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well biz?

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No, I own 1000 links. In one year's time it will be worth 31 billion (with a 'b')

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Well someone does bring me food and water? Where do I piss/shit ?

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I would jerk off a lot but...
>when masturbation lost its fun you're fucking lonely
It isn't worth to become a giga billionaire when you go insane in less than a week.

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Of course. Where do i apply? But make this 30 billion in gold please.

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Can I still paint with my poop?

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Give me half first and I'll think about it.

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yes i would just stay in my comfy mind palace for a year

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I'll take 1 bil for 30 days of this

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I'd do it for a decade. Suffering is important to life.

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you would go insane after a few months. even sadistic prisons of the past wouldnt throw you in a hole for more than a few weeks.

>"One mother held her baby's face to the floor and chewed off his feet and fingers. Another crushed her baby's head. Most of them simply ignored their offspring."

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I already do that shit anyway.

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I'll do 12 days and take 1 billion

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A month, I might consider it. A year? No way. Being deprived of sensory experiences that long will absolutely make you go insane though I would be curious to have a longer discussion about how they handled things like waste and food. Being able to use a toilet or see someone drop off food a few times a day would make it WAY MORE tolerable as you have some number of activities that keep you occupied and allow you to have a concept of time. Having 3 meals a day delivered for example would allow you to track the time and how many days you'd been in there, which would allow you to keep some level of sanity. Even something like a toilet would allow you to ground yourself in say - shitting twice a day or something - which would keep you on a schedule and some level of sanity. If it's just a straight empty room and you piss and shit yourself all day while I don't know living off tube food hell no though

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experiments conducted by
>Harry Frederic Israel
every single time

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>it's real
Holy kek.

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I do 1 hour and take 3 mil

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That's literally my room

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Maybe. Spend one year going insane, but no matter what, it's only one year. I might pull off all my hair and mutilate myself, but if I didn't do it, I would spend the remaining years of my life hating myself for being too much of a pussy to get 30 billion dollars.

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>pulling hair, mutilating yourself

you don't understand, the psychological damage will be way worse than any of that physical bullshit. your dick might not ever work again, or you'll lose the ability to orgasm. shit, you could just straight up lose the ability to listen and have a conversation with someone. also it would take some time to re-acclimate you to the amount of stimulus you receive in every day life. you would likely develop a severe anxiety disorder if placed back into a suburban or urban environment immediately. this shit happens to people that are just leaving prison, let alone someone completely isolated

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just get really good at meditation and it would be E. Z.

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You would be permanently insane and lose the billion in one day, if you even figure out how to access it.

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Wtf why wouldn't your dick work again lol? There are 40 year old virgins whose dicks still work. You didn't actually believe the low iqs when they said "use it or lose it" did ya?

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yea. at least it's not a white white room. just stick your dick between the pillow walls and masturbate or see if you can reach the lights or make scratch drawings

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No. I would 100% go completely insane and end up killing myself. I would only consider it if it was 1 month and still I highly doubt it

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100% no one can do it

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only if the lights turn off at night

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Facebook-tier meme.

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I would be indifferent at $400k after tax.

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>food and water
You get nothing. It says it right there.

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Easy, just exercise and meditate every day. Would mindbreak normalfags but they're getting mindbroken regardless

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I'm not sure. Like what this anon >>53234086
said, that's a pillowy little bitch room. I could probably bite into the pillows and pull out the fluff and form it into balls and stuff. I could fuck the pillows.

The whole food/shitting and pissing situation would be the only true dealbreaker. I'd need more details. If I truly get "nothing" then obviously I would die.

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As long as i can be warm/comfy, have adequate, healthy food, and can sleep properly. Yes.

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vsauce did this and he just barely did 3 days. He was overestimating the time he was inside by over a factor of 2 and at some point he got really anxious and depressed and thought it was never going to end or something. he stood by the door (which was always unlocked) and seriously contemplated leaving

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I had to google him.. holy shit please go back you fucking faggot, please never post about Vsauce again.

