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>Andrew Tate’s four supercars worth $8m seized by cops


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they actually had to physically seize his cars, with crypto they press a button lmfao they may not even need a warrant or court order because of FINRA and AML rules

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>with crypto they press a button
>t. has never owned crypto in his life.

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>Georgia, house seized a little more than 50,491 bitcoin that was stashed in an underground floor safe and on a “single-board computer”
did you read about the silk road scammer he kept his in a popcorn tin

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Imagine having that much wealth and still not being willing to commit your seed phrase to memory

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Imagine not engraving your seed phrase and burying it in a sealed box! At least when I go into a coma I'll have a psuedo reminder of where my shits buried

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Or extremely hard encrypted files uploaded to hundreds of file servers anonymously with recovery links published anonymously on-chain. Just in case.

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Ok so they found a computer that had his unencrypted Key/seedphrase on it.
Dumb ass drug lord no doubt.

They could raid me this second and couldnt seize shit.

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Not crypto, but Bitcoin. If it was on Ethereum, it could be seized or frozen.

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dumb. you will be just like this guy >>53190808 and they will dig up your shit and seize it.

At the VERY LEAST use Shamir backup, which generates multiple seed phrases that are needed in combination to access your funds. And they are all stored in different locations offsite. If anyone finds one by its self its useless. You chose how many are needed to recover.


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>Oh noes we can't access your keys, and you can't walk out of here.

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>oh no we cant impoverish you
>you can still afford to hire the best fucking lawyer on the planet
>case dismissed.

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How do you actually bullet proof your seedphrases?

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you sure you haven't given any company your license and physical proof of existence just to use their products or services? weird huh? gambling apps and video games are starting to do this shit. it brings out a very dangerous part of my mind that i don't like.

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I assume you watched the Shamir backup video?

Say you created 8 shares and 3 were needed for recovery.
Possible storage locations:
>Encypt one in a veracrypt container and store that in an encrypted cloud that has zero knowledge access. (this is the ONLY share stored online)
engrave 4x doubled sided on stainless steel plate. This wont rust & is fireproof.
>Bury one somewhere that wont be dug up or developed. (dont bring phone)
>Place one in an anoymous safety deposit box (maybe switzerland) (dont bring phone)
>Keep one in home safe, but you can expect this one to be seized by police.
Third parties:
>Give a 4th plate with a most trusted family.
>Store one in trust with lawyer A in your country
>Store one in trust with lawyer B in different country
>Store one in trust with lawyer C in a third country, preferably one that doesnt co-operate with your country diplomatically (Russia etc)

In this scenario you could recover it yourself if you just needed to restore a wallet, or if you are in custody you could phone family members and lawyers with instructions to recover funds. The extent you go depends on the value you are protecting.

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just read he killed himself in jail

truly a crazy world you would expect if you are that rich famous and handsome you wouldnt be depressed

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Lol dude deserved it he’s the literal worst, a grifter at best. Only profit between me and him is from my pocket to his

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>not tattooing ur seed phrase between ur ass cheeks so u have to spread your asscheeks to reveal the seed key
>only works if you arent a homosexual

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>they trace your transfers
>hack your devices
>get your key that way
>either seize it because they had a warrant or the money magically disappears
>or they just threaten you with more charges or do other shit until you hand over your keys

I'm always astounded at how clever you people think that you're being with all of this shit.

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What are you talking about, what did he do wrong lmao? He makes funny short videos and talks obvious shit

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I doubt he owned them, probably leased.

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how do you tattoo your own ass cheeks?

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if talking about ethereum or cbdcs they can wipe out any wallet pressing a button this is why btc is the only one that truly matters

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>>hack your devices
Which is why you dont keep your keys on your computer.
A separate offline device is used to signs transactions. its never connected to the internet. Those keys can not be accessed or hacked remotely. No physical attacks are known either.

Someone in the HEX community has just developed another layer of protection you can employ, where you can time lock withdrawals, and if you got hacked, you get notified of the transaction & those funds can be redirected to a wallet you own, overriding the hackers withdrawal with the use of a smart contract.


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First you have to prove I even have access to the wallet faggot

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The glowies developed this shit. If you think you've got some snazzy tech that they haven't already managed to backdoor then you're kidding yourself.

>he'd try to play that game

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you can't drive in a bitcoin

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wait, you can't??!

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with a mirror and a steady hand

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Kek, gross.
But makes me think of this
> https://youtu.be/PeGDBR0Ej_0

pretty sure most governments cant cut you open

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Cant you just buy some gold bar and bury it in a safe place?

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It's not a game. With proper opsec it's almost impossible to prove the ownership of a wallet

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>the disgraced influencer

according to who? fucking kikes

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no u.. Seeing as you cant explain how such messures could be defeated.

The only thing i didnt add is you could make the stainless steel plates more secure by engraving the seed phrases in an encrypted format, that requires a password to decrypt. Then even if all the plates were recovered, they are still useless.

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and just how would you describe your arse rotting in a Romanian prison for forcing girls into being hookers then? Entrepeneur in Minor Local Hiccup?

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Lügenpresse, as always.

I dont believe he sex trafficked anyone. This is the same type of tactics they used to go after Assange.

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>Andrew tate net worth $700 million
He did this with Webcam whores???

