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Why haven't you? Way to be lazy, blackface.

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12 months ago a 500k portfolio was poor tier for /biz/. Now everyone lost their gains keku

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Could be worse. You could be Cathy Woods.

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yikes. imagine being a wagie for only $500k. I would kms. you are a slave anon.

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The most important thing to do is save and get some capital. Your 20s should be spent working nonstop until you get $100,000 in the bank and then you can use that to get you extra income. You don't need to worry about pretending to be middle class or that you can "afford" a lifestyle. Get your capital, live your life poor as fuck, and enjoy financial freedom.

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21k at 25 years old rn
im sad that I didn't start earlier
but the plan is to reach 100k at 32 then work simple stress free halftime jobs until death

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Who's gonna tell him?

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The thing that they never tell you is that most of the people that have work from home jobs are people that were already high power execs making loads of money. WFH is just an added perk. What. you thought they were just going to let some pleb like you get a comfy work from home job away from shekelberg? Kek

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I'll do it. OP, you'll be lucky to be making 50k at 30. It's not 2006 anymore.

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You should reach 100k by 28 at the minimum you stupid lazy nigger.

Also $100k will get you nowhere unless you know how to use it. And no, shitcoin casino isn’t a retirement plan.

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>Who's gonna tell him?
Not yet Anon.... protect his optimistic zoomer spirit. Allow him to enjoy a few years.

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>Your 20s should be spent working nonstop until you get $100,000 in the bank
I'd you had 100k saved the bank in the UK currently you'd be effectively losing about 10k a year, almost a grand a month, curtesy of inflation. With anon who replied earning 21k, he'd basically be losing around half his wage token every twelve months. Banks are shit idea currently, as is taking out loans / mortgages, since the interest rate is starting to pooomp agen. It can only pomp given that it's been at basically zero for years. Now is the harvesting era.

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the founder of taco bell built his first taco restaurant with his bare hands using lumber he purchased by selling his refrigerator. try doing that today. try pulling yourself up by bootstraps when you're priced out of bootstraps, when bootstraps are regulated away by red tape and bureaucracy. the guy who founded taco bell was a hard working man, very dedicated and stubborn, something of a hero to me. but as great as that man was, how in the fuck could he have done what he did in the modern day? he would have been priced out of the land, the lumber, zoning regulations and endless licenses and arbitrary rules. he was one the finest men humanity every produced and had he been born some decades later he'd be broke and useless working a dead end job. the world didn't give him anything, he worked for everything he had, but the world didn't go out of its way to stop him either. and yes i am self aware that this is a cringeworthy whining rant and somewhat exaggerated to make a point.

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so what the fuck do you buy?
>stock market
it's pumped as hell, NASDAQ didn't even test sub 10k and SP500 only crashed like 25%
retarded and they can ban all exchanges crashing the price
i dont understand this boomer shit an the returns are so shit that im to lazy to even lean how to do it

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This. 100k saved by your late 20’s. Your money will start to grow faster after you hit 250k in savings, that’s when you can sell options for greater premium

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> your role model is a mexican goyslopmonger

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regulation is a big part of it, but so is increased market efficiency. mexican fast food is no longer innovative -- why should it great profit?

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My friend knows this retired couple in their 80's that made a really nice living for themselves by opening a lighting store back in the 60's. They told my friend that they would never be able to do that today because it would just be way too expensive, too much competition etc. Things are pretty fucked. Either learn how to make money online or you're fucked.

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Nothing you said is incorrect, but all you can do is try to adapt as best you can. Identify other ways to reach your goals. I have no idea how-to tell you to but its just the shit we're stuck with anon

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>Things are pretty fucked. Either learn how to make money online or you're fucked.
Just open a takeaway brony. And spike all the food with a little coke. The soft drink kind obviously. Flavour enhancement.

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Stocks aren’t pumped to hell. The dollar was dumped to hell with QE.

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I just got a $2 raise, work harder, be thinner, look better. Honestly 99% of vaxtard drones are just looking for a alpha Chad like me to lead them

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This but unironically. It’s not easy to get a $500k wfh job, but it’s easy enough to get 2-3 that pay $200k for which you only have to work ~10h/wk

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>bragging about an extra $80 a week pre-tax
i'm embarrassed for you.

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You probably make $2/hr haha seeth harder little man I win

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what are you going to buy with that extra $3000 post-tax a year?

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Use it to float ~500k rental property

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if you have $500k rental property then why are you still showing up to work at a $20/hour wagie job and bragging anonymously about your 10% raise?

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unironically i have a 200k (+200k max bonus)
3 month office and 9 months wfh

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I win you lose haha

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i'm not the one working for $20/hour and creating elaborate fantasies in my head to cope with this miserable existence.

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Lol I made 20/hr back when I graduated HS in 2012, alpha men like me essentially just name their price, good luck with your little women reception job buddy

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why are you bragging about a $2/hour raise?

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Just buy some Ai Tech coin and sit back and watch the money come in.

The world's first AI community moderator bot. Defeating jeets and spammers with the power of OpenAI.

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Because I do whatever the fuck I want bitch, I'll kill you with my bare hands if you dare cross me IRL

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i don't venture into the hourly wage earner prole areas of town, so i think i'm safe?

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Vaxtard haha welp would love to sit here and give you more free alpha but I'm about to hit the gym and likely pick up a chick and bring her back to my loft, good day.

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okay have fun and don't stay out too late. mr. shekelberg needs you on the job site at 6:00 AM sharp.