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Actually I take it back now I want to watch this cuck faggot scream for his Marvel movies after 15 minutes

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>can you do it
Of course not. Without food I'd die after a few days.

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Holy shit I think I just figured out the isolation meme. Kikes cannot be alone with their thoughts because their thoughts are that of the devil. They cannot create beauty. They subvert. And when there is nothing outward, they turn inward.

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EZ, just cut your hair as it grows and then use those clippings for crafts. Nice little hobby to keep you occupied. You could also exercise, meditate, self-learn singing etc.

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>"family was not Jewish"
There they mean religiously jewish. He was ethnically jewish.

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You'd have to drink every drop of piss but you have no cup. Wouldn't last two weeks.

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Hey! Vsauce, Michael here

Skeletons are scary and spooky, but you know what else is? Niggers.

According to the U.S Justice Department, in 2006, 32,443 women of Caucasian origin were raped by men of African origin.

That same year, the number of African American women raped by Caucasian men... was... zero.

In fact, 90% of all interracial crimes in the U.S. are committed by blacks... against whites...

So what if all blacks were to... suddenly... disappear from the U.S.?

Murder would go down 49.7 percent, welfare recipients would go down 40 percent, SAT scores would go up about 100 points, the average IQ would go up 7 points, and AIDS victims would go down a staggering... 67... percent.

Significant changes for race that only makes up 13% of the population.

But what is... "race"?

In biology, races are distinct genetically divergent populations ‘’within the same species’’, with relatively small morphological and genetic... differences.

Populations can be described as ecological races if they arise from adaptation to different local habitats or geographic races when they are geographically isolated.

However, if sufficiently different, two or more races can be identified as... sub... species.

So how long do two races have to be isolated from one another before they're considered separate species?

Earlier this year, Archaeologists found artefacts in a cave on Western Australia’s Barrow Island dating back more than 50,000 years, making it Australia’s earliest known site of human occupation.

In contrast, the domestication of the dog began just 15,000... years... ago.

This distance, some several thousand miles between the mainlands of Australia and Asia also caused another kind of distance.

Genetic... distance.

Genetic distance is a measure of the genetic divergence between species or between populations within a species.

Dogs and wolves have been found to have a shorter genetic distance between each other than Negroids and non-Negroids.

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The distance between Eurasians and Africans being even larger than Homo Sapiens and Homo... Erectus.

Well, it kinda makes sense. I mean, can two races with diverging skin tones, eye colors, behavioral patterns, intellectual and athletic capabilities even be considered the same subspecies? Is it even a question? Is it even a question you're... allowed to... ask?

In October 2007, geneticist James Watson, best known as one of the co-discoverers of the structure of DNA, and the familiar double-helix model we all had to learn in High School, was lambasted by the scientific community for a response he gave in an interview regarding the divergence of intellect between geographically isolated populations.

"There is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically," James wrote. "Our wanting to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so".

The response resulted with a suspension of Watson's administrative responsibilities and was forced to... cancel... his book tour. And tragically, in 2014, Mr Watson auctioned his Nobel Prize medal he won in 1962, stating that "no-one really wants to admit I exist".

Harsh. But people tend to react this way to ideas that go against their own personal world view and... cognitive... biases.

Confirmation bias. It's the tendency to search for, interpret, focus on and remember information in a way that confirms one's... own... preconceptions. This effect, stronger for emotionally charged issues, warps your interpretation of data in a way that keeps you from... being... wrong. There is something fundamental in our minds that makes us hesitant to question ideas that we've... already come to a conclusion to.

We all do it. But who could blame us? That's just part of being a member of the human... species.

And as always, around blacks, never relax.

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easy yes as long as there is food, water, and a toilet... I practically shut myself in for 8 years after being falsely accused of rape. 1 year is a cake walk.

