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What are /biz/ aproved cold wallets??
And are Exodus like apps legit?

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Well now that we know you cannot trust anyone in crypto technically the best cold wallet would be the one u make yourself lol

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Write it to tape.

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careful with this shit. Those faggots have been doing inside jobs and ripping people off.
When you sign up it EMAILS you a recovery link.
Think about that... the link to recover your funds is sent via email. That means THEIR servers also have a copy of that link.
Multiple people had accounts drained.


Trezor model T is solid.

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thank you fren

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For Bitcoin, a cold card that's completely air-gapped, never touching the internet. Use psbt when you want to send.

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Don't bother with Ledger, it's not a cold wallet.

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Do you have any info on Guarda? What if I just put my wallet on a finger print usb, is it still cold?

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Im using an old smartphone without internet and encrypted as an air gapped cold wallet, it creates signed transactions as qr codes which i scan with my normal smartphone

It cost me nothing and i dont have to worry about data leaks like ledger or other shit

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>cant remember 12 words
>Needs overpriced govt backdoored to do it for them


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fuck hardware wallet

write that shit down what the actual fuck

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Ledger is shit. I've had to replace 3 of them in 2 years because the LED screen goes too dark to see and changing the brightness in settings does nothing.

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Trezor, Ledger, ColdCard.

Stay away from Exodus.

As an interface for your hardware wallet and bitcoin, use SparrowWallet.

If you need shitcoin support, idk.. I guess the official apps Trezor Suite and Ledger Live. (ColdCard has not shitcoin support and no app, it's purely a signing device.)

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So exodus can still hack us? They have our private keys? Couldnt we sue?

Eitherway what do you think of Guarda?
Wouldnt I need internet to showcase my wallet?

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That’s fud it doesn’t do that it gives you the seed phrase in the app itself. Talking out ya ass fool.

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>So exodus can still hack us? They have our private keys? Couldnt we sue?

No, the private keys are handled only on the signing device (trezor, ledger,...). But that's just one part of the equation. For example, if you have received 0.8 BTC once, you have 1 UTXO (unspent transaction output) with 0.8 BTC.

If you wend 0.1 BTC out, for example to an exchange, 0.1 goes to the exchange address, 0.7 (or slightly less because of fees) goes to yourself as change amount.

Exodus could be malicious or simply buggy so that the 0.7 BTC do not go back to yourself, but to an attacker to an invalid address.

It being closed source makes it difficult to verify that it doesn't.

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>Don't bother with Ledger, it's not a cold wallet.
>old smartphone without internet
has viruses, key loggers, also it does connect to the internet you just don't know it.
there is secure* way using two old phones, but cant remember any more

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I dont understand this one

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best setup you can have for BTC is this:
-full bitcoin core node (under tor)
-watch-only address
-cli/hwi or specter to manage the tx / psbt (it interfaces with bitcoin core)
-jade or coldcard to sign
-23 words seed phrase on a 3mm inox steel plate
-extra 25th mnemonic passphrase or 2-of-3 multi-sig with three different hw wallets (e.g. jade, coldcard, specter diy or seedsigner) for paranoids
for shitcoiners just use a trezor model t
ledgers are closed source, avoid
avoid all hw wallets with no screen to verify addresses

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it's ok to write a seed phrase on a piece of paper
it's NOT ok to generate or sign seed phrases using a computer or a smartphone

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>-23 words
i mean 24

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Wouldnt that mean that all wallets hot or cold are trash? Because the programm make the seed phrase for you!!!
Wallets liek metamask I see are mostly a scam, first they show you, then they ask you to type it in lol.
Atleast Exodus only shows you it and doesnt ask for confirmation.

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you have to be clinically retarded to buy one or use a scam like exodus. there is only one moment where those become "valuable". at the top of a retard run

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What do you think about Guarda and why is exodus a scam? Actually want to knowè What wallet software desktop is the best?

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Trezor is much better than ledger. Ledger's user records has been hacked multiple times.
i don't know much about software wallets but exodus seems more sketchy than the rest to me. i'd rather use metamask than exodus. Trezor is best.