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the fact that 9 different whores in two different countries over the last 7 years have filed rape or coercion charges is mere coincidence

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apparently they made his first millions (despicable business)
But im certain hes made loads more selling his course 100,000 students x $50 USD a month. Thats $5 mill a month.

Then once you have money, you can dump it into all kinds of start ups and shit coins.

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For allegedly forcing girls into being hookers

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This is bullshit
He can't make 700 million with a dozen whores and self help tutorials Ina few years.
His whole wealth is probably a facade and those bugatis are not even his

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yea, my apologies.
Th man who literally sold an online course entitled:
>The Pimpin’ Hoes Degree
instructing men on how to manipulate women into webcam/prostituion is only 'alleged' to have been forcing girls into working as hookers. My apologies.

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But that's how they got Muh Assange

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Assange ran a whistelblower website, not a literal 'HOW 2 BE A PIMP' paid for course.
>t'was only in Minecraft, your Honor

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Do you understand how businesses are valued?
>$5 mil a month x 12 = $110 mil
>Value the business at a multiple of 4x =$440mil
So $440 mil business valuation + few year of revenue say $150 mil
That gets him upto $590mil on his course business.
Then add on the camwhore stuff + other investments property etc.
$700 net worth is possible.
Doesnt mean $700mil in the bank.

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Hes talked about his whole operation, he'd date girls and then convince them to cam whore and scam men online. Guy was a retard and admitted to so many crimes , his ego was out of control. Hope he does life

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His fans are braindead , imagine looking up to someone who pimped a scammed his way to money

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ok, but how will your wealth be given to your children if something happens to you?

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Its shitty behavior for sure, but probably not illegal.

How much trust you put in the words of a whore? She could easily be pissy about not getting a bigger cut, im going to ruin you and say you manipulated me into whoring on cams.
No they chose to do it, and realised after they ruined their lives, and want a payout.

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Thats a very good question.
I dont have kids yet, so havent thought much about succession planning.

I guess each lawyer could be left with instructions upon your death to release the seed share to the appointed executor in your will.

If youve raised your kids to adulthood before death, you could have already given them the locations of your secret locations and have them approved to access too.

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He's not wrong, unless you got your wealth in monero. If it's any public blockchain crypto, if you evade paying taxes they will fk you on the offramps.

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why i would NEVER own a private untraceable coin good sir.

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He didn't traffic them, but those 6 chicks were "scamming" other men and splitting the money with him, he even said some chick made 100k from just one of those losers. So now that the scam is out in the open (kinda thanks to himself bragging about it), they'll throw him under the buss to avoid jail. Second of all, that kind of money is impossible to tax legally, hence why he's charged of money laundering since he used his businesses to misrepresent the origin. That's what some news in Romania talk, but it's hard to find much info since most just parrot the same shit every day to get clicks, the more exaggerated the better. You probably get 50x more clicks if you put "rape" 2 times in the title over just once. Fking internet journalism lol.

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storing your money encrypted or not on ONLINE servers is not wise, poor faggot. just buy a hardware wallet and split the physical backup seed on different locations.

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>he even said some chick made 100k from just one of those losers
its really disgusting behavior.
Hopefully karma and justice is served to whomever its due.

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this was not a drug lord he was a clever boy who drained mtgox in early days with double spends and diversified with real estate. they cought him because he got identified with a change/UTXO address

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On second thought,
Im just going to die and leave my kids a treasure map, with lots of riddles and indiana jones style traps along the way. If they make it through, theyre worth of the coins.

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>>53192231 (You)
On second thought,
Im just going to die and leave my kids a treasure map, with lots of riddles and indiana jones style traps along the way. If they make it through, theyre worthy of the coins.

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I dunno. It didn't go well for Voldemort, bruh.

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you cant state someone has been accused of rape unless someone has *actually accused them* of rape, or filed accusations thereof tho. Tate had multiple UK accusers file rape charges back in 2015, long before 'The Matrix' (or whatever hokum) got interested enough to 'take him down'
Tate ran cam sites (and probably hookers), unargued. He sold 'how to be a pimp' courses online, unargued. Hes had multiple rape charges against him over a long period of time already, multiple accusers, multiple countries, unargued. Hes boasted multiple times online of doing shit that could best be described as sketchy, when not outright sex trafficking, unargued. tldr, theres a lot of smoke here for no fire.

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Its funny how dumb some of these "smart" hackers are.

Like those who took over that oil pipeline and ransomed BTC in exchange. Yet they were to dumb to make off with the funds.
For starters they should have asked for funds in XMR.

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kek, i guess if the glowies ever hire a team of teenage wizards im done for.

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hes a persecuted victim of angry leftists afraid of his political power

>> No.53192449

>a persecuted victim
he'll know what fucking persecution is soon enough, for sure
>Gee, think I'll move my pimp op to Romania
>jail there is bound to be total comfy

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What is going on with that?

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The fuck are you talking about.

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Hes correct about CBDCs. They will beable to freeze your money whereever it is via code.
They can do this with USDC too already.

But im not sure what he says is true for ETH, or other shitcoins on the ETH network. It has to be built into the tokens functionality.

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USDT too it seems.

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Manipulating someone into doing a legal thing isn't illegal

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The murican chick in april 2022 accused him of "rape".

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Are you telling me my trust wallet funds are not safu?

