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Crypto gets shutdown in 2 hours.

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Now this btc rally is starting to make sense.

Do the bartman!

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just as planned

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Oh shit bros don't tell me this is what Lowery was talking about!


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DCG is gonna get heemed.

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bitcoin is about to crash back to 15k cap this

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The US is not the world. The more they throttle crypto the more they get left out of the future.

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>The US is not the world.
It kind of is, though.

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bullish for monero

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i guess its about hunting for FTX assets, hence "international"

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Just sold everything unironically

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So did I kek. Anyone thinking the US gov. is going to do anything thats bullish for BTC is smoking crack.

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except with a k

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Announcement of announcement that meant to cause fear are usually bullish..

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The anus-shattering pump that is about to commence will redpill many newfags about the relation between news and the market.

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Your poor folios must be shit to buy and sell according to random twitter posts lol

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It's fucking over bros

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XRP Settlement?

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And you expect me to go through all his shit? Link, screencap or gtfo already

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You fuckers still don't understand do you


Read what this guy is all about. I guarantee that this is his doing.

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to spell it out for you retards this guy who now advizes the white house on Bitcoin has a big thesis that BTC is already the global currency, but is also - more importantly - a fucking weapon, and that the US needs to get in on it ASAP as a matter of national security.

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Are you gulIible?

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Bitcoin is literally a doomsday clock

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Binance and tether are going down. Back to 500 per btc.

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Cope bulltards

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Well I hope tether sticks around long enough for me to cash my shorts out

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I’d bet on something later with XRP. After two more weeks.

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Lowery is king of the midwits. We’ve heard it all before. Fact is, btc is vulnerable to 34% attacks, and could’ve been wiped out by China alone, had they forked the network and destroyed the network through double spends instead of destroying/banning the miners. Also guess what: the fbi is one of the largest btc holders as are other us govt agencies. Whatever happened to the btc belonging to that billionaire jew couple?

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1. even if he is a midwit, he is undeniably advizing the White House currently
2. I suspect China did in fact attempt it because hash rate dropped off significantly before they banned it (again), but pool dynamics (independent miners can opt out of a pool if they think it is carrying out a double spend) made it impossible to coordinate and carry out.
The other shit is bullish for BTC, in other words, most likely it's you who's the midwit

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>The more they throttle crypto the more they get left out of the future.
The future is gold.

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Somebody should demand an audit of all the seized bitcoins by the feds before this is allowed

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Dumping now, my shorts are priiinting. GG bulls

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>”advising the White House”
Midwit filter

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Sure they will get right on that, right after they audit the fed.

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Who gives a fuck about the JewSA nigger worshipping trannys

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whatever retard you know what I mean
>if you can't handle the argument, go for superficial, meaningless attacks

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>demand the government

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No that was just the cherry on top. Muh “mining pools” lmao. Again: 34%. Never forget.

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The future is 7tps

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The only happening is SPY dumping 0.2%

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>he doesn't know

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Yawn.. pseudo fud to liquidate dat juicy open interest before next leg up

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>to announce something
Unless they announce that they will bomb every miner with nukes and pay ISIS to attack exchange offices I'm not worried.

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just the first step

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It's gonna be a nothingburger and crypto will moon to 25k

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Oh shit! They finna subpoena the CEO of Bitcoin.

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This is brilliant.

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The CIA holds even more BTC. How else do you think they traffic in guns, drugs, and humans?

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50 minutes

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this is retarded

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Pallets of cash? Definitely pallets of cash at least.

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great argument, yes muh mining pools, stay retarded ;)

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look at that beautiful selling volume. its like the world collectively went 'nope'

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im loaded up on that USDT and ready to buy them cheapies

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They ran the pallets of cash play in Syria and the early days of Iraq and Afghanistan. They ran pallets of cash in Latin America in the 80s. However, there is still a big trafficking play in Latin America and AML has made it harder to run cash. A side effect of the narco wars. Do some research on CIA involvement in El Salvador. I think there is an interesting nexus between the CIA and El Salvador going to BTC.

