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The Death Cross on the weekly is imminent. It's never happened before in all of BTC's history. What does it mean /biz/

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it's called a lagging indicator and you should look up what happened last time a death cross was hyped

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Muh death cross, kys

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>look up what happened last time a death cross was hyped
It's never happened before. Check the weekly.

Why so emotional anon? Are you scared?

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Seek therapy anon. You fomo'd in too early didn't you?

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Means the bottom is almost in sight.

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>Its never happened before

He said check the HYPE for the last time a cross was expected. What ends up happening is people see a bottom signal forming and try to front run it, causing a melt up like we're seeing this week that ironically stops the cross from ever happening. If this rally fails, and the cross happens, then you can have this thread.

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A lot of hostile emotional responses to a legitimate question.

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After it crosses? Are you sure anon? Is that what happened the last time we saw a death cross on the weekly? Oh wait, never mind, we've never seen a death cross on the weekly. Do some quick research on what a death cross actually means anon. Maybe you'll feel better about yourself.

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50% crash in 1 day is what will happen. Shorts loaded.

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Nothing can stop that death cross anon. You think this weeks fake SBF pump will stop the death cross? Oh sweetie. Maybe you should see a counselor. Get well anon

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Yep. Fear has taken a hold of the /biz/ mumus. They seem so scared

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I've seen death cross on the weekly for other assets. If typically means the bottom is within 3 to 6 months.

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That you spend to much time looking at charts instead of earning money witch you dca into crypto, stocks and precious metals....

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The death cross on the weekly scares the low IQ mumu. Seek help poor fella.

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Which ones Anon? Lets take a look

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Thanks for the bump, freak

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>Insanity dog
>dev rugging LP
Stop posting here

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It avoided actually crossing in 2016, why can't it avoid crossing now?

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Mumus, bobos. mah death cross, recession, man, 4chan is full of grown up Kiddies, talk like a man faggot.

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How about DXY? That's a good relatable one.

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Sorry anon, The death cross cannot be avoided this time. Now what?

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No one looks at weekly 50/200 moving averages chud

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It not Gonna happen, never will, you are worse that retards that called 100k btc

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>The death cross cannot be avoided this time.
Why not? Near misses have marked the start of a new BTC bull run in the past.

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They're definitely not acting like they're winning right now. You'd think they'd be all smiles after that pump.
Instead, mumus are like
>guys, we are ackshually in the Disbelief phase
>Hey, look, BTC is really oversold and there's a divergence form--

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You could learn a thing or two, instead of being a salty boomer. Also, checked.

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Good one anon. The DYX dropped over 30% following the death cross on the weekly in this instance pic reated

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Go short then faggot

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Sweet, I'd honestly love it if this was just a blip and not the beginning of the next bull run, I need time to DCA

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Their fear is palpable. They are literally freaking out. I guess that's the life of a braindead mumu. Famous for fomo and freaking out.

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It’s a golden cross, not a death cross retard

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Are you sure anon?

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I'm expecting the price to rally into the area of the death cross, so around 25k. That will be bobo's last stand. If the price reverses from there bobos will probably get their 10-12k price target hit.

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This is what I’ve been saying.

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It varies by the asset and is a lagging indicator as they say. But a dc is important because it removes any doubt that an asset is in a downtrend. This week is a make or break if mumu can't close the deal over 21.5k.
Interestingly, BTC will also fall below the Ichimoku Cloud on the Monthly if it doesn't open above the January close. That's another sign of the Golden Bear Market.

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Sorry anon, the death cross is 'priced in'

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>It varies by the asset and is a lagging indicator as they say.

OK anon, we covered the DXY. Do you have any other 'asset' we can use as an example?

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Somebody find this automaton and hit the reset button pl0x

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Honestly man. It's pathetic. I just DCA into some DeFi project that has usecase like the DeFi terminal, The Nexera ID or the data tunnel.

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When the long term line goes above the short term line number goes down right?

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You do realize that this "dca" meme is just a coping mechanism for a failed trade, right? What ever makes you feel better about yourselves, anons. gl

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yep. Look at the death cross coming in on the Nasdaq. What effect does the Nasdaq have on BTC?

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It's anons like you who create the FUD and technical gibberish necessary for the wall of worry to climb up. The mark of a great bull run. You're doing God's work. Thank you

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Look up the definition of cognitive dissonance anon. You're having a mental conflict. I just trying to help you, and you attack me? Seek help fren

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It’s simple because BTC was already down over 70% from the top
Why would a death cross happen after a facemelting dump?
A “cross” in general usually indicates a shift of the short term trend (50MA) from the long term (200MA)

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These crosses are much farther away than OP is making them out to seem. Often the 50MA bounces right off the 200MA and it never actually crosses.

Its also a lagging indicator as many others have mentioned.

That being said I did make an insane leveraged trade buying LINK on a Daily Golden Cross opportunity in early 2020 if I remember correctly

Its something to watch out for but I wouldn't put a ton of merit into it.

They are also purposely painted by market makers and then used to fake people out hard. That very thing happened when LINK was pumping right before the FTX debacle and was literal pennies from doing a Daily Golden Cross. Its generally better to allow some confirmation first when a cross happens instead of buying or selling in prior but you do miss out on some of the gains if you wait for further confirmation of a new trend starting.

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>It’s simple because BTC was already down over 70% from the top

only 70% anon? see pic related.

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Also, mathematically speaking, it’s extremely likely they won’t cross
If BTC dumps, it’s going to keep bringing both these averages down, and if it pumps, the short term increase in price will make the 50MA instantly shoot up compared to the 200MA who will lag behind

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to avoid death cross 50 MA does have to climb up, so we should go to 30k?

