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Isn't it amazing?

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so you're telling me that global politics revolves around the price action of a cryptocurrency not even in the top 20?

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shizo are making this coin bearish. it going to keep going down until u give up

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Doesn't have to be intentional, but it is happening.

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Chainlink just happens to be the most unlucky asset in history, black swan events just happen to coincide with key LINK price levels

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oh for the love of god, just face the fact sergay dumped on ur head during the bullrun and underdeliver everything and still dumping

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Maybe that is the case.
But sergey sure isn't making it any easier but shitting on the markets and doing nothing to fight shorts.
Remember when nexo was about to be liquidated at 9.5 some months back? Time to announce the "sustainable growth strategy" which involves dumping 75m link. Crashed the price and handed a free lunch out to every short.

Like who the fuck does that. If your going to crash the price, atleast liquidate the shorts first.

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I refuse to believe this post isn't ironic, this is someone pretending to be a for-hire ESL jeet

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>sergay dumped on ur head during the bullrun
Sergey dumped Bitcoin at every key Link happening?

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yes the jeet dumped on you as well, how does that make u feel?

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At least it wasn't on the street this time

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Maybe Link announcements and releases are intentionally timed to happen right at these moments to keep the hiding strategy going, and not the other way around? Just a thought.

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>Sergey is predicting massive Bitcoin and stock market dumps to the day

>... and he's timing his releases to coincide with them

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fortunately we can stay retarded longer than the market can remain irrational. market makers just refuse to come to terms with this fundamental part of biz link culture.

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Have fun being retarded I guess

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Im angry lads this non stop dumping is breaking my spirit. Im about to spartan kick my stack if we go below 6 again. Not fudding. Link will do well in the longterm probably.

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Why don’t you just sell? No shame in trading

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smart fucking trade, you'll make it.

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did you retards forget that you had a run up to $53, a $22b market cap due to oracle hype?
and none of you thought, hmm, maybe now that this oracle hype is waning, i should take some profits?
but no, blame it on random black swan events, that's easier to swallow when you're trying to remind yourselves you're not actually retarded

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>now that this oracle hype is waning

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>but no, blame it on random black swan events
good. you're beginning to understand

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Keep up sleepy head.

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Oh so stinky only outperforms and booms when everyone takes the vax.

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Look how much hype that article generated. None.

Everyone who would care about SWIFT already knows about it. No one else cares.

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Well it was the absolute dirt bottom of a bear market.
Under more bullish market circumstances, it takes a big old BTC dump to keep Swift news from getting priced in.

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>dude muh hype!!!
imagine basing your investment decisions off the short term emotional sentiment of normies kek

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Can you stinkers get your own schitzo bagholding general like the cripple fags?

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Its got a great potential fundamental usecase that would make it arguably the most valuable token in the entire market, but this requires commitments from entities to use crypto for real world usecases, and that hasn’t happened yet. Until it does, the entire market remains a speculative shitcoin casino, designed to fleece retail. This means no matter what you do, you will lose. If the retail link baggies all collectively made a movement to swap their link for eth, eth whales would just counter that and link would pump while eth does what it did last bear market. Point being until there is fundamental value being generated by crypto, (you) will always lose, unless you buy bitcoin and settle for boomer gains.

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What's schizo about posting literal facts?

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The schizo events in the thread are keeping the price down, but its not a conspiracy. It just means LINK is undervalued.

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I'm confused, what schizo event has caused this dump today? It's literally dumping on its own

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Not all of Link's movements are caused by Bitcoin, you know.

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after all these years, bitcoin finally found a usecase and it's as a link price manager kek

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some incredibly bad luck

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chainshitter cope

Dogecoin and all other normie alts vastly outperformed Link since 2017

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You don't know the half of it.

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unless youre retired with multiple millions of dollars like I am from chainlink, with all due respect, shut the fuck up you subhuman wagecuck faggot

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oh no, that sucks. merely a coincidence im sure. keep your chin up! :)

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The hiding strategy that Schmidt told sergey to stop pussyfooting with?

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The most important crypto that exists? Yes.

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>chainlink is important and financially performs well and trans women are real women

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>the illuminati is shorting my bags to prevent me from making it and finally having sex

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have you thought of using an AI image maker to come up with some new memes?

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big if true