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You didn't hear them say
>The disgraced philanthropist

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>Ramona Bolla, a spokeswoman for Romanian anti-organised crime agency DIICOT, said they would be used to pay for the investigation and pay damages to victims if they are convicted.
Am I the only one who read this and was like WTF?
I've never heard of anything like this before, seizing someone's assets BEFORE they're even convicted of anything? That's crazy to me

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eastern Europe shit hole standards i guess

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FBI=Mr trezors, hi, this is the FBI. Hand over the seed phrase of this ledger or your company will charged with aiding and abetting a felon
Mr trezors= Here are the keys, we don't not support criminals

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I like the idea of picking a book, pref a classic novel which will always be available, and say using the first word of the first 24 chapters (obviously this is a simplistic example) as your seed phrase. Only you know what the book is and the system for pulling the words. Then you don't even need to memorise or store the seedphrase.

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They try improvish people before trial and seize all their funds so they cant defend themself.

They did this to a guy called martin bryant in Australia.
He was acuased of a mass shooting.
They locked him up in illegal conditions & froze his inheritance money so he didnt have access to good legal representation, until he confessed.

It was 100% a setup false flag glow op.

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Mr Trezor doesn't know what the pvt key is because he doesn't know what the seed phrase is, though

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but seed phrases cant be manually chosen like that. They are limited to a list of 2048 words selected words. So its highly unlikely you will find these in some logical order in a book. But if you wrote your own book... totally do able.

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yeah thats what im saying:
>Bong chicks in 1995 - rape accusations
>Burger broad in April 22 - rape accusation
>appears at least 2 new rape accusations on the table now
last line of previous post should have been 'lot of smoke here for there to be no fire..'
You can argue these were all hookers/camgirls. They can equally argue, with some validity, 'well, we weren't up until we met him..'
The rape charges are just insurance - his real problem is multiple counts of sex-trafficking. Enough to qualify as Serious Crime = Serious Time. And given he's more or less video documented his career in such to date, Tate looks pretty much fucked to me.

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Whats the point in painting such a large target on your back that you get all the law enforcement moguls on your ass?

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>FBI=Mr trezors
from their website
>Trezor hardware wallets use open-source designs so security experts and researchers can audit every process. This means your device is kept updated against threats, both real and theoretical.
>When security is transparent, backdoors and potential exploits have nowhere to hide. Trezor is trust-less and decentralized, exactly like Bitcoin.
>Data is deleted or anonymized 90 days after purchase.


Maybe he wanted the fame
Maybe he wanted the money
Maybe he wanted to change the world. There is an awful lot wrong with this feminized anti-male PC world that needs to go.

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prob. became a (You) addict, many such cases.
desu, his theory that Romanians prob. wouldnt give a shit about camgirls and hookers crying 'Rape!' probably had some validity. Right up until Romania wanted to join EU Schengen group and got told, theyd need to be tougher on criminals crossing over their borders. Romanian polis spent December rounding up all the foreign crimtards they could lay their hands on and a hi-profile foreignertard like Tate, boasting he could do what he wanted in this backwater of bribery and corruption - he's a gift from the Gods when you need some hi-profile prosecutions to demonstrate you're cleaning up your act.

>> No.53192928

i respect tate trying to fight the good fight but i dont exactly see how telling tween boys that women are worthless whores and should be treated as such is gonna do any good to repair societies morals

>> No.53192959

hoeflation got us into this mess

>> No.53193032

i think he said something like old roastie sluts are worthless.

his message to young men i see is dont simp, and be a traditional masculine man. I agree with that. But the whole using women as whores doesnt align with traditional values at all.

He also calls out lot of other globohomo shit & exposes the banking scam. I can see why the elite what to shut him up.
The elite certainly dont give a single fuck about #MeToo (they are the biggest ofenders), is just a weapon to use when convenient.

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>what are address sanctions

>> No.53193059

>wallet sanctioned
>sorry goy you can’t cash out and any wallet your sanctioned address interacts with is now also sanctioned. thanks for playing.

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How much money can I get? I think he raped me too.

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I see your point but i still think it's do-able. How about picking a chapter of a book and every third word of that chapter which features in the list of 2048 is used. Something like that. So if word number 3 is on the list, use it, if word number 6 isn't, then go to word number 9, and so on. You could further encode it by swapping each pair afterwards so word 1 becomes word 2, 3 becomes 4 and so on.
There's loads of ways of doing it. All you would need is the method and the book title. don't even need to keep a copy at home.

>> No.53193229

You know ((who)), and the NPCs will believe this

>> No.53193240

>>what are address sanctions
They seem to only affect CEXs?

>" DEXs, do not apply AML controls. For example, using DEXs, criminals can readily exchange Ether for other assets – such as Tether – to attempt untraceability. In June 2022, North Korean ransomware attackers did this to launder funds they stole in a hack.
>Another emerging risk factor are cross-chain bridges. These are services that allow a user to transfer assets from one blockchain, such as Bitcoin, to another, such as Ethereum

>> No.53193281

judging by the responses to this thread, we're still very early.

>> No.53193304

what color was his bugatti?

>> No.53195137

And more reason why privacy matters a lot when it comes to making blockchain transaction. Don't let anyone monitor your tx.

>> No.53195232

It's much better to keep things anonymous using privacy protocols that deploys ZKPs.