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the amount of time doesn't even matter really if bitcoin is around the same price when you buy it as its bottom you're good to go

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>These crosses are much farther away than OP is making them out to seem.
4-5 weeks away anon. It's too late for a "bounces right off" no stopping it, i'm sorry.

>Its something to watch out for but I wouldn't put a ton of merit into it.

Look up what happened in 1929, black Tuesday death cross. GL fren

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That's completely false anon. Instead of coping so hard, just embrace the truth and act accordingly. No stopping the death cross on the BTC weekly. GL

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because btc pumps up multiple times its own value while most other assets people trade are lucky to even double their money in the year. Bitcoin had to drop 70% for those moving averages to even get close

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>so we should go to 30k?
no, sorry.

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>22 pbtid
mmm, smells like cope in here

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Why are mums so defensive? I think they call this projection anon.

>mmm, smells like cope in here

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I don't care I have more money to be retarded with if I need to be I'll buy all the way to 0

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it means this is the best chance to buy, ever, faggot

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That's because you're not replying to real people instead of sentiment bots designed to fleece people out of their liquidity for the next leg down. Pure emotion to make you FOMO. On top of that, the retard jeet shill bots are back, too.

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just redraw the line

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That's not what it means anon. You sound so scared. Hope you didn't fomo in my mumu fren.

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I just went long on this advice. Thankd

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If it happens crypto is pretty much fucked for a couple years. However I think the market will push against it as usual

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What advice did I give you anon? If a imminent death cross on the BTC weekly chart made you go long, maybe you should hire a professional for advice or mental health gl

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>4-5 weeks away anon. It's too late for a "bounces right off" no stopping it, i'm sorry.

You have zero evidence to substantiate that claim though. Why do people deal in absolutes in regards to something that is based wholly on probability?

I tried to be reasonable but I'd say you clearly aren't being as such.

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>Look up what happened in 1929, black Tuesday death cross. GL fren

I'd add that again crosses happen all the time and simply don't play out as expected. Do you have any other information to believe all of this will take place?

This appears flimsy at best.

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There is zero pink wojaks on the catalogue, we are fucked.

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>25 pbtid
mmm cope

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Do you realize what it would take to prevent this death cross from happening? Obviously not

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pink wojaks are only a good indicator for sudden dumps, if you want to know when we're actually long term fucked look for excess shitcoin shill threads and portfolio threads, note many if not all portfolio threads are just shitcoin shill threads in disguise. also threads with anons complaining they have made it and don't know what to do with their wealth.
conversely long term bullish indicators are lack of board activity (check), excessive bobo/its over posting (check), discussion of legitimate wagie jobs, education options and other real life problems unrelated to shitcoins (check)

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I'm simply responding to direct replies anon. Isn't that what a good OP does, or would you would rather I have 1 post? Are you upset?

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Not off the top of my head but obviously BTC would have to rise to some arbitrary price and then stay there or above it for some period of time to keep the 50MA above the 200MA.

When I return from the gym I'll do some math unless you have the answer already in which case you should post it.

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load up those shorts! dat death cross finna make us bobos richer than nazis fr

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I guess this time the federal reserve wants a recession and makes easy money verboten.

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I'm a bobro but you seriously need to take lagging indicator shit off your charts.

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would you mind expanding the RSI and stoch RSI charts u have collapsed there at the bottom anon? Just curious

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Hey somebody is paying attention! Maybe the the past... is not the present!

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Nah, I'll let you realize how wrong you are on your own. Not trying to humiliate you fren, just trying to help

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My guy if you actually had the answer, were positive this was going to happen, and genuinely wanted to help others than you would post the information as it would only bolster your argument. It would do so greatly I might add.

Each response you put out pushes me in the direction that none of this thread is likely accurate or in good faith.

If the thread is archived when I return I'll make my own thread in reference to this one about the data I find in regards to the cross.

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Why don't you just go to the gym and think about it. Come home all buff and do some back testing/math. I look forward to you thread anon. I'll watch for it kek. When you realize that the death cross on the weekly is inevitable will you still make your own thread or just come back here to apologize?

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Yes if you are right then I'll post that cross will happen. As I mentioned in my previous replies though crosses are lagging and not necessarily indicative of where the price action will go but where it has already gone.

Many crosses have happened and the price action didn't follow.

That being said the longer the time frame they happen on usually the higher likelihood the price action plays out on TA.

You are just being a smug faggot when I simply just want the truth.

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>I simply just want the truth.
I told you the truth. If you confirm for yourself you'll be more likely to believe it. Have a great workout, and don't skip legs. see you back here soon anon.

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BOBO ARE U OKAY? Did your short get raped last night?

>> No.53276159


You said it was certain that it would cross but you won't give the price BTC has to reach and hold(which you claim to already know) in order for that to not happen.

Surely you can see why your posts are somewhat frustrating and hard to trust.

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ITT: bored anon, trolling newfags. It could be really better, but whatever I guess.

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Have you ever been listening to a song for the first time and predicted what the next verse or set of lyrics is going to be. It doesn't make you a prophet, but it's not just a blind guess either.

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Listen you basterd bitch. just. tell. me. what. to. buy.

>> No.53276399

im desperate for a stock crash. i need some cheap etfs

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>If the thread is archived when I return I'll make my own thread in reference to this one about the data I find in regards to the cross.

Are you going to make your own thread or just keep bumping mine by begging me to spoon feed you. I told you the truth. If you don't believe me, do it yourself.

