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Got a promotion for a job I've wanted for a while doing WFH documentation and planning, which will start next week - if I enjoy it enough I may just stick around for a while even if link kicks off.
Hope everyone else is feeling just as comfy and if you're not comfy then from one stranger to another - I genuinely hope things get better.

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What you drinkin?

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I told you kek was back. Kek was fully absent from /biz/ until the "penis" ID a couple of days ago, now he is back. Interpret that how you like.

Absolutely blessed glorious 7s. I love you. 42SKDS

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Sound like you could’ve sold at $50, instead choose a wagie life

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Bots never check digits, I've noticed. You'd think you could write some script that identified post numbers, but for whatever reason the current GPT3 AIs don't have that functionality.
Having been trained on historical 4chan posts, their text is very similar to your average user, but they don't know to check digits. Keep an eye out, you'll see it all the time.

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I've been seeing some pretty crazy digits lately, even for myself. 3 dubs in a row, that kind of thing. Nice to see someone else noticing it.
I feel like there has been some kind of shift in everything since normies started talking more openly about the whole vaccine injury / covid situation... the air feels charged.

Coulda woulda shoulda I guess? If I could predict the future I would have been a trillionaire by now, but I'm just too cautious for that and wanting to see how things play out this year.

They don't - but even the organic naysayers seem to have trouble wrapping their heads around board "culture," probably because they're new or don't really want to be here.

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Implying you have the choice? You will keep wage slaving for years and years to come. LINK will never "kick off". Lol. Lmao even.

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linkniggers are so pathetic holy shit

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>SUP 7
shit is getting ridiculous. kek's presence here means deep happenings, for better or worse
>I feel like there has been some kind of shift in everything
beyond contention, dude. Last couple of days have been out of control. Immense energetic shifts.

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I’m not a shizo, so no need

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bot. some of the bots are pretty primitive. this one just assembles sentence fragments from other fud posts it has been trained on.

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too many english mistakes. GPT3 speaks better english than that. so i'm guessing michael larping as ESL to be le devilish
absolutely anything for (yous) right michael?

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Can linkcels get contained to a general already? Jesus Christ.

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Why would I care about a choice when my decision would be the same even if it were available?

I don't mind doing work for a while either - I find my job extremely rewarding. If all you can imagine for yourself and others is slavery, perhaps it's time for you to invest some time into learning a skill that will lead you to a sense of fulfillment.

But that claim about how link will NEVER kick off though? I remember people saying link would NEVER be above a dollar or that it would NEVER launch mainnet. Glad I never listened to that.

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Learn English before you dissed someone

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you are literally in the chainlink community autist headquarters right now
>HH Y0Y0

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You could have sold at $50 for $350k and invested it into something worthwhile

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Too much, Michael. You have to be more subtle. When you get too excited you lose credibility.

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>pumps the least
>dumps the most
buy my bags.

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another bot. notice the complete lack of human energy behind this post.

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>bot. some of the bots are pretty primitive. this one just assembles sentence fragments from other fud posts it has been trained on.

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Why are you so upset?
Why would there need to be a general thread for link? It would make more sense if there was a link fud general.Those threads seem to be all over the catalog all the time and it's just the same people saying the same things to each other. Basically just background noise that needs to be contained.

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same with this one. All 1pbtid, all completely lacking in any sort of content that a human would actually choose to write.
Pretty interesting to just meditate on the fact that anon's faily innocent, tongue-in-cheek LINK posts get botted. Who would bother programming that? Worth thinking about.

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you faggots all flood in with the same script. it's really obvious that you are either the same exact person or just a small group of 2-3 bagholding subhuman retards. saged and reported for flooding and spamming, no one gives a single fuck about you being sergeys proud paypigs.

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Despite having access to literally any image a human can imagine, through stable diffusion, they all use a soijak folder from a few years ago. one of the biggest tells is the use of these dead meme soijaks, someone clearly has no concept of organic culture and thinks they are still popular. (or, at least they thought that when they programmed the bot)

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>le heckin funny ironicism guise!

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>gaslighting this late

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Probably. Or I could have sold at that amount and invested it in something that went down like most of the market did. Then all I would have had was extra income taxes to pay.

I'm not trying to sell anything though? This is a staking thread for likeminded people if they're up at the moment.

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fake ESL. probably Michael or Thomas, both fluent in Englsih.
dead giveaway is mistakes that nobody would make. Nobody would learn or extrapolate the word "ironicism" without learning "irony".
very obvious tells, Michael in particular is not very smart.

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your act is stale as fuck bagholder, at least you cope all day and waste your life away arguing with sane people who see that you are delusional

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do sane people argue with crazy people all day?

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Gaslighting is calling everyone a fudder or a bot. Also I’m Michael form Mumbai, the porn watcher.

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I've never understood these kinds of posters.
Aren't there like four other threads up at the moment just to bash link? Isn't your presence here kind of weird considering you would never consider holding or buying link? Why would you stay in a thread that seems to actively upset you? If link is as useless or as scammy as you say, why would you click on a link thread at all?
The GPT stuff is pretty interesting, getting pretty uncanny valley even. I like to write fiction in my spare time so I've tested it out a few times but graphic artists seem to feel very threatened by the AI art. I just don't get it because AIs just aren't that good at applying context yet in any format, which is still really important for any kind of organic / creative sounding thing.

