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I've been here since in crypto since 2013 and yes I am a multimillionaire.
I hate Bitcoin, haven't owned any since 2014, I realized it was boomer tech with shitty anonymity by then.
ETH is pretty cool but still kind of "meh", is this really what they got to show after 8 years?
NFT's and shitcoin casino?
Although I do hold PAXG which is on ETH, which is a legit product and a superior way to get exposure to gold in many ways, so I guess not all use of ETH is shit.

I LIKE Monero but I don't own much but it's one of the few I can actually say that I use whenever I need something from the darknet.
dmail.ai is the only other crypto related service I actually use.

So to summarize:
It's kind of a joke that this is what crypto have to show for after 10 + years and a $1T market cap.

So, any of you OG's who actually use any crypto projects?

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Crypto is a way to move money around to different pairs of hands.

Nobody cares about the tech, they do it to make profit.

Do you seriously not understand this?

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thats just your opinion

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She is okay looking. I bet her pussy smells gross though

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I use ETH for ipfs
Monero for cash out
Bitcoin I mostly utilize for futures and perpetuals during bull markets
Unstoppable domains for buying domains and shit
ENS for purchasing domains on eth
And I think that’s it mostly.
You are right. 10+ years of innovation and we havent produced as much as we should have.

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Yeah, I understand this.
But there are exceptions.
I USE Monero and dmail.
I can't really get this service elsewhere.
PAXG is also a superior way (in many ways) to hold certificates for physical gold.

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>muh 'nO ONe cArEs aBoUT teh TEcH'
>doesn't understand how distributed trustless ledgers and trustless data will revolutionize the world akin to when banks first started 1500+ years ago

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>Bitcoin I mostly utilize for futures and perpetuals during bull markets
>Unstoppable domains for buying domains and shit
>ENS for purchasing domains on eth
These barely count as any true use cases though.
They're very dependent on the crypto ecosystem and wouldn't have any value if there was no demand for crypto gambling/speculation (which is 99 % of crypto use case so far, gambling).

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>Been saying this for a decade

>Still no adoption is happening

Crypto is fucking garbage. Later

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It has only been adopted by the top 1-5% so far. They just need a psyop and the media to do the rest of the work

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imagine thinking you're still early in the year 2023 lmao

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>It has only been adopted by the top 1-5% so far.
You're clueless.
In most developed countries 20 - 40 % of younger generations (10 - 20 % of total) have at some time owned crypto. This has only been to buy as a lottery ticket and isn't adoption besides blowing up a speculative bubble.

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The level of copium is so high in everybody who got bags later than 2016.

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Nice digits but yeah I meant to clarify that those numbers are related strictly to ETH wallets. I'd have to pull up the messari report from 2021 to double check exactly what they were saying

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In the infestation of shitcoins and shitty threats thank you for teaching me dmail

Now if you were to ask give me back what could i suggest you, i feel anything is shit maybe arweave might be usefull by itself (permanent storage data) but meh it could be dogshit in the longrun

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For various DeFi activities.

For market, ecosystem, and protocol research.

Someone hosts a YouTube API proxy there so I plugged an app I built into it.

For frontend hosting.

For free RPC access when doing development that doesn't require direct access to a node.

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She looks like they took the skinniest ugly girl they could find and did absolutely everything modern science permits to make her halfway attractive.

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Are you me? I've been stacking all these for the past 3 months now and will continue thru 2023. The only one I'm not familiar with is POKT. Can you fill me in?

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>Are you me? I've been stacking all these for the past 3 months now and will continue thru 2023.
I don't hold all of them; I just use them in some way or another. Out of the list, I hold ETH, GRT, and FIL, mostly GRT but thinking about upping my ETH holdings.

>The only one I'm not familiar with is POKT. Can you fill me in?
As far as I know, POKT offers decentralized RPC services.

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I use ORE ID to manage all my onchain IDs.

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bsv for twetch.com
bsv for haste arcade
bsv for handcash wallet

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Creative dmail.ai shill post.

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I'm GRT/ICP/ETH, 40/40/20.
Also thinking about upping my ETH.
I have almost $100k in GRT and ICP at the minute.

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>crypto since 2013
>hates btc
yeah ok

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Good list but you should include one of the ID management solutions, they are cheap and new.

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Registering with them has actually made migrating from web2 to web3 at ease

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I have no direct incentive to shill dmail (or yeah, I do own a bunch of ICP, so if dmail is sucessive it gives credit to ICP).
Still, these are my true thoughts.
I shill stuff that I honestly use and I use dmail, monero and paxg.

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*brain farted, it's suppose to be successful of course

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Moreno is good but full of deep shits!

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Digital identities should be a top priority as a means of security for personal data I guess.

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You're fucking lying you poor brat

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Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) has the potential to revolutionize venture capital by making it accessible to everyone.

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Definitely, with just one login ID. I can keep full custody of all my assets.

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I'm bleeding, I may loose it all if XRP goes down. After getting fucked by hacks last year. Ain't ready for crypto for now

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If it ain't these, you're a pajeet and you'll be ashamed.

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Its the exact same shill replies every fucking time ore is mentioned, this shit smells like curry

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ORE is making blockchain seamless and giving users the ability to use web3 with a single sign-on key.