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I see dip. i buy bit. we all know they cant stop this shit anon.

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>It's been 12+ years
>Bitcoin is still only ever used for speculation and not as a currency

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Based ban XRP and ADA and send bag holders to jail!

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About time

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what are dnm for 100, Alex

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>What is El Salvador

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>enforcement action
nothing burger

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Announcement literally timed to prevent a breakout and ensure we don’t post a higher high compared to November

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This, it was the perfect opportunity to slurp. Literally a nothing burger.

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>math has been cancelled

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Algorand with BTC for flavour.

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come shut off my computers... Dare you!

NiggerKikeJews, wont be doing anything... Best part is, they have ZERO authority here... Therefore, well, frankly, all of you can eat my dick. No jurisdiction here, means ZERO enforcement available. ahhhh it feeling good knowing you fucking retards die soon..

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Also many unbanked parts of the world have already started using it as a currency and as a savings account.

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Shkreli is streaming about it
What could it be?
>BNB/binance revenge because of FTX?

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>state of new york
Uhh tether bros?

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t-10 minutes?

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quick rundown?

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>quick rundown?
it's joever

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Anyone else buying this obvious fakeout dump?

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/biz/ in a nutshell

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pull back 1 week

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Just bought everything unironically because this guy sounds like a midwit.

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The normie will look at this then tell you the jews don't rule the world

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That was it

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Algos selling rumor buying news lol

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this can't be it

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Nothingburger comfirmed

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i swear if this is it im going to be pissed.

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If this is nothing burger we pump the shit out

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top kek, bobos really needed some happening.

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Oh no, not muh Bizlato!!!

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I boughted the dip did I do good

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Literally NOTHING

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did they just say that they were trying to pump up the trust in crypto? What the fuck timeline did we just switch to anons?

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Now do you realize why everyone hate you?

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>What the fuck timeline did we just switch to anons?
The best one.

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We were right.
Bitcoin can't be a currency, and never will. He already pointed out the uselessness of bitcoin as money. Unless your idea of business is buying drugs over the mail or paying for child pornography access.

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I've been trading for 7 years and I've never heard of bitzlado or hydra lmao

literally nothing

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Why the fuck did they have a woman and a nigger speak?

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>literal nothingburger

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Hydra was a darkweb market seized a year ago or something. I looked it up.

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I'm unshakeable.

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> Bitzlato tagged wallets have $11k in them. At peak they had $6M.

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After a long and arduous effort, the diverse team of women and blacks finally manage to get bitzlato. Let them celebrate their grand achievement anon, everyone knows how dangerous the anonymous hacker known as bitzlato is

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good job USA!
kek, big seizure

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The attorney already agrees on selling FTX assets to replay US customers that found themselves holding imaginary bags.
SOL will be worth cents when this happens and Bitcoin will probably go to 10k (being optimistic). If the bankrun doesn't bankrupt the remaining exchangers, it will be fine for crypto in one to two years.
I am not optimistic about the ability of Binance to deal with a bank run.

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imagine the waves of contagion this would have caused!

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calling this a nothingburger would be an understatement. bears on suicide watch.

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it isn't though. Most americans don't even have 4figs in it

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Their fud wiped our hundred of millions for 11k lmaoooo

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Wow it was literally nothing

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kek, non burgers are still in denial.
Fuck its literally all niggers and women.

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Even if the US decides to legitimize crypto, it would mean full control, which would make it useless if you plan to use it to avoid taxes.
Let's see how many whales are willing to pay millions of taxes over internet money.

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The US government is in de facto control of the global financial system.

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You people are CYBER criminals. Makes me sick! Fuck your ecosystem of hate.

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did btc dump because of the bizlato stuff or something else? bc the stock market started dumping hard af at the exact same time

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Tongue my anus FBI

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but we showed them russians, U S A!

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Why do they think any american would care about 500mil. We give billions a day to ukraine.

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So, this is the decentralization that cryptobros can't stop shilling for the last decade?