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electrum is a good software wallet

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Get an old laptop or a mini pc
Install tails
Install bitcoin core
Install the sparrow wallet
Get an address
Turn off and never run the machine until you want to spend
Optimally let the machine run for 2 days so you can sync with the network

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a treasure chest for gold and silver

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That feature has been disabled for years.

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what if Ledger or Trezor go bankrupt and stop supporting their firmware and the site no longer available??
do i completely lose access to my assets on their coldwallet?

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What I don't understand about these hardware wallets is that why don't they have support a big list of coins like software wallets like exodus/trust ??? Trezor suite does not natively support coins like XMR but software wallets like Exodus does

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You can plug in the seed phrase on any software wallet and retrieve your funds. The only downside is your seed phrase have now left the device and been put in an internet connected software wallet. Alternatively you can have two hardware wallets and use one as a backup if you absolutely don't want your private keys leaving a hardware device

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im sorry, i dont understand.
when i have a coldwallet, my coins are "inside" said wallet yes? otherwise if not on the exchange, where are they?
how i can gain access to them through another device let alone a software wallet like you mentioned.
my apologies for the stupid questions but truly have a hard time grasping this.

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>how i can gain access to them through another device let alone a software wallet like you mentioned.
you should make an account for chatgpt, it's perfect for asking "stupid" questions. not being a dick here, literally telling you something that can change your life

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pee pee poo poo

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I used to use Exodus. Those transaction fees were a nightmare though. Then I moved to Trustwallet. It got swallowed by Binance and since the FTX debacle I don't trust those Apps anymore. Now I'm on Ledger. Ledger got hacked a few times but only the userdata, never the keys. My keys are fine. Ledger is ok for now.

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>when i have a coldwallet, my coins are "inside" said wallet yes?
no, your coins are on the blockchain. your keys to those coins are in your wallet, though. and cold wallet means, there's no connection to the internet so no one can hack your shit and your keys won't be stolen, so your coins are safu.

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> you didn’t buy physical denarium bitcoins in 2016-2017
> you didn’t buy a Ballet wallet
> you didn’t create your own wallet on Bitcoin core on Tor

You’ll never be safe

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What transaction fees are you talking about? Sending coins on exodus isn't anymore expensive than from any other wallet. Using their exchange is expensive though

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you don't have to go full shizo holy shit. just run secure systems and OPSEC.

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got it, thank you for explaining

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how does it connect to the internet? please tell me, I really want to know.

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He's a retard don't mind him
If you physically remove the network adapter it's literally safer than anything you buy online that is meant to be used foe crypto not to mention you will now be forever in some registry somewhere with ur address and name. The safest possible thing to do is to never let anyone know you even know what crypto is

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Your funds are on the blockchain, the wallet is just a private key that you use to be able to spend those coins

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Retard, you can set up a smartphone and dont even need rlto connect to any usb device let alone a network, install apps through sd card etc.

Of course it has many morr attack vectors compared to a dedicated hardware wallet but then again the hardware wallet was designed and manufactured by some pajeet and sold to such a minor group where as the smartphone is adopted hardware and software with thousands of iterations and millions of users. Doesnt scream crypto right at you either

AirGap is an open source app combination that implements this cold smartphone, hot smartphone combo, never heard it on biz but probably better than most shit anons use for securing their coins

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Cold wallets are cool, but I prefer soft wallet, especially those with the feature to shield your balance with other security measures.

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dont buy a cold wallet you massive faggot. just use Exodus for the only acceptable purpose to own crypto which is buying cocaine on the internet.

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Is exodus a trusted wallet?

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>Is exodus a trusted wallet?

it works fine. you will never be holding any coins for more than a minute or two becase you will use the bitcoin to buy drugs.

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Does exodus wallet have a shield option, or which of the wallet does this?

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full schizo?
a jade is 50$, if you want a steel plate just buy it from the hardware store for 10$
the rest is free software
you can't click two buttons?
jesus fuck why the hell do you need to risk your stack?
it takes very little to be careful

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>Does exodus wallet have a shield option, or which of the wallet does this?

i dont fucking know. i have used it for 4 years with no problem. people who worry about someone hacking their wallets are schizo faggots.

it is not an investment, it is for use on the dark net, thats all. i never hold any coins for more than a few minutes.