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My crypto Portfolio is 80% BTC and 20% XMR. Don't need anything else. Might pick up ETH for short term NFT shenanigans, but never hold it long

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What do you use your BTC for?
Other than being a sheeple who listened to pomp or some other normie preacher?

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Stop shilling useless shit, no one will buy your coin

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Mainly use eth for NFTs like you mentioned. Basically agree with everything you said.

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>what do you use your BTC for
Long-term, risk-free profit. Twenty years from now, most current altcoins will be dead. Monero will almost certainly be around, but it has an uphill battle. But I am 100% certain that Bitcoin will have grown considerably in value, regardless of what the future looks like.

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>Long-term, risk-free profit.

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>Long-term, risk-free profit
Well aren't you a smart cookie.

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If you call ORE useless shit, that means you need to get some education about what a real crypto with potentials and a shit coin

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ORE is a shitcoin and you are brown

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This looks interesting...

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What make it a shitcoin pajeet?
The last time I checked, I see it to be a web3 project that helps in bridging web2 to web3

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Anyone with half a brain knows boomercoin will be #1 for a long time

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That's called being a sheep, herded to get slaughtered.
Bitcoin serves no purpose, once the gains flattens out it will keep dumping into oblivion due to shitty tech w low utility.

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No idea if their token has launched yet and I probably won't buy since it's a saturated subsector, but as far as ID goes, I'm bullish on worldcoin's technology if not simply because following one of their devs, they seem to be advancing the frontier in applied zkml. Might personally appropriate their research at some point in the future, since it's wasted on just biometrics.

I should have passive exposure to identity by way of my current investments and a generous early stage deal.

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The midwit take with reddit spacing, wow i'm surprised.

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This one is good, and I have been holding on. I have my eye on privacy protocols that use ZKPs for complete anonimity as well.

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XMR has some good potentials just like every other privacy protocols. I have 80% split across Prifi and just 20% on BTC.

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Stop repeating the same shit again and again ranjeet

Has anybody ever used ore id? I have and it does nothing of sort that jeets always shill here

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For starters I only see ESL retards like you shilling this shit IN EVERY FUCK THREAD.

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I've used BTC to buy a 4chin pass, and that's pretty much it
>muh web3

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They are building a system of control for the masses. Eventually everyone will use crypto in the same manner that they use electricity.

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ICP. End of discussion.

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I use Railwallet, it keeps my transactions private and let's me use the view key to share chosen information about any transaction I want.

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Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dash are the only coins I've actually used recently to buy things.
I like Monero but don't really use it.
I'm depressed that nothing has really taken off as a payment system in any big manner.

basically this

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I use KILT to prove I'm wealthy

and to generate more money

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Paying for coke with BTC in vending machines via the sylo smart wallet
Cheers bobros

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Thought monero was for buying drugs and guns on the darkweb

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Where do you that? I'm sure it's got to be own by someone who just felt like yea accepting bitcoin would make sense

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can you prove you own anything in your life?

ye guessed so
I can
thanks to KILT

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That's what normies and retards like you think

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they had this deal with coca-cola back then in australia and nz, wallet works for payment in selected vending machines

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what do you have kek?

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a sizable bag of KILT I'm going to dump on their enterprise partners and German plebs buying smart meters over the next years

watch me make it again like I did with QNT

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how confident

if I own a store I'd probably accept crypto, my own way of promoting crypto payments

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havent been this sure since buying QNT sub $1 in 2018

>fade this
>save this

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What's Kilt?

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Nice buzzwords. But hey you say yoy bought qnt under $1 so obviously you must be a very smart person

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how does this compare to everest? whats your average buy price?

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it actually has working product unlike everest

and billion dollar backers

and big notable partners to be announced

already well funded and has german government contract for smart meters

my average is under $0.50

this is easily multiple billion dollar project

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It's just a matter of time. Privacy-based tokens are at the top of my list for now because that's what matters most in a decentralised space.

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kekk. You must be dreaming. You should DCA now. QNT solid as rock and buying more ORE from here.

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>this is easily multiple billion dollar project

Oh ya for sure, EASILY a multi BILLIONS project
How about you get the fuck outta here with your redditspacing my nigger

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>still fading
you will see
save this message

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I use ORE ID to manage my onchain ids.

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>haven't owned any since 2014

>Bitcoin $250 in 2014

wow please tell me your worthless advice

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Its self custody is a lot easier for users any piece of shit. What a new way of life for fags.

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Europoor here, I unironically use litecoin and XRP for cross border deals

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i use bch to pay for stuff

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Brainlet who thinks ~75x in 9 years is good in crypto.

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I learned of it from an article from AllianceBlock using it to onboard new users, do your research and stop infecting us with your ignorance.

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Doubt it.
Never seen a place to use bch.

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You are a faggot to think this way, I use crypto for payment and pay through Xmoney, which charges lower fees than traditional payment methods, not everyone is in for the pump and dump.

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Idiot you could have bought BTC then to believe in it later

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Crypto payment was the main reason for creating crypto in the first place as Satoshi wanted it, but greedy degens started accumulating it without using it for payment, I did buy some clothing from Kingapparel a few days back and I pay in BTC, the tech is more interesting