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We're so fucking back
Also: No chainlink in this thread, thanks!

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I want to fucking KILL MYSELF

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Rate for rate?

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Out of the way faggots

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Slow and steady wins the race
Pretty decent moon shot with rose, solid 7/10, would try to accumulate some BTC even though it's not a moonshot

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>no BitDAO
unironically NGTMI

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fuck off bitfuck
no one's buying your shitcoin

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>no one’s buying
up 50% in 1 (one) month
holds the largest treasury in the market and is the 20th largest ETH whale

the copium purity must be insane with this one

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kek i bought yesterday

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I’ve considered accumulating btc but I wanna increase my rose to 100k and Avax a lil bit.

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holy fucking basedness

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buy some AVAX you faggot

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>he still didnt swap his AVAX for MATIC

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1,000 ICP is my entire crypto portoflio at a cost average of 3.80.

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>he still didnt swap his FTM for MATIC

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no need to buy a curry, stinky indian coin, cope more Rajeet

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I’m happy with what I have frens!

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nice stack, bro. you will definitely make it with rose alone. if btc breaks ath rose will easily reach $5.

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i also have 20,000 dollars in leveraged longs in the stock market.

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very based. we're all gonna make it

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Started with around 5-6k, just recently cashed that same amount out. Feels good bros we're back

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btc mogging shitcoins while having 100000X the marketcap, kek

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Screenshot is from yesterday btw

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What are you guys using these days to track your crypto?

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I started with that amount almost exactly 2 years ago. I'm not at 750k

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that was supposed to say "now" lmao

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How did you do it anon? My portfolio isn’t as in the dump as >>53264751 but it’s close

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i was tempted but scared to keep buying at 19k but i didn't because i was waiting for a push back.
>never happened

idk whether i should keep buying anymore or just wait it out

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All in VRA thank me later

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That's why DCA is king.

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Dog bat shilling nigger

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fuck. should i just keep buying then? it would still be below my average i guess

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Buy shit and forgot you bought it until later like a squirrel hiding nuts

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I miss these lil niggas like you wouldn't believe

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Wrong d0b0 fren, you bought the Chinese blockchain scam!
You want the one on Solana, that's the one that didn't die in 2021!

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we'll get a push back im sure, but you should def buy more especially when shit is dumping like 10 percent.

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7/10 - low risk but also lower reward, although some of the most solid holds possible here, 7 out of 10 for lack of gains and just overall boring>>53264751

Lunch portfolio

I like privacy but don’t know much about rose, not sure why it’s better than secret and same with avax but why not hold ICP?

Again, just nothing exciting here, I’d drop sushi and… I wouldn’t hold any of these, maybe keep ADA if any

My ICP stacks are a bit higher than my folio list because my NFTs have been doing well, also have SNS-1 locked that is not included

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Chainshit doing nothing as usual.

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The ICP fud memes got to me. I also really like ROSE. Something about it just screams moonshot to me. I understand it's risky as fuck but I really believe in it. As for your portfolio, I really like XMR and PNK. XRP seems cool. TRU kinda came out of no where so i'm tempted to believe it's a scam (kinda like rubic). All in all, 7/10 you'll make it.

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i wanna get into crypto, which app (wallet) is this?

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I didn't even get another tracking app after FTX/blockfolio got destroyed by kikes

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KuCoin, newb but hey it worked for me. But now I can’t deposit with Chase bank so I transfer from Coinbase

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see >>53265320
its an app.

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Oh-no, fren, Truebit's founders are some of the brightest in the space, that's why I'm so heavy. Their white paper is co-authored by Vitalik and Christian Reitwiessner is a part of their team (One of the creators of Solidity the programming language for Ethereum). Not to mention other galaxy brains. Honestly, if you weren't around when pic related anon dropped the deeds, I wouldn't blame you for not getting it, it's one of the most complicated cryptocurrencies around right now

I fell for the ICP fud early on too, thankfully, but now it's a great buy, just look at some of their decentralized websites hosted completely on chain, if that doesn't make you swap AVAX for ICP idk what will (Not to mention their chain key technology or native ECDSA signatures allowing control of Bitcoin and practically all others eliminating the need for bridges)

I've already said too much, I don't care to type so much, good luck fren, i likely won't respond to questions

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I'm using coingecko

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don't worry, it's not back. Crypto is set to be fucked this year. Meaning it will be a great year to buy in for you.