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Fed reserve stooge Bullard got on the mic and started with the muh 5% interest rates shit again

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What part of (((Central))) exchange makes you think anything about is decentralized? Not your keys not your crypto has been a saying for years and years now.

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This fucking nigger is a danger to actual blockchain innovation

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What an embarrassing nothingburger announcement. Americans, your government is unreal.

>> No.53330433

nobody created a shitcoin named bitzlato?

>> No.53330440

So Monero is not safe anymore?

>> No.53330443

Cope. Also the thing was a nothing burger

>> No.53330451

we are so based

>> No.53330463

They control the fed and fed controls us dollars, not crypto fyi

>> No.53330477

It wasn't a nothing burger, it showed that they've hired a bunch of Africans to deliver nothing burgers.

>> No.53330482

You heard the lady, nothing and nowhere is safe.

>> No.53330497

The lesbian said she has tools and anon isn't out of her reach. She knows how to reach.

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notice how the kikebitch and niggers never once mentioned all the financial criminal activity of the kikes on wall street using the legacy financial system

>> No.53330521

pretty much every bitcoin maxi is, it's sad

>> No.53330557

US govt controls the global financial system and hence crypto.

>> No.53330560

And that's a good thing

>> No.53330578

i fucking wish

>> No.53330595

>BTC is already the global currency
0/10, see me after class

>> No.53330608

Wake up old man, its not the 50s anymore.

>> No.53330646

Not an argument.

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its literally nothing

>> No.53330925

Not how it works, schlomo. Not yet anyways

>> No.53330945

You and everyone on /biz/ are saying this, I always win by investing you guys, you’re literally always wrong and a good indicator. Goodluck!

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screencapped for future keks

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Absolute fucking kek

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It's exactly how it works. Educate yourself.

>> No.53331020

Yeah because I read that shit and it scared the fuck out of me
Come to find out it’s some literal who I’ve never even heard of. Seems like a message more than anything.

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The glow is blinding

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>Sure they will get right on that, right after they audit the fed.

what's to audit? they are not a "reserve" and they're not "federal". they're a private bank to which our government has unwisely delegated the privelage of creating (loaning) money. there is many times more debt than money to pay it back, thanks to this debt-based model along with fractional reserve banking.

ask them to audit fort knox if you want to see something interesting.

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I am sure you dumped the price bigly with your 50 link market sell. Thanks Ranjeesh

>> No.53331086

It isn't, you stupid nigger. They control interest rates which affect other national currencies. Crypto is more akin to risk on assets rather than actual currencies when it comes to price action

>> No.53331159

The point of the audit is to see where the money is going. Which, if you look into even half an inch below the surface, is impossible to find out.

>> No.53331165

>They control interest rates which affect other national currencies.

the "they", you are speaking about is the deceptively-named federal reserve, not the us government:

why would anyone use a debt-based currency like USD unless they were forced to?

>> No.53331193

The fed is controlled by the u.s. government even though it's privatized, retard. That's besides my point. They can control bull and bear markets. That's all though. To crush btc, they'd have to crush all risk on assets including stocks

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burgers really think the world revolves around them - which does kinda make sense given their weight

>> No.53331216

>Crypto gets shutdown
> yes sirs, hi, we are turning off rain permanently, effective immediately. no more rain sirs, good day. just don't look up sirs. ok thanks

>> No.53331218

Will never shutdown FreedomCoin.

>> No.53331222

>The point of the audit is to see where the money is going. Which, if you look into even half an inch below the surface, is impossible to find out.

what does it even matter? the fed's debt-based model already represents the height of corruption, greed and moral bankruptcy. there's nothing redeeming about it, it has got to go.

>> No.53331236

what do you think the ukraine donations are for? crypto is only a fraction of the laundering

>> No.53331248

>They control interest rates
The US govt doesn't control interest rates, you dumb sack of shit.

>> No.53331260

>The fed is controlled by the u.s. government
In your dreams, moron.

>> No.53331264

They control the fed which in turn controls interest rates you STUPID FUCKING ILLITERATE SINGLE DIGIT IQ NIGGER.

