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Don't worry we'll be back at 15k within a week or two. Pic related.

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bobo r u ok????

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for those who are new to the board, this level of volume means we are back. at least for awhile

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people are fucking retarded i swear

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So you're telling me to wait two more weeks?

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bobo probs not ok but you are a bit retarded if you don't take profit here. Shorts literally wiped out and now everyone is longing max lev. NFA.

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>they're going to liq 4 billion in longs bro

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I didn't say they are going to liq 4 billion in longs.

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Maybe you shouldn't make your investments based on fictional internet animals you 20 iq fuckwit huh? Anyone who's not taking profit here is an absolute brainlet.I want to open a good short position but imma see where we heading first.

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>pls sell baw

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I just rechecked. Funding is going absolute bananas on many coins. That doesn't mean the rally is over but definitely not a bad place to start taking profits. That being said, I wouldn't short tho. Not worth it.

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I did sell a lot and it felt good :D

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I already sold for you anon you don't have to worry. Even the most hardcore bulltards knows this pump is not sustainable.

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Explain please. It's been a year of bear market, we seem to have set the lows in. What is so insane about this?

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People really love round-tripping these rallies. They never learn. That is good for us tho.

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wont feel good when were at 30K in a couple of days

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bye bye, hope your 10% gain was worth it

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And I will buy more.

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it's ok to buy spot
it's not ok to gamble on (((leveraged))) (((usd-settled))) (((futures))), it just fuels liquidations on the way down

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simply buying bitcoin isnt enough these fucking retards are so poor they have to actually BORROW money to buy and they do so AFTER it already went up 10%

it will go down now until these fucking shit stains are eliminated

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>price immediately collapses

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just a quick liquidation of 150x longs, my investments are with good companies.

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we will now continue to crab at + - $1000 from this point for 8 months

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/biz/ told me when everyone is doing something the market always does the opposite, where are all the contrarians now?

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Lmao these people never learn

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Sometimes they just want to trap more longs before pulling the rug.
I remain a contrarian, most people are still in disbelief. Maybe when it's 30k and everyone is fomoing in it's gonna crash hard.

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what the fuck is in those balls?

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They are hedging you fucking financial illiterates. What the fuck has happened to this board.

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>$4 billion
What an oddly specific number of longs to appear out of fucking nowhere

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Liquid garloids

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>most people are still in disbelief
No, they're not. The mumu euphoria all over the board should make that obvious. They were never even depressed.
I thought the same thing when I saw the tweet.

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I have a bad feeling about this, long squeeze is happening

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newfag detected

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The contrarian was to take profit when normies do shit like this

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Lmao, he doesn’t learn does he

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big money doesn't hedge. they play derivatives in the same direction the market is heading. blackrock unleashing btc futures at this bottom should have indicated this unless you're retarded and think futures = down like at the 2017 top. wealthy have been accumulating and are now pumping it while making out like bandits in the futures market with huge long positions.

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>this pump is not sustainable

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Because no one has taught him

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No one has taught us either yet we learn

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The Chinese have been putting garloids up their asses for centuries.

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You can’t squeeze longs, longs can go to infinity, shorts can only go to zero.

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Lmao it’s going to be so fucking bloody

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Pretty negro, who is she and is she eating clay?

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$25k then $12k
Cya niggers

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moo-phoria always ends well

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We still have room to run. I haven’t seen a significant increase in niggers buying shitcoins yet. Trust the nigger signal

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nigga in the back is mirin

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Depends on what you’re waiting on. I’m in a couple of projects that keep hoping and waiting for the new bull run

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thats because this has been the worst performing bear market ever, we barely dropped down at all and even though this is a suckers rally I doubt we'll break new lows below 15k lets face it volatility of bitcoin has just gone down and it'll be like the stock market where it just inches up forever with the occasional crash every 5 years or so

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Bruh, your head’s been squoze if you genuinely think that https://www.investopedia.com/terms/l/longsqueeze.asp

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mumu r u ok???

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You’re all retards