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>finally get a job and start saving money
>too afraid to invest it in crypto

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You either buy now or FOMO the top

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then put a percentage of your checks into crypto and forget about it.

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Put 1/3 of your checks into an index fund for 25 years. Then retire in your 50s

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buy rocks anon

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Same.Finally became a thousandaire from wageslaving and holy shit Im too afraid to trade. I traded wth no fear as a neet.

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Crypto has no intrinsic value so you are on the right path. Buy assets that will produce much more cash over your useful life than what you pay for them.

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OP here

For reference I'm incredibly cheap. I only own 2 pair of jeans and 1 pair of shoes and everyday for lunch at work I bring in peanut butter sandwiches. It's worth mentioning that I also cut my own hair with these $10 hair clippers. I'm just paranoid of losing my money right now especially with the current pump

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My boss at work noticed the same clothes I wear everyday so he gave me a $50 Burlington gift card to get new pants. I still haven't used the gift card.

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Buy a hardware wallet first and learn how to use it safely- for example always send a test transaction. No exceptions, ever. Then start making small BTC and ETH Purchases.

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>buy AVAX
>stake/delegate it
>make more AVAX
>AVAX is hardcapped and deflationary (fees are burned) and more AVAX is gonna get staked to run all those Subnets
>no slashing
>no risk to your stake because technically your coins never leave your wallet
>can stake 2 weeks minimum or 1 year maximum or anything in between

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I’m gonna tell you something important. If you don’t put as much into Link as you can you will kill yourself later

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Don't listen to this shill OP, he's trying to scam you out of your money. He gets paid to do that and his post if full of blatant lies. Shoo shoo shill, go scam people who have excess money, not poorfags.

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How long until all tokens are in circulation?

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It's good to be frugal. But you must invest that money for it to be useful. Just play it safe if that's your style but being 100% in cash is a sure way to lose. Maybe buy bonds?

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AVAX is the real deal nigger.
the only Staking Mechanism that actually makes sense and works.
a long time, by then even more AVAX will be locked up in staking because to run Subnets which is basically Blockchain as a Service they need to stake the AVAX.

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how do you even sell these

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I'm the same except I'm paranoid about losing sats instead of dollars

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Go read a book OP you dumb nigger.
DCA I'd you're a bitch (you are)

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Slowly accumulate silver, it’ll be like a savings account for the long term that takes a little effort to sell

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Don't let fear control you anon.
No matter what you do, you're gonna fuck up a bunch in your life. At least try and learn

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Don't do it to yourself.
Don't waste your hard earned money on a Ponzi.
Wait for the stock market to bottom out for some cheapies, and get investing in an ISA.

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Willingness to invest and take risks is one of your biggest advantages over your peers anon. It's up to you to utilize this talent my son

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doesn't change the fact that he is afraid to lose his money. DCA doesn't make it better, maybe sometimes worse, since you reinforce your wrong belief.

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Only accumulating crypto. Low cap like Ore and others like ATOM. don't forget to get some eth.

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You're a smart man anon.

Look into ibonds. The government let's you invest up to $10k a year in these risk free inflation adjusted bonds

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knowing how boomers are hes gonna get offended if you dont use it ASAP and you will be on thin ice, you should just order something online right now with it

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I have a 50 dollar chili's gift card. I add that to my networth

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don't be a bobo and invest your entire savings into crypto, dca and invest as low as 100usd monthly if you can
take it from someone who has made it.

my go-to low cap bag right now is sylo, I'm well positioned to make wife changing money next bull run

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That's the best part! You don't!

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>He doesn't get paid in Bitcoin.
NGMI fiat loser.

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Damn you're literally me
I own two pairs of pants (don't like jeans) and one pair of shoes for wearing out in public (I have super old shoes that I use for working out too)

I bring an apple and some raisins to work every day for my lunch, and I haven't cut my hair since 2019. I have saved so much money by living the simple life. I bought some new clothes a few months ago and didn't feel anything. It's all so cheap and meaningless.

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Feel free to pass me your current wife when you've made it.
if she got a big ass and pretty tho

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Did that for years, then became a millionaire. Now I own five pairs of pants and so much underwear and socks that my laundry bin fills over before I run out of undies and socks.

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I invested in crypto when I didn't have a job. Currently down 90% (10K to 1K) and feel fine because I invested what I was comfortable with losing. Stop being a pussy.

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>the only staking mechanism that makes sense
right, everyone else got it wrong but the filthy lying turks got it right? Kek

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Need it to do a 20x or more next run
It's literally just 9m market cap

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chad life

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people who're scared to take risk can't make it
your choice anon

possible but not with this current condition, if market continues to recover then we could see it gradually get back to recovery
just don't be a paper hand bitch and let go

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Do you smell bad?

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Don't worry, start from the blue chips. You can never go wrong with those. I'm talking about btc, eth, bnb, xpress, coti, ftm, avax, in that order. When you have become more experienced, you can start gambling with the high-risk, high-reward projects.

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ORE and ICONS could be saving your ass. Both of which have utilities that helps to drive massive crypto adoption.

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How come EGLD wasn't on the list.

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OP is a retarded gay

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Heard it fucks with identity management across chains to save its liquidity mining pool rewards from hacks.

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literally the best time to DCA, newfag
Buy now or die poor

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buy bluechips. btc/eth/bit. Do not be afraid my child. do not gamble.

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You can wait to FOMO or buy into any privacy project while it's cheap. The choice is yours.

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It's bulky and annoying to find any that's reasonably priced, gold is far better for long term storage

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based. i also cut my own hair, own 1 pair of shoes, 2 pairs of pants, and eat cheap shit like rice and veggies everyday

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melt them down into a metal dildo and shove it up your ass. that's the most useful thing you'll ever do with em.

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Why are there so many Barts?

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The shielding feature keeps melting faces, providing extra layer of security for assets.

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Everyone can now see the importance of financial privacy since the talks about CBDCs

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Bitch ass, scared money don't make money

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Also anon you're really not saving money that shit is depreciating faster than capn save a hoes dream girl sucking down cum dogs.

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lmao the sylo niggers are here again shilling their trash kek

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Is this how you want to make it in life? Get yourself a passive income and do something better with your life.

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You can wait to FOMO into ORE when it is at the top.

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Don't get it twisted, juicy APY in the ongoing liquidity mining pool on AlliancebBlock can get dicks hard.

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That means you should invest in something safer. Like Gold or Silver. Literally no risk

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This was my situation in 2019, and I ended up buying the top, but now I've accumulated good amount of ETH, BNB, GLMR and ALBT for the bullrun

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Don't invest in crypto, it's zero sum and the entire point is to take money from suckers. Build savings and hedges, then gamble in crypto with some spare change if you really must.

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You don't because you're retarded zoomer cattle who will own nothing.

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I get better on Polygon on the ORE/ALBT pair

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Your pf looks prepared with that last token in your list, since it's one of the top gainers on the AVAX chain right now

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assuming this was a legitimate thread get a load of that time stamp

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you're a stupid nigger. Here's me vs you 6 months ago

>be you
>$100 monthly
>you have $600 shekels that'll become $6000 if your animal shitfag jeet coin 10x and you actually gtfo in time (most retarded current year token slurpers do not cash out during pump)
>lives in the pod


>be me
>buy a fucking tarp
>go innawoods
>work gas station
>put $1000 in crypto every 2 weeks
>call lotto players niggers on mongolian underwater welding class board
>have $12000 after 6 months
>put money in every God damn shitfag jeet coin
>dump on the "5% check investor" faggots after my coin goes up 2%
>left the pod

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But why?