Are you just gonna skip the gym altogether anon? Try to relax my guy. There are worse things than fomoing into a fools rally. Don't be so hard on yourself

>> No.53276672


Okay now you are just trolling. I'm at the gym. I'm blessed and already made it from crypto but who doesn't want more money. Fuck you money vs. made it money

Kill yourself

>> No.53276713

phonefagging from the gym? Damn anon. You seem so tense and worried? This is no way to act for someone claiming to have "made it money". The death cross is inevitable and now amount of spaz posting from the gum will change that. Sorry anon. Just breath, you'll be ok

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Tell me you got liquidated at $18K without telling me you got liquidated.

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You are just being a faggot my guy. Everyone can see it. I originally took the thread seriously, which can be seen from my previous replies and discussion, but was my mistake. I'm not worried I just feel bad for you.

Your script writing isn't even good. You have repeated the same "you're being emotional" to literally everyone on here.

You should kill yourself though. I know you think about it and making these troll threads is probably the only thing that keeps you going kek

>> No.53276777

32 posts by this schizo and you're just saying NOW that he's trolling?

>> No.53276797


He's the OP. I've done way more than that when I make a thread if I want legitimate discussion. I usually reply to everyone. I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Nice trips btw

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how am I trolling? I'm saying that there is an imminent death cross coming on the weekly in roughly 4 weeks. I've only responded to people responding to me. Prove me wrong or stfu and gtfo. Simple as. Some of you poor hapless mumus post like you're about to have a stroke wtf relax

>> No.53276958

Had this in mind since November. I sold in case the rally folds now but will short 25K if it gets there. Would also like to see a divergence on RSI 1D and lower timeframes.

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it's the beginning of the real bear market

>> No.53277149

Oh God pls be true.

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>death "cross"
Look closer

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>>53277133 checked

>> No.53277337

They're not sure if this pump is going to hold.
It has every reason to fall through, this is just another one to add to the pile.
Sure it could 100% not go that way, but realistically speaking, the odds aren't in favor of such an event.

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>how am I trolling?
you are saying things that are blatantly false, repeatedly. kys retard

>> No.53277472

The thing that hasn't happened, hasn't happened.

>> No.53277546

>you are saying things that are blatantly false, repeatedly.

How are they false mumu? The death cross is coming and no amount of your salty tears can change that. Prove me wrong or gtfo and go have a tickle fight with your retarded twin sister, kid.

>> No.53277676

The thing that is guaranteed to happen, will happen.

>> No.53277696

to avoid death cross 50 MA does have to climb up, so we should go to 30k?

>> No.53277701

So then why are we pumping? To try and avoid death cross?

>> No.53277710

It's too late fren. Death cross is priced in. >>53277701
Won't work. It's too late

>> No.53277731

Ok but what do you think is causing the pump?

>> No.53277757

Deth cross shall rektumize all

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I guessing it SBF related. The old Hebrew pump & dump


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Wow look at how many desperate sneeds are shitting up this thread.
Thanks for the heads up OP

>> No.53277942

>Wow look at how many desperate sneeds are shitting up this thread.
They are literally freaking out. I would be too i guess.

My pleasure fren. The weekly candle closes in 1day & 2 hours. If the poor fomo mumus can't see it now, they will see it then.

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it means the last time the death cross got close it was the end of the accumulation range from 2015-16 before btc took off on a great bull run

kinda similar to what's happening right now, actually

>> No.53277983

those lines make no fucking sense towards market trends. might as well say a 5 year old drew on the chart.

>> No.53277998

the great thing about 4chan is when u go all in on a prediction and ur wrong u just pretend u weren't the guy making the prediction

>> No.53278067

Nope, sorry anon. Go back and look again. Huge difference, not even close. No avoiding it this time
yep, or they just say "muh thats ok i'll just DCA again".
I didn't draw them fagmo. They are moving averages and can't be disputed. You fuggen mumus are hitting peak cope.

>> No.53278090

>t. brainlet

>> No.53278111

unironic copepoast

>> No.53278121

It means that the price of Bitcoin could be headed for a significant downturn. To think about it, it is worth noting that this is not a guaranteed prediction, but rather an indication of the current trend based on historical price data.


Are they making a plan to repay the creditors or selling the assets to repay the creditors?

>> No.53278127

Are you having a stroke anon? Let me guess you fomo "dca'd" on this scam pump? Sorry kid

>> No.53278143

Read the article. Seems to me that they will/are selling them. Hence the pump to increase the value.

>> No.53278148

>What if it crosses?
>What if it doesn't?
>It's actually guaranteed.. because it is!
excellent thread, anons
it does appear likely. it also wouldn't be hard to make a convincing argument in favor of this with some basic arithmetic.
instead we get to shit up the board with dumb bickering back and forth, repeating the original hypothesis as if that's convincing.

>> No.53278181

okay faggots instead of beating around the bush let's actually address what the OP is saying: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Hi3kTo3TFE
The price needs to go up 100k+ in a week to avoid whatever consequences this might bring

>> No.53278203

>it also wouldn't be hard to make a convincing argument in favor of this with some basic arithmetic.
Let's see it anon. gl

>> No.53278216

>Thanks for the heads up OP
Yes, thanks OP. I appreciate your research and the fact that you shared it with us.

>> No.53278237

We're also closing on a retest of the 200wma. What tends to happen usually?

>> No.53278275

you're the one with forty-three fucking posts in this thread, i thought you'd have room in there to do a little math or write up a script.
you do realize i generally agreed that the cross is likely right? what i said is that with all this effort you could have just done the damn math.
if you're not just here to be a cunt i'll go snag some data and write a script, i am actually kind of interested to see some real answers

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>Nope, sorry anon. Go back and look again. Huge difference, not even close. No avoiding it this time

It is quite difficult to predict what will happen from here. My belief remains that anything is possible from here.