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>people who worry about someone hacking their wallets are schizo faggots
if you run exodus on (even updated) windows/linux or outdated android/ios i guarantee you at some point you will get hacked
process injection is easy peasy on win and linux, as soon as you run some untrusted code they can easily dump memory from exodus app
for mobile public LPEs exist and are commonly packed inside many google play apps, so you install some random app and you are fucked
it's not paranoia, it's common sense
pc and smartphones should never generate/handle/sign seed/private key material, ever, unless it's a dedicated clean device that stays offline permanently (and never connects to the internet again)
but it's better to buy a fucking jade for 50$ and you are done, peace of mind

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I don't think exodus has this option, but railway wallet does

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>get a leather wallet
>print out your private key on paper
>put paper inside wallet
>put wallet inside your fridge
wallah you have made your own cold wallet

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I use my ex wife's vagina. Nothing colder than that.

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There is so much stupid shit and FUD being said about Exodus in this thread. Never had any problems with it.

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>if you run exodus on (even updated) windows/linux or outdated android/ios i guarantee you at some point you will get hacked

well they have about 2 minutes to hack me before i spend the $100 worth of bitcoin on cocaine.

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>/biz/ aproved cold wallets
holding the seed phrase in your head, the government can't confiscate it even by physically slicing your brains up

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>holding the seed phrase in your head
better yet just login to your wallet from anywhere nexus.io

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How can I get this fucking shit on my tablet?

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Where is the fud coming from?

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How would I get hacked if I use the wallet on a dedicated laptop with a minimal linux install? A dedicated laptop for the wallet and nothing else.

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You can get it on play store for Android, or on App store for Apple
Or via here: Railway.xyz
That was where I got mine

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>my apologies for the stupid questions but truly have a hard time grasping this.

Theres a reason, crypto is a banker cabal hoax, you cant own a fucking digit on a screen, it doesn't exist, its all khazarian banker fuckery, thats why it been engineered this way the last few decades so as to remove ownership of everything from everybody to them.

Have a guess what all their controlled central banks are all buying? It isn't any crypto.

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>dude just enter your seed phrase on a third party website
yeah what could go wrong?

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I never signed up. They dont know my email.

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>Optimally let the machine run for 2 days so you can sync with the network
48h? Wont that make you an easy target?

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This dude and his drugs lol

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I like this question might leave biz and go to g.

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A keylogger installed by your laptop manufacturer.

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Which sends the data over what network?

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you're just syncing with the network, there are literally thousands of people that do that regularly on 24/7 running machines and they were not compromised. taking the thing off the internet is just an extra precaution

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>you're just syncing with the network
What does this even mean?

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read >>53180914
you can run Bitcoin Core in watch-only mode, and use Specter + hw wallet to sign PSBTs, so the computer doesn't ever touch the private keys

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i used to run Bitcoin Core on a Whonix VM under Qubes and have a dedicated PC to run Bitcoin Core and nothing else
but using a hardware wallets is significantly safer
an ESP32/Arm+secure element microcontroller minimally programmed just to handle private keys has an attack surface that is like a million times smaller than the linux kernel alone, then you need to include the distro and the fact that other daemons and processes with higher or equal privileges + DMA memory + network interfaces + who the hell knows what's really on the south bridge etc etc
for real, a jade is 50 bucks, why not?

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/biz/ is full of poor pajeets who legitimately can't afford to spend even $60 on security because they only have $100 in some shitcoin like $ICP or whatever.

Cold wallets aren't the same as hardware wallets, thought hardware wallets are frequently used as cold wallets. Anyone who actually uses crypto and doesn't just buy and hold it like a penny stock should definitely be using a hardware wallet with a system of wallets in place for security. The best setup is hot -> warm -> cold wallets, going further into a multisig if you have over $100k probably. They're important to use because you can safely plug them anywhere to transact if you're on the go, they don't expose your seed phrase to malware a computer may have, and they allow you to double check transactions before approving them in case you're being fooled by poor/hacked UIs. They're like a 2FA if you use them properly.

>Hot wallet
Spin these up whenever from metamask/coinbase wallet/rabby/rainbow/etc. They'll be used for minting crap, approving tokens, and general risky crap. Nothing should be in these but the funds you actually are using at the time.