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Holy fuck this post killed me kek

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>tfw 26 and making $17/hr as a bricklayer after 2 years experience
I'm so fucking poor because 60% of my income goes straight to rent. I live as frugal as I realistically can and only save $60-$100/mo. This is a nightmare and I don't know how to get out.
>inb4 learn 2 code

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come be my roommate in an area of opportunity and ill get you a job with tuition reimbursement that will cover WGU and you can get a software job

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step 1. move back in with mom and dad or get roommates.
step 2. figure out how to make more money. you're getting anally fist fucked if you're making $17/hour in the year 2023 as a "skilled tradesman." i made that much money as an unskilled factory worker in rural pennsylvania... back in 2015. retrain to a higher IQ and higher paid trade (electrician is a good one) or swallow your pride and go to college as a 26 year old.

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This. Electrician or truck driving you’ll make $100k/yr within 4 years if you follow the right path. Tons of hours but it’s great when you’re pulling in over $2k per week.

Industrial electrician (oilfield jobs) or long distance truck driving with CDL is the fastest path to six figs

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no thanks
Currently looking for a roommate. The last one I kicked out because they hadn't paid rent in 4 months and kept eating my food, being loud until 5am, making huge messes and leaving them, etc.. Hard to find someone that isn't a complete piece of shit.
As for moving trades, I've considered going the electrician route and applied to my local unions for apprenticeship positions (even offered to pay to go to a trade school while working) and I've been on a waiting list for 8 months now. I want to make the transition but I must not be putting in enough applications or time/effort.

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I found a 10k a year work from home, just need to find 49 more now

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My base salary is $300K, with bonuses and stock options it adds up to ~$1M. I work from home as a software developer. It actually makes me feel a little bad. I live in a European shithole (Portugal) where the median monthly salary is 900€, I make more than that per day.

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>so i think i'm safe?
Are you asking a question or making a statement?

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Both of you are faggots.

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You’ll always be poor faggot

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>try to groom
>get rejected
>lash out
please OD on your hormone medication, codenigger troon.

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does anyone fall for these anymore?

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900k a year is not that much desu. After taxes and basic expenses, you can barely save 50k. Starter homes are around 500k.

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900k here in leafland is about 250k after income tax, probably closer to ~ 100k net income when all taxes, fees, expenses, and reductions are considered.

Houses in major cities here now run for $3m+, meaning that even the most skilled and elite neurosurgeons would need to take out 40 year mortgages to own a house in a city.

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Lmao shit is fucked.

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I would suck a dick 3 times a day for $500k/year

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This white powder is just msg officer I swear

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>throws his back out by age 35 and is broke because hes a retarded bricklayer
>also remains poor

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Not to be too sour grapes but the few people I know with six figure WFH jobs were either code monkeys or in finance and they got their jobs pre-coof, these same companies are now laying of tens of thousands and freezing new hires. Now that the bubble from 10 years of near-zero interest rates is starting to burst who knows if it'll ever be a thing again for the plebs.

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i'm not him. i also make considerably more than you -- and i'm not a mentally deranged tranny to boot! cope, seethe, and dilate, you grotesque medical abomination.

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>i'm not him. i also make considerably more than you -- and i'm not a mentally deranged tranny to boot! cope, seethe, and dilate, you grotesque medical abomination.

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Go on glassdoor and check salaries for tech workers.

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“Anons, I lost $500,000 and only have $17,000,000 left in my folio, it’s truly over isn’t it?”

lol god i hate this fucking website

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it's funny how every time u get a higher paying job ur just like "this isn't that much tho" every time

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>get $100,000 in the bank and then you can use that to get you extra income
Ok, and? how can that be used to generate extra income?

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>Go on glassdoor and check salaries for tech workers.
Nah.... I'm fine. I fink you'll find glassdoor is not _as_ representative as it makes out. Particularly when it comes to the unuversality of those salaries.

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If you're a high performer in tech it's easy to be a millionaire. A friend of mine makes around $2M a year working at Facebook, although he has to go to the wage cage everyday (well and work at Facebook). I'm brown btw, hope that makes you poor faggots seethe even more.

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Every era has its own limitations, every era has its own opportunities. Senior Taco Bell would have find a way to get rich today because of his drive and initiative, would have probably had some online hustle going

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>I'm brown btw, hope that makes you poor faggots seethe even more.
Five words;


For now. They literally just employ none white, none male employees into these positions to rig their diversity numbers. If you're being smart, don't rely on that always being the case. E.g. Once they have 10,000 brown ppl working there, they will no longer need to do that. Consider exit route to more stable gains after acquiring vastly biased pomp.

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My dude my networth is over $6M, don't worry about me. Also my wife is white kek.

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>My dude my networth is over $6M, don't worry about me. Also my wife is white kek.
Sure brah.

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Before I married my white wife, I'm white by the way, I did my best to drop as many loads in blacks chick's as I could. Not for them of course, but for society in general. The way I see it is a half breed is 4x as good for society then a straight nigger. My network is irrelevant because white privilege.

PS you can fuck all the white chicks you want but you can never be white, nigger.

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Sorry bro, you need to calm down otherwise your performance might be affected tomorrow on the wage cage. Despite your white privilege you can't afford to lose your job.

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Also my relatives thank you for all the gibs.

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I had a remote dev job before covid and after covid remote tech jobs are prevalent everywhere. I constantly have recruiters messaging me. I have no idea why people act like it's so rare. All you're doing is showing that you've never worked in tech.

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yes faggot ive never worked in tech. most people on earth have never worked in tech.

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>he didnt get the memo
artificially low rates are over. your autismbux is about to be shut off.

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Kek I had 500k a year ago now have 550k because I didn’t put everything into crypto. All the shitcoin millionaires are broke now lmao

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to brighten you day, I make 200k remotely in flyover land for a hospital and we're at zero risk of downsize.

It's great to be a WFH Chad