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If you have 3 wallets staked then you have now made 100 LINK doing absolutely nothing

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>down -27% since staking was released
>equivalent of 16k dollars down the drain
>brags about making $120 in a month
why are stakniggers so pathetic?

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these threads are always entertaining because of how salty fudders get over them

here's a translation for

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lol nobody cares about your 4% APY nigger

this is crypto, not the bond market

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>muh unrealized losses
Post folio, big boy

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You will make 315 Link in a year. If you can stake the extra linkies for the next year you will earn 14 more linkies just from the compounding effect.

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This seems like a good place to ask.
I was a bit hasty when the pool opened.
My situation changed and I need to take out a little from what I staked as soon as possible.
Even just the rewards so far might be okay, though not ideal.
How do I unstake?

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Imagine caring about LINK staking when it gets left behind in the next bull by BTC and ETH. Imagine holding LINK instead of BTC or ETH or shitcoins like SOL and DOGE

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and here's more of that guaranteed salt from people pretending that link is not important while also wasting hundreds of hours of their lives on it
but it always seems to boil down to how they lost everything in lending schemes because they just couldn't wait for staking

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Nice projection retard, your kind used to spew $1000 eoy, now it's $10 eoy top kek

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>duuude you if you criticize Link it means you lost everything on Bancor!
mentally deranged maniacs are browsing this board

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>4% return
>on fucking crypto
You can make more with a fucking broad index

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I only had 2000 link. Bought at $38 with my life savings. I have now made 9.4 link. I am going to make it from this.

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Post trades and folio
Fucking love it m8, pic rel

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They fell for a 2017 tier masternode scam.

Staking is just new fancy name they have for masternodes, DASH was doing exactly the same thing 6 years ago lol

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>Post trades and folio
>Fucking love it m8, pic rel

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Oh hey it's basedjak greentext reposter. What's up man! Good seeing you stop by my thread each time. Hope you're having a nice day

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not only that, but they got to see how the staking lockup scam works with ETH and still fell for it

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can't complain, life is good as a freelinker

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>Staking is a scam because unlocks aren't available yet
What is your agenda dude? Are you a Bitcoin guy? Stocks? Gold? Genuinely curious what your outlook is and what you hold

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of course staking is a scam, I can't believe there are "OGs" who fell for such a blantant fraud.

You're literally locking up your crypto and giving them away while the devs dump on you, fucking lmao

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>>down -27% since staking was released
>>equivalent of 16k dollars down the drain
>>brags about making $120 in a month

I make $220 in a month in staking rewards with my millions of coins and only invested 8k in (redacted) shitcoin buying in the absolute bottom.
The best part..ofc if the price increases, so my money

Stinkie linkies are pathetic
They live in a cult and in another reality

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this is how upset they are just because someone made a link thread about staking + my commentary
(and they'll do this while running like 6 fud threads on the side half the time)
i might make like 10 post tops in a week about an oracle token that i like and hold and has allowed me to compound my gains from neo and xvg
but then you realize that these people make HUNDREDS of angry posts a week, all about link.
no one remembers them or cares about them or sells over them and they're always clearly upset
if you're a newfag - THIS is exactly why you don't gamble or fuck around with your link stack
you don't just lose the stack - you end up like these guys - eternally assblasted and acting like broken bucks

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Pretty poor bait thread ngl

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i only hold link, unironically. i'm just not retarded enough to lock up my assets for 4% on an asset that swings violently in price.

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nice blogpost. didn't read; never staking

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Its kind of hilarious how upset they get over staking threads. Sometimes I just reuse the same screenshots from my own gains when one isn't already up just to farm (you)s and they're too stupid to not take the bait.

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not reading that shit baggie

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so that's over a dozen angry fudposts now? and remember this is only a fraction of the amount of effort they put in just for link in a day
i don't think anyone's expectations would be that high for people who think "oh yes i'll just put up everything on a third party lending platform what could possibly go wrong?" but it's just bizarre levels of seethe by them

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you are 100% schizophrenic

Your insane delusions are reinforced by a couple of anons who are on par with you. The cherry on top of the cake is that you will now believe I lost everything on Celsius and I'm trying to "FUD" you out of your bags lol

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It's one pill in the morning, and one pill in the afternoon anon. Not more, but not less. Please be well

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Checked, so you hold link

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Lul, you are such a stupid nigger. Everyone who did early access staking staked not for the APR, not even for the build rewards.

We staked because we will forever be grandfathered in as loyal link marines and will have access to the best nodes when Chainlink 1.0 staking goes live. This is when we will have neet nodes

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and look at this one
like he just read the definition of "gaslighting" online once and figured that it was no more nuanced than just calling someone crazy even though every effort he makes indicates some kind of raging obsession with something that he would claim is basically a pointless chuck-e-cheez token on a basket weaving forum

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baggie going insane

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nice bait, ser, you don't redeem

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and they just keep digging their own holes deeper and deeper
its just going to be them going on about meds and schizos in a really poor attempt at gaslighting from here on out it seems
remember, stake chads
apparently WE'RE the crazy ones according to people who froth at the mouth over link staking screenshots

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If they finally figure out how dumb they look and stop responding just check the catalog.
There will be like 3 new angry fud threads within 10 mins.
I can guarantee it.