What a fucking RETARD

>> No.53331267

Tell a boomer that.
They are literally just sending themselves money in foreign countries by the billions.
An audit would reveal criminality of untold proportions.
Boomers and normies need total proof and even then only half will believe it.
You just saying they are corrupt means literally nothing to "normal" people.

>> No.53331276

>I-it is. I S-SWEAR!
head up butt, giant stick up butt, the way of the amerimutt

>> No.53331278

>They control the fed
You wish, dumbfuck.

>> No.53331281

Holy fuck, this guy is an idiot. Don't reproduce. We have enough shit genes floating around as is

>> No.53331298

You are too stupid to breathe. Read a fucking book.

>> No.53331302

>y-you wish!
Isn't an argument, you retarded village idiot

>> No.53331318

The US gov't controls the global financial system. They can literally cut off entire countries on a whim.

>> No.53331323

Books say that the USG created, chartered, and therefore control the Fed.
I think you mean DON'T read books.
You are correct, but your comment is a little off.

>> No.53331343

You are confusing the FDS with Federal reserve banks. You don't know your ass from your elbow.

>> No.53331372

You are a retard if you think the u.s. doesn't influence the fed LMFAO

>> No.53331378


this entire post is an attempt to divert. the fed's debt-based model of commercial money wherein there will always exist more debt than money does not serve the public interest. it only serves the interests of the people who can issue (loan out) that money, i.e. bankers. it is absurd for a nation to have debt denominated in its own currency. this debt-based model puts a noose around the economy and gives bankers pretty much wholesale control over our property, our lives, our talents, our visions and generally our entire existence. it's quite easy to comprehend the means by which they do this, which are debt-based currencies that are loaned into existence and fractional reserve banking.

no, the average person would not need much convincing. they are simply ignorant, as i was ignorant before looking into it.

>> No.53331386

>You just saying they are corrupt means literally nothing to "normal" people.
To be fair, the bar is at its highest for the country that invented lobbying. There has to be a pretty bad case of corruption + constant MSM bombardment for it to cause outrage.

>> No.53331402

Bankers own the US Govt, not the other way around. Federal reserve banks are privately owned. Only private banks print money.

>> No.53331404

No, nigger. The only way they can influence anything is with the fed or with sanctions, but the sanctions thing is already getting btfod by countries looking to get away from deals with the u.s. and not wanting to rely on the u.s. currency as the global reserve anymore either

>> No.53331424


>> No.53331438

>mentally disabled

>> No.53331442

You are so utterly clueless. Any entity cut off from the GBS is economically fucked. A single phone call from a US govt official can make that happen.

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B-but muh bitzlatos....
Bitzlatobros we can't stop losing!

>> No.53331449

So this was nothing so WHY ARE WE NOT AT 22K CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN?

>> No.53331478

>Any entity cut off from the GBS is economically fucked. A single phone call from a US govt official can make that happen.
You are utterly retarded and are speaking gibberish.

>> No.53331490

Imagine being this clueless.

>> No.53331517

Imagine saying the most random shit and thinking you're the smart one here LOL

>> No.53331525

You have no clue how the global banking system works, or even what it is. Embarrassing.

>> No.53331526

>speaking parasite

>> No.53331567

So what happened? In can’t find any news on this. If it was something major it would be everywhere.

>> No.53331579

explain to me why I should care about the beige book

>> No.53331599

you have no idea how anything works and I'm actually getting second hand embarrassment when I read your retardation.

>> No.53331608

Poor parasite.

>> No.53331627

Poor retardo.

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>> No.53331676

Still drooling?

>> No.53331683

You have no arguments, and you appear not to comprehend even the most rudimentary concepts that undergird the international monetary system. Just admit you fucked up and move on.

>> No.53331690

If that is true, we are entering a new era.
Hold tight and stay away from jabbed people.

>> No.53331726

Still chugging cock?
You aren't saying anything of content. Just "america numbuh one". Retard nationalists LMFAO

>> No.53331732

My goodness you are butthurt.
You are dense, own it or you will never grow up.

