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>cash out all crypto to BTC
>pump BTC in the process
>hire endless shills to be permabulls and drum up liquidity

you are here

>sell all BTC for USD
>crash BTC
>have more than $5b and hopefully get less jail time

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What!? What does it mean!?

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>Have mossad/cia handlers run interference for you.
>be given every chance to maintain the international money laundering operation
>fail miserably because you are autistic and only there because you are a wealthy Jew.
They aren’t sending their best, it’s pathetic folks!

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That's $5b from $1T market cap. 0.5%

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>everyone who doesn't want to destroy btc is a j*w
kys glownigger kike

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kek loving these bearcucks

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It means 5 billion dollars worth of longs from bulltards are about to get liquidated

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Long story short, this pump was FTX's bags exit liquidity. Thanks for playing.

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He still should get jail time but might knock some points off his sentencing.

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Anyone notice Solana pumped the hardest? Is the bankman behind this rally?

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>cash out all crypto to BTC
Then why are alts up double digits?

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bonk screams SBF and it is running on SOL so yes!

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>your honor, we have located 5 billion shekels to pay back the goyim
>After one last pump & dump, we will pay back the 4.6 billion shekels, as promised
Where have I seen this before?

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The SS guy was gassed by the jew?

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Don't be afraid to say jew and call them kikes like they deserve.

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would be extremely funny, if some china man decided to liquidate 4billions worth of longs

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This nigga knows. They shoulda killed sbf hes gonna blow his second chance.

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i dont know why people trust other people with abnormal large noses with money.
its like trusting dark skinned people with chicken.
or people with severe sexual mental illness with children.

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We could only recover mere 500 millions goys, that will be 4.5 billions for legal proceedings

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>sell all BTC for USD
the kike had around 80/100K BTC in liabilities
it means they have to sell shitload of Solana to buy back BTC

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that inbred jewboy needs his ass beat

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>hire permabulls
We do it for free.

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Seems legit to me. I wouldn't put it passed/past them, the real bull run starts after regulations.

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Now i understand why (((they))) didnt van him from internet access.

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Bankruptcy lawyers must've discovered the mint function.

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>exit liquidity
confirmed retard

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How do you get gassed 'on the spot' outside an orphanage? Did they build gas chambers on every street corner in Warsaw? Or maybe they had PortaGas™?

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>he didn't go all in on SOL and FTT
Kek always bet on the jew making money, especially if it's to keep his ass from being epsteined

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How do you expect her 9yo old grandmother to remember the exact details of how her 9yo grandfather died? You fucking antisemitic piece of shit.

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>only a few weeks ago they were begging people for money
>they even filed for bankruptcy
>suddenly "found" 5bil today

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he is really starting to grow up and look like bernie maddof

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when you scam rich people they will not let you get away with cheap jewish tricks. thats for the working class pleb only. they will shake out the sonic coins from this dude.

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SS officers have an anti juden aoe effect.