>> No.53195298

>Cant you just buy some gold bar and bury it in a safe place?
They be canvassing his entire property with a metal detector you fucking retard

>> No.53195725

My sister told me she works with people that are contracted constantly by the Federal govt and DA's office (southern district) to develop ways to track and seize crypto, and they all say it's easier than working with banks and is more linear than they initially expected. They see everything by nature of Blockchain being what it is. Once they know where your money is they pick up the phone or fire off an email (notice in writ) to literally WHATEVER entity happens to be storing, holding or trafficking in your crypto. I have never heard of a single time any exchange or Trezor itself has been unwilling to cooperate.

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newfag alert lmao

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these people don't even think that deeply about it though, it's just a matter of which side of the "Culture war" they're on. if they lean vaguely to the right socially, no matter how pathetic/embarrassing they are in other ways, these NEETs will gargle their cum 24/7

>> No.53195988

1. He has a lot of cars so i hope Romania steals 2 and shares 6 with the people
2. Thank God he didn't hve crypto or the NWO would be making more "safe" policies

>> No.53196091

Newfag written in bold kek
Imagine I have my BTC on cold storage like ledger or even a regular web3 sylo wallet how do they get to seize my funds without my phrase?

only fags who use CEXs can fall victim for such

>> No.53196277

holy crap this is the best bait post i have seen in a long time

>> No.53196379

"The matrix got our cars, 3rd line of action to silence us"

>> No.53196401

obviously.. they can walk up to your home and all your properties are gone but you could have a crypto wallet they never trace
basic knowledge to have some of your wealth in crypto

>> No.53196494

he most definitely has a lot of crypto. he is advocating people to buy bitcoin

>> No.53196759

You must follow him a lot to know this

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You don't lose your phrase or give anyone access, your fund is safe fren

Tate must have many bitcoins somewhere the feds can't find

>> No.53196856

>But im not sure what he says is true for ETH
What do you mean "not sure" lmao it's blatantly false. The fact that some smart contracts have methods programmed into them for stealing/freezing coins is totally different and not related to the ETH coin itself.

Needlessly autistic. Just pick a random seed and encrypt it with something reasonably long you can remember. Then you can safely store the encrypted blob online.

>> No.53196867

>save your millions in shitcoins
>now you have 0's and 1's that get you arrested the moment you buy anything bigger than amazing giftcards

how about not being a faggot scammer so you don't get arrested?

>> No.53196904

because otherwise they just transfer their assets on someone else and then he's like oh no, i have nothing! many such cases in the civilized world, where corruption was made legal as possible

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>if talking about ethereum or cbdcs they can wipe out any wallet pressing a button this is why btc is the only one that truly matters
BTC is mined by corporations and a public ledger as well, stop lying nigger about your fucking ponzi coin.
Accept your lord and savior monero XMR

>> No.53197001

>ignoring countless legitimate protestors/innocent people who have had their bank accounts unjustly frozen
You are living under a rock if you think only bad people are punished by the government.

>> No.53197023

that's how normies think.
i use sylo for tezos baking, works great

>> No.53197030

What happened troonsisters, i thought all his cars were rentals like you said......

>> No.53197040

So they had to "physically sieze" the computer storing the seed lmao are you retarded? what point were you trying to make?

>> No.53197051

you tattoo 6 phrases on your arm and 6 on ur dick

>> No.53197081

>wallet sanctioned
What is Monero. Thanks for playing

>> No.53198344

This is why the true wealthy have all their assets spread across various trusts/shell companies that aren't owned directly by them but that they control. Owning supercars, private jets, and yachts in your name makes you a target.

>> No.53198637

crypto is for faggots only.

>> No.53198901

I estimate my taxes to be higher than they really should be. I dare the FBI to try and confiscate my bitcoin.

>> No.53198944

That’s racist.

>> No.53199493

They can seize his entire wealth. That is why someone like him should throw his wealth into crypto

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>I have never heard of a single time any exchange or Trezor itself
>never heard of a single time any exchange or
>a single time any exchange
>any exchange

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File: 145 KB, 670x424, D151F1B0-19BD-4FF4-ADE1-8D14047D413F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nobody knows my BTC public keys, even less the private ones

>> No.53201385
File: 118 KB, 566x685, ACC_ACC_AC_230-001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He said he was not suicidal, but that the matrix would try to "suicide" him. Hope he's still kicking, but I wouldn't be surprised of the string pullers offed him.

>> No.53203237

gold bullion wins again

>> No.53203540
File: 287 KB, 1200x900, lifebuzz-af7b14bba7d09be72e4c020d8bc3b2c7-limit_2000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

His backpack is also a record breaking large one.

>> No.53204815

It doesnt even have to be that complicated,Storing such wealth in a privacy enabled wallet and transacting privately is enough.

>> No.53204830

Fluorecent melanine men just repo’d their assets.

>> No.53204840

Not when we still have privacy platforms and coins in the cryptospace. He's just not knowledgeable enough to explore options.

>> No.53204905

Simps deserve worse.

>> No.53205007

>believing disgruntled camwhores
come on, we all know these were some lying whores who just weren't satisfied with the pay and went along with whatever the pigs told them to say

>> No.53205020

>he'd date girls and then convince them to cam whore
not a crime
>and scam men online
>talk to incels online for money
not a crime

>> No.53205040

should have gone to Dubai and pimp to rich arab fucks instead of cucking in the EU, no problem ever

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>THIS is why you store your wealth in Crypto
Insert laugh track.mp3

>> No.53205070

makes you think if it was one person or a team

>> No.53205129

you guys are acting like its suddenly impossible to bury money/gold in the desert/forest 200 miles from nowhere. Giving your kids coordinates seems easier than dealing with multiple lawyers and a fucking scavenger lol

>> No.53205136

scavenger hunt* nb

>> No.53205151

>cam site courses
>how to be pimp courses
Where can I read this??