You mean to say that's clichéd?

>> No.53278381

Thanks fren. Case closed. Now what?

>> No.53278430

I don't know, I bought some BTC yesterday and think about selling since I am in the + atm. This recent pump seems inorganic and definitely not caused by retail.

>> No.53278460

>you're the one with forty-three fucking posts in this thread
Because fags like you keep running your mouths about shit you obviously know nothing about. Plus I'm OP and as the OP I feel obligated to respond. Do you understand?

here you go homo. Now calm down and just chalk up your most recent fomo into this scam pump as just another muh DCA

>> No.53278492

30k is what I suspected. Could wick up then cool off for year.

>> No.53278501

>This recent pump seems inorganic and definitely not caused by retail
Yeah, thats how I see it too. Definitely not retail. I suspect FTX and no way in hell am I buying that fat POS coins.

>> No.53278513

>here you go homo. Now calm down and just chalk up your most recent fomo into this scam pump as just another muh DCA
It is DCA lol, but if there is a chance for a better entry I might as well take it. I should have started at 15k but didn't expect this pump

>> No.53278519

That makes a lot of sense. I'm glad I chose Binance and other exchanges like CryptoXpress, MexC, and a few others over it; otherwise, I would have been faced with this shitshow. However, hardware wallet is the best place to keep assets safe.

But why is Sam Bankman-Fried denying allegations of improper use of customer funds stored with the crypto exchange, attributing responsibility for the company’s dramatic fall to the market crash of 2022 and Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao’s PR campaign against FTX?

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File: 115 KB, 1132x295, Screenshot_20230114_051237.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah, i understand well enough. i just chucked in some numbers and yeah, it seems pretty likely.
i can do without you being a condescending ass but i decided to write a script anyways, pic related. the input is a text file with weekly closing price of bitcoin.
what it'll do to the price, i dunno. your guess is as good as mine on a lagging indicator.

>> No.53278571

Help me? I know you're helping me. Thank you. I'd give you BTC as a tip but you'd probably just turn around and sell it for rapidly inflating USD.

>> No.53278575

Sorry anon. That was meant for this crazy mum,>>53278275 not you. I wanted him to watch the video you posted.

>> No.53278617

>i just chucked in some numbers and yeah, it seems pretty likely.

Pretty likely? It's a 99.9% chance so pretty much guaranteed.

>i can do without you being a condescending ass
Then next time remove the giant chip on your shoulder before you post here. I'm glad I helped you see the light. Now what?

>> No.53278630

Yeah I realized. Anyway this is a good thread dismissed by midwits. Whoever bought in recently should be on alert

>> No.53278679

>helped you see the light
retard i agreed with the underlying point from the outset. i disagreed with your lack of evidence. quit acting like you taught me something with it.
i actually brought some degree of evidence to the table besides blindly restating the point. you didn't show me shit.
a point being true or false has nothing to do with how well it's argued. i'm saying you're arguing it terribly, despite the fact that yes, a ridiculous price surge would be required to avoid the cross.

>> No.53278701

Thanks anon. Unfortunately, 1000 fags on twitter and redddit and here are pumping their asses off and low IQ normies are piling in. Not good. I wanna know who/what is behind this mysterious pump that no one seems to have an explanation for, only speculation and guesses so far.

>> No.53278716

ok fren, calm down, you win. Now what?

>> No.53278735

If you made an argument backed by data you'd be in the position to be condescending. The fact that you get this tangled up in a thread means you're getting emotional over lines
in reality, the true statement is that we need weekly closes over 40k quickly or it's a death cross by spring

>> No.53278738

>Implying it will cross
Not gonna happen ;)

>> No.53278801

>Implying it will cross
>Not gonna happen ;)

Are you sure anon. Looks to me that there is zero chance of avoiding it. Watch this Mumu:


>> No.53278811

If you are sure of that you better buy 1 whole BTC right now because you will have made it by february

>> No.53278855

Low liquidity on many exchanges are causing larger price moves. Coinbase are extremely low on bitcorns. Max kieser called this

>> No.53278868

I've never held BTC, I just like stirring the pot

>> No.53278893

It's gonna crash hard. Wait for it
You're a dick. Congratulations

>> No.53278913

>You're a dick
Are you aware of what website you are on?

>> No.53278932

So I think when the death cross happens, enough "people" will sell purely out of fear that the dc means something that it will be a self fulfilling prophecy. This pump seems inorganic to use an overused word. Last bear hung out around the same price for 4 months and I would expect this one to be worse due to absence of QE

>> No.53278958

You are literally all losers, we know the death cross is coming, we are facing the Amazon bubble of 2001 but in crypto. Anyone with a slither of intelligence has been out of crypto for months now, and is definitely not buying back in for this exit liquidity pump.

>> No.53279085

>Anyone with a slither of intelligence has been out of crypto for months now,
>and is definitely not buying back in for this exit liquidity pump.

Normies and mumus are slurping their asses off right now. I think they're all buying SBF's bags right now kek sad to watch

>> No.53279186

>I would expect this one to be worse due to absence of QE
me too
> will sell purely out of fear that the dc means something that it will be a self fulfilling prophecy.
Nah, it actually means something anon, and it's not good

>> No.53279319

you're still a dick

>> No.53279325

I think this gamma squeezed still has some steam left

>> No.53279398

Maybe, just don't be in it when the music stops soon

>> No.53279420
File: 507 KB, 1495x662, 7298D1D1-C2AE-4B52-955E-1E40D16536A4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure looks a lot like the 2015 bottom where there was almost a death cross but instead was the start of the bull run. Be wary of making your call too soon anon

>> No.53279453

Pros looks at the 175d x 175w cross. It already happened in September. The low in November was the bottom.

