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i think he is genuinely a retard and had no ill intent
i knew he was a retard from the moment i saw him for the first time
never invested in anything he was close to

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I didn't touch ftx because he was Jewish. Honestly a good rule to go by.

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all jewboys are low iq, inbred pedophiles that have been molested by their rabbi and given herpes at 8 days old

simple as

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cool it with the antisemitic remarks

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>and had no ill intent
Yeah, he looks like he is completely innocent of any criminal wrongdoings to me. I hope he gets through this quickly so he can learn from his mistakes and try again.
Where can I send my life savings for him to invest for me?

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your jewbbermint cannot sell more non existent bitcoins anymore, so sad ;(

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all pedokikes get the ovens

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>Where can I send my life savings for him to invest for me?
A little bit late with that! Therer was a platform to donating to jew, biden, ukraine, etc...

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imagine trusting someone your money who can't even shave properly.

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he's just a kid and made a mistake. we all make mistakes

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I used to steal 8billions every weekend, but managed to reduce it to 6B/weekend!

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Almost true. If they didn't go to yeshiva and never had a bar mitzvah, they are basically the equivalent of goyim.
t. Goyish jew

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>Be a kid in America
>Get life sentence

I don't think the kid defense works anymore.

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>be 30 years old
>w-wait I am just a kid!

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what i mean is he cant short everything down anymore

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jewfaq says you're a rare one lol

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Jan 8