>> No.53205479

lot of his trash on torrent sites
whether that particular 'course' is included in any given bundle? YMMV. I havent seen it either desu, but I'd bet a large sum, its just that arsehole waffling bs for a bit.

>> No.53205503
File: 225 KB, 1773x1773, 73885075-257A-4C0F-AB30-A6E0BEBDB530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>press a button
What a fucking newfag. Do you stupid ass normies not know what a seed phrase is?
Holy SHIIIIT, this HAS to be bait or you are the biggest retard on biz

>> No.53205546

HOLY SHIT... we found him bros... the dumbest guy on biz

>> No.53205698

>Bro the West is fucked. Eastern Europe is where it's at, the women are feminine and everything is so cheap bro!

>> No.53205742

>I like the idea of picking a book, pref a classic novel which will always be available, and say using the first word of the first 24 chapters
>he doesn't know, that people are already trying to crack these

>> No.53206070

>>>THIS is why you store your wealth in Crypto
>posts people losing their money to centralized exchanges

>> No.53206203

Celcius network are Defi

>> No.53206221

These guys definitely frequent /biz/ and hold extremely large amounts of BTC, ETH, and LINK. As selfish as it may sound if they did anything to them, lets hope the supply they owned is burned for our sakes.

>> No.53206263

The project built using zk-snarks for private DeFi looks to melt faces, its privacy solutions now includes private NFT shielding.

>> No.53206336

there is reason to be skeptical about any meme coin

>> No.53206353

Defi is just a blessing in disguise. It keeps solving lots of crypto issues and I'm Looking forward to more of it

>> No.53206377
File: 25 KB, 554x554, 1664808273273518.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But fags are appreciating RAIL's on-chain privacy system built using smart contracts and powered by zk proofs.

>> No.53206531

Privacy is key

>> No.53206557

Transferring assets into Railgun is becoming much easier, which creates a new zero-knowledge note, representing all of the assets and their owner.

>> No.53206735

It's a blockchain powered e-commerce platform with large marketplace #Dshop

>> No.53206757

Monero bros, we can't stop winning

>> No.53206779
File: 2 KB, 91x125, 1664546034268719s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not all privacy platforms are good for retards, I feel Railgun is the most preferred, it enables private transactions and arbitrary smart contract calls

>> No.53206833

Ain't worried about shitholes that mentions privacy protocols without Railgun. Dyor on Railway private wallet.

>> No.53207105

Don't care about this mudslime but did he basically get arrested for wrong think?

>> No.53207227

dont bury it on your property?? just go outside at like 2am into some woods you know that no one goes to and bury it.

>> No.53207304

Don't keep all your wealth in one safe.
Don't keep all your wealth in one wallet.
Don't keep all your wealth in one bank.
Don't keep all your wealth in one country.

>> No.53207323
File: 2.29 MB, 2000x1640, qg4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nocoiner retard

>> No.53207339

Bullshit Bitcoin is as good as Ethereum
Both networks are secure only Monero would be better

>> No.53207355
File: 73 KB, 704x496, Tates_Pad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no, he got arrested for multiple counts of rape and coercing girls into being camgirls/hookers then refusing to let them leave, etc. Its called 'sex-trafficking' - you even get degrees in it online nowadays. You too could look forward to years of luxury living in picrel.

>> No.53207367

You think we fall for your stupid bait
>trezor gives out the seed phrase
They dont have it you retards it is open source

>> No.53207495

Sounds like a trash whereas transactions can be made without revealing any information about the tranferred assets
and amounts or identities involved.

>> No.53207557
File: 7 KB, 203x249, images (39).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's all fair to mention Monero but if you could consider Railway wallet, seems to be the best mobile wallet of choice for Ethereum.

>> No.53207614

But Tate has a lot of crypto and they are trying to get Binance to show his assets.

>> No.53207780

One of the ways ppl in gov get rich in Romania is by selling seized assets, at <10% of the price, between themselves.

t. Romanian that knows ppl in the judicial system.

They're going to rob him blind, they do this everytime.

>> No.53207873

You mean Monero

>> No.53208304

it's literally not

>> No.53209425
File: 12 KB, 237x212, images (41).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think jeets need to do more research on RAIL, they can maintain anonymity on Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Chain.

>> No.53209464

You should be more concern of a self custody, that's the way forward and identity management protocols are helping tools.

>> No.53209509

>They're going to rob him blind
after they do this we should meme this faggot more and make more jokes about him.

>> No.53209514

Flare Network was conceived as a decentralised application that would utilize Ripple's XRP tokens.

>> No.53209551

doesnt look so bad, ensuite bathroom, laughing with roommate about farts and shit smell

>> No.53209556
File: 23 KB, 240x232, 1532322021542.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not living in a full retard gobohomo plantation like the EU after you've made it is another obvious way to reduce the risk of this. Leaving somewhere like the EU (or the US or mainland China) is a pretty obvious first step to take once you escape the rat race.

>> No.53209567

Its shielding feature has been a game-changer, providing an extra layer of security for my assets and earning RealYield through staking is a major bonus.

