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It's over.

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mcdonalds is overpriced anyway even with their fucking app coupons

i prefer burger king (using coupons from the app)

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Nobody actually makes the federal minimum wage anymore. Most states have set their own higher minimum and even in my state with no minimum wage people still get paid 15 bucks an hour to work at McDonald’s

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Burgers staying true to name.

You will always be poor

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How many big macs per hour do you need?

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McDonald’s is fucking shit and so is kfc. 2 years ago a zinger box was 11.25.I went the other day to get one and it’s at $14. Ridiculous, imma stick with gyg

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KFC is also disgusting. Maybe it’s a good thing you can’t afford your zinger slop

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Daily reminder that finance and economics are pseudoscientific make believe garbage and capitalism is inherently unstable, exploitative and unsustainable with a built in expiration date. Ever escalating recessions, poverty, debt, wealth inequality, monopolies, disease, pollution, exploitation, slavery, conflict and wars are fundamental, necessary and intended principles of it, NOT glitches. Greed, selfishness, lying, cheating, stealing, competition, conflict, slavery and war are behaviors highly encouraged and incentivized under capitalism. It is LITERALLY cancer and i dont mean it metaphorically, i mean it literally, it shares the exact same functions and principles as a cancer cell.

The freer the market the more enslaved everything and everyone else is and the more blood sacrifices need to be performed to "the Line god". An economy needs to be as regulated and planned as possible to serve the living beings needs and desires and be able to be adjusted according to our needs at any given moment/period. finance and stock markets are incompatible with life and are in direct competition

It isnt over. It just never started. Every single creature that is alive currently, has never actually been alive and was born and bred a slave

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i live in southern california and my big macs cost $4.50

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Nobody is going to read all of that. Try Reddit

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Fast food is a meme, its all overpriced goyslop

The whopper shrunk to half its size here but still costs the same

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>use something to save money is bad

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> The whopper shrunk to half its size

If only we could say the same about the Americans that eat whoppers. Maybe food prices doubling will be a good thing - that way American women might actually be fuckable

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imagine not having food stamps

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Enough of the niggerposting on this board. You live with your parents and don’t qualify.

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I've had /biz/tards tell me that using coupons is 'poorfag mentality'. Kek.
>credit card
>pay later
>5% cash back
>0% apr
Literally nothing wrong with discounts into dollars.

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Most us states will have a 15$ minimum wage in a year. A big mac cost 3.99$. Thats 3.75 big macs per hour.

Why do people believe this shit without looking at the facts?

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We would save money by gassing all the niggers and spics.

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$15 is still poverty tier compared to 1980 minimum wage, that's not even two BM/hr

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Ummm sergay sisters what do we do?

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I am sure he can afford more Big Macs. He can always dump more tokens.

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Sirgay requires more Big Macs

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Just did a quick calculation and I can buy 5.8 BM's per hour in my country (Sweden). Don't know if that's considered good or bad globally though.

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thats still <2 bigmacs/hr

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Sirgay will now move to Sweden for more big macs.

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No way a Big Mac is $8 in the US, not even a large Big Mac Menu. Fast Food prices are cheap as fuck in America like half of Western Europe so I'm assuming a Big Mac costs like 2-3 dollars.

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The average Big Mac price is $5.50 to $6, it can go as low as $4 in the South because poverty.

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Also no way a Big Mac was only 50 cents in 1980, those are 1960 prices, maybe.

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thought that was jellyroll

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who the hell eats big macs?