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What a disgusting person.
I'd love to put him in a pit of despair

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>Harry Frederic Israel

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Yuck, disgusting fuckers. Not even monkeys deserve this.

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If you think that type of VSauce ain't funny you are a faggot

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I wouldn't want 30 billion. Too much of a lifestyle shift and I have no desire to be high profile. Might do it for 10 mil though.

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>He was ethnically jewish.

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I would just run laps all the time and do push ups/sit ups and then go to sleep all the time. I would sleep through most of it that way then I'd be let out with a shit ton of money

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>had to google vsauce
you must be over 18 to post on 4chan

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Monkeys are unsophisticated. A human might be more resilient to this sort of things through positive self suggestion.

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i always read it in his voice
soon AI voice will be so advanced we can actually enjoy this in michaels voice

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in Louisiana a prisoner did 16 months in this cell. even after being freed he still has has screaming nightmares every night.

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Another man mindraped by (((sigmund freud))), the father of modern pseudo science.

>> No.53234639

Oh early life check who was surprised

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No idea if actually would mentally break down or not, so I can't say. Also, would depend on how good the food was. If it was good then you could maybe do it.

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you're in solitary, so they give you a delicacy called NutraLoaf. It's a "behavior modification" food that american prisons dole out as punishment. I bet i could eat it as long as i had ketchup.

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Yes, meditation and calisthenics . Could do this for 30 million and you’re all dumb for not even trying


Lol dumb

3 million is tougher but still worth the attempt

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La creatura...

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small time

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Yes. I meditate often and this sounds like an opportunity to bliss out for an entire year. Absolutely, sign me up.

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I would. Can’t say if I could.

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If it's really nothing as in no food or water or sanitation, then of course not. But if it's no entertainment or social interaction for a year, then sure.
I don't understand people who can't stand silence or being alone with their thoughts. For me, the hardest part would be not seeing the outdoors for an entire year.

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I agree. The main difference is
>be monkey
>buy put in pit of despair by superbrain alien overlords
>no idea why
>this is life now

>be human
>choose to be put in the white room
>know that it will end at some point soon and you will have a billion dollars to show for it

>> No.53234941

this is banned as cruel and unusual punishment actually

>take every single food the prison serves in a given 2 weeks
>blend it up
>cook it up
>serve it up
very fucked up

>> No.53235024

>invariably proving what we all knew in advance—that social creatures can be destroyed by destroying their social ties
VERY interesting. Good thing we humans are above such things...

>> No.53235041

>white padded room
Yeah you're not getting scissors mate.

>> No.53235046

>Harlow devised what he called a "rape rack"
Sounds profitable.

>> No.53235060

99.999% of the population would go insane under those circumstances, negating the value of the money.

>> No.53235208

>dopamine addict tells you how to make it a year with zero sensory stimulation
lmao you'll be smearing your own feces on your face after a week

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Pure isolation will only make my loneliness worse than it already is, and 30 billion dollars can't do anything more to alleviate it than $50 could. Doing this would be full-retard.

>> No.53235400

Without a toilet it’s simply not possible for obvious reasons. You would be swimming in shit and piss after a couple of months.

>> No.53235429

Fucking kek. You have no idea what your talking about. I was in the hole for 27 days in county. Guys in prison have done decades in the hole.

>> No.53235430

No, you would lose your sanity after a few weeks.

>> No.53235478

it might be possible
1. exercise
2. sleep
3. use blood/shit to draw
4. try to climb walls to destroy half the lights
5. meditate, attain enlightenment
6. masturbate

>> No.53235498

Looks like you need to be in there

>> No.53235505

Can I live a year without food or water?

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1 year of confined jail for a lifetime of freedom is a nobrainer lol

>> No.53235799

What was it like?

>> No.53235954

this. retards itt who think they can do it dont know they would become clinically schizo after 2-3 weeks

>> No.53235984

Get off 4chan, better yet the internet.