>> No.53209579

He has literally never said women are worthless whores you retard. Fuck I hate this site so much it’s literally R*ddit these days with how no one reads anything and just rushes into threads to comment on shit they know nothing about
>I just NEED to comment on Tate and musk since the mainstream media told me to hate them
>also anyone who believes the mainstream media any other time is a retard, but not me, in this case I am based

>> No.53209610

This he literally said both times he appeared on the full send podcast that first they cancel you, then they throw you in jail, and if that doesn’t work you get killed. He’s at step 2 right now

>> No.53209637

Then why was he running around free until he shitposted about the jewish carbon witch? Somehow that was a bridge too far and he was arrested on suspicion of sex trafficking.

>> No.53209641

There's more to RAIL than just this... attention to detail and the way it highlights the power of zero-knowledge proofs in Web3 is thrilling.

>> No.53209661

Tfw mine is buried in a graveyard.

Good luck lmao.

>> No.53209741

Romanian polis spent December '22 arresting anything vaguely foreign and criminal with a pulse. They are currently attempting to get into EU Schengen zone, for which they been told they need to crack down on foreign criminals crossing their borders, or make a show of doing so - as such, this idiot was manna from the heavens. I think being 0wned by Greta was just an unfortunate coincidence. That, and a very good example of why peeps doing illegal shit probably shouldnt spend their lives on social media documenting such while being hi-profile arseholes in general.

>> No.53209762

A good safe wallet could should be trending, not just FTX shits fucking around with our investment

>> No.53209863

Safe? Railgun keeps melting faces as it adapt modules for existing dApps on ETH. Privacy and anonymity in the Web3 space are important and its easy for everyone to use dApps without sacrificing personal information.

>> No.53209891

Only intelligent post here:
>Gotti learned this to his peril. You can be a superganster. You can be a celebrity. You cannot be both at the same time.
>No matter how rich and powerful you are, there is ALWAYS somebody richer and powerfuller letting you live by his leave

>> No.53209905
File: 69 KB, 640x1171, 1626196154435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He trusted an American woman who is trying to get money by his downfall. Women lie and will do anything to get money when their looks start to fade. A self described pimp should have known this. There is ZERO downside to this bitch making up whatever story she wants to ruin him. ZERO
>He is constantly bragging about paying off Romanian officials and how corrupt they are (they are). If that is true (is true) you can't fucking brag about it; you are just forcing them to crack down. The old conservative maxim is true: a government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take it all away. A corrupt government on the take being duplicituous for their own needs is not something a super genius like Tate needs to be explained
>He picked a fight with the WEF (Thurnberg) over ego and found out that the WEF has control over the EU. What a genius.
>I don't know why he couldn't have just picked his battles more strategically. Supposedly a chess genius needs hehelp in understanding the difference between tactics and strategy.

>> No.53211450

>Government seizes the Ledger and piece of paper your phrases are on.

Game over.

>Government seizes all financials and Gmail's, finds out you used crypto exchanges.
>Government connects batteries to your balls until you tell them where it is.

Game over.

>You somehow hide everything and leave prison in 2040 on parole.
>All your crypto now obsolete.
>You have nothing.
>Parole officer catches you checking hidden assets in new ocular compliance implant and throws you behind bars for life.

Game over.

No good long term scenario for crypto that isn't total clown shit. You're literally better off burying a crate of gold bars in the woods and saving the coordinates on an old lotto ticket like Walt did in Breaking Bad.

>> No.53211707

I keep my bitcorns in my prison suitcase. Cant do that with your car lmao

>> No.53212133

seed is generated by the wallet offline AFTER it's turned on with a physical random number generator you retard

If trezor stored your seed what would the point be of using it instead of an exchange?

>> No.53212156

runs the risk of having revised editions changing the verbiage

>> No.53212755
File: 104 KB, 653x878, Back_2_Jail_u_Go.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh dear - thats him for the next 180 days
>at least
our famous non-reader waving the koran around dont seemed to have helped any either. Maybe Allah got better shit to do

>> No.53212802

>burying a crate of gold bars in the woods
Wouldn't they just force you to tell them where the gold you bought went?

>saving the coordinates on an old lotto ticket like Walt did in Breaking Bad
Or something similar, since anyone who's seen BB would immediately be suspicious of a non-winninf lottery ticket laying around.

>> No.53212861

>Government connects batteries to your balls until you tell them where it is.
Also this is doubtful, at least in some countries. In the UK there is a paedo who is serving an additional sentence for refusing to decrypt an achive presumed to contain evidence of children he abused. He also had images that weren't encrypted and I believe some that he provided keys for. But the point is they didn't torture him to unlock the archive, they just sentenced him for refusing. Similarly if you refused to hand over your crypto I expect you would just be given extra time for it.

>> No.53213158
File: 193 KB, 660x1654, rnd_nigga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you can get held in contempt of court if refusing to hand over phone/PC passwords etc. - crypto keys would probably fall under the same category, if a Court found some reason to demand them.
The problem with contempt, its unlimited, literally, 'until you comply' - tho I think in the US there was some move to limit contempt jail time specifically for this (password memory lapses) to 180 days max.

>> No.53213187

>to 180 days max
sorry, 18 months max

>> No.53213190

>just never interact with the real world again goy

>> No.53213302

just bury it reasonably deep and then make some mid layers with washers and nuts or can tips or something
maybe even lay a fake cable

>> No.53213531

If the governments owns everything why make money and make the government work for you .

