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Everyone's euphoric again.

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Bingo. $12k in February. Screenshot this.

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Bulls are drunk

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Bobos have been euphoric for the past six months.

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One slight pump and suddenly everyone is screaming bull market. Didn't we do multiple 50+% dead cats on the way down in 2018?

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Are you dumb?
I'm not even close to euphoric.

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>Everyone's euphoric again
Everyone left

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First time I’ve ahorted ever, wish me luck bobos Im fucking nervous af right now but no way there’s a bull market coming up. Just delusional mumus with some new year hype.

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im assuming you meant shorted
i would be grateful if you posted said short
for my keks in a few hours times

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watch this

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This has to be larp

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>First time I’ve ahorted ever
>>>>This rally will fail like all the others!
Thanks for capitulating the bottom twice. Try not to buy again when BTC is 100k.

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Well the fucking OG wizzards of OZ ; the man behind the curtan says we need to keep suffering so we're going to keep suffering. Because the FED says so

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>Didn't we do multiple 50+% dead cats on the way down in 2018?
Get ready.

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What were interest rates in 2018?