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What a mystery.

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slowed down, as in, in the past few minutes?

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Don't relax. There's manipulation afoot like we haven't seen since before FTX collapsed.

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>slows down
>shows image of it increasing in magnitude

never change /biz/

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>slowed down

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You posted the same stochrsi cope at 100 when btc was several thousand dollars per coin cheaper you absolute fraud, COPE

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This is gonna be the sweetest short of my life

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>There's manipulation afoot like we haven't seen since before FTX collapsed
Crypto has been rigged from the very beginning you fucking newfag, do you even Mt. Gox? Bitconnect? Hello?

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I Wonder

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OP you are poor, you're poor and you're acting as if you know anything about anything lmao

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Cuz it gay and 4 faggots tht why. Must of run out of them big shock.

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Nigger you're a grown man who lives with his parents. You can calm the fuck down

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Damn that hit you hard huh poorfag

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You mean manipulation like we're seeing now always ends up being a scam?
Thanks for explaining what I said using different words, anon. Your family and friends must love you very much to tolerate your spergy outbursts.

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It hit 20,000.00 even then the volume just dried up. Reminds me of the 69,000.00 ATH. It's rigged and the mumus just got trapped AGAIN.kek

inb4 muh i'll just dca again if it drops

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Wait what? It hits 100 at 3k and price still continues going up to 12k without any dump????? This indicator is now officially useless

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Lmao I'm not op you retarded foreigner

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Absolute brainlet detected.

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This assumes that that jump to 14k wasn't manipulation

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Hard to beleive we were sitting here a few days ago at 16.9k crabbing forever it seemed.

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Yup, the daily chart shows dumping in a few hours but look at the weekly. It barely broke 50

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retard crypto has been manipulated since day one that's the point. relying on meme indicators to trade a manipulated market is stupid.

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The chart that anon posted is of the 1W timeframe. The OP chart shows the 1D, which has never ever stayed at 100 for that amount of time.

Also, it did not hit 100 at 3k on that 1W chart which you responded to. The lowest price was 3124 and at that time the Stoch RSI was at 3.19, basically bottomed out. When the Stoch RSI hit 100, the price had risen to 4k.

See picrel for reference and for what point level it was at when the price was ~3500.

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Shorting Bitcoin is retarded, there's better shorts out there.

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Life comes at you fast.

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The 1D Stoch RSI has been at 100 since 18k. It says nothing. Just like how you don't catch knives when prices dump don't try to do the same if prices are ripping up.

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Told you the other day that Stoch is a meme indicator of another indicator.
But no, Anon that started trading two weeks ago following an online trading tutorial thought he’s a pro using a “magic” oscillator.

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>at 100 since 18k
Precisely. Which is extraordinarily bearish. If it had touched 100 and BTC had immediately dumped, that would've been much less bearish.

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ITT armchair technical analists display their complete lack of understanding of a basic indicator

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actually i live with an irish girl 11 years younger than me, but unfortunately she's just my roommate

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Yeah, it's extremely overextended now. Maybe it tries to go all the way to the 1W death cross which is at 24k.

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My tradestack has been sidelined this entire pump. I'm pretty pissed ngl.

What the fuck is this shit? No fucking way I'm buying into this pump

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What the fuck is this

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the fuck is this clown shit

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yes good stay in disbelief, this rally will inevitably fail like the others after all
its just manipulation
you WILL buy lower

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what did you say op? posting in epic thread of a dumb bobo

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seriously, the most suspicious shit I've ever seen on the chart. someone's trying to suck out the liquidity

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You both are dumb niggers.

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OP didn't say the pumping had stopped, just slowed. He didn't say it wouldn't go past 20k or not reach 21k.

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>Don't relax. There's manipulation afoot like we haven't seen since before FTX collapsed.
>implying this market is never NOT manipulated
kek newfag

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it's because binance already fixed their screw up, the 16k wasn't going to last long, at least this gives me an excuse to go back to sora and not have to worry about whether the market is fucked up or not

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Manipulation is normal in all markets. Crypto isn't an exception. But you're a cryptofag and don't know anything about actual investment or trading outside of crypto, so I forgive you for the misunderstanding.
That said, crypto price action does behave normally most of the time, especially on longer time frames. When there's clearly major manipulation that affects those, it's best not to trade at all.
For that reason, I'm out. I refuse to long or short this rally.

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You posted the same StochRSI thread a couple days ago and look where we are right now.
You have no clue about what you are doing with your "analysis" so just stop.

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yea i shorted 17.1 because so usedto the ranging bullshit, onlyfor the most manipulative pump to occur in history. the rsi on 12hr is at 100 ffs
im already liqd and gonna kms
a simple short scalp for 500 turned into a 60k loss

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It just needs to cross $21,505.08 my brother.

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Nice "rule" you just made up to justify your dumbass sell. Back to Twitter with your meaningless RSI indicator zoomie