>Warm wallet
This is where you have your storage of things that you may need access to from time to time but not everything. Use a hardware wallet for this, only interact with contracts you actually trust like Uniswap, Blur, Magic Eden, etc. Keep token approval to a minimum (transfer to a hot wallet if you're trading part of something valuable but keeping the rest to avoid draining it all.) This is where you'll DeFi on.

>Cold wallet
This should be a hardware wallet, or a multisig, but your own personal airgapped storage solution can work as well if you'd like. Ideally it's a different seed phrase than your warm wallet but not required especially if you're using passphrase protection which essentially generates a new phrase for you. This wallet is ONLY for in and out transfers. That's it. It's your vault that you don't interact with anything on.

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>airgapped storage solution
What is this?

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which hardware wallet would you recommend anon?

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if I go max schizo what is the best way to hold and be able to stake? I only have HBAR but would just need to connect once every 2 weeks or so to collect staking rewards.

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You're supposed to write down your seed phrase for hardware wallets as well. Not sure why you'd even think that's the purpose of them, did you assume they come with a seed phrase already installed? (lol)

Surprisingly the Nano X has more problems than the Nano S, maybe because of the battery? They replace them free of charge if you have issues though (never send them in, they don't ask for that, just ship a new one to you).

Ledger is very overrated, I own 3 of them because they work great as backups but my daily driver is honestly a Keystone One. Was planning to get a Lattice Grid+ but honestly my current setup works just fine so I'll keep it until some huge breakthrough in UI/UX for these happen I'm fine. The new Ledger is cool looking but I'm expecting it to be buggy as all fuck desu.

This is solution that has the same annoying issue as every other cheapo one. So you have to keep an additional device charged, and go through its boot cycle when you want to do anything in crypto? Then deal with its battery naturally dying over time? And what if you wanted to transact on a PC instead?

It works, and if you can't afford a HW wallet then it's better than nothing, but it's cumbersome and less flexible.

Trezor shills never mention that Trezor user records have been hacked as well. It's not an issue with Trezor or Ledger, it's just how the internet works. Twitter and Lastpass just got their DBs jacked just last month. If you're using the internet your shit will leak from somewhere. Neither Trezor nor Ledger have any clue what your seed phrase is, and you have to be schizophrenic to assume that anyone would think you're rich just because you're one of the millions of customers who could afford a $60 gadget.

Trezor is a fine choice though, they tend to be slower to update and have more niche incompatibility cases, but I'd still recommend them. Just tired of seeing the same meaningless fud.

They do.

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holding hbar is like holding dog shit
you don't need a hardware wallet, you need a plastic bag

>> No.53188110

>use large brain to recollect 12 words
>keylog them straight into local Armenian scammer's Cricket phone

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Something like >>53181319, or a bootable flash drive with an encrypted linux distro. The point is you NEVER connect it to the internet or other device. But as previously mentioned it's cumbersome, which is why it's somewhat fine for actual cold long term storage since you probably aren't doing many transactions with this vault wallet. Though it can still be a pain in the ass to boot up every time instead of literally just pulling out a HW wallet and plugging it in wherever.

Personally like the Keystone One because the large touch screen lets you actually read what the fuck you're signing and navigate like a modern device instead of being build like a fucking beeper with a screen that can only fit like 12 characters.

It also allows you to just throw in regular AAA batteries if the included chargeable pack ever dies (it will, eventually) and it's entirely airgapped. Has a somewhat similar issue to smart phones in having to keep it charged though, but it boots quickly, is smaller, and has support for things like ENS.

It's about the same price as a Ledger Nano X though, so if that's too high a price point for you then I'd honestly go with the cheaper Ledger or Trezor models. Haven't tried anything else on the marker but heard Trust wallet is decent, just feels really cheap like a toy.

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ledger bootloader and kernel / TEE kernel is closed source, i would never consider it

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Your information is out dated. The way you think it works has not been true for a long time.

What your saying isnt right.

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>Ideally it's a different seed phrase than your warm wallet but not required especially if you're using passphrase protection which essentially generates a new phrase for you
Don't half ass it, just generate a new seed. Also, use multisig.

