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Will the next 1000x come from biz or is tg now the place where melt-your-face shitcoins are born?

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Days of 1000x are long gone

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Wait btc to dump. Buy cheap alts from top 100 for possible 10-100x within few years

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Easy few x at lest

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The guy in you post is retarded. Everything he has said do the opposite

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i dunno about 1000x but VAI on kucoin is a 50x for sure

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It's probably ICY PEE (not ICP)

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I agree. We may get a couple more but who knows
Don't do Caroline like that

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i founf my next make it coin here on biz, picrel
I don't really believe in a 1000x, but considering how big is getting the project and the current mcap, if some kind of miracle happens then yes, you can even expect a 1000x
I'd be fine with a 100x tho

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whats tg

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DIST is best privacys coin to date with fatest growing TG and discord with good air drops and moonie moons for small mcap coin it very good

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Wait until regulations. The ones that survive will 100x.

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Tfw my first true investment was a x1000 with shib and now i can't see anything less as worth my time

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I fucking hate shitcoins except it's an identity management project

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everst token is also a good moonie moon coin

very good coin.,

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A 1000x on 1k is 1m but a 50x on 1m is 50m

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Many business people look for investors only with the consideration of big name investors. However, in looking for investors, it is best to have one line and one vision with what entrepreneurs are doing. As it is known, business people need investors to develop their business. The role of investors is very important in business development, especially to attract more customers to use their services. Funds originating from investors can be used for company operations, promotions, development and research. of business, UnitedCrowd is a platform that provides a full-service partner for digital company funds. UnitedCrowd enables businesses to acquire investors around the world, attract customers and expand the business community.

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Nice pasta

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shiba was shilled when the bullrun was well on its way so its early

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uhhh, no. no it isnt. kill jew self

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TG is where you get scammed. Biz is also where you get scammed. I hope this answered your question.

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Both TOMB and MORPH have been shilled here already. There is still hope but it seems most of /biz/ will miss both.

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We have a bull run in front of us, we are in the depth of a bear market and you say this? I'll keep choosing good low caps, particulary those that have a lot of interoperability embeded.

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do you guys know anything about ORN? pajeet scam or legit project?

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I don't think it's ICY PEE specifically but an ICP shitcoin maybe. I can imagine ICP dapps becoming the next big thing

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FrogeX is the way

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Ore Network is fucking interoperable, Telos just integrated the protocol into it's network

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The /biz/ AI memecoin from the other day thread is soon ready for launching. Waiting for more people for the initial liquidity. Keep an eye on catalog, I will post the coin here after the first x10 pump

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UnitedCrowd allows businesses to tag their business. UnitedCrowd releases digital financial products that can be tailored to business needs. UnitedCrowd tokenization serves many digital financial products, ranging from securities, investments, etc., as well as physical assets and new financing models. This is the best choice of digital direct funding for businesses.

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If he says his wallet is safe and secured
why a privacy protocol, does it mean he's been losing money to hackers??

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This is fucking crazy anon, I'm anticipating the rebirth of Metaverse. I hope I can have a girl there.

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Fuck off jeet

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You're a big time loser and a jobless idiot that's been paid to call out people's project and calling them scam. Bastard pig.

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It's token sale transaction will be secured using an escrow system. Investors will be checked with the KYC and AML systems.

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With the existence of PriFi system which works essentially as a secure wallet that removes all identifying information from transactions, ain't gonna doubt faggots.

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Thanks for proving my point

ORE is relentlessly shilled on here since weeks, exact same posts too

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>bastard pig
This comment reeks of curry

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> privacy coin
> discord

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>Our system thinks your post is fud.
ratboy on bsc did a 1000x last summer, and just prior to that catcoin did 2000x, catcoin was shilled here just before takeoff.

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Bonded logo was way better. name too. fail.

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You're not the smartest cookie in the bunch, are you now? It's not like pajeetposting is an extremely subtle art form

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They haven’t been coming from /biz/ since mid 2019 you fucking newfag

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>i found my next make it coin here on biz

They just announced they will be deploying on zkSync soon, had the announcement under raps for a while.
That's bullish news for them now they just need to get people to actually use the platform. lol.

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I hope from biz, I still love this green hell, plus the fact that we are back to 20k confirms my theory that it was binance's fault for trying to partner with sbf, more reasons to go with dextool asap

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the next 1000x will come through BitDAO's ecosystem and will be backed by the largest DAO treasury. mark my words.

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You can literally do a 1000x by buying a Udemy courses and learning a new skill.

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Would a growth in TG make it the best privacy protocol? Dannnn.
There are far better tech in privacy protocols. Just don't sleep on ZKPs.

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This is another issue unrelated to privacy protocols. Protocols are building and improved tech while they are growing discord. kekk

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kekk. Everyone wants to shill their bag and that's normal. It is what crypto is about.
All I want is if the projects has a good product/services.
I think they do in web3 so there might not be anything wrong with people shilling their bag for you to buy.

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no way you're rating the growth of a privacy project by it's discord numbers, kek

a small peep at sylo and you'll understand what a real privacy focused project is

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Is it that easy anon?
be honest

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Web3 project. Just one of these low MC coins. Looks solid but DYOR.

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Definitely from biz, I now see a lot around crypto privacy on these boards, I'm sure it will come from one of them.

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Isn't it like a regular wallet?

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privacy wallets shields transactions from prying eyes dumbass. Etherscan can't read transactions in them.

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about 90% of everything that gets called here are shitcoins

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bro, thank you for bringing my attention to this

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If you buy ALBT now, then you might have a chance of getting the 1000x in the next bull cycle.

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regular web3 wallet with private messaging feature, no data leaks, encryption via nodes etc

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That sounds good. How's the anonymity with transactions?

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1000x! I don't think so, but the token is a must to own right now, because its project is growing very fast

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high on hopium juice

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your assets and data are safe and yours as long as you're not stupid to lose your phrase

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Projects like xpress would give you more than a 5x. bnb alone would give you a 5x in the next bull run. Just focus on crypto payment projects and atop looking for 1000x's. Don't mess up your chakra that way

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Sylo is a dogshit spaghetti coded app

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That's why Ore ID is fucking needed by normies to not have to keep these things.

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Why do you keep shilling your trash 24/7 on every thread? I know you're not a paid shill but a very DESPERATE baggiedo you have a life at lwadt, anon?

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Just like ENS, these ID management solutions are very useful.

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Will come from /biz/. It's called Proxy Network. 20k mcap. Stealth launch 3 days ago.

0 x 752d79b4d3b2b6449bb2ae6f624a63f395a67e9d

tg: proxynetworkERC

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I'm excited about their partnership.
Telos is going to be the first Ethereum compatible chain to offer a free cloud wallet service for developers through ORE ID.

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wheres the website faggot

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It's right here, my nigga. theproxy.network

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Off to reddit then! Gonna load up on Nano and Vechain and farm some moons!

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An OpenAi/ChatGPT-3 based bot with chatroom moderation capabilities has the potential to greatly improve the user experience in online communities. It can quickly and accurately identify and remove harmful or disruptive content, making the chatroom a safer and more enjoyable place for all users. Additionally, such a bot can also be programmed to detect and respond to specific keywords or phrases, providing helpful information and resources to users in need. Furthermore, it could also be used to personalize the conversation and make suggestions based on the context, making the chatroom more interactive and interesting. Overall, it could be a powerful tool for creating positive and productive online environments.


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Large fax. Almost sold my bag after they "rebranded"