>> No.53235990

this is nothing like a hole retard, it's way worse. in prison you have a sense of time with the lights and sounds.
and this is with a window making it way easier than a soundproof cube with light 24/7

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stfu and gtfo my board you disgusting normie scum

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Easy, I have assburgers with photographic memory so human interaction and going outside is not necessary for me

>> No.53236345

Sooner than you think


>> No.53236616

You’re comparing a monkey that was raised from birth in isolation for a year versus a fully developed human being with a sense of purpose/understanding of the situation.

I could do it

>> No.53236624

Is there oxygen, sufficient warmth/heat/air conditioning, and lights that can be turned off?

>> No.53236974

I enjoyed this one. Is there a version with jews?

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Normalfags killed themselves 3 days into lockdowns, but I am not a normalfag. 1 year of boredom is easy when the end is a lifetime of true financial freedom.

>> No.53237053

wouldn't it take a year to plan out what to do with 30 billion? so what's the problem?

>> No.53237199

we already know the effects of this on the human brain, retard
it's not about boredom my brainlet. it's about not having any sense of time which drives insane. you fall asleep, you wake up and you dont know if you slept 30 minutes or 7 hours

>> No.53237825

By the time I get out 30 billion will be worth 30k so nah.

>> No.53239002

And yet the people who have been left in isolation for years on end emerge intact. Ptsd’d out the dick. But intact.

A billion buys some nice titties on your therapist. Where’s actual wrong convictions and mistreatments settle for fuck all.
Ironic you say it’s not possible or worth it?

>> No.53239054

1 year to live the rest of your life like a king? You'd be a retard not to do this. I'll be out just in time to buy a shit ton of eth and matic before the bull run.

>> No.53239062

Not to diminish his experience but This is common in America.
the record is many decades long.
i myelf did 2 months in the hole just for having contraband.
for folks that hit staff its much much longer

i later learned solitary confinement is cruel and unusual punishment in most places and outlawed in most of europe.

I was fine and preferred it to general pop.
i think most neets would do better than youd expect

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Literally NOBODY would do it.

>No food
>No water
>No toilet

You would die.

I'd be willing to do 1 year in solitary confinement though. At least you still get books, some time outside and a toilet.

>> No.53239152

of that's anything like the quiet room that I think Microsoft has... Then no
they have a reward of $1m USD to anyone who can stay inside of it for an hour.
no one has been able to do it

>> No.53239199

only white people could think of something like this. literal soulless ghouls

>> No.53239235

finally I can do some body weight exercises without modern day distractions

>> No.53239250


People claim they can hear their blood pumping in their brain.

Why not just talk to yourself fir an hour and pace around?

>> No.53239260

yep, all those padded squares will become working monitors after a few months

>> No.53239418

>make a person go irreversibly insane and then give him 30 billion dollars

>> No.53239442



>> No.53239487

Until you convince yourself it was a trick

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Not worth it. Check Vsauce video on what a couple of days locked up without human contact or a relliable way to tell the time does to a MF, man almost went insane, imagine if you spent 1 year there. You get 30 bill to spend on nothing because your brain is mush. I would rather spend 1 year investing on relliable shit like xor and their sora card or fucking chainlink than risk me brain dying there.
Remember this rule of amassing money: It's worth nothing if you can't use it when you finally get it

>> No.53240311

didn't someone die after 2 weeks in solitary?

>> No.53240652

Vsauce is fucking based you tourist fuck.

>> No.53240682

i'd get in there for free so long as i get food and water

>> No.53241574

Jannies will do it for free

>> No.53241649

I wont do it because in one year outside in the real world, I can and I will make more than 30 billion dollars. A lot more. Mark my fucking words. Yes im Gigachad (the only real one, nice to meet you loser) and also maybe the Antichrist too (depending on what the jews decide). Mark my fucking words. I have real big dick energy unlike those faggot losers Must and Tate etc etc. Anyway bye i dont have time to waste on this site for a while.