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First post stinkiest post, 1keoy.

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Rate me lads

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thanks anon. i'll look into TRU before i go to bed.

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ETH and BTC are a no brainer. MATIC is THE reddit coin, and thus, has incredible backing. It obviously has a future considering it's performance during this bear market, plus fundamentals. LUNC is great as a shitcoin investment. You're covering all grounds. Now rate mine >>53264798

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i thought cardano was the reddit coin?

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its too late. the rocket has taken off

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oh yeah i stand corrected. nonetheless, MATIC is great.

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Like the rose stack. Would suggest getting into bitcoin and Ethereum as well.

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happy with this. sorry about the LINK though.

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It’s the simple things. There’s one and one only boys

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based. This folio (whether we go up or down) will outperform almost everything in the next 12 months.

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teach me your ways master

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unironically went all in $50k to dogeb0n at near top

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>2017, I buy BTC and immediately swap it for shitty alts because “muh Bitcoin is slow” and the oyster pearls and deep brain chains will make me rich

>2018, demoralized and sell everything. Good friend sets me straight with the orange pill

>I continue stacking and cannot unsee it. ETH is great but could easily become a Nokia to a better smart contract platform. BTC is forever. Also unironically LINK-pilled as well and started stacking a small hedge there.

>2022+, continue to prosper

Keep stacking. Don’t get emotional. Have a longer time horizon. Keep stacking.

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Ur gonna get rugged


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honest question, do you still think we are in ''stacking territory'' or are we in ''wait territory''?

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My guess is as good as any, no one can predict the future. I’ll admit I continue to DCA when it was $60k+ and now as well.

Imagine in a few years when BTC is likely $150-350k, all of these entry points will look extremely enticing

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already rugged to hear it told

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2 times I hit 100k profit and didn't cash out like a retard, now one more time let's do it again biz!

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>2 times I hit 100k profit and didn't cash out
JFC why/how?

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I'll get there one day..

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been holding link since 18 cents, forgive me

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Where my GNS chads?

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i'm retarded kek

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Hello frens. Comfy couple day. Finally in the black.

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Based on that

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My fren, I have seen you in many poorfolio threads with me. We are making it.

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I want to kms for not selling at $50, but that's just how it goes

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best folio

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OMG gross what is this incel cope doing in my roastie space?

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Damn right I slurped

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unironically all i have left

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Stop lying

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6/10, ditch sushi & ada
7/10 accumulate more
?/? literal who coins
8/10, need more BTC
7/10, put all from ICP into ALGO and AVAX, that'll bump it to 8/10
future rug/10
ditch sol/10
7/10, RUNE good

regardless of all this judging, we're all going to make it. swingies and fudding trannies get the rope.

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>we're all going to make it. swingies and fudding trannies get the rope.
based folio reviewer

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Yep, I've been in the DCA world for over 5 months, i now have a 1 full eth, plus Apt, Ride and Xen coz of that strategy
>idk whether i should keep buying anymore or just wait it out
It's not late fren
Sorry buddy

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Dangerously based

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i would have reviewed yours but i dont know shit about gains, vela, and zenon. the oasis and btc holds are really good tho.

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You have such small amounts in each you will never make it. All you literally need to do is buy 10k link. There are grandmas who have 18 ETH outt there.

>> No.53267791

Put it all into link dude. That’s 2,500 link.

>> No.53267802

Put half the BTC into RLC plus the 689 Link

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I will make it

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how are you going to make it without BIT in your portfolio? the token that will be powering the unstoppable decentralized economy that BitDao is building

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He is with us. Moon mission confirmed

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My linkies stay super stinky.
$1000 EOY

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With the fucking FTX collapse I lost track of my portfolio I had since 2017. I get angry whenever I think of that.