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I don’t understand the concept of talking about something you despise so much. Normally, I just tune these sort of things out. On occasion, if it concerns me, I can’t help but discuss in a coherent and constructive way. That’s not the case here. The “constructive” criticism of link is ridiculous and down to the way you interpret what the team communicates to the community.

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1 free cup of coffee a day is pretty good anon.

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and voila, 3 new fud threads popped up
they get so mad when you link that post in their threads as well
i couldn't even begin to imagine going into an xrp or bsv thread and wasting 5 seconds making a reply, let alone making my own threads about it all day every single week
there isn't meant to be any kind of real discussion
it's all quantity and no quality whatsoever - utterly pointless noise

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That's the spirit anon. Don't worry about your high entrance fee. You're gonna make it.

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I found biz in 2017, I have never visited a xrp thread. I’ve only ever lurked bsv threads cause the creg screenshots are funny. No one here is saying you can’t laugh at a crypto or the holders. But the negative attention link receives here is not organic.

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i sold 15000 LINK at $35 and then rebought most at $9 (kept some ETH). I now have 50000 LINK. How long will it take for your staked LINK to get you 35k link?

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DUUUUUUDEEEEE I haven’t seen you since New Years hows it going? You haven’t killed yourself yet thats good. You finally get on a healthy diet?

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I bought at $0.000001 and sold at $999999999 and I'm a bazillionair. When will you poor loser kys?

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the seething is real kek


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This is the equivalent of mining bitcoin on a laptop back in 2008.

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feels good to be a freelinker bros.

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Ah yes, such an astroturfed and inorganic meme.

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It has a nice ring to it ngl

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I don't care, in fact, I don't want my link to be free at all. I want it locked up making me 4.75% a year so I can forget about the charts.

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There's no such thing as someone who got fudded into not staking. Sure there's a couple of Larps but that's to be expected. Everyone went balls deep as possible. I held a small stack back in case it moons so I can quit work but trust me, we all staked as much as poss

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Exactly, and in the original, one and only Chainlink Community Pool with BUIDL rewards and the Peace of Mind that comes with knowing you're not with a third party but Uncle Sergers and Cousin Ari. Comfy days.

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But you do care, otherwise you wouldn't have replied. You come here to justify and project your decision, you also still look at charts, I do it too, at least be honest. For me I would like to time my swing similar to that 50k anon that sold 40k for ETH and BTC at the beginning of the last run. My biggest mistake was holding this for so long and falling for the Arbitrum shit.

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>make a thread every day for the attention and to lie to yourself that your links will be a top 3, no, the top coin again someday
>everyone who disagrees secretly agrees they just fell for a scam
A sane and rational token staker.

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Also not internalizing that with every good piece of news the market crashed,
>markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

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ITT seething chainshitters angry that they're going to miss another bullrun

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I make the thread for lols.
It will be a nice piece of biz history if LINK does rocket

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Hi Thomas

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These screenshots will be called fake when LINK is $55k.
>you mean you were making $55 THOUSAND dollars every single day?
>doing NOTHING?
They will call us lucky. "Oh you just got lucky gambling on crypto".

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I also love how the fudders see this thread every day and, every day without fail, pull their pants up, come in, and seethe, knowing that the exact same thing will happen tomorrow and they will come in and seethe again.

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Kek basically this too. I also like that anyone who's staking a full 7k stack (or multiple) you know is an OG and it's fun to get the gang together.

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I've got 70k LINK still in Bancor

I WILL withdraw without a haircut

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Bold. I like your optimism, anon. Better than wasting your precious days seethefudding.

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nice job baiting all the angry incels kek

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I have 9 wallets staked and only need the price to go up to about $20 and I can stop working just on the rewards. Think my hopes will play put this year?

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Beautiful. Did you not use Bancor or Celsius too? I don't think it was anything like the majority, but a handful of stinkers are probably pissed they got their stacks rekt so I do think there is some saltiness from that. Most did not though

Truthfully some DD and risk management should have put anyone on alert especially since Celsius is a CEX and Bancor had ridiculous yield compared to other defi apps.

Anyway $20 this year? Maybe. I really don't know where it will go. $6 does feel bottom-like considering the high single digits was where LINK first pumped to during it's last big runup. Idk if it'll happen this year but $20 I think is reasonable within 2 years. We might need more patience for $50-100 though.