>> No.53241671

No because I die from starvation

>> No.53241725

Low IQ normie thread.
Haha would you suck my dick and have me poo poo in your mouth for 5 trillion dollars? xD xD

>> No.53241813

Yes. Assuming Im given food and water to fit my needs and a bathroom.

>> No.53241892

Yes. Will be sexual all year.

>> No.53241905

>they have a reward of $1m USD to anyone who can stay inside of it for an hour.
Where or are you making this up? Anywhere to sign up?

>> No.53242009

Even american food is mutted up.

>> No.53242493


>> No.53242652

If food water pee and shit are taken care of I would do it. Meditate and exercise. If I go insane I will just kms yourself afterwards. Either way I will be free after a year. Win win actually

>> No.53242670

I would go insane probably, so wouldn't be able to use the 30B dollarinos anyway.

>> No.53242702

really funny bait

>> No.53242722

>they have a reward of $1m USD to anyone who can stay inside of it for an hour
no they don't
stop saying shit you heard on fucking facebook

>> No.53242787

This would be easy money. What makes solitary hard is that they know they are losing time they'll never get back and they get nothing from it. Knowing that I can buy thousands of acres and build a castle once I'm done gives something to focus on. It might get boring but it gives me time to plan what I'll do to the sex trafficked women I'll buy. Definitely going to remove their clits. Maybe I even make them do it to each other or face harsher punishment. People don't understand just how much money this is.

>> No.53243636

Well there is that and with no to tell you if your right or wrong. You would go nuts.

>> No.53245483

then when you make it 1 year. they will say there is a problem with your billion dollar account. width drawls have be closed till further notice.

>> No.53245493

>Harlow devised what he called a "rape rack"
Stop noticing things!

>> No.53245497

yes i can do it

>> No.53245590


>> No.53245615

>Le based kike YouTube personality!

>> No.53245730

You know he is playing it up for views right?
>I stayed inside a white room for a week and was completely fine
doesn't make for an interesting video though more realistic

>> No.53246005

yes but i want that up front and in bitcoin!

>> No.53246015

he was week.

>> No.53246046

i would create entire worlds write books and conjure up epic tales of war and conquest among the stars. if 1 years is enough for something like that...

>> No.53246115

yes, id spend the entire year jacking off to the thoughts of what i'm going to do with 30 billion dollars.

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Time for push-ups.
I will come out of lockdown jacked. What about you homeboy?

>> No.53246231

youre gonna be broke, with a b

>> No.53246240

The real insanity begins after what feels like 2 days and you begin wondering if they will actually let you out at what feels like 365 days

>> No.53246244

Linkfags are retarded. There is no reason to buy link at all. It is quite literally for node validators to dump. It serves no other purpose. You missed the profit train retard.

>> No.53246416

30 billion? No question. The break even point on this is about 10 million in my opinion.

>> No.53246480

He was Jewish, not white

>> No.53246648

Assuming that Food is provided for you, 3 times a day, and you're in for 365 days, that makes 1095 meals total so now you have a countdown and a way to track the time. However all a man can do when in there to my imagination is jerk off, exercise, or sleep, so the question is if (you) can do that for a year. And then I would assume they'd be some anxiety as you get closer to the final meal of if you even get out which would be difficult.

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>> No.53247087

>don't have to talk to anyone for a whole year
I wish. Easiest $30 billion ever.

>> No.53247107

You got a good laugh out of me.
>Ofcourse he needs to be in a padded cell.

>> No.53247139

Can I bring the money with me into my cube?

>> No.53247205
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already did do it and got nothing

>> No.53247764

did it for a week

covered my windows with cardboard, wore a zero light eye cover, and put in earplugs for a week. had prepared sandwhiches in a minifridge

i enjoy it, would do it again. a year would of course be challenging, but entirely do-able

>> No.53247786

>gain $30 billion
>lose humanity
gonna have to be a no from me dog

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>> No.53247824

if you put an updating link chart on the wall, it wouldn't meaningfully change the lifestyle of the bagholders here, with one difference: they would have made money after coming out of the room

>> No.53247857

It's pretty well proven that isolation of this degree obliterates your mental health in a serious and permanent way.