>> No.53268077

>n-no link please
>posts a 5 figure poorfag folio
see this is why you're poor

>> No.53268157

That's a solid folio. Definitely gonna make it

>> No.53268188

So much Matic in here. Maybe I should actually buy some, I just can't get behind an L2 being a significant portion of my portfolio
>t. all in on ICP right now

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I have no idea what the fuck im doing edition

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thanks for the insight

>> No.53268286

thanks for shilling Haven XHR to me. I'm surprisingly up

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Please no bully I'm retarded, later this year I'll get 6k to throw at crypto no idea what else to buy.

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just buy more icp anyone posting matic is a stinky paki

>> No.53268332

I mean this in the nicest way, how the fuck did you decide on any of those coins lmao

>> No.53268343

Tsuka's Mcap is too high for what it is to gamble that amount

>> No.53268366

Obvious shilling

>> No.53268406

Hah I was wondering if you bought that because of me. Seen you posting it a while. Right on! Its been on a tear. Still super low marketcap.

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Radiant was because it was being shilled here, I bought tsuka right after it went to the fucking moon I saw the price at 0.0023 I could have a 400k tsuka bag but I was still learning about crypto and didn't even know how metamask worked also too paranoid and kept waiting for ledger to arrive.

Luna has been unironically my best buy lmao.

I chose algo solely based on the fact that his ex developer was given a computer science award and I think the algo chain is amazing.

Don't know what else to buy.

No bully please I also lost 3k in daruma
I thought it was the next Tsuka. I learned a lot though but holy fucked it hurt.

I also have 1000 ICYPEE

>> No.53268691

>no idea what else to buy
Everything is looking sexy now, I basically bought Apt yesterday, and I'm up, should have bought monero and sylo too.
>We're going green Boys, there's no stopping this Bulltrain

>> No.53268734

6/10, not sure what the other shit coins are but you have a make it stack of dog bat. Good job

>> No.53268804

I hope so
I dont think it will go anywhere near the 2021 though

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Full baboona

>> No.53268856

Yeah. I don't know what will happen once thorchain integrates. It could get ridiculous volume as people use it to wash KYC off. It will be the first privacy coin on a DEX. That's how I can see it possibly going to new highs.

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File: 269 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2023-01-14-07-47-19-335_com.ledger.live.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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What app does everyone use now? I used Blockfolio for years and now that it took a shit idk what to use

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Poofag here who lost a ton, this is the time to sell right? Lol

>> No.53268985

High IQ PNK collector

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I... I didn't accooooomooolate enough anons. I'm NGMI.

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looking good until the next red candle re-test 17k

>> No.53269044

>He fell for the DOT meme

>> No.53269061

it has been one year since the village has not been fed ser

>> No.53269065

still looking good. absolutely not a fan of all the shitty useless parachains and also not a fan of high staking rewards

>> No.53269451

Sirs do not redeem!

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>> No.53269638

Fucking EPICALLY based

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everybody posting gay shit ass shitcoin folios ngmi.
>t. 8 Bitcoin (Ticker: BTC)

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I'm hugely retarded and it shows

>> No.53271029

You turned 100 dollars into 750k? Because that's what you're saying.

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File: 100 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230114_124505_Ledger_Live.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As for me, I like the coin

>> No.53271297

I'm buying a top privacy project, I need to secure my wallet

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>L1s, shitcoins and not-needed tokens
>no DeFi plays, no recent stuff with bullish narratives
You retards are bagholding all this trash since late 2021, don't you?

>> No.53271334

my folio is 99% AVAX (1.4k vaxxies)

>> No.53271620

Based as fuck, best folio

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File: 371 KB, 1580x840, Whales_Pump_and_Dump.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Feeding time for the whales!

>> No.53271786

But I've got Railgun to trust, it secures privacy for DEX trading, lending and built without any bridge or layer-2.

>> No.53271810

Hey anon, self custody is now a lot easier for users, with a single password across chains and wallets. Thanks to ORE

>> No.53271838

Any Defi, L1 project you can recommend?

