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Why does every women tout $250k+ as the salary needed to be elligible to date them.

How do you manage to grind this out?

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It's $500k with inflation now.

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Find better taste in women faggot

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They’re all like that unless you go to Eastern Europe.
Mass rape will return in the 21st century.

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my wife makes 30% more than I do

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because we give more attention/resources to women than they deserve. This makes them feel entitled and fulfils a self-prophecy of men giving them more entitlement.
If we, collectively, gave a big middle finger to women, they will see a huge drop in thier value and will get back to their intrinsic value (kitchen)

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You just lie like everything else because they are dumb and don’t know how numbers work. My girlfriend thinks I make six figures and am a computer programmer. I make 50k doing tech support.

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I have never seen a woman above a 5 behave this way. I'm pretty sure "touting $250k+ as the salary needed" is just the female equivalent of fat neckbeards saying "elbows too pointy, would never fuck" to try to re-imagine their nonexistent love life as some kind of affirmative choice.

She's not "rude and unfuckable", all these guys are just broke, she swears!

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>every women

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Women in partnerships generally do not understand money. They want to not have to worry about it and someone told them $250k is the magic number. It isn't and to be honest, until you have around 10 years at $250k the difference in lifestyles between this level and $100k is relatively small.

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Why would you want to own a depreciating asset? Just rent toys, don't buy them. Maintenance isn't worth it.

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i watched that video on youtube talking to woman about preferences in a husband, and the average age of a person who makes 200k a year is 74.

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I just show her my bag of bit and the panties come off. It's easy anon.

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Probably this desu. I've known a few girls who their whole life plan is to find a rich man to rescue them. The ones who have their shit together don't really care what their husband makes.

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The fact women need you to make X amount to be considered should indicate to you that they have no real interest in a lover, but more so a worker drone.

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And the ones with a bona fide plan to land a rich man don't go touting it like morons. They're on a mission. Those bitches hit the gym, those bitches hit the salon, those bitches learn to bake, those bitches hit the best University full of rising Finance majors they can find, those bitches are COMMITTED. They do NOT go blabbing about it all rudely and aggressively and risk fucking up the whole game.

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