>> No.53247893

do I get infinite food while in there? If so, I'm using it like the fucking time chamber in DBZ

>> No.53247894

i could do it
I am already crazy

>> No.53248016

nah u made that up

>> No.53248241

This is my excuse for getting no pussy

>> No.53248356


They only test this shit on hardcore criminals (i.e. people who were already insane). The went in fucked up, they come out fucked up. Not a big surprise there, quite the biased sample.

>Sense of time

Always moving the goalposts. Somehow you can prevent the supposed crippling mental issues from isolation if you have a watch.

Closest we ever got to a proper experiment was natsui on that Japanese sweepstakes live stream. 335 days, but the show producers were fucking with him the whole time. He wasn't broken in a few days or weeks like everyone says.

>> No.53250382

Yeah. I isolate myself for way smaller sums of money, I'd easily do it for less. The worst part of doing nothing is feeling unproductive but if doing nothing means making more money than 99.99% of people on Earth will ever have, liquid or otherwise, then yeah I'd do it easily.

>> No.53250480

I'd do it for $500k

>> No.53250552

This is the real problem, combined with losing track of time. At some point you will convince yourself you're never getting out

>> No.53250594

already answered this a while ago so:

>Yes I'd do it. Focus on meditation. Either come out enlightened or schizo with $30B. Would be an entertaining outcome either way.

>> No.53250620

So you die in the room after a few days because no water?

>> No.53250688

you could get good at parkouring off the walls
you could get good at singing
You could recite knowledge you have and try to expand your arguments for positions you have
You could spend hours savoring your food

Would suck, but it it's doable

>> No.53251006

This. And plan how I would make the world's biggest mmo that kills minecraft, a 10 billion dollar budget blockbuster movie of the decade, a VR hardware/software company, an online video series that isn't shit, a global restaurant chain and more fun ventures with the money.

>> No.53251023

absolutely its so easy all you need to do is pushups and situps everyday until you pass out from tiredness, you.ll come out shredded and up 30 billion

>> No.53251097

If i didn't have tinnitus i would

>> No.53251103


>> No.53251196

Yeah, all you need is meditation, workout, play games in your mind, practice multiplication table etc

>> No.53251417

Of course, When do I sign up? Even if I go insane, my kids will live like kings.

>> No.53251723


if you have no way to tell the time and have no day night cycle, you will go insane. that 1 year might as well feel like 10. you will require psychological treatment for the reat of your life and be a weird out of touch rich guy. not worth it.

>> No.53251832

Yes with 30 billion you could do anything. I'd do it and spend my time working out and signing

>> No.53251846

Most of you are delusional faggots lmao

>> No.53251998

Nope, you would go totally batshit insane. Definitely not worth it

>> No.53252007

Since that's basically my make it house, yes.

>> No.53252393

id do it for 1 million

>> No.53252735

>Closest we ever got to a proper experiment
kek this is a torture method and has been done by the us and other countries.

>> No.53252787
File: 2 KB, 700x968, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The money comes from your story being adapted to Netflix

>> No.53252841

I've already psyched myself into having a tulpa and my own personal wonderland, so sure. This literally only gives me more time to flesh it out, and once I'm done- I can retire to riches beyond my wildest dreams and live in some microstate as a prince.
>side benefit of being able to also finally figure out imposition due to the overwhelming lack of visual stimuli

>> No.53252924
File: 313 KB, 512x512, 1672755000720743.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wow you shit twice a day?

>> No.53253179
File: 565 KB, 564x639, 1672498078617923.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I was fine and preferred it to general pop

>> No.53253215

Lmao at you thinking the average human being is anything other than a hairless ape that can use fancy tools. 99% of humanity = apes.

