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we were supposed to see $10k

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we can use your tears as lube.

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I'm sorry. Are we in 2024 yet? We said sub 10k in late 2023. Nothing changed.

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if you think about it, we're going to need a lot of slow build to get past the previous ath by any significant factor. I'd not be surprised if it starts soon, if it hasn't already.

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they can't even break 19k, bobro. don't worry about it. it'll come crashing down any minute now. the stoch rsi doesn't lie.

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Here’s your (You)

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Nope, 15k is steal beam support. Everyone that held during ftx collapse will never sell.

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Bears are too greedy.
You had 1 year + to short the market and make money.

Now let the bulls enjoy a little.

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Ftx hasn't even sold yet. This fake pump is them converting all these shitcoins to btc because they can't mass sell the shitcoins so they slowly turn them to back then dump it will on Saylor moon and op

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I still believe we go lower

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We are only halfway through the month. Bulls are about to face the brutal reality.

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>we were supposed to see $100k

Can’t you see your rhetoric is the same foolishness? Everyone expects a far greater movement to the upside or downside than usually plays out.

When everyone was calling for $10k, that was your sign that $15.5k was the bottom.

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bobos are mentally ill retards who want to see everything crash so they can pretend they bought the lowest dip. sad sad mentally ill existance wanting everything and everyone to fail.

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Told you 20k eow for 4 days.

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bears are all faggots

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then explain why all the shitcoins are also doing well today?

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Interesting that BNB is almost flat while FTT moons, isn't it?

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truth hurts cuck