No.53356259
File: 28 KB, 1539x383, 1663866452554.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even your monthly bar chart for ETH keepers is cherrypicked, because the daily bars show that usage is stable, and the monthly bars are deformed by peaks.

>> No.53356261

oh no no no. That chart looks horrible.

>> No.53356267

>daily bars show that usage is stable
the usage is literally at 2021 levels, almost at an all time low, compare it to BSC
what are you smoking anon?

>> No.53356281

We're gonna be so rich holy shit

>> No.53356290

The baseline is slightly lower, but that's after a year of bear market misery.
And despite that, even the peak days increased dramatically during the second half of 2022, and it's only in December that they fell off.

>> No.53356316

nice mental gymnastics lol
the peaks happened due to extreme market volatility, check the dates, keepers and vrf2 usage, especially on ethereum, have been on a steady decline throughout the entire 2022, open up your eyes
not to even mention that the daily amount of upkeeps on eth is comparatively pathetic against polygon and bsc usage, but I'm entirely convinced that less than 4 upkeeps per day on average on the most adopted and used L1 in the industry is somehow extremely bullish

>> No.53356335

It's so hilarious that you're literally posting proof that Chainlink has a diverse portfolio of products that is used across major chains, making it the most used and functional crypto in existence by many standards.
Despite crypto crashing 90% as a whole during the course of 2022.

>> No.53356339

>resorts to buzzwords

>> No.53356346

>usage and adoption

>> No.53356355

the network is on a clear bear market and you keep grasping at straws lmao

>> No.53356377

>the network is on a clear bear market
"The network" he says lol
The entire global financial market has been in a clear bear market, including tech, and especially crypto.

>> No.53356382

so you admit this was cherrypicked? thanks again lmao>>53356210

>> No.53356413

>especially crypto.
kek how did I miss this
how do you explain BTC and ETH metrics exploding across the board since the start of the year, despite this bear market?
txs are up, new wallets are up, volume is up, hashrate is up
keep grasping at straws friendo

>> No.53356414

There was nothing important about 34k sats, 36k broke the uptrend, 30k is support from August, if it bounces from here then it suggests 30-45k is accumulation. Which if you look at the eth chart, it’s already looked like an accumulation range without a clear uptrend for a while now (.004-.006 gwei).

>> No.53356433
File: 85 KB, 1413x775, 1647721064069.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It shows one of Chainlink's secondary products booming despite a massive global bear market.

>how do you explain BTC and ETH metrics exploding across the board since the start of the year
BTC wallets boomed, but ETH new wallets are still trending down.

>> No.53356443

>Token is not needed to use the Chainlink(stink) network

kek fucking stinkies

>> No.53356512

2024 is looking so good rn The hiding stratergey and constant growth with ccip, swift and staking being matured in 2023 ready for full release is like a speing being pressed . It is also good because fudders and sellers will sell because impatient so when we reach $1000 in 2024 they will be asking "why did noone tell me!" For the rest of us we hold until then :)

>> No.53356795

I thought it was “the bear market coin”?
Also not everything crashed 90, just the scammier alts (like Link)

>> No.53356810

Do you work for Chainlink? If so, thats pretty gay. The only thing that will bring this up in ‘24 is when bitcoin rises and brings all the scam alts with it.

>> No.53356839

You will sell

>> No.53356934

You've been in this thread for 11 hours, I sure hope you're getting paid for this.

>> No.53356980

TELOS is wagging stronger, I'm fucking rooting out for TLOS

>> No.53357013

What's the staking rewards like?
I'm getting some juicy roi on ORE-ALBT pairs

>> No.53357202

Kill yourselves curryniggers

>> No.53357247

This whole board is CLL employees talking with eachother

>> No.53357562

>th-the fud is from Chainlink employees!!
This is some kind of cope alright

>> No.53357592

“Been in” lol this place is hilarious. You know you can leave a website and then come back to it right? This isnt a live video…

>> No.53357742 [DELETED] 

Their recent partnership with Ore Network is base, the community is fucking growing bigger

>> No.53357801

Imagine your smell.

>> No.53358632

No brainer

>> No.53358659

I think we are working out of the bear market, aren't we?

>> No.53358693

I saw this on their ceo twitter recently

>> No.53358926

You are a stinky subhuman pajeet. Your parents are disappointed in you, they would probably be happy if they found out you killed yourself. You are a failure.

>> No.53358971

>You know you can leave a website and then come back to it right?

>> No.53359002

Your mother, the crypto-kike.

>> No.53359003

I saw this on their ceo twitter recently

>> No.53359099
File: 129 KB, 1440x419, Screenshot_20230120_162821_Wikipedia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.53359296

Tranny check

This blog was unironically bullish, but also illustrates the core issue, after 5 years there’s still no true demand for blockchain technology outside of experimentation and gambling. The emphasis on monetizing the network means one of two things.

1). Defi and other usecases are going to step up and pay their share, and expand in new and unforeseen ways in the very near future. I find this scenario unlikely, as this was all more likely just a proving grounds for scenario 2…

2). Swift and other real world entities will be using link services within the next year, and they will require the security of the network staking provides as they are handling real assets and not majority chuck-e-cheese tokens in ponzi protocols. They save actual money by utilizing dlt, which provides the incentive for them to pay for these services. Unironic new paradigm achieved by chainlink, decoupling from btc this cycle.

Of course, for our bear friends, there’s also scenario 3…

3). None of this is actually ready, just more projections, and we’re still at least 3-5 years from any of this. Link won’t die, but even btc and eth will continue to outperform it and you will waste a cycle of you sit in link.

>> No.53359845

Yea, The Telos foundation has chosen ORE ID as its free cloud wallet service for developers working on the Telos blockchain, and this is going to be massive for both projects

>> No.53360190

exactly. you can see this by the glacial development pace: they are doing the bare minimum in every regard. they also hire people that a company might need if they are legit, like hr. sergey is getting cosmetic ear surgery instead of focusing his time on the company, it's telling to everyone but bagholders with vested interests

>> No.53360489

>sergey is getting cosmetic ear surgery instead of focusing his time on the company
Is this true?

>> No.53360545

Yes, also the hr roasties really make 300k/yr, and sergays dad drives a red lambo

>> No.53360676

The roastie allegations are true though, and I've seen that image of the guy in the red lambo and wouldn't doubt that was Sergey's dad if somebody told me.

>> No.53360716


>> No.53360905

Yeah but eventually SEC will catch on. A bunch of people have already reported.

>> No.53361187

Where can I report? I want to do my part.