>> No.53331739

>Just "america numbuh one".
Yikes, massive reading comprehension fail.

>> No.53331789

There's nothing these jeets can do to crypto no more, it's bigger than them already, we just need to solve the complexity around defi and we moon.

>> No.53331804

Congress chartered the federal reserve in 1913 you overwhelming moron.
You are talking about reading books. BOOKS SAY THIS.
Functionally and practically you are correct.
But not going by the book.

By the book, the USG has created THREE central banks over the years.

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>> No.53331843

>showing them that money is going all over the world and basically none of it to them wouldn't help
The fed is explained to people all the time and they don't care.
I have a 25k member newsletter for my busines and I send out shit talking on the fed regularly.
I actually risk my butt to educate people and it does relatively nothing and then my customer argue with me about how it's good.
I actually talk to people.
I'm actually a person that does something instead of bitch and moan to the choir.

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My goodness. You are ass mad!
If we zoom out way back to the beginning of your retardation, you basically said crypto needs the u.s. which is fucking retarded. Pic rel.
Then I continued to btfo you by saying the best they can do is control when risk on assets pop or not by using the fed. You want to pretend the fed has nothing to do with the u.s. government and want to pretend 0 ties exist between the fed and government which shows you don't know anything and are mentally handicapped.
In conclusion:
Crypto will follow risk on assets. Nothing more. Nothing less. And no, the u.s. isn't the forefront of crypto LMFAO. If the u.s. didn't exist, other countries that have crypto would still have crypto

>> No.53331866

I actually have the historical documentation and official investigation into the titanic I've read through because I'm incredibly well read on the subject.
No one can come at me, especially with retard bullshit about "read a book."
I own a bookstore and have ever subversive book you can think of.

>> No.53331867

>I actually risk my butt to educate people
Start by educating yourself.

>> No.53331884

>you basically said crypto needs the u.s.
Another reading comprehension fail. No wonder you can't read books.

>> No.53331891

Repeating yourself?
Good luck with that.

>> No.53331901

Good for you.

>> No.53331907
File: 685 KB, 1242x999, 65126AAC-3C99-4023-BAA7-CBEB12047B83.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll say one thing though. A bunch of the manipulation probably is done in the u.s. by jewish entities hence the positive correlation between u.s. stocks and crypto, so if anything it would be good for crypto if america banned everything (which they won't) as that would lower manipulation

>> No.53331918

>Why would they kill their most obedient slaves?
>They killed the most obedient ones because their 401ks, jobs, assets, "investments" are about to be wiped out.
>Anti-vaxxers own very little and don't care for traditional finance stuff

Ey, I understand.

>> No.53331925

Dense and retarded
You can't keep up because you're unironically sub 100 IQ

>> No.53331929

You can't "educate" yourself. It's done TO you.
As it appears you've had done to you.
Good luck. I know you are va-ACK!-sed.

>> No.53331938

Fake inbred jews took over America when their moneychanging schemes took over. Cutting children, child ritual, botched dicks, cattle people, my people, usury bullshit.

>> No.53331945

Learn to read, big boy.

>you're unironically sub 100 IQ
Ironic post of the day.

>> No.53331949

Still harping?

>> No.53331971

There are several land and wills that are up and more within 1.5 years.

>> No.53332031

i think this is a margin call joke. the boss says the exact line in the exact same situation

>> No.53332045

Just saw that movie a week back.

>> No.53332137


>> No.53332467

Ore Network does this shit already dumb ass.

>> No.53332477


>> No.53332479

wuz intelegence agency kangz

>> No.53332646

Normies are pretty stupid. They ain't called nigger cattle for nothing.

>> No.53332664

The fuck is this all about?????? What enforcement action????? What are they going to do to my cryptos???????

>> No.53332685

>The fed is explained to people all the time and they don't care.

except it isn't. it's essentially absent from every history or social studies class in the public k-12 education system and many of the important events in us history such as jackson's battle with the second back have faded from public memory. the economic circumstances that contributed to the civil war are largely ignored, with the focus being shifted to ideological differences rather than the economic problems. i could go on.