>> No.53213781
File: 126 KB, 1152x864, 1152x864a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mogs book readers as a slow brain hobby
>reads a book in jail
lol, lmao

>> No.53214130

Yeah, lol. Keep believing that lie, lmao. Trezies will get the rope once the company decides to keep all the money for themselves. Trezor will pull the classic "We were hacked©" eventually, imagine thinking they don't have the keys, fucking kek

>> No.53214564

easy to brute force, even with the millions of books out there its childs play for your smartphone.
Dont even bother with anything related to picking words in a book.

>first word on chapter one, second word chapter 2
>i will just make it the nth prime number of each chapter n
they are all tried and cracked waiting for funds to flow in.

Never trust the mind with any sort of randomness, always generate and dont deviate. Dont even change words on your seed phrase, cause another sounds cooler or is easier to remember (like alphabetical order words). It salts your seed and you wont even know and then wonder how some dude got to your funds.

>> No.53215011

>Do you want to be a cam girl?
>Do you want to be a cam girl?

>> No.53215459

pretty much this, yup
oh, nevermind - hes already there - because attention-whoring retarded fucking halfwit.
and he'll be there awhile - hope he brought a good book.

>> No.53215693

The guy from all gas no brakes is being accused of rape by coercion by asking a women a few times if she wanted sex until she said "yes"

>> No.53217495

Agreed, just to ensure more secure way of purchasing we can do with crypto at ease.
We can buy a house with crypto through a web3 crypto payments gateway and avoid taxes. Or even a fucking car.

>> No.53218357
File: 45 KB, 468x636, PotPlayerMini64_nCJMG6lwtM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do people hate him? he is such a good man. can anyone explain it?

>> No.53218472

Trust is non custodial. Safe enough. I can say same for Xpress wallet too. I stake on via Allianceblock defi terminal and enjoy zero commission fees. Works perfectly.

>> No.53218495

>What is Monero
Shilled by privacy fags. They never learn do they? The space is evolving and more developments like metaverse banking is coming onboard. That's what to look out for.

>> No.53218866

He did say once that he gets a credit card memorizes it, then destroys it so now he has access to money whenever he needs to buy something online.
I'm sure this applies to crypto as well.

>> No.53219115

Using a privacy protocol would be better. Complete anonymity.

>> No.53219159

>>What is Monero?
It's one crypto with a real use case, and that's privacy. No one has to monitor your crypto transactions when you use privacy protocols.

>> No.53219164

>Get rich
>Everyone just robs you blind
What's the point?

>> No.53219167

Good, swarthoids don't deserve Aryan amenities, he can drive a Nissan Altima

>> No.53219475
File: 5 KB, 250x221, 1646802127741s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Exactly, and I use the Rail wallet and Secret Network's BlackBox to hold my coins and transact to enjoy my privacy

>> No.53219584

No one even remembers him as a world champion kickboxer, when he was a world champion kickboxer. Tate was a nobody.

>> No.53219647

Simps and their women worship is the reason the world is a fucking shithole getting worse by the day

>> No.53219665

>Get rich
>Get guns
>Wear them around the house all the time
>People leave you alone
>Robbers consider the neighboor because they're unarmed and are trying to virtue signal that they're good to their social circles by not owning a gun because "what would it be used for?"
Save your damn life in the heat of violent actions that's what and that's something no insurance or armed force can do.

>> No.53219734
File: 91 KB, 929x792, achshully.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hes being robbed by the Final Boss of thievery tho, the State. Shooting at them ends even less well than shooting people usually does

>> No.53219755

>The study followed 600,000 Californians that did not own guns

Kill yourself

>> No.53219764

>Kill yourself
or I could just move into a house with a handgun
couldnt I

>> No.53219788

Do whatever is necessary as long as the end result is a bullet in your retarded skull.

>> No.53219816

what part of being in the same house as a gun makes you more liable to end up ded from being shot are you failing to grasp here, exactly?
If you wish to argue the point factually, namely, that the Charlton Heston 'muh gunz' is, and always was, bullshit more likely to kill you (or other family members) than save you, go ahead. Otherwise stfu already.

>> No.53219823
File: 41 KB, 399x322, d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Do you stupid niggers realize he's in Romania and not some cuck contry like england/sweden they will break all his limbs until he gives them out his seed phrase

>> No.53219847

Saves on a gas bill.
But you really don’t see a flaw with the study or the logic here?

researchers calculated that for every 100,000 people in that situation, 12 will be shot to death by someone else over five years. In comparison, eight out of 100,000 who live in gun-free homes will be killed that way over the same time span.

So if you BANNED guns in the home. Under optimal static conditions in the gun control utopia. You’d still be looking at only a 30% reduction. But you’re framing it as a prime cause.

People should have easy access to suicide options like guns. They were never going to make it anyways.

If you want to control the gun/murder correlation perhaps you should regulate and register the bullets. Fucking duh.

>> No.53219870

Also, maybe letting the popes have some of the cash earmarked for them would help somewhat.. y’know, the govt funding, the non profit allocations, the charity. Maybe allowing the society to build a social system they actually want to live in is a key.

Or we could just enforce state corporate interests as being “the greater good” when we all know this intrinsically isn’t the case.

I love you.