>Source: I made it up

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>Did you not use Bancor or Celsius
No. I've been into crypto since 2014 and lost whole bitcoins through stupid moves early on. I've also held through bear markets and so when all this defi looked tempting i was very much in the 'don't give anyone your golden ticket' camp. I nearly bought into Linkpool but I was so convinced by Link and had doubts about LPL so I didn't. Staking in the Chainlink Community pool is the first time I've let go of any Link, but it feels right. I feel lucky to have made it this far and what i think is really dissapointing is seeing normal retail guys like us being fudded out of buying into Link. The people doing it need to realise that it's only bankers and big money who will benefit from that. Seems pretty selfish to me.

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I didn´t lose anything on Celsius only some on Bancor. Back to Telegram to linkpool chat you INCEL

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What if it's bankers and big money bankrolling the fud?

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i have 60k link 4 wallets staked im going to stake the rest in another round. 20$ is on the low end i have inside info this year is unironically going to be really good q3.

damn i wish i staked more wallets like you but was scared off cuz i didn't want a repeat of blockfi. by some miracle i moved my 60k link stack off blockfi before the ftx bankruptcy. i would have become a degenereate fudder if i lost my stack too

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It's tricky to figure out, isn't it? I've stewed for ages thinking about different possibilities. Then you wonder if they're so sure why not just buy the token? Then you start thinking of reasons why they can't and before you know it you're tied in knots. The simple answer is that the market is fully retarded, just like the pasta says. People buying doge and all that stuff when right under their noses is a whole new system being built which relies on Chainlink. At least, that's what we're invested in.
Fuck that was lucky.. well done!

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is it smart to dox your link worth on this basket forum since you are a whale

>> No.53262035

yeah honestly i believe there wwas a religious element to my experience. im usually lazy as fuck, there was no reason to move it off blockfi since ftx bailed them out i thought it was fine, its like i was compelled to get it off for some unknown reason.

im a small dolphin at best anon on this shithole. 2017 ogs hold on average 100k stacks. as an early 2018 og im in the 2nd batch which is the 50-80k link range, so not a lot. over the 5 years theres not been any instance of og links being targeted, just look at this thread for reference. there are anons with much bigger stacks

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>5 digit stack

wish i could stick around for the seethe this one will cause but just LOL
toodles poorfags

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Sergey has got to be the worst ceo in history. Imagine getting a nod from WEF, SWIFT, and Eric Schmidt and still manage to fuck it up. It's only a matter of time that fat retard declares bankrupcty.

>> No.53262153

>be me
>didnt read the thread
>posts thank you chainlinkgod based king
thank you chainlinkgod based king uwu

>> No.53262208

>i was compelled to get it off for some unknown reason
Almost like you were so determined to make it and your gut feeling chose to give you a warning. I miss the now gone /biz/ esoteric threads before 42 came and shit them all up.
300k invested in a risky asset class at the bottom of a cycle is a lot of money to most

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Damn it feels good to be a staker
A real gangsta-ass staker plays his link right
A real gangsta-ass staker never lends his fucking link
'Cause real gangsta-ass stakers don't trust kikes
And stakers always gotta high count
Showing all his boys how he bought 'em
And real gangsta-ass stakers always flex bags
'Cause real gangsta-ass stakers know they got 'em
And everything's cool in the mind of a staker
'Cause gangsta-ass stakers bought cheap
Up three-sixty-five on /biz/ 24/7
'Cause real gangsta-ass stakers don't sleep
And all I gotta say to you
Wannabe, gonnabe, cock sucking, pussy-eating fudders
Is when CCIP goes live what the fuck you gonna do?
Damn it feels good to be a staker

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This guy lost many Links. Hear the bitterness in his tone. This is not a happy man on the cusp of making it. Reading our posts is painful for him.

>> No.53262409

holy shit I'm sorry. But you're on a deadline. What are you going to do when CCIP and DECO come out and kick off a new bull market?

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You don't stake because you can't.
Sour grapes in a nutshell.
Best case scenario you weren't here when the grapes were cheap.
Most likely scenario you were here but gambled them away and now can't stand the sight of them .
Part of my is sorry for you and your kind .

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The OG stinkies already sold, enjoy your bags LMAO my ass off

>> No.53262879

Days never finished.
Sergey got me stakin'.
Someday linkies set me free...

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> LMAO!!
> baggies!!!
we must have really hurt you deeply when you got priced out years ago. and even at these prices you can’t afford a suicide stack kek. get fucked

>> No.53263032

keep seething

>> No.53263055

>priced out
nigger it's literally the same price 4 years ago lmao. No one is price out.

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Sergay you fat fuck where are my airdrops

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>> No.53263165

people were already priced out at $2 you idiot
kiss my ass
> t. 6 figure link stack, never selling

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reading these threads is so bizarre
>you lost so much money on this scam and you can't even make the bleeding stop
which gets "rebuked" by
>w-well you are just salty you lost even more money then me on another scam related to this one, i'm the winner here
it's just weird, everyone is a loser here