>> No.53253325

Ah yes the meditation masturbation and calisthenics chamber
Are normalfags really this weak?

>> No.53253409

yes normal people go insane quick.

>> No.53253583

2 week actually

>> No.53253683


No money will repair the damage that this will do. Especially if the light is on all the time.

>> No.53254265

Yes, growing babies in isolation makes them into asocial neets.
We're not talking about babies.

>> No.53254344

What are ou signing?

>> No.53254393

It would be easy knowing you get billions at the end. Just work out until exhaustion. The hard part is being in there and not knowing when/if you get out.

>> No.53254454


Reminded me of this

>> No.53254455

That's easy, you'll eat something three times a day so you know that after 1095 meals you're out.

>> No.53256193

the modality isn't set but nah, you would eat whenever you ask to eat (press a button and you would receive a meal through some opening), good luck with that

>> No.53256624

>all these imagination brainlets
Sad, really.
I would easily clear this with my mind.
>but the time!
I have an internal clock and i guess the time based on instinct.

>> No.53256804

retard take. your circadian rythm becomes completely fucked very quickly so you wont be able to guess anything. this guy after 24h couldn't tell what day it was

>> No.53257112

That would be so easy I'd just workout and practice freestyle rapping.

>> No.53257130

No, this is straight up a torture tactic used to break people without causing physical harm. Pretty sure most people crack after like 1 week of this shit.

>> No.53257181

I would do this for a million dollars. I would just live in my mind, and it doesn't hurt anyone to get a little more crazy, the hallucinations can be your friends, no meds in there

>> No.53257312

There must be some interaction? Where do i go to the toilet? Where do I get food?

>> No.53257332
File: 62 KB, 686x960, 1643439532487.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am assuming that I receive sustenance, yes?

If so, I would exercise constantly. Teach myself how to do all kinds of flips and cartwheels. Wall flips. backflips. Build myself up to one-hand and eventually one-finger pushups.

>> No.53257393

Hell yes.
Spend one year meditating, emerge as a wizard worth $30B.

>> No.53257402

Only works if you're stressed about something on the outside world, or being held hostage against your will

>> No.53257434

>free accomodation away from the word with food included
Nigga, I'd do it for free

>> No.53257510

This. I already live like this. Time goes by pretty fast anyway.

52 weeks to work on my body which I should have been doing anyway, instead of posting on 4chan.

I'd take it.

>> No.53257520

With God, all things are possible

>> No.53258038

I spent three days in a padded cell when I went crazy the first time. No. I won't make it.

>> No.53258177

by the time I'm finished in there and reach Gnosis I won't even want the money

>> No.53258994

Would for 30 mil if the deal was guaranteed

Normally wouldn't
Not risking any kikery, when they won't let me out ever in order to save money

>> No.53260136

For $30b I'd absolutely give it a shot, it's a number that would enable you to do anything, go anywhere, live anywhere.
Anyone would take the deal.

>> No.53260261

Every fucking time

>> No.53260316

>ITT dumb faggots thinking they will make it
You'd go insane after 3 days and start hallucinating anyone who says they will make it is a low IQ brainlet

>> No.53260494

what part of "nothing" did you not understand? aint no toilet in there

>> No.53261236

I probably can although my mental health would obviously deteriorate
might do with just sleep, exercise, theatre, dancing, and singing

>> No.53261251

Cool story, but did he have $30b waiting for him when he got out? There's a big difference between being a prisoner held in solitary confinement and someone who has taken a deal to live in a padded room for a year with the promise of life changing money at the end of it. People have been kept in much worse conditions for decades in some places in the world without any hope of even seeing daylight at the end.


>> No.53261272

oh and masturbation of course

>> No.53261348
File: 1.35 MB, 540x220, 3a22efc1e1bd3fe5cf6b592708b96771.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a strong philosophy and powerful will.

Double the money. Double the time.