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I made something i want to share with you tonight

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check out pic related

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hows the turnout so far? is the chat active?

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no it's not very active yet. its really fresh still. but you're welcome to check it out

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Did you add a guest section for those who do not want to connect their wallet
>or the unfortunate

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there is a public channel which i planned for that. Anyone can read, but you can't chat unless you log in. It's not functional yet though

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yeah then I doubt it will become active in any point in time, you're posting that for a while now in all threads.
people don't want to connect their staking wallet to your site, as simple as that sorry. if you figure out a way without connecting a wallet then possibly

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Daily reminder the ONLY WAY to win with Chainlink is to SHORT it.

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I see your point but i disagree. wallet addresses are not visible to anyone, and you don't have to sign anything, just connect.

also many have held link on various addresses, so you can just connect with an old address you're not using anymore. so i think it won't be that much of a problem in the long run.

>you're posting that for a while now in all threads.
i have been posting this on 3 or 4 days, not that much.
sure, it may take a few months to become really active, but who cares, the whole space is kinda slow atm anyways...

>if you figure out a way without connecting a wallet then possibly
I mean the whole point of this is that you can authenticate in a decentralized way. Otherwise i could make a discord channel or something.

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Glow nigger

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how many link to make it (into the chat).

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>Bro just gimme access to your wallet.
Fucking christ hang all scammers after castrating them with rusty forks.

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Share source code of site and I'll consider it. Connecting your wallet to an unknown site is retard tier and just asking to have your shit stolen. Do you expect anyone to risk their assets to chat with you?

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i expect early link holders to have enough understanding of how wallets work.

if you don't sign anything nothing can happen to your linkies

in that sense it works kind of like a filter keeping seething nolinkers and brainlets out

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Wtf did you do all my linkies are gone REEEEEEEE

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> not "ack the roper" on that paper

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If we can only connect one wallet at a time and the maximum one wallet could stake was 7000 so there's no way for you to tell who has staked more than 7000 so therefore no way to rank anyone above this figure. I assume you check the community pool to see how many the wallet you're connected to put in?
I could see room for foul play if you were to start handing our wallet addresses out so they get filled with useless crap we don't want. Otherwise I don't see the point of this exercise. Why not just have a registering process and anyone who fuds or is abusive just gets kicked? Idgaf what other people have and I'm happy to believe them if they say they have a lot or a little.
I appreciate you may have gone to some effort over this and it's not a bad idea having a chatroom, but then we already have biz and twitter so I'm not sure what else we need

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>no fudder allowed
yeah no, not trusting shit made by marines.

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ranks are not based on amount of link, but on when your wallet first held link.

it's about being og, not about owning a lot, even though they often go hand in hand

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What are the ranks?

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you can see them in pic related
it's always date/block number

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based king thank you chainlinkgod