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Nothing like this has ever been done before.

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I heard the token wasnt needed.

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>you just win
No, not everyone wins.
Some retards on biz lost all of their linkies in lending scams like bancor, so they fud 24/7 to try and pressure others to sell / lose their own tokens and miss out.
They will probably be replying to this thread soon.

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i need the token

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I am a samurai

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They usually leave my old breadcrumb threads alone because they don’t want newfags to see the shit I’m posting. We’ll see

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Just remember do the opposite of what Biz says, and the overwhelming majority of threads and “anons” here are saying don’t buy the token.

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So it was never punished Sergey, it was always punished stinky.
The anons deprived of their lambos?
What a revelation.

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my linkies are still sitting at 5.71
Whats wrong with them?
Whats wrong with me?
Sergey you fat fuck, fix the price.

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>once staking is out EVERYTHING changes
>nothing changed
>do the opposite of what biz says
o-o-okay so this isn't the golden ticket and I got bamboozled?
>sergey is behind the suppression
best "crumb" thread ever

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what specifically is this from?

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So who owns all the link Celsius “lost”?

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Everyone who owns link at this point is underwater 80% from buying last bullrun, or took an embarrassing 5 year round trip from nothing to vast riches to nothing.

Their investment advice is incredibly bad and they should be too ashamed to post...

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All you have to do its wait, it's so easy

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so how much did you retards have before you lost it all? must feel pretty bad to fall for low iq lending scams and then have to fud 24/7 to compensate

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>Everyone who owns link at this point is underwater 80% from buying last bullrun, or took an embarrassing 5 year round trip from nothing to vast riches to nothing.
Which type of bad advice giving retard are you? A newfag down $45/token or a retarded 5 year cultist that's excited to reach the new paradigm of ico pricing SOON?

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It is Eric Schmidt's words from smartcon... Did no one fuckingwatch that Jesus Christ

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>blah blah blah please sell etc etc
so how much did you have before you lost all your linkies in a lending scam?

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i just wanted you to say it, bitch

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whoever celsius' retarded defi managers sold it to. these lending platforms sold everything they got for eth, then put the eth on terra. big reason why both eth and terra pumped like they did

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>please sell
You probably couldn't sell if you wanted because you willingly locked up your Serg E Cheese tokens for 2 years so he can keep dumping while you keep the liquidity gate open. Nice going falling for literal 2020 defi ponzinomics animal scam token staking BTW.
>tokens for more tokens for no fucking reason Yay!
I'm so excited for you guys

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>i-i'm gonna ignore the question and shit out my little spiel anyway!
ill guess you had at least a 5 figure stack of linkies before you got your ass handed to you by bancor lmao
no wonder you're stuck on biz fudding all the time

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Never bought a single token which is great, because I'd be either penniless from buying the top like everyone still shilling on /biz/, or I would've wasted 5 years of my life freebasing delusional breadcrumbs just to land where I started.

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oh so you're just stuck on biz fudding link for no real reason at all?
you're a shit liar as well as a retard lol

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i have 35 link and i am going to make it

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How did this become the new link cope?

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oh carry on then

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i might buy some link for the hell of it when it dips down to 40 cents again

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I no longer read breadcrumbs to achieve a deeper understanding of link's fundamentals. I get off on all the fudders coming out of the woodworks.

/biz/ is a link fud center

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Link is a hexagon
Claus loves that shit
This is all you need to know link is the play to be in on

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Hey anon great thread. I staked 7k link and I’m having seconds thoughts plus I need some cash for rent and expenses. I want to unstake but I looked everywhere on the website and there’s no button to do it. Any suggestions anon?

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It's Gonser.

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no, only facts
quite a few fudders have admitted that they had big stacks that they lost
i spotted pic related in the wild today but you see it all the time
that's like 95 percent of the fud posters on here

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>can’t find the unstake button
It’s literally right below the amount of staking gains you have retard.

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It’s hilarious. Been enjoying it since staking started and the token dumped immediately.

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Good thread, this one is very funny

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This was the thread and everything has happened to the t

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who /compliant/ here