>> No.53279463

Maybe you should watch this video anon. Pay close attention. There is no avoiding the death cross on the weekly this time. It's too late. Sorry

>> No.53279469

typical fud weak emotional person

>> No.53279499

OK mumu. Keep telling yourself that. You'll probably sleep better at night. Sweet dreams

>> No.53279557
File: 3 KB, 264x191, crack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>imminent death cross on the BTC weekly
>No stopping the death cross
>death cross cannot be avoided
>death cross on the weekly
>Nothing can stop that death cross anon
>Do some quick research on what a death cross actually means
>4-5 weeks away anon
>When you realize that the death cross on the weekly is inevitable
>The death cross is inevitable
>I'm saying that there is an imminent death cross coming on the weekly in roughly 4 weeks
>The death cross is coming
>Death cross is priced in
>there is zero chance of avoiding it

>> No.53279625

He never actually proves anything in that video. He merely asserts that it's inevitable. It's not.

>> No.53279813

Watch it again anon. You've hit peak cope and are blinded by you mumu ways. wake up anon

>> No.53279845

Not an argument.

>> No.53279909

Here anon. I'll make it easy for you. this link starts the video at the part you need to hear. There is no argument to have. It goes only one way. Death cross is guaranteed and nothing can stop it. Do you understand?


>> No.53279956

He never actually proves it. He claims he will but he never does.

>> No.53280022

Take those last 2 braincells you have, rub them together, watch it again, and figure it out. Dumb dickweeds like you are probably out here advising other. Good lord /biz/ is lost

>> No.53280026

You can calculate it. The 200 MA is back to March 2019. 50 MA is last February. The newest candles effect the 50 more and they're below. The 200 is climbing because we rose out of that in 2019.

>> No.53280068

Not an argument.

>You can calculate it.
Yes and I calculate that a death cross is not inevitable.

>> No.53280114

We might tap the cross exactly on the chart at 24k early Feb. It seems optimistic that price would continue to climb after this much push.

You can extend the curves or calculate by inputting new data. We don't need to source a white paper to average 200 and 50 inputs.

>> No.53280125

Yeah, this is how many times I have had correct the ignorant motherfuggers here that deny the absolute fact that a death cross is coming on the weekly and nothing can stop it. Seems you are in the same camp. How did /biz/ end up like this? It's practically worthless now and overrun with needle dicked worms like you. Frens used to look out for other frens. Now all you freaks do is sabotage each other. Prayers up for all you dumb faggots. GL

>> No.53280136

See what the price action needs to be at in the next ten weeks to stay above 25k on the 50.

>> No.53280148
File: 53 KB, 800x723, consider_rope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>absolute fact that a death cross is coming
>Death cross is guaranteed

>> No.53280185

Yes, I calculated it.

>> No.53280231

do the math zipper tits

>> No.53280238
File: 316 KB, 1184x966, fuckhead.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get bent you limp wristed faggot.

Verification not required.

>> No.53280284

You're losing a 40k candle from last feb for a 20k candle from last week. If btc paints 5 40k candles in q1 then the 50ma will stay where it's at.

>> No.53280346

He's talking about RSI. RSI and Death crosses are two entirely different things. Keep following your dear leader kang on twatter and see where it gets you, fuckhead

>> No.53280364

Doubling in price over a few weeks is not unprecedented for BTC. The claim that the price would need to reach a new ATH ($100k+) in order to avoid a death cross is bullshit.

>> No.53280432
File: 212 KB, 590x322, 1618873700191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

know I really know that you're posting from a men's room in a bust station if you can't tell how a MACD relates to RSI.

Hope those meds kick in before you get ass raped (again) by the next hobo.

>> No.53280470

>know I really know that you're posting from a men's room in a bust station if you can't tell how a MACD relates to RSI.

speak English and take kangs chinese needle dick out of your mouth before you speak to me. Now go back to twatter, faggot

>> No.53280482

I try to stay objective.

>> No.53280532
File: 444 KB, 544x513, IMG_0532.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek, got under your skin did we? And yet, you still can't provide any, even the most rudimentary TA, because you don't have any.

All you can do is scream, "I'VE GOT A DICK IN MY ASS!" keep going though, your posts are making fine additions to my cringe collection.

>> No.53280582

>know I really know that you're posting from a men's room in a bust station
Ok chang kek

>> No.53280605
File: 92 KB, 756x604, 1638663147720.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lmao, is this REALLY the best you can do? C'mon, you can't be this fucking retarded. Be honest, you can tell us, what happened? I get the feeling you got liquidated around $18K and are thinking about necking yourself and just wanted to come here and vent one last time. It's okay, crypto isn't for everyone. You can still have a somewhat average life back at your old job, (what that is I don't even want to guess).

>> No.53280619

imagine believing a twitterfag. Go back faggot

>> No.53280667
File: 51 KB, 532x384, 1716933.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ok chang

>> No.53280681
File: 29 KB, 497x427, faggotville.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lulz, you don't even know who he is, do you? one of the founders of Mechanism Capital? Ring a bell? Just launched a $100M fund this month?

No? Nothing?

Right, and here you are foaming at the mouth spewing schizo "DEATH CROSS" like some homeless faggot on a freeway offramp trying to get 10 bucks together by offering blowjobs to passing truckers. hahahahahahaha

>> No.53280728

>you don't even know who he is, do you?
How much chinese cum are you gonna guzzle chang? GTFO mumufag

>> No.53280799

you know, you're really not helping your case here, you know that right? I mean, you are just coming across more deranged with each post. You're clearly getting very upset, why is that?