>> No.53190033

Exodus wallet has worked fine for me to store my assets and even holoride NFTs which gives access to user draws. I'm saving up for a ledger so I could lock my ETH and BTC in it

>> No.53190094

>-full bitcoin core node (under tor)
Sorry I'm a big blocker, so I don't believe in this.

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Wow crypto sure sounds great. Surely its easy to use and easy to understand nature is the future and will replace paper money any day now. Can’t wait to explain this to my friends and family and go to the moon with you guys!

>> No.53190217

Based advise, I got my private keys, passwords and seedphrases stored on cloud via ORE D while I access my assets with a self created PIN.

>> No.53190236

this but passport instead, coldcard is flimsy and annoying to spend from

>> No.53190264

You see what the rest of the autists in this thread fail to

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All depends really, there's an argument to be made about havingtoo much security to the point of shooting yourself in the foot. Some people can't even handle properly storing one seed phrase properly, adding an extra layer may come back to bite them. Not that I'm advocating against it, but chances are if your primary seed phrase gets compromised somehow you fucked up and your second one will most likely fail as well.

A passphrase on top of your seed phrase generates a new set of wallets for you while ideally being a phrase you have memorized so never need to write down. So it works pretty well as an extra layer of security. I wouldn't call it half assed, there's a certain point where security has diminishing returns, then you end up like those stories of dudes who lost access to their ancient BTC because they went overboard on encryption and lost their keys years later.

So really up to the individual to assess if they want to generate an entirely different phrase or use a 25th word. Or both, even.


Did you know it took the internet about 30 years before it was ready for mainstream usage? If you're actually following this tech you'll see that there are constant improvements to UI/UX, but those are somewhat on the backburner as core features that help secure and scale the networks take priority.

Even giants like Visa are throwing their hats into the ring to solve these kind of poor UI/UX problems by working on account abstraction (essentially creating a solution for the hot->warn wallet part of the equation).


It's easy to take for granted how long it took for our modern day technologies to become so user friendly. Just like you don't need to know anything about TCP/IP to browse the internet anymore like you did decades ago, you won't need to know any of this stuff eventually when it's built upon and abstracted away.

>> No.53190358

>30 years

20 years*
Imagine fading the internet in 1990 because you thought it was too hard to connect and send an email to someone before the age of internet browsers and gmail. That's kinda how this comes off as right now. And it's easy to feel like progress is slow if you're in the middle of its updates, but for those autistic enough to actually follow this stuff closely, it's obvious just how far we've come in such a short period of time without any signs of slowing down.

You'll be using crypto in everyday life. But the experience will be done under the hood in way that won't be easy for you to realize. When you send money via Paypal you have no clue the complicated clusterfuck that happens under the hood, but that's okay because you will realistically never need to know anyway.

>> No.53190537

you have to download the whole blockchain history to be able to interact with bitcoin, unless you want to trust a 3rd party with that information then you don't need to run the pc for 2 days

>> No.53190550

Why go through that stress when you can simple store them on based and secured management tools like identity management products.

>> No.53190552

Thats a meme dude, you cant lock anything in a ledger.

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I'm starting to think seed phrase isn't safe because I can't be trusted, what are the good multi-sig wallets?

>> No.53191429

Multisigs would actually require you to secure multiple seed phrases, but I think these are what you're looking for (contract wallets):

>https://www.argent.xyz/ (only Ethereum, zkSync, and Starknet chains supported)

There's another one but it's escaping my mind right now. Rainbow encrypts your seed phrase for you and stores on your iCloud account (which also has end to end encryption in the recent update) so it's a little sus but should still be adequate enough.

Argent uses social recovery tools so you can set up "guardians" to restore wallet access. It kinda acts like a multisig, if you don't have anyone you trust you can probably just use multiple emails you have access to.

If you're looking for something outside of Ethereum that doesn't require a seed phrase, I don't know if they exist yet. If all else fails you can always do the very silly save in a password manager which has its own risks and I'd personally advise against but it beats a text document in your downloads folder or a notepad stashed under your mattress.

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ZenGo? Thanks anon, the Bitcoin OG dev getting wiped got me spooked

>> No.53192895

I only know one private wallet with the balance shielding option and that Railway wallet. do you now any other?