>the choir
i think not.

>> No.53332735

>It's the yearly, USA government tanks the price so they can buy more crypto announcement.

see everyone next year when they announce nothing once again

>> No.53332744


the "people don't care" line is just a lie that propagandists spread to hurt morale.

>> No.53332900

I'm well aware, but the idea has been presented to most people.
They do not care.
I've talked to my bro in law about the fed umpteen times. He doesn't care. He agrees it's BS in the discussion, but also half argues in favor, and then spaces out.
I've talked to literally HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of people about this subject IN PERSON.

I'm the guy that points out chemtrails to the cashier. I talk non stop.
People don't care. It's sad, but true.
Only 1/10 cares. Only 1/100 makes a mental connection you can see in their eyes.
Another 1/10 knows all about it and we go off the deep end together.

If you want to find out. Talk to real people every day about it. You will see what I see.

>> No.53332936
File: 75 KB, 938x283, image_2023-01-18_173803654.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.53333010

I don’t care

>> No.53333014


frankly, i do not believe you. the existence of debt-based currency relies largely on ignorance, not apathy. anyone who is even somewhat ideologically motivated should care very much. that's why so much of the cointel propaganda appeals to ideology and principle, that is, because it is easy for the ideological person to relate. there would be no need for such propaganda if the public at large were simply too apathetic to care about crushing debt.

>> No.53333057

Talk to people in real life you basement dwelling incel.
Find out.
Prove me wrong.
I legit want you to prove me wrong by talking to people in REAL LIFE.

Next time you checkout, and prices are high, say to the cashier or the people in line how it's a bunch of BS that they just print money all day and steal your and their money.
See what they say.
What is there to lose?
A lot to gain, that's why I do it.

I don't stop or get discouraged, but I'm reporting the response I get honestly.

>> No.53333106

I literally sent out the STL Fed M2 money supply chart to my customers in February when inflation was kicking up to say what was actually causing it.

25k members, 300 unsubscribes, 30-50 saying "thank you for doing this" and about 25 people arguing against me and ranting about Trump.

>> No.53333207

>I literally sent out the STL Fed M2 money supply chart to my customers in February when inflation was kicking up to say what was actually causing it.

inflation is not the problem. the problem is debt-based model of currency issuance. it has to be framed as an issue of principle, morality, public interest, common decency, etc. that is what it is. people have no problem with becoming indignant, and in this case, it would be very much justified.

>> No.53333284

>I'm the guy that points out chemtrails to the cashier
redpill me on chemtrails.
>Contrails form when the warm moist exhaust fumes from an aircraft mixes with the cold ambient air producing ice crystal clouds. The nuclei of some of the ice crystals in a contrail will contain minute products of combustion, but they are essentially ice.
makes sense to me, your response?

>> No.53333331

peanus weanus

>> No.53333469

ah shit

>> No.53333913

I sent out the chart of them printing money. That IS the problem.
That IS inflation.
Creating money.
Why are you even arguing? GO TALK TO PEOPLE.
Chemtrails persist and spread out once the conditions created by the jet engines have ceased to exist.
Contrails fade away slowly as temperatures and humidity in the area immediately surrounding the trail normalize.

The other day when all flight were grounded there were 10 planes in my area blocking out the sun.
Just watch the sky. If you don't figure out what they are doing then you are very slow.
They've been doing this decades.
Contrails dissipate.
Chemtrails persist and cover the entire sky over a couple of hours.
Watch the sky consistently. That's all it takes.
It is incredibly abnormal and if you watch the sky you will understand it's happening within a month.

Another good way.
If you see a bunch of GRIDDED LINES in the sky...look up flight radar. It's "all public". None of these planes will be on radar.

>> No.53334006
File: 227 KB, 784x1200, weather.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now, please stick around. Maybe bump the thread.
Within and hour I will be home and I will post you images from a book I have from the 60s called "Human Dimensions of Weather Modification."
It has pictures of them literally putting sprayers on the wings of Forest Service planes.