Why not post just the minimum TA to back up your "cough" argument? Historical reference? previous examples etc? I don't have a dog in this fight, I just DCA spot myself on the weekly so don't really care.

But I'm concerned anon, you really seem upset and help is only a phone call away.

Oh and I'm sorry I called you a faggot and a bus stop bottom. :)

>> No.53280853

yea no shit i dont know who he is nor do i give a fuck. He'll be another baseball cap guy with lazer eye.

>> No.53280869

>I just DCA spot myself on the weekly so don't really care.
In other words you fomo'd in on this suckers rally like the typical mumu fag that you are. OK chang. Aren't you supposed to be clicking that like button on your dear leader kangs twatter feed. You're patetic, chang KEK

>> No.53280881

of course, you're absolutely right. I'm sure the next time you secure billions in funding you can catch up with him and set him straight. Good for you anon, I stand corrected!

>> No.53280892

whoa, suck his dick some more

>> No.53280898
File: 72 KB, 1650x470, comfy_2020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hahahaha, you keep telling yourself that, right up to when you kick the chair out from underneath you and swing <3

>> No.53280909

and yet, here you are, posting from your mom's basement....

>> No.53280917
File: 166 KB, 1267x752, kanglover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take your homo erotic gay fetish for chinese needle dick someplace else, chang

>> No.53280926
File: 345 KB, 1418x1575, 1638127786256.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no, I don't think I shall. I much prefer to watch you and your pathetic samefagging.

>> No.53280939
File: 94 KB, 1200x630, pelosi_laugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hahahahaha, relax everyone! We found the latent homosexual that stores gay chinese porn!

>> No.53280957

Are you having a stroke chang?

>> No.53281014

no, not at all. Just really enjoying myself. :)
I haven't run across someone like you on here for a while and it's really fun to watch your mental process.

>> No.53281048


To be fair, why does he have that saved with a descriptive name? kek

>> No.53281079

>bitcoin to 400k

I'm not saying this sounds like bullshit but this sounds like bullshit

>> No.53281148

>twitter chink defense force appears out of nowhere to troll op with stale 4chins images from some glowie boomers 2016 folder
Ok now Im convinced OP is on to something.

>> No.53281360

kek quality bait

>> No.53281519

I mean, the gain sounds a bit far fetched, but the dates and numbers check out.

>> No.53281528

Sorry, I meant for

>> No.53281533

It's not bait anon, it's true. A new weekly candle will print in 20 hours and 37 minutes. Anyone with one wrinkle in their brain can figure this out. Nothing anyone can do to stop it either. GL

>> No.53281538

I bought today just to spite you niggerman

>> No.53281600
File: 30 KB, 660x574, whatonearth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>72 posts over 10 hours angrily trying to convince everyone that mumus are scared
btc is going to go to 100k+ this time isn't it?

>> No.53281628

Wow mumuanon, I'm impressed. How does it feel to watch your balance shrink like your dick? You gonna go with page 1 in the mumu playbook and call it a DCA next week? kek at least you admit that you're an idiot. gl

>> No.53281730
File: 49 KB, 705x705, 1629474288735.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

heh, so you're telling me we're going to 380k, based

>> No.53281746

priced in

>> No.53281757

Did you come here for the free (you) anon?

>trying to convince everyone that mumus are scared
they convince everyone all by themselves.

>> No.53281824

But... you do understand that the sheer volume of your posting indicates desperation, right? Is 21k your liquidation point? Is that why you're behaving like this?

>> No.53281862

You sound like a fucking tranny

>> No.53281911

>priced in
You mean a subject that has never been discussed here and all you smooth brained mumuanons are in denial about is already priced in? Is that how that works? Great, this is now a peak mumu denial thread.

>> No.53281946

I'm simply replying to you sad mumus who seem to be in panic mode and in denial. Let me guess, you fomo'd into this suckers rally and bought SBF's bags? oops kek

>> No.53281947

>75 irate bobo posts
>this is now a peak mumu denial thread

>> No.53281960
File: 49 KB, 900x258, 1664338542713.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the muh lagging indicator cope
holy giga cringe

>> No.53281975
File: 145 KB, 1024x985, B734FEAF-970C-493F-8766-20D1B774B3D9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im not on BTC fool. The bottom was in for me months ago. Imagine thinking any of your TA bullshit is true when your shitcoin crashes anytime mine has any positive news.

>> No.53282021

I thought /biz/ had containment threads for you link freaks. Why do you fags beg so hard for attention?

>> No.53282055

>Doesn’t know that this is a Link board.
Great job outing yourself. Everyone go all in now, this fuckers short is about to get liquidated.

>> No.53282062

>3 posts by this id complaining about how many posts OP has.

How are those sweaty SBF buttcheek bags of yours holding up mumuanon? and why are you trying to make your problems everyone elses? You fugged up again dummy. Own it

>> No.53283006

>so sleepy, yet I must shill

>> No.53283040
File: 263 KB, 1184x966, fuckheadyoutoosir.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Verification required.

>> No.53283061

nasdaq follows bitcoin

>> No.53283648

Those are obviously tests and rejections, this TA cannot be used to say CONFIRMED BULL YEAH BUDDDYYYYY just a warning sign that a reversal may be here, if this move sustains and doesnt immediately cross again there is more evidence for the bull case

>> No.53283746

death cross end of january? isn't the FOMC meeting on the 31th january?

