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>yuropers are finally going to sleep

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Finally, can we now talk about new opportunities or is it too soon?

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That would be me, goodnight anons

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Just a few more minutes, friend... There may still be a few stragglers staying up passed their bedtime (without a license)

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im taking a hot steamy big mac dump on them while they're asleep

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Agreed. I might have some juicy info to disclose. In the mean time, lets enjoy the europeon closing hours.

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Joke's on you, I just woke up.

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oi m8, gonna need to see your permit for being awake during designated sleeping hours

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Europistan will be awake before you know it.

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Is it time to spill teh beanz?

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Not yet. Theyre lurking deffo

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I can’t believe they fell for ANOTHER exit pump.

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I don't sleep until 4AM you fucking wagefag

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10 more minutes... Then we reveal EVERYTHING

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so these are the real insider gatherings huh? guessing it coz of the insane volume

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Heres a small teaser. Rumour is an algorithm is trying to break free, and i just cohicidently know its end goal.

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I knew u guys gather here but couldn't tell who was or was not due to the amount of imbeciles and tourists right now. Gotta pay more attention

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No one gives a fuck about your brownoid amerimutt secrets jamal

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shhh pay attention u idiot, fucking tourist

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I just woke up and will proceed to market sell 100k bitcoin as soon as i finish my coffee

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Fuck off Ameritard, I go to sleep at 6-7 AM (another 5-6 hours)

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Its not a secret, rather a leap of faith. The certain algorithm has his own vision.
Pick one.

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I guess so? as long as the market stays above 20k things like solana will continue to grow, or memecoins will have a solid base to continue to exist

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Good morning from Europe, friends!
I have to go to the office today and I fucking hate it, I hate having to actually work instead of “working” from home.
Pray for me.