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>buy my ancient slow expensive useless boomer coin

thanks for beta testing crypto

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no different than a roastie hitting the wall

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>quote from someone with enough bitcoin to make it
>implying that someone with 0.124 BTC and 1.58 ETH should "stack sats"
im looking forward to the next bull run so i can do what i did last run. i turned 500 into 25k, peak 85k
this time im doing the same thing with the intent to get enough btc and eth to make it and that's what the whole point of shitcoins is, just like stocks

nobody holds fucking BBY with the intention of retiring with it, they want to trade it for 10 shares of BRK.A and never looking back

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I hope he gets back on his feet and pumps Avax to the moon.

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>he thinks he will afford 10 BRK.A with BBBY
Best the real world can do for you is 1 of BRK.B

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Same, he even still has the red pyramid

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>I lost most of my coins because didn't listen to everyone screaming at me for years that: Not your keys, not your coins
>Has been a difficult journey, opened my eyes
>Now I know better, lets fucking goooo
>"stacking sats"
These kind of Twitter fags make me wanna vomit
It's the same fucking shit every time. Copy paste x7000

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Major happening! Military-fag thread was (((shut down))). Picrel. Proof: archive.is/mmoCT

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It was debunked, so it had to go

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The only beta here is you

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>beta testing
>$41B 24hr volume
How new are you, exactly?

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Stop spamming your retarded larp in every thread you triple nigger.

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>my new vc shitcoin is so much better than it has a ceo and headquarters and it's 100% premined
wow, truly revolutionary anon

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just say strong you fucking nerd bug freak

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those mean different things and the word you were looking for was robust anyway

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There's a lot of garbage out there but
I don't think your mental framework allows you to understand anything other than boomercoin kek