>> No.53192972

You cant compare software wallets with hardware wallets in terms of versatility. Infact there are private wallet which allows anonymous transactions and concealing of transaction details on chain.

>> No.53193090

Security is a top priority when comes to picking out a wallet. Personally i'll go for a wallet that wont compromise my privacy more or less a wallet with privacy features.

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pubic did something similiar and got'ed hacked

>> No.53193417

doesn't really matter so long you don't keep your seed on it, and don't plug it in your computer it's fine.

>> No.53193434

>encrypts your seed phrase for you and stores on your iCloud account
jesus fucking christ!

that's just wrong all wrong!!

>social recovery tools so you can set up "guardians" to restore wallet access
what in the nine hells?

>> No.53193444

neither is coldcard. the definition of a cold wallet has been cleverly mutated by sawy jewish salesmen.

>> No.53193462

me neither signing devices mainly help with transaction signing on a preferably non-cucked device that is not connected to the internet.

>> No.53193471

you can generate a seed by dice or flipping coins, or pulling words from a hat. using a signer to generate the last word containing the checksum does not reduce your secure entropy.

>> No.53193480

trezor has ZERO resistance to seed extraction. ZERO! so you better wipe that shit when you are not using it or use a passphrase that is as strong as a seed phrase (makes no sense really)

>> No.53193487

okay worst advice in the thread so far.

>> No.53193498

>there is secure* way using two old phones, but cant remember any more
Most retarded thing i've read so far on /biz/

>> No.53193499

this, well seeds generate many many private keys. with hd wallets you can generate pubkeys from an xpub without the private keys which is really fucking cool.

>> No.53193522 [DELETED] 

nope that's the hop pc one. using an offline phone as a qr multisig signer is not the worst ever. if he phone is encrypted and turned off there is not much chance of getting a seed out of it.

>> No.53193535

nope that's the hot pc wallet one. using an offline phone as a qr multisig signer is not the worst ever. if the phone is encrypted and turned off there is not much chance of getting a seed out of it.

>> No.53193755
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>he wants to sell?
>lock it

>> No.53194567

Don't use your phone. My galaxy S9 died and I lost 0.017 bitcoin

>> No.53194847

Trezor is good. Should also use Gnosis safe for security and ORE network for asset management.

>> No.53194983

Certainly, innovative wallets that prioritize security and privacy are reliable options to consider when choosing a wallet. These types of wallets offer trusted features that ensure the safety and confidentiality of your assets.

>> No.53195162

ORE ID is not only good at asset management, they are also good at bridging web2 into the web3 space

>> No.53195443

nigga what is a seed backup?

>> No.53195476

SNEED backup? Please tell me, I'm all ears

>> No.53195853

Ledger is shit you can’t send money without ETH which is fucking expensive I lost 11 links

>> No.53195917

the sneed backup is don't do a seed backup and lose your shit.

>> No.53195964

Kek don't be retarded, when you use web3 wallets like sylo and you write your phrase somewhere safe, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

>> No.53196293
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Ledger or nothing
They be making some insane upgrades recently

>> No.53196317

Ledger supports multi-chain fag
You only spend ETH when dealing with erc20

>> No.53196335

Isn't yours a better?
I lost the whole ledger without knowing where to find it

>> No.53196357

don't waste your time on newfags who don't understand how seed phrase works.

thoughts on the messaging feature of the app

>> No.53196428
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People seem to disagree greatly on this.
Is making your own external hard drive a cold wallet, feasible?

>> No.53196627

You migrate to some secured privacy wallet instead
This may be a good option for you anon

>> No.53196728
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great for folks who like it simple, send bitcoin between chats while paying for nudes without asking her for address

>> No.53196948

no it's not. also too fragile and expensive.
write the words on paper, or punch them into steel!
if you are an advanced user the split your secret 2-of-3 at least to 3 different locations!

that's cold storage!

>> No.53196949

That's not too smart imo
Doesn't even sound safe

>> No.53196980

anon just admitted to paying for only fans. ahahaha

cool idea regardless, sending and receiving crypto made easy for normies

>> No.53196998


>> No.53197487

Have fun getting assraped when their next data leaks happen, they store your data for 5 years including every transaction, go read the privacy policy