>> No.53283747
File: 217 KB, 725x800, itt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You don't need a
RSI (14, close, SMA, 14, 2) crossing 50
from some homosexual smuggy tweeting cherrypicker with hindsight bias.
Which you are also presenting here with your
>obviously tests and rejections

Needless to say, both OP and >>53280238 are homosexuals and those 'advices' or whatever you call it are just dumb. Basically >>53277131
Of course, if positive happens, they will tell you they were right. If negative, they will find an excuse or won't come back and appologize.

>> No.53283759

Holy shit this anon really stayed here the entire day with 78 boboposts
I wrote some pajeet-tier python above to show that the cross is probably coming and fucked off, but my god, the sheer dedication to being a bobo

>> No.53284049
File: 537 KB, 750x750, ching chong.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.53284084

Check out what happened last time when Death Cross was this near. But yeah, if it happens, that has never happened before.

>> No.53284594
File: 243 KB, 1972x1816, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we got a month

>> No.53284777

No it's not. You still have time when the dip comes again.
I would load more ETH, ORE and ATOM.

>> No.53284904
File: 294 KB, 512x512, help g.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

someone explain to me wtf a death cross is.

>> No.53284952

shoo...shoo, newfag!

>> No.53285128

The point is there's downside advantage especially with a 1-3 week drive up to 21-24kish like we're seeing, increased open interest, lagging DC, pappa jerome coming out in two weeks to say "bad market!" and whatever other bs in a space where Binance DCG Gemini miners and everyone is on the chopping block. I'm not convinced the FTX losses were actualized in price action since customer money was more or less rugged. If you're a bull it would not hurt to convert some coin to fiat in the short term then buy back if fundamentals improve.

>> No.53285142
File: 149 KB, 400x400, 1653072001339.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>taking one data point as gospel

>> No.53285172

archive search of all the (((death crosses)))

>> No.53285205

What does it mean? Like it has high ping?

>> No.53285247

Big happening about to take place. March 2020 type dump followed by a v shape recovery.

>> No.53285280

Crossing is avoided if BTC jumps over $25k.
(Which I don't think will happen, as I think Powell will be super bearish in 2 weeks.)

>> No.53285691

There isnt a single experienced trader that gives a shit about lagging nonsense like this. The death cross WILL play out and NOTHING will happen. Screencap this and sneed later

>> No.53287402

the only bigger faggots than OP are the jannies who permit shit like this to stain the board for days

>> No.53287551
File: 385 KB, 1125x1303, 9750B777-1833-4ABA-A133-89CB4E82C66F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Really tight

>> No.53289105

it's coming, God willing

>> No.53289108

If you DCA, don't miss out the privacy coins / governance tokens and thank me later, not a financial advice.

>> No.53289522

Eh it looks like its actually flattening out and might actually bounce right off it, which would be super bullish

>> No.53289633

>Death cross is priced in
what is the price?

>> No.53289674

>the great thing about 4chan is when u go all in on a prediction and ur wrong u just pretend u weren't the guy making the prediction
>I didn't draw them fagmo.
the irony of your statement
(you) NGMI

>> No.53291707

Impossible. New candle on the weekly in 20 minutes. Soon the inevitable will set in. GL

>> No.53292997

Jesus, you are still here.

>> No.53293007

Holy shit you’re still here?? Damn man you must be shaking over your short right now. Let me guess 22k liquidation?

>> No.53293014

https://twitter.com/AlexanderBochan/status/1614768523057967104 FREEMASONS ARE COMING TO KILL ME SPREAD THE WORD
i have been rigorously communicating with them for 2 weeks. they lured me in with @custardloaf on twitter. @paultown is one of them as well. they tried to make a deal with me, i declined. please help i need every one of you. i have some special secrets on my twitter.1

>> No.53293018


>> No.53293155

It means we beam.

>> No.53293280

>What does it mean /biz/
please sell all your bitcoin and short it since it's mega bearish. do it

>> No.53293406
File: 242 KB, 1797x876, ohhfug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You think this doesn't matter? In almost exactly 2 weeks the death cross will come. There is no avoiding it. Do you know what it means when it actually crosses? Look it up. Nothing you can do to stop it either.

>> No.53293429

i am confused is a 'death cross' when only the 50 week is crossing the 50 day? or is when any longer time frame is crossing ?

>> No.53293446

>in all of Bitcoin's history
>posts from $5000

>> No.53293475

Example: DXY


>> No.53293533

this is with 200MA and 50MA?
i thought the bit coin cross is with 50 week and 50 day? is there a difference?
in that vid spammed above it said it never happened before so how do u define it as a 'deathcross' ?

>> No.53293605
File: 227 KB, 1787x871, spx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's another example anon: SPX

Hasn't been a death cross on the SPX since 2008 and it looks like another one is baked in for 2023. You think this is bullish for BTC?

>> No.53293622

Anon.. you've been up for 33 hours now. Don't you think it's time you left this thread and got some sleep?

>> No.53293637

>You think this is bullish for BTC?
no i do not. definitly looks bearish but nobody is posting shorts so i am hesitate to short.
and u did not clarify confusion with the 200MA 50 week thing. is 'death cross' only when 50week crosses the 50day? or when any larger time indicattor crosses the 50day?

>> No.53293661

MA cross overs aren't predictive indicators lmao

>> No.53293670
File: 168 KB, 1791x865, nasdq100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Quick question anon: If the Nasdaq 100 index tanks, will that be bullish for BTC? Another example of a death cross on the weekly that is inevitable. No stopping it at this point. Nasdaq 100 index hasn't had a death cross on the weekly since 2008 and another is guaranteed in 2023. What do you think it means for BTC anon?