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I want to fucking KILL MYSELF

>> No.53271962

Based. Do your best to save up for a make it stack (2k Avax)

>> No.53272319

GMX, GNS, UMAMI, RAIL, MATIC, LYRA - most of these are somewhat far from their bottom levels already. Take a look yourself, select something with best narratives/tokenomics. Top narratives for crypto are: rev-sharing, interest generating hedging protocols, in a slightly more distant future - zk-RUs. Efferium (and it's sidechains) should be a solid bet anyway.
This is an approximate list of stuff I've found through twitter, and haven't invested that much myself yet (I am still researching and don't have any conclusive bets formed). But this kind of stuff has legit usage and clear demand even in bear market.
I haven't researched any L1 scams yet, but some will surely gain their bullish narrative in time, just remember, that all alts are pump-and-dumps.

>> No.53272367

Railgun i guess could be a good pick. Its goal of bringing privacy to all DeFi, even to smart contract interactions as a relayer network.

>> No.53272482

Now this is a curry stench spreading jeetish shilling, if I've see one. I should probably remove RAIL from that list then.

>> No.53272815

Keep your head up Anon. Wouldn't want to miss the bull run up, would ya?

>> No.53274162

It's not actually private. There are backdoor and crap. XHV is a XMR fork.

>> No.53274697

TSUKA really is the one. Tsuka. Ryoshi left SHIB and started it. People not aping into tsuka are ngmi

>> No.53275168

Ltc, I hold a bit but I think it's pretty cool!
also bullish on ride for long term as crypto moves more into the gaming space
this is safe bet fren, i really think it'll be a bang.

>> No.53275907

ROSE is a moonshot you don't want to miss. I've got XRP in my bag likewise and holding some RAIL too.

>> No.53275978

Impressive, very nice.

>> No.53275998

There's more need to keep your tx anonymous.

>> No.53275999

nah I'm good. I'm done chasing pumps, just waiting for my real life to begin now

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>> No.53276499

did you sell the rest of your folio?

>> No.53276535

>32 eth
>100k fantom
>1 BTC
>100k cash
I just sold 20k LDO, 1k Solana, and 25k Stader. Not sure what to rotate into next. But maybe I stay in cash for now.

>> No.53276685

Fuck off with your useless shitcoin. Sell that Shitcoin and go Invest in QNT or ALBT. Fucking retard!

>> No.53277222

What fucking app does everyone use now? I tried delta and it fucking sucks

>> No.53277278

You shouldn't fall for scams, best of it utilizes ZKPs technology to provide maximum protection for users' data.

>> No.53277279


>> No.53277297

this chudjak looks better than carol

>> No.53277318
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Welp I hope I can have at least a $1 mil buy 2026

>> No.53277370
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some safe bets, some hedging, some moon shots, some literal trash

>> No.53277387

Look here anon, Railgun best suits your demand. It is a collection of smart contracts that generates verifiable reports of a user's actions and balances using a zero knowledge proof system.

>> No.53277469
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need your input /biz/

>> No.53277506

This gay Pajeet is panicking lol

>> No.53277521

Fuck the input and go invest your goddamn money on it

>> No.53277588

Users using the Railway wallet can shield tokens into the its privacy system, send/receive tokens privately, and also use various DeFi apps.

>> No.53277598

thanks for the input

>> No.53277621
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Oh yeah, its privacy system is deployed and active on Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC.

>> No.53277739

Why do I suddenly have a desire to buy RAIL
...wait a minute, this isn't a shill thread in disguise is it?

>> No.53277762

of course not!

>> No.53278248
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Alright. Shitcoin collector reporting in.

Excuse the poor screenshot, I have too many memecoins for one pic

>> No.53278490

How are you guys so fucking rich. How much did you initially invest and when?
P.s what wallet is that and is it secure enough? I personally dont trust wallets on smartphones.

>> No.53279312

We're cryptochads. I use software wallets. People don't think they're secure enough, but I don't really care. My computer hasn't been compromised. I use JAXX Liberty and Exodus. Do not keep your keys on your computer or anything connected to the internet. I use the good ol' noggin to store my keys. I do have them written down somewhere, but if anything happens, I have access to all of my money by just remembering my key.