The entire book is written by academics from major universities discussing the impacts of taking rain from here and putting it there.
Run off studies.
Studies on how much one corporation should compensate another corporation for moving the rain (if it falls here, it can't fall there, etc.)

This is real. And that's small potatoes compared to nowadays.

I had to use a few special keywords for google to bring the book up, but I just grabbed this to keep your interest.
I have a signed hard copy.
I'll be back and post the actual photos of them mounting the sprayers.

>> No.53334153

Can you give me a qrd on why they do this, what's the purpose of these chemical trails? Mind control?

>> No.53334395

Weather warfare and control.
Read up on vietnam and the treaty thereafter when they promised and agreed to "never do it anymore".
They flooded the routes of the north vietnamese using weather warfare.

Other than that there are trillions to make or los based on how much rain falls where.
They have literally divied up the rain over the past 50 years between corporations.

Also read up on HAARP. I'm an Extra Class Ham operator.
Ionizing the atmosphere yields many communication benefits and other such for radar and other military purposes.

Just watch the sky. And check the flight radar when you see grids. You'll see pretty quick.
>don't believe your lying eyes

I'll post the pics when I'm at home in 25 minutes. I have them already on my computer from scans I did personally.

>> No.53334417

6 hours ago.

>> No.53334431

Not really, no.
I buy shit with crypto.

>> No.53334445
File: 46 KB, 367x376, 1672259566766610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This guy FUCKS.

>> No.53334460

A currency is a standardization of money in any form, in use or circulation as a medium of exchange, for example banknotes and coins. A more general definition is that a currency is a system of money in common use within a specific environment over time, especially for people in a nation state.
You are wrong.

>> No.53334509


>> No.53334570

bump for interest. everyone just thinks they are contrails. i cant believe it. people just accept the fact they can distinctly remember the days that are actual blue sky. i talk with people on the chairlift at ski resorts everyday. we are living in a zombie movie. old broad the other day casually mentions the exact date of the prior blue sky day and reminds me to check the weather online, as i had mentioned the rarity of blue sky.

>> No.53334642

it's ogre

>> No.53334712
File: 2.01 MB, 3008x2000, 1657393141599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Whats that spell, you fucking faggots
can eat my DICK and TONGUE my what? yea Niggerz, losers 'wishing', winners, 'winning'

>> No.53334724

>paying for child pornography access.
You don't need to pay for porn and guess what fag? You can use btc to buy things.

>> No.53334733

Well I guess women tracking, fentanyl producers, and kiddie porn produces are fucked!

>> No.53334747

I just saw a ATM in my local grocery store accepting bitcoin. I don't know how to feel, I'm in usa btw.

>> No.53334775

learn how shit works you inept faggotsKikeJEWniggerz...

Most of you, I'd say 99% couldn't use a compiler to save your life... Let alone a torque wrench to 'set proper torque' you blackskin fuckin faggots are disgusting ...

Ignorance is bliss, but ineptitude has no bounds

KYS all you faggots that have to call AAA or equivalents. . Die hard cucks

>> No.53334793

faggotkikeniggerfaggotcucks what does it all mean? Price of nigger coin going up I guess.

>> No.53334888

The code was executed long ago now.... There is no stopping it.

As they say PoW is the only way...


>> No.53336012

they're going to market sell the bitcoins

>> No.53336323

i'm late, is it over yet? i wanted to buy some more algo

>> No.53336703

Go back.

>> No.53337956
File: 40 KB, 657x527, 167368488320161122.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there precedent for them releasing news at fucking midnight?

>> No.53337973

Oh. Noon. Sorry frens.

>> No.53338167

Jesus even bezlato? Fuck.

>> No.53338946
File: 70 KB, 1280x720, maxres2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

US Government's law applies to the entire universe.

>> No.53338973

Literally who? Lmao

>> No.53339167

Nice! It's about time the jews unified the world against them. They've blunted their sword with niggers and trannies, and now their stepping onto the field with a club that they think is a sword. Let the havoc ensue.

>> No.53340154

Bitcoin and Alpacas. Two peas in a pod.