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because you niggers spam the same exact thread 24 hours a day? And inside of them you and the other linknigger subhuman spam the same shit calling everyone fudders and bots while you baghold to zero, so I come in to mock you.

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fake ESL, too many mistakes. People have so many tools to write perfect English these days it's always a dead giveaway when they have tons of mistakes, especially mistakes that make no sense from an ESL perspective.

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I don't even read your posts faggot, no one does.

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Divine 6 cubed. Checked.

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yes we know you are being an ironic bagholder, sooo heckin funny! let's spam the catalog all day with fake bagholder cope surely that would be so heckin funny and based! think of all of the epic lulz!Q!

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That's weird. There appears to be an entire catalog filled with different threads, including the usual link bashing threads which outnumber the link discussion threads. Do you police the entire board like this or is this just some kind of weird thing you have with link?

Do you feel like your mockery is working? That's all that matters I guess.

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>Believes randomized numbers and names on a mogolian basket weaving forum, so much he will put hes entire life on the line for a not needed token.
How many tokens does sir gay have to dump you niggers before you had enough ?. Whats he up to now ? 3 million a week ? or just the standard 500k . i stopped counting and keeping track. But you are so deep i almost feel sad for you. You missed every bull run since 2017.

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Nice digits OP
This guy upset because he's either pic related or he's friends with pic related - that's someone who posts a lot of memes and fud talking points on here. He's basically their hero and he had to delete his account after it was revealed that he was a suicidal chronic masturbator.

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there's really no reason to be upset. you could just filter link threads and never see them again, but you don't.
you actively choose to be enraged. That's not healthy, anon. Try some breathing exercises.
Also it's telling that a thread that started with divine 777 has absolutely blown up. So much energy coursing through this thread that it's no surprise.

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He doesn’t need to, that’s sergay’s job and he successfully cucked u

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Imagine if @chainlinkTHOMAS had actually committed suicide. /biz/ would be a different place.

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see how suddenly, inexplicably, they speak perfect english? the mask just falls off

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You will find a new narrative

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Huh, another one. I'm pretty sure there was a bullrun that gave a lot of people with large stacks considerable gains that they've kept to this day and are now staking, but I get the impression you aren't very rational at the moment.
I don't really use twitter much, but I hope he does get better regardless of whatever it is he has done on here.

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Just came here to check these crazy kekked digits. Kek blesses Link. $1000 EOY confirmed.

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I would eat some stroopwafel in his honor

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Whats not rational is a person who sees hes investment x20 and still wont sell. See it drop to the exact same price it was 5 years ago and still believes it will x1000- I know there are niggers that sat on 10k links at 50 a pop. They didnt sell. Now they cope... Alot. Alot alot.

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bot. sentence fragments. very obvious

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He did? That's weird, I still seem to have around 400k in unrealized gains (the amount in my OP isn't my entire stack by any means) after the whole market crashed by quite a lot. The original whitepaper indicated that he would need to invest money and build out the infrastructure instead of appease retail investors, which is something that a lot of bashers don't really seem to be aware of.

A blessed year for all, hopefully. I hope you're having success in your personal life as well. You staking much?

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>porn addicts say the darnest things
Remember not to touch your penis Thomas you might try to kill yourself later lmao.

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Alright folks, gotta clock on for work so I'll probably be busy but I'll still check in later.
Tell everyone about how much you're staking, what you're doin, any interesting bits of news, whatever!

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nah, fuck him
He and his friends and god knows who else spams biz all day every day with pointless link fud to try and make discussion impossible, so they need to be shat on constantly because its funny and im bored

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Hello little nigger boy. Can you tell me how the Chainlink token is actually used and what it benefits ?: If you can, i will go all in Link.

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Just a single 7000 stack. I only had 10k anyway but thank you fren. My personal life is great, my family are healthy and I have happy wife and kids. Everything else is a bonus. I wish you great success and prosperity in this coming year. Its going to be a great one I can feel the timeline shift.

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checked and kek'd my nICa

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Are you sure you're gonna be able to retain the information with all those suicidal thoughts and porn on your brain?

ill humor you in shorthand
link tokens are used to compensate node operators for data retrievals from external sources to be used in contracts such as order matching and aggregation contracts
tokens are also used for successful data retrieval with offchain contracts as well if it applied
it benefits crypto as a whole because it adds a much needed check and balance system as which cant be hacked or tampered with, which makes smartcontracts and the platforms they run on viable because its not really end to end if the data sources for external apis can be tampered with
theres also two whole-ass whitepapers that explain this in depth

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Do you get 30 link a day?

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how would you cope with your misery if we had a DECO validator to prevent anyone with less than 7k Link from posting in our threads?

Would you transition to a female and suck cock?

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the absolute state of delusional bagniggers

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>A stinkie that didnt even mention oracles.
I love you stinkies so much. You make me laugh every day.
Hackproof ? I have made so many screen caps. Man you guys are great.