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>He doesn't own land

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>implying you truely own it.

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I do

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i own mineral rights in the middle of the bakken shale formation though

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Narrator: He didn't.

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Permian basin here, poor lad your rights will be forever stuck underground due to liberals.

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Imagine the people who own land and property in Ukraine right now.

Now imagine the people who own bitcoin in Ukraine right now.


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I own land just to fuck around on. Still looking on a way to monetize it. I've been thinking of turning a nature retreat rental

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Now imagine me fucking u r mom lol ownt

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trick normies into paying you money to perform manual farm labor.

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Build small cabins to rent them to city people. They love to dream for a weekend.

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Fucking what? They are drilling the fuck out of north dakota.

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>living in cheap apartment while saving to buy my house
>get new neighbor
>he is some 40 year old doctor with a wife and kid
I dont understand. Why would you not want to own a house?

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>the suburbs are too white, we aren't racists after all
>I want my kids to experience the vibrancy and culture of the city

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Thats the kicker I dont even live in a city. Its a pretty small town of like 12k people.

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Owning land in Ukraine was always the real estate equivalent of a rugpull shitcoin even before the "special military operation"

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I'm saving up some money to buy some land I'm just looking for a small plot just to build a home on or put a trailer on. I'd love more land but the loan to buy land is only 3 years from where I want to get financing from. And I've got to pay it all off at the end. I'd rather get something cheap and small and not have to worry about the jew banks taking back from me.

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probably temporary situation for them

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you cant "own" land

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unironically made me le think

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I read this in Arrested Development narrator's voice, kek

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Why does modern day propaganda always make the bad guy look cool?

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>He owns bit

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Owning land is a stupid and futile concept for several reasons. First, you can't take it with you when you die. That plot of land you spent your entire life paying off and maintaining will just end up in the hands of some other fucker.

Second, the idea of "owning" land is just a social construct. We've all been brainwashed by the government and big corporations to believe that we need to own a piece of land to feel secure and successful. But in reality, it's all just a big scam to control resources and exploit the working class.

And third, the earth is a finite resource. Eventually, there won't be any more land to own. With the overpopulation and exploitation of resources, the land will become scarce and uninhabitable. So, what's the point of owning land when you'll end up with a useless piece of dirt and a lifetime of debt?

In conclusion, the idea of owning land is just a trap set by the system to keep us in the rat race. It's time to wake up, break free from the illusion and use the resources we have to make the world a better place for everyone, not just a select few land owners.

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cool it off with the anti-semitic remarks

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no one owns land retard

you pay property tax to the township/city who actually owns the land