>> No.53293682

Theres gonna be a death alright. When we cross 100k and you dive off that chair.
Over analyzing always ends up in getting rekt. When you deal with a market as volatile as this you cannot try to read every movement. The whole premise of crypto goes against every version of market history we know. You are the same person saying buying BTC at $1 is stupid. You cannot dream and inspire and think beyond what you see right in front of you.

>> No.53293705

Good grief anon. Here:


>> No.53293760

this is conflicting. im nervous about the impending DC but bobo posting this hard is a buy signal. what does anon think?

>> No.53293813
File: 197 KB, 1791x875, qqq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, quick question: Why do you think these crazy mumu's here on /biz/ are avoiding these simple and easy questions? I'll ask you one: When the QQQ has it's death cross, which is unavoidable at this point, do you think that will be bullish for BTC?


>> No.53293906

This retard lost millions on gmx last week
Wouldn't trust anything he says
Also OP your a fag, but thanks for the heads up

>> No.53293946

>85 posts
If you’re wrong there should be some sort of punishment to you. You should be publicly humiliated in this board. Not for being wrong because we all have been in the past but because you’re an insufferable faggot, who if happens to be wrong should be bullied without mercy. But you won’t because you’re an anonymous coward.

>> No.53293955

Just answer these simple questions anon. Otherwise you are in denial.


>> No.53293967

this is where you lose me. avoidance is very feasible at this point

>> No.53294007

Do the fuggen math anon. The 50 ma on the weekly is the average of the past 50 weeks. Use your brain. It doesn't take a genius to figure this out. There is no stopping the death cross on the weekly for the Nasdaq 100 index, the SPX the QQQ and BTC. Do you think that's bullish? If I am wrong, why hasn't a single anon on /biz/ been able to prove me wrong?

>> No.53294217
File: 14 KB, 218x231, borntofren.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>thanks for the heads up
My pleasure fren. GL

>> No.53294257

>If I am wrong, why hasn't a single anon on /biz/ been able to prove me wrong
same reason you havent addressed the fact that its come closer to a DC before and avoided it?

>> No.53294295

>death cross on the weekly for the Nasdaq 100 index, the SPX the QQQ and BTC
Thanks anon for your 36 hour bender in this thread. We can't say we weren't warned. I blew off the Pi Cycle top in April 2021, and vowed to pay attention to big MA crosses in the future. Much appreciated.

>> No.53294315

Anon, did you flunk out of your special ed classes? The inevitability of the death cross coming for BTC is not my opinion, it's a fact. No avoiding it. You are in denial fren. Wake tf up before you get rekt. gl

>> No.53294376
File: 85 KB, 1387x702, fren.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Happy to help

>> No.53294399

Wait, when is this supposed to happen again?

>> No.53294425
File: 992 KB, 2007x1249, 1DE272A4-6611-40E6-A75E-3969C7E83D23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ah, there we are, thanks for this.

>> No.53294433


>> No.53294454

>it's a fact. No avoiding it.
lagging indicators are simply not fact until they happen no matter how much you project and deflect and i can now see why your questions are going unanswered

>> No.53294538

That's not how this works anon. It's simple math. No avoiding it. I don't know how I can help you any more than I have already tried, other than suggesting that you immediately take a double dose of Prevagen and some remedial math classes. On January 30th, you will think of me and come to the realization that you are definitely retarded. gl

>> No.53294546

>It's simple math
show me your calculations

>> No.53294608

>91 posts
Death crosses result in ridiculous pumps.
Schools open tomorrow take your hormone therapy like a good little tranny and go to bed

>> No.53294611

The 50 day moving average is calculated by summing up the past 50 data points and then dividing the result by 50. Do you think you can handle that anon? If not, go ask ask you mom.

>> No.53294617

>just ignore the fact that Bitcoin does not operate in an isolated bubble away from the global economy and every other thing happening in the world
>TA works, anon!

Holy fuck you TA fags are the MOST retarded of everyone on this board.

>> No.53294626

yep, its fucking retarded.

>> No.53294632

>Death crosses result in ridiculous pumps.
Really? Show me 1 example of a death cross on the weekly that resulted in a "ridiculous pump". Why does this thread frighten you mumus so much?

>> No.53294679

seriously gay thread OP, you should be ashamed of yourself

>> No.53294920

If it's inevitable, then it's already priced in.

>> No.53294955
File: 163 KB, 1801x882, nasdaqcrash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is the Nasdaq crashing already priced in?

>> No.53295419

Based on that image alone then it would make sense that it would continue to go down until it hits the cross.

>> No.53295878

That's true, I recently got some SCRT & RAIL, and I'm planning on increasing my holdings

>> No.53295964

i like how you posted this chart as though it was somehow helping your case

>> No.53296142

Does he really care if he gets rekt?

>> No.53296161

That doesn't mean it'll always happen the same way, we may only see a slide dump to 19k

>> No.53296172

XMR is actually my favorite privacy, I don't have any alternative yet

>> No.53296192

How does posting the chart be of help to his case?

>> No.53296208

Are you kidding me?
Why won't he care if he fucking gets rekt?
Everyone does care

>> No.53296212

https://twitter.com/AlexanderBochan FREEMASONS ARE COMING TO KILL ME SPREAD THE WORD
i have been rigorously communicating with them for 2 weeks. they lured me in with @custardloaf on twitter. @paultown is one of them as well. they tried to make a deal with me but i declined. SECRETS EXPOSED

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XMR is a well-established privacy coin that has its own unique solution in the space.
However, I prefer Railgun, because they recently made impressive progress with its integration into Arbitrum.
Their unique SDK makes it a strong candidate for potential integration into other blockchain networks.

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