>> No.53340432

Projects like Xpress and Utk are already being used as payment gateways in many parts of Europe. It's not an El Salvador thig alone

>> No.53340456

The sky was perfectly clean during COVID lockdowns, ironically.

>> No.53340478

You have no idea how much I want to beat up this faggot

>> No.53340599

imagine listening to this glowy

>> No.53340633

>A more general definition is that a currency is a system of money in common use within a specific environment over time, especially for people in a nation state.
So BTC fails even in your retarded arbitrary definition? lmao
BTClowns are coping so hard. I'll be enjoying the meltdown when CBDCs completely send your imaginary internet points into irrelevancy forever. Keep holding those bags, Gupta.

>> No.53340656

based non NPC

>> No.53340678

Maybe 2 decades ago but not anymore, honestly, America is in freefall.

>> No.53340683

I would rather die than live in a world conquered by CBDCs

>> No.53340717

Where do you live that the sky isn't blue?

>> No.53341480

With all the privacy solutions in the crypto space right now, they got nothing on us.

>> No.53341573

Those crazy ass fuckers are trying to strifle freedom in the financial space, worst part is that they are promising privacy of transactions which is just a fallacy when you read the paper. The experience of privacy of transactions in the crypto space has raised the standards.

>> No.53341750

This is correct. Only literal NPCs and knuckle dragging troglodytes believe otherwise

>> No.53341811

northeast usa. mark your calenders on days where you can actually get a sunburn. otherwise, its perpetually cloudy and hazy. but this happens all over, so if it doesnt happen where you are im guessing you live in the desert and there isnt any farming they are trying to disrupt around you.

>> No.53342912

Hey sorry. I could be crazy, but I went home, checked the thread and my posts were not here. I even scrolled other threads with twitter OPs thinking I had forgotten which thread it was.
Back here now in the morning and it has NOT been pruned or deleted.
Very weird.
Anyway, I posted in XSG >>53335012 what I was going to post here.

>> No.53343078

This is true. People weren't "too busy" to notice things and they shut it down.
It was a dramatic change.

>> No.53343308

two more weeks to flatten the bitcoin curve and the dollar gets reinstated as king

>> No.53343681

have sex

>> No.53343702


>> No.53343941

i just saw btc move by $1 (USD) was that you?

>> No.53344124

Good, it was only made up to be used by criminals, terrorists and corporations to hide and launder their ill-gotten gains.

>> No.53344227

Y'all can fall into a deep shit but I'll push positively for ORE EGLD BNB

>> No.53344266
File: 1.38 MB, 977x993, cb6b44be49c9ed44188bdd066845d517a8ec3d92cdbe6f669738d791ac086f2b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they totally can. and if they do you'll be indirectly funding something the us government doesn't want you spending your money on.
>corn syrup and ukraine - good
>starvation and freedom of information - BAD!

>> No.53344299

Just say the CIA so there isn't confusion.

>> No.53345324
File: 24 KB, 484x311, 1661878371343019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its protocol is making great strides in bridging the gap between web2 and web3 by simplifying the authentication process.

>> No.53345386

oh shit oh fuck oh shit

>> No.53345689

two more weeks

>> No.53347297

YLA is not like many of these so called “gamechangers” and actually has substance, REAL substance with what it can become long-term. Sell at your own risk, patient hands will prosper

>> No.53347327

Just insane at this point.

>> No.53347532

The immutability of records facilitates trust

>> No.53347717

Railgun thats built using zksnarks for private DeFi has got you covered, being one of the top players in the PriFi sector with its privacy solutions.

>> No.53347769

>I buy shit with crypto
I buy real gem not shits SHIB BNB

>> No.53347938

The govt. and these centralized authorities be doing the most in wanting to suppress the cryptoverse into its box, and they keep pumping rates excessively with the help of those FEDs retards. These are reasons why I want security, privacy gems to get to the peak likes of Azero, Sylo, Zkp and Monero; fucking lock out these mfs opinions from this space fr.

>> No.53348144

>sources say