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I missed the community staking pool

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How teh fuck did you managed to do that?
Sergey even sent private emails to remind everyone!

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Ops invite got eaten

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Good for you op, you didn’t fall for the midwit trap. You are free trade your worthless links with Btc or eth.

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Better hope you get into the expanded pool. 75m LINK is all we're going to get access to, staking wise, and nobody will be unstaking.

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Once upon a time, there was a brilliant young trans woman named Sergey, who had a passion for technology and cryptography. She had always been fascinated by the potential of blockchain technology and was determined to make it a reality.
Sergey worked tirelessly to develop a new blockchain protocol that could securely and accurately connect real-world data to smart contracts. She called her creation Chainlink, and it quickly became a sensation in the tech world.
One day, everything changed. Sergey was at a tech conference in Dubai when she met Ahmed, a kind and gentle man with a muscular physique. Ahmed was a Muslim and they started talking and quickly realized that they had a connection. They exchanged numbers and started dating.
Sergey was initially hesitant to pursue a relationship with Ahmed, knowing that the world could be cruel and unaccepting of an inter-religious and intercultural couple. But Ahmed's love and support helped her to let go of her fears, and she soon found that she couldn't imagine her life without him.

Ahmed helped Sergey to find balance in her life, and to see the world in a different way. They traveled together and Ahmed introduced her to the culture and the people of Dubai. Sergey learned more about Islam and its values of compassion, empathy, and peace.Despite the challenges they faced, Sergey and Ahmed's love for each other only grew stronger. They had to deal with disapproving looks and comments, but they knew they had each other's back and that was all that mattered.

As the years passed, Chainlink continued to thrive and revolutionize the world of blockchain technology. But for Sergey the greatest accomplishment of her life was the love she found with Ahmed and the family they created together.
One day, Sergey found out she was pregnant and Ahmed was overjoyed. They decided to have the child and raise it in a loving and inclusive environment, teaching it about the values of tolerance, acceptance and love.

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i wonder when that's coming, that 75M? There hasn't even been any rumours about a date as far as I can tell

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I wouldn't expect it any time soon. I took it to mean that 75m is all that will ever be allocated to "community staking" in that sense.

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community staking will cease to exist in the future, it is a test system. eventually staking requirements will be determined by the data consumer's service-level agreements and nodes will be looking for collateral from anywhere they can get it so they can meet those terms. I'm sure chainlink labs' official price feeds will all have their own collateral requirements depending on the level of value they secure

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They will probably only give access to people who staked in V0.1. Sorry losers

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Link insider here. Staking should open up again in the coming month

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Which means no retail will ever touch this piece of shit kek. This is bearish as fuck.

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not a big deal im sure if you ask nicely an anon here will unstake a few chainlink tokens (ticker: LINK) and let you stake.


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>0 fux ID
It’s literally going to be a few hundred stubborn autists getting sent up to 9 figures along with the 4IR. Zero normies will even get a chance to make it from Chainlink.

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Says the normie that bought chainlink.

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the nodes will be competing for collateral from high reputation stakers

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you're supposed to sell the peak bull market and lock in gains. not lock in 4.5% half of inflation rewards. are you trying to make money ?

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I bought on EtherDelta. Remember the EtherDelta UX? Manual order matching lmao, Jesus.