>> No.53219876


>> No.53219889

yeah exactly, dont store your money in weird exchanges just store your own crypto.

crazy that people still believe in shit like celcius, ftx, Binance, coinbase, cdc etc.

>> No.53219918

>30% reduction
while at least a (semi) factual response, its also a 50% increase tho:
>Gee, think I'll move in with Charlton - hes got a gun and I'll then be safe from roaming niggers
>Gee, think I'll move in with Charlton - hes got a gun and I'll then be 50% more likely to end being shot. Ded.
pick one.
because only one of above is true.

>> No.53219973

You notice they mention non gun owners. Nor do they mention firearm legality or registration.

Did Charlton register his gun and pass? Or did he buy it from Shane?

Btw even in your hypothetical it’s still twice as likely to be shot by the roaming joggers. One you have some hope, one situation you have none.

You are more likely to see violence as a stat there because you’re including all gun owners (including those with violent lifestyles who provoke defence) under a wide blanket.

Me protecting my kids, isn’t the same as staying with Daquon who has a strap. Though statistically here we are.

Also doesn’t mention home defence. Only homicide by gun and home gun attribution.

>> No.53220001

I think heart disease is what we should be worried about personally. That an obesity. The cost of preventable illness is far more than murder and crime will ever be.
Just stop being fucking fat and the world would be a miracle of medicine and social welfare
We need to ration the obese

>> No.53220058

How are Euro peasants unironically like this?

>> No.53220127

Ofc he doesnt have 700 mill. You are stupid if you really believed him. Without a company of his own? He most have 20 mill at best

>> No.53220967


also, i get they auctioned the seizures. but isnt the US govt technically the "unknown" third largest wallet outside of bitfinex, binance, satoshi's distribution?

>> No.53222489

The anonymity with such tech matters most to me. There's so much need for privacy protocols.

>> No.53222603

ZKPs is a better tech for complete anonymity. I like the fact that privacy protocols are adopting it.

>> No.53223266

non-memers would have the cars owned by an offshore trust which they wouldn't be able to seize to begin with (they could initially i guess if they're on tate's property, before immediately releasing them to the trustee/manager)

>> No.53223295

DeFi is not so easy to use by everyone, the multiple on-chain IDs make things fucked up.

>> No.53224952

ORE and ENS on this, I'm not sleeping on this.

>> No.53225083

If armed forces fail to protect you with their guns what makes you think anybody else can? Instead of moving into a house with a handgun just buy the gun since that would be cheaper. Also, those studies are bullshit. If you're dealing drugs which most non-rich Californians are or partaking in any other activity with shitheads you're likely to be shot but often times people get guns as a response to their environment instead of as a tool of preparedness like stocking up on months worth of food. That article linked is pure propaganda too. People hate America because of the crap the government has done with their guns in foreign lands and domestically. They would attack America through the laws since the bullies have the world's best military and without firearms you cannot secure a state and only armed forces having guns makes it a tyranny, not a state.

There should be no regulation period on firearms since that's how the founding fathers of America intended it and before you go quoting some nobody about modern firearms when the constitution was written up automatic firearms already existed and the founding father knew about them and understood where they were going in the future since more often than not they did serve in militaries and owned guns themselves. Some of them even fighting in wars. They knew America could not be secure without private ownership of weapons. The people attacking guns don't know about guns in the first place and is akin to listening to a college drop out who studied computers about medicine. Regardless, like I said earlier, even armed forces like the military and cops fail to protect you with their firearms and only you can protect yourself and if you're unprepared because of your beliefs and there ever comes a time in your life where owning a gun would have allowed you to achieve victory/survive that's on you.

>> No.53225147

Also, the best armor available is affordable in a month's worth of work doing a minimum wage job full time which any criminal can afford and the only thing that breaks through those these days are automatic rifles because of how much power they can put out over a short time. Semi-autos can't even touch the automatics when it comes to penetrating through. Even when watching hunting videos, a wild animal can take a shot to the head and still keep charging with lethality and if state laws are silly like you're allowed to only carry three rounds they can still get on top of you and kill you even if you land all three shots before they bleed out.

>> No.53225157
File: 85 KB, 573x879, 1652212259422.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did the founding fathers also know that niggers would be considered equal citizens? Cause imo that is the major hole, not the superior firepower of modern firearms

>> No.53225196

That's not an excuse to attack my, or anybody's rights. Criminals don't obey the law so only an enemy of the state would think it's a good idea to attack the rights since the only people who are going to obey are law abiders and since the law would put them at a disadvantage. All gun control gives the advantage to criminals and it shows too like this recent happening in Mexico where the cartel is wilding out again. Mexicans aren't allowed to have guns outside of some silly condition like serving in the armed forces and you know damn well if the cartels tried their bullshit in America in the wrong neighborhoods you'd see people giving fire support to the cops and military.

>> No.53225372

anyone know what book that is? Looks like a book on horoscopes or something.

>> No.53225429
File: 132 KB, 1005x752, muh_book.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>horoscopes or something
less factual

>> No.53225529

kek, I thought his interest in Islam started as a joke but he's actually serious

>> No.53225691

it looks untouched
>t. bookreader
I suspect Ayatollah Andrews sudden conversion was more to fit in with his followers demographic. And that I've read more of that than he has. But with the amount of free time for reading coming his way, he'll probably come back out ranting like a 3d Memri TV

>> No.53225728

this has to be bait or super newfag,
> crypto wallet hidden